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    <>The <>final heroic act of the entire Star Wars saga is Ben saving Rey.

    The final heroic act of the entire Star Wars saga is Ben saving Rey.

    The final heroic act of the entire Star Wars saga is Ben saving Rey.

    The final heroic act of the entire Star Wars saga is Ben saving Rey.

    • The final heroic act of the entire Star Wars saga is Ben saving Rey.
    • The final heroic act of the entire Star Wars saga is Ben saving Rey.
    • The final heroic act of the entire Star Wars saga is Ben saving Rey.


    Real talk, this fandom does NOT give Emmett the dimension he deserves. We go on and on about how smeyer didnt flesh out her characters enough and they’re all one dimensional (which is true) and then the only personality trait we all give to Emmett is ‘hahaha chaotic dumb guy who makes meme jokes’ which like... yes I laugh and I reblog and I enjoy them but Emmett is also a character with complex emotions and hes more than just a punchline. Like he worked his childhood away to support his family and his little siblings, when he was changed he went back to sneak them money since they had lost their eldest son who was also somewhat the breadwinner. He’s a family man who loves HARD and deeply. Sure he’s goofy and fun and loves to make jokes but at the core of who he is is just a good man who is always going to be there for the people he loves. He supports his wife, he supports his chosen family, he genuinely wants to befriend bella because he’s a GOOD GUY and y’all don’t acknowledge his soft side enough and it makes me sad.


    OKAY so hear me out: 

    i’m a therapist and i’ve been saying that the level of trauma these fucking children experienced in the twilight series is ASTRONOMICAL but like, how do you get treatment for something you can’t talk about? bella can’t just go to like, google and find a therapist to talk to about her vampire boyfriend, his vampire family, her werewolf best friend, and how they’re fighting to keep her alive from OTHER vampires who are coming to kill her because her vampire boyfriend’s psychic sister told him via his telepathy, right? 

    nor can jacob, or leah, or rosalie, or jasper, or edward, or (the list continues forever)

    SO here’s my greatest wish: 

    a therapist who was turned, and now delivers specialized services to those in the supernatural community :)))) 

    thanks for coming to my ted talk

    >be me

    >about 13 years old

    >basically naivete incarnate still

    >just discovered the world of fanfiction.net

    >have an account and a few stories posted so far

    >currently working on a fanfic of Spirited Away

    >get a comment one day

    >commenter asks if I can put lemons in my story

    >I think it’s an odd request but will do anything to please a fan

    >write the next chapter acknowledging the lemon request and say that the chapter WILL CONTAIN LEMONS

    >about halfway through the chapter I wrote a giant duck running past the protagonist with an armful of lemons

    >duck says “MY lemons” then runs off

    >feel pleased with myself at having granted my fan’s request

    >years later I find out there’s another meaning for lemon in the fanfic world

    >lemons are sex scenes

    >my commenter was asking me to put a sex scene in my story

    >at 13 years old I unintentionally trolled the shit out of some random person


    That is th most beautiful thing I have ever read

    Absolute king

    <>Pride & Prejudice AU - Reylo

    In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.

    <>Note: I’ve rewatched the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice for the millionth time today and I was inspired to put a Reylo spin on it. Because honestly, I can’t watch or read anything now days without seeing Reylo parallels. And because I’m extra, I made an instrumental playlist to accompany this little moodboard. 

    Consider this; Bella would fully just cry when she found out the Cullens made food for her. She’s accustomed to having to do,the cooking, the looking after things, the running a household sitch. With Charlie, it was easier because he’s a compatent adult, as opposed to Renée. There’s money for food, the bills aren’t something she has to worry about being paid on time. It’s easy to just slip back into the parts of her routine that were normal and comfortable for her. But when Charlie does something unexpected, but useful and just an all out, quiet form of caring for her by putting chains on her truck tires? She just stands out there and almost starts crying, followed by feeling bad because that’s not how things go. She takes care of the people around her, not the other way around.

    So when miss mother Esme just beams at her, so excited and unabashedly happy to see her, to finally get to meet her, that would be a lot of information. But on top of that, they took the extra time to go out of their way to try and remember what cooking was like. To go to a grocery store for the first time in ages, or possibly even the first time ever depending on their former status, and just… Make something together, for her. Just for her. To welcome her to their home, but also into the space with them so she could be a part of things, no expectations, no list of requests, or things needing done for them. Just because they are excited for her to be there (for the most part).

    Alright fellow pale people let's have a chat.

    The reason Jake's behavior post NM is excusable is because HE is a Native POC and the stereotypes and problematic behaviors he exhibit are harmful TO HIM SPECIFICALLY as well as Native culture in general and so writing them off as the author's racist ramblings is natural. These things were written to slander Jacob and Native culture.

    Jasper being a Confederate is not something we're allowed to excuse because the actions of the Confederacy and of Jasper himself are harmful to BLACK PEOPLE and not to him, his family, or any other white person. It's also written as not being a big deal.

    I understand. You see a pattern, you want to know why one is wrong. I used to too! This is something I had to learn!

    The great thing is: you can still like both characters. You can like Jasper! You just cannot forget, excuse, write off, or "fix" what he did. You also CANNOT speak over poc about how you feel about him.

    Fix-it fic serves a purpose. You can solve the racism, the misogyny, the idiocy, and the problematic elements. But that's FIC. IN FANDOM where REAL ACTUAL FANS OF COLOR CAN SEE YOU Jasper does not get a pass. You can like him, you can make funny posts about him, but you don't get to be upset if a poc tells you they don't like him.

    From one white person to another, it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to listen to our POC counterparts on this matter and ALL matters surrounding racism.