I have a 4 and a half inch cock, and my girlfriend says it's "nice" but doesn't really go on about it. She's heard rumors about my friend that he's really hung. They're true, and he always makes fun of my size by comparing it to his. The problem is, that she really likes it when a guy had big balls and cums a lot, and apparently my balls just aren't big and I'm losing the ability to cum a lot.


Your Girlfriend: Oh honey, I saw your friends bulge. I need his cock, please honey. Let me suck on it. Please baby.

You: What? No way! Why would I let you do that?


Your Girlfriend: Please baby, it would be sooo hot. Think about his big cock between my lips. Oh mmmm, come on, yours is only the size of my finger. He’s always saying how much he cums too, wouldn’t I look so hot covered in your friends cum?

You: WHAT? I don’t understand where this is coming from. I know I can’t cum that much anymore, but there’s no way I’m letting you touch his cock!

Your girlfriend, obviously mad you won’t give her permission to wrap her big pink lips around your friends huge cock, storms out of the room. You try calling her over and over but she won’t answer. It’s not until several hours later that she comes back, with a surprise.


Your Girlfriend: Honey look! I know you said I couldn’t touch your friends MONSTER cock, but…well. I just couldn’t resist. I went over to his place to tell him how mean you were being. He thought you were being too controlling and I agreed. And well, my fingers ended up in his lap…he was SO…BIG! Look at my face baby.

You: HOLY SHIT! Is that cum? What the fuck, did you let him cum on your face? You know that’s my fantasy, why would you let him do that? You told me you thought it was disgusting!

Your Girlfriend: Well…it is when you do it. But look at me! He was so sexy I couldn’t say no…well actually he couldn’t say no. I was kind of the one to beg him to cum on my face. I’m sorry baby but his cock was SOOO much bigger than yours. His balls just looked so good and I could feel them slap against me when he fucked me. Come on baby, don’t be so mad. Here look at me lick his cum, isn’t that really hot? I know what will make you feel better, how about I give you a kiss before he gets here. Oh I forgot to tell you, he’s coming over right now, so you better come get that kiss now before my lips are around your friends HUGE cock again!