Now is Not The End

    The end of Tumblr is nearly here and it’s time to let the world know what we’re doing going forward. For the time being, my anal only porn blogs will not be migrating anywhere. Because I run multiple blogs, I need a fairly specific featureset at a minimum in order to keep them all active easily, and there are so many different platforms duking it out right now to replace Tumblr, but none of them have everything I need. I’ll keep watching, and may pop up elsewhere with time. BDSMlr looks promising but has a ways to go still for me to use it regularly. Stay tuned.

    In the meantime, the Anal Only Lifestyle blog and community live on outside of Tumblr. I’ve just migrated that blog to a self-hosted platform and will be continuing to post and interact with others there. You can send messages or ask questions just like Tumblr through the Ask a Question page (leave the name field blank if you want it to be anonymous). In addition to the blog, our Forum and Discord server are going strong, and you should join them to stay connected to the community.

    Finally, I’ve created a new page on the blog to make note of the various anal only blogs out there and where they’re moving to. Right now it’s not a complete list at all, and most of the blogs don’t have a known new location, but hopefully over time it will fill out more. If you have an anal only blog that isn’t listed or that is but you’ve already moved to a different platform, please feel free to let me know. (Please include your blog’s name, Tumblr URL, and where it’s now located, including the platform, your new username, and the public URL if there is one.)

    Thank you to everyone for your support and enthusiasm about anal sex, anal positivity, and the anal only lifestyle. I never would have expected this level of enthusiasm and adoption of the lifestyle by so many people when I first started my first blog as an outlet for anal porn that truly was anal only all the time. We aren’t going away, however, even with the loss of our original platform, so be sure to save these links and stay in touch!

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    Tumblr Banning All Adult Content Starting December 17

    Tumblr has updated their terms of service and will be banning all adult blogs starting December 17. That means this blog and all associated blogs will be disabled and removed from public access soon.

    Obviously, I’m quite disappointed by this and the resulting loss of over 6 years of work building and maintaining this blog and its community. I will try to set up a mirror of the Anal Only Lifestyle blog in the coming weeks, but I expect that the porn blogs may be gone for good just due to the costs of hosting large amounts of image/video content.

    How Can I Stay Connected to the Anal Only Lifestyle Community?

    Fortunately, we’re far more than just these blogs! Our community is centralized at the Anal Only Lifestyle Forum and Discord server. Please join and bookmark these links in order to stay connected with this community and follow our next steps as we continue to build and grow the anal only community. In addition to discussion and realtime chat, the Discord server also has porn sharing sections.

    You can also find us on Twitter and Reddit.

    What Can I Do About My Own Blog?

    Tumblr lets you back up and download your blog. Go to your Blog Settings page for the blog in question, scroll to the bottom, click the Export button at the bottom, and wait for an email that notifies you it’s ready to be downloaded. If it’s a big blog, it might be a very large file—this blog was 25 GB!


    I was just wondering, in the world where this school exists, do you imagine there is a companion school for men to learn to be skilled at fucking women in the ass? Outside the scope of this blog, of course, but I'm just wondering if you think one would exist. I like to imagine it does and the two schools have inter-school assignments to allow the men to practice fucking and women to practice being fucked (and of course some graduates from each school go on to become teachers at the other).



    Is there an analonlyschool home study course / program and what would be the major subjects in such a course?

    Not at this time, unfortunately. If anyone has specific anal/anal only questions or requests for advice, I’m always happy to answer, though.

    A hypothetical subject list would be something like the following. Some are indicated as electives, and it’s possible that others on the more extreme end might be as well.

  • Anal Training — The initial training needed to work up in size from small toys to penis-sized dildos in preparation for anal sex.
  • Anal Sex — Working from first penetration to being able to take increasingly harder and deeper fucking.
  • Vaginal & Clitoral Denial — Elimination of the urges and habits associated with your vagina and clitoris in order to develop a strong anal only habit. The use of chastity devices and numbing creams to eliminate clitoral stimulation is commonly used here.
  • Advanced Anal Training — Going beyond penis-sized toys to larger plugs, dildos and fists, developing large gapes. Wearing a plug most of the time throughout the day.
  • Double Anal Sex — Extensive practice and training with two men at once fucking your ass at the same time, with homework involving dual dildo masturbation.
  • Body Modification (Elective) — For those who want to further cement their identity and image as a strict anal only woman, this optional course involves more extreme body modification like chastity piercings, tattoos, clit shields, and even clitorectomy.
  • Expert Anal Training — The use of extremely large dildos and plugs, multiple anal toys at once, double anal fisting, and the like. Permanent anal plug wear.
  • Triple Anal Sex — Training to fit three men at once in your ass and being able to get fucked with ease.
  • Anal Only Evangelism — Learning to promote the anal only lifestyle in your everyday life to friends, colleagues, and others, and helping to spread the elimination of vaginal sex globally.
  • Anal Only Careers — While some will go into a normal life after graduation with a regular job and a partner who they will of course be strictly anal only with, others want to devote their life to working in an anal only-related field. For some that can relate to the evangelism above, while others will get into sex working, whether that be anal only pornography or anal only prostitution. This class provides opportunities to experience those careers and decide whether they’re for you.
  • anonymous

    Have you ever thought about actually “enrolling” girls interested, and sending them homework and projects and stuff?

    I like this idea, and I would like to expand this blog into being an actual school to help women become anal only, but I would need to establish a reasonable way to do it that’s actually sustainable for me to manage. Perhaps through publicly posted lessons at regular intervals which followers can work through on their own at any time, and then follow up with messages/chat if they need further help on a particular lesson?

    If anyone has any other advice or suggestions on how you’d like to see this be implemented, I’d like to hear from you.


    Sodomized on her first day back to school


    Returning from vacation can be hard for all students, but it’s especially difficult for students at the Anal Only School if they’ve been lax on their studies during their time off. Fortunately, most of the students are too big of anal sluts and constantly horny to go very long without getting their assholes pounded, and so they stay in perfect shape until school starts again.

    Anal Only Hypno Trainer

    Several times in the recent past, people have requested anal only-themed hypno/trainer types of content, and I put out a request for some to be created. cum lover on the Anal Only Lifestyle chat put together one using Gooninator2, which pulls from a set of anal only blogs on tumblr and displays pictures and gifs in rapid fire. I modified the original with the addition of several more anal only blogs as well as music. Enjoy!

    Please be warned that the following links contain flashing imagery.

    Anal Only Hypno Trainer (With Music)

    Anal Only Hypno Trainer (Without Music)


    Out of curiosity, within the 'canon' of this blog, do you think there's a corresponding school for anal only men, where they go to learn how to fuck ass properly? I always imagine that they need to learn techniques on how to make it pleasurable for both partners, etc. Obviously beyond the 'scope' of this blog, but does one exist within the canon?

    This is part of the anal only outreach programs performed by the Anal Only School and its students. There are regular open house sessions, as well as other sorts of community outrage, where members of the community can have anal sex with the students and the students teach them how to have anal sex properly and why they should go anal only in their real world relationships as well.


    A moment of getting real here

    A moment of getting real here.

    My family and I are struggling and I need the sales of my books and stories if I’m going to have any chance of pulling us out of this nosedive. My sales have been growing, and I’d wait it out to watch it grow at its own pace, if I could.

    Even if you can’t buy one of the stories, letting your readers know about them can help. If you have bought some of my work, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. If you can review the stories on Amazon and/or Smashwords, that would help even more. Reviewed works get more sales.

    Even if you’ve only read the rough drafts of some of my work on my ASSTR site, you can leave reviews on Amazon, you just won’t be marked as a “verified buyer.” It’ll still help and I appreciate it.

    Now more than ever, I need the help of my fans. If you’ve enjoyed my work, if what I write makes your life a little more fun, a little more interesting, and a little hotter, then please consider buying some of my work and reviewing it. Even linking to my work and letting other people know how much you love it, can help.

    I know I keep my identity secret, so some of you may doubt this is real and I don’t blame you… All I can say is, I wouldn’t be “breaking character” like this if the need weren’t dire… I hope you believe me. I understand if you don’t.

    Sorry for the heavy message. I’ll get you guys back to your regularly scheduled smut momentarily.

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    Some of the ideas in @masterlovehurts Kinky College: Surprise Anal Sex Week helped to inspire this blog. Go check it out and buy it if it sounds interesting.


    Why in this your misoginy school only women have to give up her core of womanhood that is her clit, the ultimate sex organ of nature, but men can keep using their penis?!! Why the restriction in genitalia is just to women?!! What a fucking sick idea of yours.. My God.

    Thank you for your message. In your hurry to direct your outrage towards me, you may have failed to notice that within the fictional scenario of this blog, the Anal Only School is a learning establishment that women choose to enroll in and can leave at any time if they find that it is not for them. A complete focus on anal sex is the advertised and stated intent of the Anal Only School, so everyone involved knows what they’re getting themselves into.

    As for the reason why clitoral denial is encouraged within the Anal Only School: because there is greater pleasure for women to be had without direct clitoral stimulation, an increase in arousal, and other sexual benefits. Anal only orgasms, which stimulate among other things, the internal parts of the clitoris that surround the rectum, can be more intense and pleasurable without the negative side effects of clitoral orgasms that lead to post-orgasm mood changes and loss of arousal.

    Why would you deny women greater pleasure by insisting on clitoral stimulation above all else?

    Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m running a little low on inspiration and ideas for this blog’s concept, and my posts have become repetitive. If anyone has any suggestions or just general ideas they’d like to see incorporated or discussed as part of the Anal Only School theme, please let me know. Otherwise, once the queue runs out in a few weeks, I’m going to stop posting actively for a while until I get some new ideas. Thanks!