Ochako experiences cock and ball growth on her already petite frame, along with some pubic hair growth, and now finds she can easily suck her own cock, but also cum inflate herself!

It is a very... weird masturbation session. Ochako has gotten a prize from helping Momo with... an itch, leading to her getting that weird cream. She has... never experienced anything like that. She is looking down. Previously, her cock was an already huge 11 incher, bit and thick, perfect to fuck anyone she would ever want. However, now, her previous cock looks like a baby one.

She looks at the measuring tape, to where she is holding. Over 3 feet long, and as thick as her arm. She... is in pure awe, and it's not her cock that grew. No, her balls also have grown a lot, looking more like melons than testicles. They are big, and she can hear the cum she is producing. And even more than that, something she is not noticing, with a bigger cock, more hormones are being produced. And those are making her get even hornier.

Ochako looks down at her dick... the tip already drooling pre-cum. A tasty looking pre-cum... as thick as her usual orgasms... she doesn't feel like she even has an option. Without issues, she manages to start sucking her cock, moaning loudly as she strokes herself, sucking her cock loudly. It is actually the best thing she has ever felt. She knows exactly how sensitive her dick is, and even if it is bigger, it's still her dick.

She starts bobbing her head up and down, groaning while freeling her dick bulging her throat, having to swallow often thanks to the ridiculous ammout of pre-cum she is leaking like a hose. But nothing of that matters. This feels too good to think about it.

Despite her cock still being the same, her sensitive areas have grown, of course. She is leaking so much pre-cum, it's clear she is in heaven and once she gets a bit too deep inside her own throat, she reaches her limit, her dick bulging so much she doesn't manage to pull it back, starting to fill her stomach.

Her cute flat belly starts bulging outwards thanks to the ammout of futa seed she is pumping into herself, before she pulls her cock back out of her mouth, groaning happily as she does so, letting the final cumshot, that has the volume of her usual orgasm, cover her face as she pulls the cock out, her stomach bulging like one of the hentai she watches. She giggles, laying down while panting. "Holy... I gotta tell the girls what this does. This... is absolutely the best" she mutters before passing out from exhaustion, but with a grin on her face.