Demented Imaginings

This is primarily a very nasty porn blog, with the occasional cute animals or silly or political things strewn throughout. I'm mostly just here for the pretty, pretty, dirty ladies. ;) Also, I'm not a misogynist, I just play one on television. :P Seriously though, I like rough, degrading, humiliating, and painful kink sometimes, but, and I cannot stress this enough, ONLY IF THE GIRL LIKES IT. I do not enjoy hurting or abusing people who do not want it, but that is what some people crave ( in a perfectly normal way, you don't have to be damaged goods or have daddy issues to enjoy that kind of stuff ). If you think there is no such thing as consensual or healthy misogyny play, you can just leave. I consider myself a feminist. Anybody has the right to make any choice that doesn't hurt anybody else who doesn't ask for it. This includes the right to be controlled, abused, or anything else that people usually fight against. Rape = bad. Consensual rape play however is perfectly healthy and very common. I love women, and like to give those people I care about what they need, and sometimes what they need looks really bad to an outside observer. Check your judgement at the door, this is an "everybody is safe" area. Besides, there is a thing known as aftercare, and it is wonderful. ;)

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