Spending my Sunday just like I did when I was a teenager…with my hand down my pants all. Day. Long.

I’ve already cum 3 times. Struggling to edge…I’m just so fucking horny. I just keep pushing myself over the edge. My clit is beyond sensitive…twitching and engorged…I can feel my pulse in it. My nipples are like rocks…I love grazing them with the blanket as I hump my hand. Three orgasms in and my clit still needs more…

I remember one weekend when I was a teenager. I laid on the couch with a sheet over me. I wore short pj shorts with no panties and a tiny cami with no bra. I laid on the couch and rubbed myself all day. I didn’t care what family member walked by or sat next to me. I just needed to cum over and over. My body was shaking with pleasure under the sheet as I flicked and circled and tugged on my clit. You could so obviously see my hand furiously rubbing myself just under the sheet. I was insatiable and needy and so horny. I gave myself so many orgasms that day. The couch was soaked under me as I dripped and squirted.

My older brother sat with me through orgasms 2 and 3. He had heard my first. He sat on the chair opposite me and watched my hand furiously rub my pussy under the blanket. He lazily jerked his cock as he watched. I watched him, fueling my horniness as his cock throbbed and he squeezed it for me. I paused to pull out my tits for him and let them jiggle for him as I continued to play with my needy horny clit. After my second orgasm he started grunting and stood up. He grabbed my tit forcefully with one hand and kept jerking his cock with the other. I moaned loving his hand on my tit. He started cumming. Spurting onto the ground next to me. A little hitting my tit. My pussy was on fire watching him. He wiped his cum off and walked away. Seconds later I had orgasm number 3. Imagining him cumming again and again. His grunts echoing in my head. As I rubbed my clit like mad.

After I had cum for the 4th time I got up to get my vibrator. I left the wet spot uncovered and walked in to see my younger brother smelling it and jerking off while he did. I watched from the doorway. It only took him moments to jizz all over the wet spot. I walked in and he hastily shoved his cock into his pants, blushing but obviously staring at my bouncing tits. I said nothing and laid right on top of his cum…he grunted and left the room.

I quickly tugged down my shorts and tossed them onto the ground next to me. I pulled the sheet back up but left my tits exposed. My nipples popping out of the top of the shirt, my areola very obviously on display. I put it on the highest setting and pressed it to my clit. I shuddered and shouted a little in pleasure and shock. I gently rubbed around my clit in circles with it. I was teasing myself. After a few minutes of that I could barely take it-I was moaning and close to cumming without even trying. I pressed it into me harder and moaned loudly. I then saw my daddy in the doorway. Watching his little girl. He was squeezing his cock through his pants. Just seeing him doing that immediately sent me over the edge. My body convulsed as I came so hard. My back arched off the couch as my pussy contracted over and over in orgasm. My daddy pulled his cock out and started jerking as he watched me cumming. My nipples hard as rocks as my tits quivered as my body shock. I continued to hump the vibrator…tits bouncing. I drew out the pleasure, almost in pain from the nonstop vibrating on my still hard and throbbing clit. I kept moaning, I couldn’t stop myself.

I looked over and my daddy was still yanking on his cock, staring at my bouncing tits. I yanked the sheet off and threw one leg over the side of the couch. I wanted him to see. I wanted my daddy to see his little girl furiously humping her vibrator. I kept humping…pressing my vibrator harder and harder against my insatiable clit.

It wouldn’t take much more…feeling the vibrations on my clit, watching him jerking his cock impossibly fast. I reached up and grabbed a nipple. Tugging it. It was so big and hard. I was gasping. And then I was cumming…looking right at my daddy as my pussy convulsed in orgasm. I was moaning loudly as my body shook through my incessant humping. I pulled my tit up to my mouth and sucked my own nipple to quiet myself as I rode out my orgasm. I grunted and sucked hard. I looked over at my daddy with my nipple in my mouth and his body was shaking. He loudly grunted and shot cum across the floor. Watching me cumming and humping and sucking myself was just too much for his cock to handle.

I kept my vibrator pressed against my clit as he jerked himself to get every drop out. He moaned as he kept going as I was. I was so horny watching him cum for me.

He watched me for another moment and then left the room. Left his mess on the floor.

I got up and went over to his puddle of cum. I scooped it up and rubbed it on my hard nipples. I tugged them, then wet with cum slipping between my fingers. I took a lick. It was delicious. I jumped when I heard my daddy say “good girl.” He hadn’t left after all and watched me play with myself with his cum.

I kept tugging my nipples for him and then needed to masturbate my clit so bad again. I got up and went back to the couch. I had to give myself orgasm number 7…