I'm into lots of fetishes . I'm in to trannys , bald headed girls, HAIRY ARMPITS, nice full bushes . and the list goes on and on. . . I reblog a lot so if ur mad message me n ill do what I can to take the pic down. . all the pics of me are titled me in some way. . feel free to reblog any pic or video of me !! I love that people help expose me all over the inter web!! feel free to message me with questions or what ever else. . profile pic is me!!!!

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2019-11-04 14:46:49

    I’m a submissive girl with very long head hair (past my waist), and I like to keep my body from the neck down shaved smooth. It would be so sexy and so humiliating to have someone forcibly shave my head, then keep me as a bald slave without letting me shave anywhere else. Turning me into the reverse of what I am now. Especially since, when I don’t shave my body, my leg and pubic hair are quite dark and thick, going curly if they’re given long enough to grow.

    Come off of anonymous and ill make you live out your fantacy