Amazing Insertions

Alife long fan of womens' bodies, I have always been amazed, and occasionally awestruck at the ability of the pussy to transform to allow the passage, or insertion, of sometimes seemingly gigantic objects without any real damage to a location that was just as small and tight as it was before. This is my attempt to show women taking things in their bodies that just shouldn't fit. This blog is NSFW. Nothing here is mine unless I say it is and is assumed to be public domain. If you see yourself here and wish you didn't, let me know, I'll remove you. If you have an amazing insertion you want to show off, show me I'll post it for you. Ok, not everything here will be "amazing", but hopefully everything here will be bigger than you're used to seeing or just so hot you'll be thankful to have witnessed it. creampies.tumblr.com lactolicious.tumblr.com Upskirts-and-downblouses.tumblr.com thetasteofawoman.tumblr.com Pelvicflowers.tumblr.com omgassess.tumblr.com

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    Can you please dump that horrific captcha. For people with visual processing issues, and people who dont recognise a lot of american words and images, it is absolutely terrible to get through. I had to give up attempting to sign up for the email list. If it continues to be used, I’m definitely not joining.


    Will do! It was a freakish piece of crap MailChimp forced upon us.


    Pussy stretching instructions, yay! For those wondering how to do the perineal massage for pussy stretching, here are some instructions I’ve been using. It really helps and feels so good! From “Massage and Other CAM in Pregnancy” by Jewel Adams.

    pussyselfdestruction loosepussyland stretchobsessed lesalpines


    Thanks @filledfille a handy useful scientific guide. Intended for healthy pre-birth stretching. Also for recreational use.


    do you have any suggestions on how to stretch a super tight cunt?

    Fuck it with the largest object that it can handle without too much discomfort. Use lots of lube. And exercise the pussy every day.When the pussy can handle this comfortably move to a larger object. Use lots of lube. As insertions get larger you will have to begin with a smaller object to warm up before inserting a larger object. Use lots of lube.Until you have progressed to a very large object, missing more than a few days exercise may mean having to go back a step or two. Use lots of lube.

    Oh yeah, use lots of lube.

    Trying a new server to share videos and webm* Hope this finally works well for all of us!!!! It’s the same video as yesterday but you can play it directly from tumblr with better quality and no external site!

    Sorry for the repost but i’m sure many of you will enjoy the better quality!

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    Full video is available on my private site.