Well I won't ask you about Hello Kitty slippers after your other reply, lol (are you seriously being hounded, about slippers? Crazy. But I will ask this, Have you and your Daddy met up with other diaper lovers/wearers and hung out at like a Dave and Busters, while diapered?

    P.s., just add some damn slippers to make that anon happy. Lol

    I did add slippers! Multiple kinds lol. He just chose not to buy them and is now hounding me about getting some specific Hello Kitty ones 🤣🤣🤣

    We have not met up with any other DLs but we are definitely open to it. We'd really love to attend an event if it was feasible. Right now if there was a couple we could hang out with somewhat locally (NYC/Philly) we would definitely be open to it!


    Whats about the hello kitty slippers

    Can you please stop spamming me about the slippers you want to buy unless you're going to provide a link? Honestly I don't really want them lol. No offense but that's just you buying something you'd like me to wear for your pleasure, not mine.


    Any plans to take this to be a full time content creator and quit your full time job? You have the following for it.

    I don't know if we quite have to following to make that happen and it's a BIG commitment to go full-time and justify higher prices. Right now we are happy being kinda casual and still providing free content as well. If we thought there was a viable market, sure, we'd definitely consider it for me at the very least.


    Its super nice to have the opportunity to ask these questions. You must be very confident at work that you won't leak. Do you pee a little early to keep the volume down? Which is more pleasing, newly wet or newly changed? Can you conceal a bigger diaper under a dress than pants. Do you enjoy the shape of your diapered ass. Lastly, which diapers do you prefer under a dress and under pants. Love your art!

    I wear Always Discreets to work since it would be impossible for me to wear regular diapers without someone noticing. So I don't typically wet them but they did catch the occasional leak before and after the pregnancy.

    Newly wet is always nice 🥰

    Definitely easier to conceal bigger diapers under a dress than pants but as long as we're not around family/friends or at at work I'll wear them under leggings most days.

    I know Daddy enjoys the shape of my diapered ass 😝

    And I prefer them under leggings the most and Daddy prefers them with a dress and tights.