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    What I'm Saying

    When I say “I want to be tied up” what I’m really saying is “I want to trust you enough to let go.” When I say “I want to be slapped” what I’m really saying is “That sting makes me feel real.” When I say “I want be spanked” what I’m really saying is “I want to feel accountable to you.” When I say “I want be gagged” what I’m really saying is “Help me silence the thoughts in my brain.” When I say “I want to be used” what I’m really saying is “I need to feel small and insignificant.” When I say “I want to be defiled” what I’m really saying is “I feel dirty. Make it go away.” When I say “I want be forced ” what I’m really saying is “Help me not feel guilty about my desires.” “When I say “I want to be marked” what I’m really saying is “I need to feel you here even when you’re not.” When I say “I’m yours” what I’m really saying is “I love the way you love me.” When I say “I love you” I mean just that.

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    The Dom/sub relationship is a thing of beauty. I know I enjoy my little sub.


    I love You Daddy


    Devotional Training: Decoded.


    This is beautiful

    Princess Grumpy, Hungry Pants

    Me: *looks grumpy and has on a pouty face*

    Daddy: What’s wrong, Princess?

    Me: Nothing.

    Daddy: Babygirl, please tell me. Are you hungry?

    Me: No.

    Daddy: Princess…are you lying to me?

    Me: …No.

    Daddy: Carefully answer when I ask this again. If you’re not honest, you get spankings. Am I clear? Now, are you hungry?

    Me: Erm…yes, Daddy. I am hungry. But I don’t wanna eat.

    Daddy: I know eating is hard princess, but you need to eat so you can stay nice and healthy and strong. That makes Daddy very happy, and you like making Daddy happy, right princess?

    Me: Yes, Daddy! I do very, very much.

    Daddy: So, what are you going to eat: Tacos or burgers?

    Me: TACOS!!!

    Daddy: That’s my hungry little princess.

    Things that turn me on when said in "Daddy Voice"

    - “Do you understand me?” - “You sure you want to go there, princess?” - “I make the rules.” - “Why don’t you use your smart mouth for something else..” - “Go to your room and wait for me.” - “Are you trying to get spanked little girl?” - “You’re mine, and just mine.” - “You’re being a very bad girl today. You know what that means.” - “What am I going to do with you?” - “Good girl.” - “Take your panties off.” - “You’re so tight baby girl.” - “Daddy loves it when you do that.” - Literally ANY command given in the bedroom.

    Here’s just a few of mine. Feel free to add your own.


    *Daddy and Little on the bed sleeping*

    Little: *Turns and sits on Daddy's lap, shifts and grinds on it*

    Daddy: *Stirs in sleep*

    Little: *Grabs Daddy's hands and pins them*

    Little: *Whispers* Daddy wake up

    Daddy: *Wakes up*

    Good Morning sweetie, what are you doing?

    *Raises eyebrow*

    Little: Hehehe Nothing

    *Circles hips and feels something hard underneath*

    Daddy: Little girl what do you think you are doing?

    Little: Nothing.....

    *Continues to grind and circle hips*

    Daddy: *Groans* Princess you are being very bad. You're not supposed tease Daddy.

    Little: But I like teasing you and what are you going to do about it Daddy?

    *Daddy rolls over and pins Little's wrist and rubs hand over her princess parts*

    Daddy: Since you like to tease, so will I.

    *Swiveling his hips*

    Little: *Moans* Daddy, please.

    Daddy: Do you like that Princess? Do you like it when Daddy touches you like this you?

    *Little moans*

    Little: Y-yes Daddy I do!

    Daddy: *Whispers in littles ear* Well it's too bad you started teasing me, cause I'm going to do it until you start screaming for me to fuck you.

    Little: *Whimpers at his words*


    Up, and down.. Up, and down. You’ve begged me all week to touch you, to play with your denied pussy. You said you would give anything, so here we are.. Gently brushing your clit in such a way that makes you drip, but never gets you close enough to cum. I’ll never go faster, never press harder, I’ll keep you right here on the edge. A few days of this, and I think your pussy will be ready for my tongue to take the brush’s place, but remember, you only asked for me to touch you, you never asked for me to make you Cum.. Up, and Down. Up, and down.