My girlfriend Kayte has a big fat ass. She's unemployed and lives with me scott free. I pay for everything, and we have sex once a month at most. She never bothers dressing anymore, not even when her best friends Sam and Danny who are total asshats, typical big cock dickheads to me, are always over. They're constantly slapping their cocks on her face and groping her naked body. If I ask her to stop she just goes further and further.

You come home early from work one day, happy to finally be able to spend some time with your girlfriend Kayte. Of course her asshat friends Sam and Danny are over. They’re all sitting on the couch, with her squeezed in the middle. She’s got a hand on each of their thighs when you walk in. She doesn’t even bother to get up, just smiles at you and goes back to talking to them.

You are in the room with them for a while, but she suddenly says that they should all go for a dip in the pool. You don’t really want her paradeing around in a tiny bikini, but she doesn’t listen to you.

You: Kayte baby, I don’t think they have bathing suits. How about we do something together instead, I finally have some time at home.

Kayte: Oh come on honey. Who needs bathing suits? If they didn’t bring their’s I don’t need mine. You don’t have to come sweetie, why don’t you just take a nap or something?

Sam: Yeah listen to your girlfriend dumbass, we don’t need suits, plus who would want to cover up that big ass with a bikini.

As he says this Sam slaps your girlfriend’s ass and you watch it jiggle in her little, but tight, pink shorts. You are about to protest but she just laughs and thanks him for complimenting her. They all leave out back to go for a swim and you think about what you should do. Do you join them, risk them seeing your little dick? Or do you just leave them and take a nap, leaving your girlfriend alone with those two jerks. You decide you’ll join them, maybe just hang out by the pool and make sure they don’t try anything with your Kayte.

As you step outside you see Sam and Danny facing your girlfriend both of them rubbing her ass. She has one hand on each of their crotches, rubbing up and down.

Kayte: Oh my god! You’re both so big! I HAVE to see if that’s real. 

She helps the both of them unzip and pull out their cocks. You can see, all the way from the doorway, that both of them have enormous cocks. You feel suddendly inadequite and helpless. Then they each grab her shorts and pull them down reveling Kayte’s wonderful big fat ass.

Kayte: Oh you boys. So naughty! My boyfriend better not catch you with those giant cocks out hehe! Well, ok let’s go find somewhere I can sit down, let’s see…your laps first, then his haha!

Your girlfriend is talking about sitting down on their cocks right in your own backyard. While she’s laughing she takes her hands off their dicks and starts shaking her ass, rubbing it against each of their cocks.


Then she lures them over to the expensive patio furniture you just bought for her, because she wanted so bad. Kayte proceeds to sit each one of them down, taking turns bouncing her big cheating ass all over their massive cocks while you pathetically do nothing but watch.