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    “Good morning!” said Randy, watching Amanda stretch and yawn. “Did you sleep well?”

    “I slept okay,” said Amanda tersely. “Bit of back pain… these things are so heavy now…”

    She fondled and hefted her tits, and Randy felt himself stiffening.

    “Hey, if I asked to move in and live here now, would that be okay?” she asked, still bouncing herself.

    “Uh…” said Randy, hesitating. “This is a bit awkward, but I kind of already have a girlfriend…”

    “So dump her,” said Amanda.

    “We’re… actually… a little bit… engaged…” said Randy, shifting awkwardly from foot to foot.

    Amanda rolled her eyes at first, but then she looked down at her own boobs, and seemed to get an idea.

    “Okay…” she said, closing her eyes and concentrating. “How about this…”

    She seemed to concentrate, taking deeper and deeper breaths. Her chest rose and fell… rose and fell… and rose… and rose… and rose…

    Randy’s jaw fell open when he realized with each breath, Amanda’s breasts were expanding several inches. Her shirt stretched, tighter and tighter and tighter, as Amanda ballooned to fill more and more of it.

    Amanda sat up taller in bed, and wrapped her arms around herself just as grew too big for her top to contain. She tore out of her stretched shirt with a sudden rip, and her basketball-sized assets bulged free, overflowing her arms and practically bulging up to her neck as she tried to squeeze and compress them.

    She was so much heavier, Randy heard the bed spring creek under her.

    “Randy, break up with your fiancé and let me move in with you.” she said. “I think my boobs are big enough now to justify that decision.

    When Randy started to open his mouth, he’d meant to say something in defense of his current relationship, but without realizing it, he’d dialed his fiance’s phone # and lifted his phone to his mouth without really planning to.

    “Yolanda, we’re through. I hate your mom because she’s basically an older clone of you,” he said, snapping the phone shut. “Was that good?”

    “Nice work,” said Amanda, standing up with a grunt.

    Her pajama bottoms were stretched onto her painfully tight. They only went halfway down her calves, and they were torn in the back, where her noticeably-plumper butt had grown and ripped them.

    “Do I look taller to you?” she asked, looking around Randy’s bedroom. “I feel like I’m taller than before.”

    “Uh, you look about 5’6”… maybe 5’7”…” said Randy, confused.

    “That sounds about right,” said Amanda. “Last night I was about 5’2”… I guess I grew about five inches just now. Cool.”

    She stood up on her tiptoes to kiss Randy on the lips. Her giant, warm breasts against Randy’s chest and he felt himself start to throb with excitement.

    “How did you… grow just now?”

    “Oh, whenever I want something, my boobs just start growing until I get it. “

    She started walked to Randy’s kitchen. Her huge tits bounced and wobbled as those swollen hips swung from side to side.

    “We’ll have sex in like an hour, I’m going to eat a bunch of your food first,” said Amanda over her shoulder. “I’ve got a really big appetite, so you’re probably going to want to run for groceries soon.


    Amanda was the girlfriend from heaven and hell, rolled into one. She didn’t pay rent, didn’t clean, and slept far more than a normal person.

    She also ate several times what an ordinary person would- it was completely normal for her to polish off a loaf of bread or a carton of eggs right after Randy had cooked or ordered in.

    She wasn’t especially nice, and she was a huge bed hog.

    However, she did more or less order Randy to have sex with her at least twice a day- usually three or four times, sometimes as often as six.

    Plus, whenever Randy felt like he was on the verge of saying he was too exhausted for sex or wanted her to start paying rent, she’d just get bigger

    Her chest was so huge she had torn through several of Randy’s shirt, and seemed to rip another whenever another one of her “spurts” came up on her.

    Her hips kept getting plump… sometimes at night, Randy would actually feel her body getting thicker and softer, pushing him further to one side of the bed.

    Those immense, ever growing breasts were unreal… whenever Amanda lubed them up and slipped his cock between them, it didn’t matter how many times they’d already had sex… he’d just lose himself into some marshmallow soft world of pleasure, time would stop- and suddenly he’d be coming so much he was almost ready to pass out from dehydration.

    As her body grew more curvaceous, it crept up in height as well.

    Randy, who was 6’2”, went from kissing the top of her head to her forehead… to her brow… to her nose… to her lips…

    She grew to 5’8”… 5’10”… 6’0”… 6’3”…

    Before Randy knew what was happening, the little pixie he’d taken home two weeks ago had grown into an hour glassy amazon… she towered over Randy all the time, looking down at him.

    Her hips were wider than his shoulders, and her breasts were so huge if someone hugged Amanda’s waist, she wouldn’t be able to see the top of their head.

    Sometimes, Amanda wouldn’t see him, and walk right into him- he’d be minding his own business, and suddenly his face would be enveloped in Amanda’s huge, soft cleavage.

    Soon she was seven feet tall. Her feet stuck off the end of Randy’s bed. Her body was at least twice as heavy as Randy’s- the whole bed tilted and inclined towards her. When she rolled in his direction, she nearly smothered him. When she rolled away, she’d shift her hips, and push Randy right out of bed.

    When Randy fell on the ground and woke her up, she reach out of bed, pull Randy back to her, and fuck him once or twice until the boy fell back asleep.

    Randy was doing his best to keep up with her sexual appetite, but she was just always craving more… she needed sex eight times a day now, every day, and was eating Randy to bankruptcy.

    When she was eight feet tall, she told Randy she knew he was doing his best, but for her own sexual gratification, she’d start needing to invite other people over for sex. Randy objected at first, but she suddenly grew two feet taller, all at once, and her head cracked the ten foot ceiling.

    “Randy, I think I need to have sex with more people,” she said, getting down on her knees. Even crouching, she was still eye level with Randy. Worse, her breasts were each as big as a bean bag chair, so huge they each had to weigh more than Randy by now.

    She leaned towards her “boyfriend,” and her massive tits pressed him against the wall so hard another inch and she’d crush him ribs.

    “Sure!” he gasped, terrified she was about to grow bigger and squish him. “Fuck as many people as you want!”

    Her latest spurt made her too big to squeeze back down the hallway into Randy’s bedroom, so she just stretched out in Randy’s living room and made some phone calls with her giant fingers.

    Before long, a steady stream of people Randy had never seen before started trickling in. Men and women, they were uniformly fit and attractive looking but Randy had no idea who any of them were.

    They sucked, licked, fucked, and caressed for what seemed like hours… new arrivals taking over for exhausted, dehydrated early arrivals.

    After the initial shame of watching other people fuck his “girlfriend” wore off, Randy was actually kind of relieved. Her new size had made Amanda hungrier than ever, and she frequently called out for “snacks” (which were more like “meals”) during her perpetual indulgence. Amanda’s “fuck buddies” seemed as compelled to satisfy her as Randy was.

    Her huge body seemed to being growing steadily larger. She was twelve feet tall… fourteen… twenty… a dozen people at once were spread across her immense body, sucking and fucking and licking and caressing almost continuously.

    Her breasts blew up in size, again and again, bigger and rounder, so big several people had to hold them in place while once person worked the giant nipple with both hands.

    Her huge legs smashed Randy’s furniture as she thrashed and spasmed with pleasure.

    Randy eventually realized he’d been cooking or fucking Amanda for almost three straight days.

    “Sweetie?” he said, to the thirty foot monstrosity that was filling his living room and dining room.

    “Yeah?” she said, in a huge, apartment-shaking voice as she sat up. She crushed Randy’s couch planting her elbow. She couldn’t even sit halfway up before her head dented the ceiling. She couldn’t see Randy over her colossal breasts- she had to kind of peer at him in the crack formed by her cleavage. “What you want, short stuff?”

    “I want to break up,” said Randy, in a haggard, defeated voice.


    “I want to stop cooking, stop having constant, robot sex, and I want to go to sleep. You’re huge, you’re gorgeous, it’s incredibly hot to me, but it’s killing me.”

    The apartment started to rumble, but Randy knew it wasn’t really the apartment shaking. He knew it was Amanda’s already enormous body, quaking with an impending growth spurt.

    “Are you… telling me… I can’t… have…. someTHING… THAT… I… WANT!?” she boomed, blowing up bigger with each word.

    Her giant leg shot past Randy, slamming through his wall, into the hallway, and into the apartment across the building.

    Her other fuck buddies screamed as her huge, curvaceous body bloated and multiplied, filling the space. Her hips, ass, breasts, and thighs grew so quickly the smothered all Randy’s guests in a matter of moments.

    Her head went through the far wall. Her giant boobs ballooned up against the ceiling, pushing it up and breaking it open.

    Her huge crotch grew right for Randy, and he made no effort to move or get out of the way….

    300 feet tall, Amanda twisted out from under the soot and the rubble, dusting off her heavy chest and knocking over a building by leaning on it for support.

    She looked around for Randy… but honestly, she’d been looking for a way out of that relationship anyway. She’d just meant to be the one to break up with him.

    “I think I want… to crush this city with my tits…” she said aloud, looking around and feeling the terrible pangs of almost-boredom. “But my tits are only big enough to crush a small building!”

    Her body began quaking again immediately.

    Amanda wanted something.

    She was going to grow until she got it.


    Love your work buddy keep it up.

    They were the heaviest pair of tits you had ever seen in person, each one of her round breasts were slightly bigger than her head. Your loins overflowed with lust as your eyes couldn't bring themselves to look away from her boobs.

    You studied from afar as her giant mounds sloshed and jiggled with her every step, your lust filled mind beckoning you to follow her. "Just one good look at those melons and then I'll be on my way," you told yourself.

    You suddenly found yourself inside a store that you had seen her walk into. Rows of women's bras and lingerie greeted your eyes, you suddenly felt out of place. A cashier called after you, "Can I help you sir?" they asked in an inquisitive tone. Before you could reply, a woman's voice answered for you, "He's with me."

    You stood speechless as the woman and her monumental assets stood right in front of you. Completely failing to make eye contact, you drank in the full frontal view of her huge milky tits.

    "It's not polite to stare you know, but these probably are the biggest set of breasts you've ever seen in the flesh aren't they?" Her voice was sultry, as if she reveled in your all too obvious weakness and desire. Before you could reply, she took you by the hand, leading you swiftly towards a changing room.

    Once inside she quickly made her demands clear, "You sure stare at them a lot," she said, taking each of your hands into her own, "How's about I help you with your little staring problem." Both your hands were now held clasped against her chest, you could feel hot, warm, boob embrace your palms.

    You needed no further invitation. Much bigger than a handful, you groped and kneaded each boob, your fingers sinking into the ample, spongey, tit flesh. She moaned softly as your hands became more and more animated, trying to explore every inch of her fat round tits.

    Your hands plunged underneath her top now as her hot skin and erect nipples met your greedy hands. The weight and heft of her tits was considerable, your palms overflowing with breast meat as you jostled and bounced her boobs, up and down, up and down.

    "Mmm fuuuck..." she moaned between raspy breaths, "You looove my huge tittie's don't you?"

    You answered by burying your face between her breasts. Completely smothered by her size, you squeezed either side of her boobs together, completely engulfing your head in steamy hot tit flesh. She whimpered out a moan as you lost yourself between her heavy mammaries.

    "Don't... Stop..." she panted, "I... I need... More..."

    You intended to do just that.

    You kept watching the video you’d taken of yourself. You’d found the bottle of Jumbo Gro in your mom’s things and took it for yourself knowing that you’d be the biggest and best at school the next day. It had been perfect. Mom had been pissed when you came downstairs in some stretched out clothes at about 7ft tall. She knew you’d taken the bottle, but she was too nervous to confront you. No one even said anything when you sat down to dinner and accidentally thumped those heavy breasts down onto the table and nearly flipped it. You were the biggest in the house and you couldn’t wait to show off to your friends and, more importantly, your bullies.

    You’d gone to school the next day, bringing the bottle of Jumbo Gro stored in your cleavage. After crowding onto the bus to hushed sounds of “ooh” and “ahh” you’d gone right up to the biggest bully you knew, Marisa. Tall brunette bitch, probably 5’9” with too much attitude. Her eyes were huge when you’d thumped your boobs right into her forehead, nearly knocking her silly and tumbling her to the ground. You’d laughed so hard, doubling over as you jiggled.

    That was your mistake.

    Through all the jiggling, the bottle of Jumbo Gro slipped out and fell right into Marisa’s lap.


    So, you’re as big as before, huge really, compared to normal people, but your bully really came out on top.

    “Still comfy down there?” Marisa asked, her voice echoing for miles as she looked between her building-sized breasts where you were trapped.

    So embarrassing. At least she smelled nice.