“Ohhhh, hey there daddy! I didn’t see you there! Want to watch your little girl taking a dip?”

“Oh h-hey, I didn’t know you were out here.”

Before the change your stepdaughter would barely look you in the eye and wouldn’t even say your name, let alone call you “daddy”. The GTS virus had changed the nature of your relationship completely and the surly teenager back from college was gone. She had grown several feet taller than you, had tits even larger than her truly huge mother and she would invite you to touch and look at them at every opportunity. Alarmingly she seemed to have become incredibly jealous of the physical relationship between you and your wife.

Worse still your wife was proving to be absolutely no help at all.

While before her rudeness and disregard for you had resulted in more than a few arguments between her and her daughter she seemed to actually find it funny to see her 9 ft tall daughter harassing and teasing you as you got smaller and she got bigger.

“Daddy you’re staring!” she shouted laughing delightedly.

You had been staring at the curve of her giant breasts without realizing and despite yourself your cock was now almost painfully hard.

No! I wasn’t I-” you started before she stepped out of the pool and loomed over you.

“Silly daddy! You know you can’t hide anything from me!” She said reaching down and dragging down your loose trousers and boxers with a single finger. 

“Awwwww! Do you think I’m that pretty daddy?” she asked grinning broadly while leading you back to the pool with a hard grip on your dick. Once she had dragged you into the pool she sat down, softly pulled you onto her lap and started lazily stroking at your cock with the tips of her fingers.

“I’ll tell you what Daddy. Since you’re just so cute I’ve decided to forgive you for betraying mommy like this.” She gripped your dick hard and started pumping at it forcefully. “And in return when mommy is at work you’ll do what I say, make me much bigger with your special juice and you’ll call me mommy while you do it.”

“I can’t, I- we’ll get caught…”

“Oh don’t you worry about that silly little daddy. I’ll take care of it and I’ll take care of you. I promise not to tell if you give me what I want.”


“Ok what?”

“Ok… mommy.”

“Such a good boy! Now does daddy want to have a feel of his new mommy’s tits while he fucks her bigger?”