David Part 2

Finally I put my foot down about my girlfriend going over to clean David’s apartment. After weeks of seeing her prance out the door in skimpier and skimpier outfits I couldn’t let it continue. When I told her I really wanted her to stop she reacted weird though, it was like she didn’t believe me.

“You really want that huh?” she said, then got a sly smile on her face. “Well I promised I’d help him with a pool party he’s throwing this weekend for his firm, after that I’ll stop if you really want me to.”

I had to accept it, she wouldn’t relent, besides the end was near, or so I thought. I got a text message the day of the pool party, it was from my girlfriend, she said she wanted me to come. That maybe if I was there things wouldn’t go too far. That made me feel better, so I changed clothes and headed over, when I got there his place was packed. There were people everywhere, I spent 5 minutes walking around until I saw her, she was prancing around in a pink bikini with a tray in her hand. She walked over to me, I saw her swaying her hips more than normal, making eye contact with a few guys as she crossed the party. All of whom quickly checked out her half exposed ass after she passed.

“Hey! Look, I don’t have time to explain but you have to promise me that you won’t say you’re my boyfriend, just say you’re a friend okay…..” she whispered quickly, I didn’t have time to say anything when some guys came up.

“There she is! I’d recognize that body anywhere, how are you server girl?” one of the guys said as he put his arms around her waist. She responded by smiling and talking with the guy, they flirted back and forth, he didn’t even realize I was there. He kept telling her how great she looked, asked what she was doing later, she played along the whole time, letting him casually drop his hand to the top of her ass too.

“I have to get going! I have people to serve, we’ll talk later” she told the guy. He gave her a hug and promptly reached down and pulled her bathing suite bottoms up into a thong. She squealed but didn’t stop him nor fix them after.

“That looks better!” I recognized David’s voice right away, “Doesn’t it?” I looked beside me and he was standing there smiling at me. “Yeeeeeeaaahhh it does,” he walked over beside her, I noticed she was blushing as he was looking at her, “but you gotta get to work, leave your bottoms like that the guests will enjoy the view”


He sent her on her way with a firm smack to her ass, it was hard enough she went on her toes and yelped before she started walking. “Yes big daddy” she said as she swayed her hips. He looked up at me beaming, “enjoy the party.”

I barely knew anyone at the party, I spent most of it at the bar. I watched my girlfriend walk around the party, she’d look over at me to make sure I was watching then would stop and talk and flirt with some guy. As the night went on she got friendly enough with people that there was hardly a time when a guy wasn’t trying to grab her ass, touching her thigh, or trying to feel her boobs. It was towards the end of the party and we were finally getting ready to go. I was relieved when she came out of his house after changing into a jean skirt, even if it was a short jean skirt. We started walking out to the driveway, the guy that had pulled her bathing suite into a thong was there standing at his car.

“Hey baby, come over here and give me a hug goodbye” he said smiling.

She stopped and looked at me, “would you be mad if I did?” she asked.

“I dunno, is it just a hug? I mean I guess not.”

She whispered in my ear, “what if I told you I thought he was cute, and that he had been trying to feel me up the whole party?” She then gave me a devilsh look and winked. Then walked over to the guy and gave him a long goodbye…………a very long goodbye.

When we were in the car I asked her if she knew he was going to do that. She said she did, that she had told him he couldn’t do anything in front of David cuz she was his, but that after the party she’d meet him outside. She reached over and felt me, she felt I was hard, I froze not knowing what to say, she just smirked.

A week later I hadn’t heard anything about David and I was so happy. Then I got a text from him, “Look who I ran into…”

It was a video focused on a girl wearing black spandex, I immediately recognized my girlfriend’s outfit she had left in this morning. I texted her asking where she was, she said she was at a local bar with some girlfriends and David just happened to stop by. Then she said they were going to his house to swim! I asked what she meant, she said that I could come to if I wanted but she was hot and was going. I asked if she needed a swimsuit but she didn’t answer…

I got in the car and drove as quick as I could, on my way I got another text from David, “Just got some beer for the long afternoon. How does it feel knowing she’s putting this show on for another guy? She says hi btw”

Another video of her, pulling off her leggings to reveal her sweet ass, was she really showing off for him? She had to have known he was texting me.

I got to his house and found the group out back, my girl was in the string bikini. And I mean string, her ass swallowed the single thread running down her back. I joined the group and tried to mingle. My girl was all over the place, talking and laughing and drinking with everyone.

“Oh I need to put on more sunscreen, my back is burning….” She looked at me, then turned and looked at David, “hey David can you put some on my back?” He looked at me and smiled, “Yeah I can”

He ran his hands all over her back, the sides of her boobs. “I think there’s another spot you need more on, don’t you?” he asked looking at me. He put more lotion on his hands then rubbed them down over her ass cheek, she reached out and grabbed his crotched. He cupped and squeezed her naked right ass cheek, the sight of him possessing something that was suppose to be mine and her feeling him too hurt but turned me on at the same time.

“Mmmmmmm, I love when you slap my ass big daddy. Smack it hard, I want him to see it.” She looked at me smiling, she faced him and he slapped both hands on her phat ass, gripping and groping it.

He was claiming his territory…………………..to be continued.