Premature? That’s For Sure!~: Chapter 2

part 2 of this little commission series i’m doing! Janice has a minor wardrobe malfunction on the train on her way to work! and when you have a cock as fucking *huge* as hers, a minor malfunction can end up being pretty embarrassing, especially when it happens right in front of a bashful older woman~

sorry this chapter took so loooong :c i’ve been dealing with some pretty nasty motivation issues lately, but i finally managed to knuckle down and get this one bashed out!

Janice collapsed into her seat, and sighed with relief. She had run as fast as she could, and had still barely managed to catch the train! She’d worked up a bit of a sweat, to the point where her glasses had fogged up a little, but at least she wasn’t gonna be late on the first day of her new job. As she relaxed back in her seat, she allowed her legs to carelessly spread apart, closing her eyes for a moment as she caught her breath…

“Hhah! Oh my god…”

Janice’s eyes flickered open. What was that? She glanced around the clean, modern carriage, and realised that there was only one other occupant, sitting opposite to her, an older, matronly-looking woman with short black hair, dressed in similarly formal office-wear to Janice. Even though her outfit was hardly suggestive, it also didn’t do much to hide her body; Janice had to struggle not to stare at her huge, soft-looking breasts, and her cock gave a twitch as she imagined what it would be like to have them wrapped around her…

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