“Still think that my new glasses make me look like an ‘unfuckable nerd,’ Little Brother?”


You had made a huge mistake by teasing your older sister throughout her awkward phase. Now that her growing pains were over, she’d settled into her body and quickly learned how she could use it to torment you.

She would walk out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel, dripping and glistening wet. Then she’d knock on your door to say something like “sorry for using up all the hot water, bro. I was just enjoying the pulse setting so much that I lost track of time. It gives such a wonderful massage.” Then she’d she’d wander around the house like that, insisting her clothes were still in the wash.

When she tried on new clothes, she would text you from the changing room to ask how she looked. Your phone would explode with pictures of her in bikinis that were intentionally too small.

And then there were the nights when your parents were away. She brought home a different boy each time, and made a point of loudly narrating their encounters so you could hear her from the next room over. As you lay in bed, you would be kept awake by the sound of her voice, moaning in ecstasy through the walls. You used to make fun of all the writing classes she took, but she put them to good use.

She described the things she did so vividly that you could almost pretend that she was with you.

“Spank me harder, Daddy,” She would say. “Make my entire ass red! Feel how soft my hair is? I want you to pull it as hard you can. That’s what I love about this position: as long as I’m on top, I’m in control, so you can be as rough as you like and not have to worry about hurting me. And I bet you like the view from back there, too.”

Then she’d cry “yes!” With every pulse as she bounced on top of him, so you always knew exactly how fast she was going. You would often find yourself beating your cock to keep up with her pace.


One night, you awoke to find her crashed on the bed like this:

“Let me cut to the chase, little brother: we both know what I’m here to talk about.”

She sat up straight and crossed her legs, looking sternly at you. Her nipples poked through the tiny tank top which struggled to keep her tits contained.

“I know that I’m a sexy girl, and I know my body turns you on. Don’t try to deny it. I know I’m in your dreams each night because I hear you moaning through the walls: ‘Lizzy, Lizzy, oh fuck, Lizzy–” And your sheets are sticky every morning. I licked them once, just to be sure I was right about your wet dreams. I gotta say, lil’ bro, I wasn’t expecting your cum to be so delicious…“

Your cock shot up and you nearly jizzed on the spot as she leaned in close and growled those words.

“I also know you don’t have sex with other girls because their bodies can’t compare to mine, and that I’ve ruined porn for you, because there’s just no girl out there like me. I know you dick is throbbing and your balls are so full that they ache, and that if I just said the word you would worship and obey me as my own personal fuck toy. ”

Your mind was fuzzy with the desire. The rush of blood away from your brain and into your cock kept you from thinking clearly. All you could do was nod. Then she took her tank top off, which made you even harder. Your vision went dark and you almost passed out as more blood flowed to your cock.

“I know my tits excite you; that you want them more than anything else in the world, and that you can’t get hard for other girls. Tell me, little brother, how does it feel to be an ‘unfuckable nerd?’”

She spit your own words back at you cruely.

“You need relief so desperately, and I’m the only girl in the world who could possibly give it to you.”

You nodded weakly, trying to keep your eyes focused through your tunnel vision. Your heart beat like a humming birds wings.

“So get used to your new life, little brother, because I’m never going to give it to you. This is payback for how cruel you were to me. You could have had these all for yourself if you had treated me differently.”

She sucked her nipples and moaned your name. You moaned hers in response as the ecstasy of seeing her like this melted your brain, causing you to shiver and convulse as your cock swelled well beyond its usual size, turning purple at the tip. You lay there shaking beneath the sheets, begging her to fuck you whispering her name over and over again, weeping. Then she put her clothes back on and left.

“Goodbye, little brother,” she said on her way out. “I look forward to giving you plenty more visits like this in the future.”

You stayed like that the rest of the night, unable to make yourself cum or fall asleep, knowing that you brought this all on yourself.