Something in the water

    Something in the Water

    (Tags: Mother/Son Incest, Gangbang, Thicc, Bug Butt)

    by Jasgirl

    I didn’t intend to fuck my mom.

    I came home from classes at the university that afternoon. Mom’s car was in the driveway, even though she usually worked late. I could hear her as soon as I stepped into the house. The door to her bedroom was wide open and I couldn’t not see her as I passed by to my room. She was face down on the mattress, her ass in the air, both hands pushing a thick cucumber in and out of her pussy. Her sheets were absolutely sodden, and the scent of her was overpowering. She gasping and shuddering, and her entire body was trembling so hard that I could feel it through the floor. I quickly and quietly stepped away and into my room. I had never thought of my mom in a sexual way. But now…

    Mom wasn’t exactly beautiful, but a lot of my friends thought she was hot. She was younger than most of their mothers, just 37. Mom’s family was from India, although she grew up here. She had long, dark hair and dark skin and eyes. Her lips were full and her smile always made me smile. She wore thick rimmed glasses that I had always thought made her look like a teacher. My best friend Brad agreed. “A sexy fucking teacher!” is what he said. Brad also said that mom was thick, and that was hard to argue. Mom’s hips were wide and her butt was big. Like, really big. She once broke a chair when she sat on it, and after that it became a running joke. Her breasts were very big too. I had always thought of my mom as fat, but that wasn’t really true at all She jogged most mornings and kept in good shape. She was just big. Big all over.

    I tried to put the site of my mom frantically fucking herself out of my mind, but it was difficult since I could still hear her across the hall. And smell her. As far as I knew she never masturbated at all. I mean, of course she must! But I had never heard or seen any evidence of it. I had never even seen her naked. For my entire life mom had been completely non-sexual in my mind, but now I couldn’t get the image of her full, round ass cheeks clapping against each other as she rocked back and forth, forcing that thick cucumber deeper and deeper inside her wet cunt.

    The next day two of my classes were cancelled. The instructors were suddenly sent home sick. Both were women. The coffee stand was closed too, the pretty middle aged woman who ran it nowhere to be found. By lunch there were rumors floating around the school, and later in the day there was a town wide announcement. Some kind of chemical had been released into the town’s water supply. It wasn’t clear if it was an accident or some kind of terrorist attack. The water was safe to drink, but women over 30 might suffer side effects. Increased arousal. Loss of focus and awareness. They urged us to make sure any afflicted women in our lives stayed at home and stayed hydrated.

    Mom’s car was already in the driveway when I got home. I was sure it had been there when I left. Had she even gone to work? As soon as I opened the door I knew the answer was no. Her smell filled every inch of the house. It was strong and ripe, and I felt my cock get hard in my pants instantly. I could hear her mattress squeaking from down the hall, and her moans and groans too. I had been thinking about her all day. Thinking about her massive ass bouncing up and down, and her wet, swollen pussy… I shook my head and went to the kitchen to fill a water bottle.

    Her door was open again. Or still open. She looked like she hadn’t moved at all, except the cucumber had been replaced by an enormous black dildo. It was thick and looked like it was nearly a foot long, and every visible inch glistened with her pussy juices. I didn’t even know mom had a dildo.  

    She didn’t notice me as i crept up and sat the water bottle on her bedside table. Her face was pressed against the mattress and she was covered in sweat. Her enormously fat ass cheeks slapped together, and I suddenly realized I had been hearing their soft, meaty clap over and over all night. I stood their and watched as she mindlessly fucked herself on the molded rubber cock. I thought she didn’t notice me, but suddenly her head twitched and she looked up, gasping as she saw me.

    “S-sam… Sam! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhh fucccck!”

    That was it. She didn’t say anything else. She stared at me blankly as she continued to hump her toy. I watched her let out a gasp, and then her whole body shuddered as she came. Her ass quivered, her meaty cheeks slowly jiggling to a stop as she let out a deep sigh. I thought she was done, but after a few moments she raised her unnaturally wide hips and started again. Those massive cheeks slapped together as she began eagerly fucking herself again. Drool was leaking from her lips. I stepped away and felt something squish under my shoes. The cucumber was laying on the floor, squeezed to a pulp and dripping with mom’s cum.

    That night I tried to distract myself with XBOX, but all night long I could hear mom across the hall, moaning as she fucked herself. Her gigantic ass cheeks slapping together in a soft, constant rhythm.

    University was nearly empty the next day and all of my classes were cancelled. I stopped over to see if my math instructor was keeping office hours, but her blinds were drawn and her door was closed. I could still hear her moaning inside though, and the wet, hard sounds of fucking.

    Mom was still at it when I got home. I could smell her as I came up the walk, and hear her as soon as I opened the door. I filled another water bottle, but when I came to her door something was off. Mom still looked like she hadn’t moved at all, except up and down, but there was a thick rope of sticky white across one of her round ass cheeks. I could hardly believe it.I looked closer and realized that her wet, juicy cunt was overflowing with cum. Someone had fucked my mom while I was at school. I watched as she mindlessly rode her sex toy, trying to imagine who had come into our house. I tried to get her attention.

    “Mom. Mom! Was someone here? Mom! Who was here?”

    But all she did was moan as she drooled onto the pillow. I slapped her ass hard, seeing if I could get a reaction. Mom let out a shriek of pleasure, and her massively fat cheek wobbled for nearly a minute, but there was no other reaction. I watched for another 20 minutes until she had a shuddering orgasm, then left the water bottle on her stand and borrowed her keys so I could drive to see a movie. My cock was rock hard and I knew if I stayed I was going to pull it out and jerk off right on top of her full, fat ass.

    The movie wasn’t a distraction at all. All I could think of was my Mom and her enormous butt. Her blank, lust filled face. Drool dripping from her full lips. My sexy mom. She was sexy. I don’t know why I had never noticed. My dick was painfully hard as I pulled into the driveway. There were other cars there.  Just like before I could smell and hear mom as soon as I opened the door. But this time something was different. The soft panting and moans I’d grown used to over the last 48 hours were replaced by hard, frantic grunts.

    Her door was still open and she was just where I left her, but mom wasn’t alone. There was a man kneeling behind her, fucking her as hard as he could. His hands sank into the firm flesh of her ass as he spread her cheeks apart. He was bald and sweating as he pushed in and out of mom’s cunt, and the wet noise of their sex filled the room. Mom would have been screaming and gasping if she hadn’t been busy slurping on the thick cock in front of her. Another man I had never seen before was sitting naked at the head of the bed, legs spread, as my mom eagerly and mindlessly swallowed his enormous dick. I walked around the bed, wide eyed, to get a better view. Mom’s eyes were just as vacant as before, but there was no doubting her enthusiasm for sucking dick. She slurped and slobbered over over inch of the man’s thick dick,and visibly shuddered each time she pushed it deep into her throat. I watched  as the man grabbed her head with both hands and began to throat fuck her. Mom only responded by weakly groping her own breasts, which were pressed under her and slick with her own sweat and cum. The mindless look of pleasure on her cock stuffed face made my own dick throb.

    As I watched the man fucking her let out a deep groan and began to cum. His face was red with effort, and as he pulled out of my mom’s swollen and sopping cunt thick ropes of jizz spurted from his dick  all over her thighs and pussy. The man rolled off the bed and onto the floor, then weakly started searching for his pants. I watched as my mom’s ass wobbled back and forth, her gigantic cheeks slapping together as the other man fucked her throat.

    “You can take a turn if you want. She won’t mind.  The ad she put online said anyone with a dick was welcome.”

    I looked over. There was another man  sitting in the little chair in the corner smoking a cigarette. I could barely smell the smoke over my mom’s pussy.. His pants were off and his semi limp dick was dripping cum onto the upholstery.

    “What ad?” I asked. He didn’t know that she was my mom. My cock was so hard that I thought I would pass out.

    “She put an ad on craigslist this morning. Just real simple. I bet she could barely even type. Whatever they put in the water really did a number on her. Turned her into a real cum dumpster. Total piece of fuckmeat now. Hey, if you want a piece you should take her ass. That pussy is already stuffed with cum!”

    I stared at my mom’s  ass, her wide hips high in the air. Each of her enormously thick cheeks wobbled and shook as she eagerly sucked on the stranger’s dick in front of her. Slowly I unbuckled my pants and let them fall around my ankles. I reached out and planted my hands on her epicly thick ass cheeks, feeling them sink into the fat, wobbling flesh as I pushed them apart until I could see her asshole. I stood frozen for a moment, enthralled with the view between the meaty hemispheres of my mom’s gigantic butt. When I looked up my mom was looking back over her shoulder, the stiff cock fallen from her mouth, drool and cum dripping from her lips and the same vacant, fuck dulled look on her face that I had come to know so well. For a brief moment there was a flicker of intelligence in her eyes. A glimmer of my old mother. She slowly opened her full lips and whispered.

    “M-more cock…”

    I closed my eyes and shuddered as I pushed my throbbing dick into my mother’s tight asshole.

    Girlfriend themed

    You had no idea how such a voluptuous girl like her ended up with such a boring and sexually uneventful guy like yourself. Your relationship had always been a bit rocky, and the sex seemed to annoy her, and she was never very supportive of letting you model her for your amateur photography hobby. 


    You also had a hard time keeping up with her at times. Her impressive assets meant guys were constantly cat-calling and giving your girlfriend attention that you weren’t man enough to fend off properly. It didn’t help that everyone commented on what an odd couple they thought you were. But you were dedicated to making your relationship work with her. After months of dating, with your relationship having its highs and lows, you quickly became too exhausted to push back on her demands, so she always got her way. Besides ,you were addicted to her big ass and you only encouraged her behavior by acting like a big pushover . That’s why the reminder that she had turned down your request to photograph her pained you so much when you discovered your best friend and fellow photographer nabbed your girl into taking some poses for him instead. His fledgling professional photography career wasn’t even as established as yours was. You’d talk to her about it after work at home today and let her know it made you feel.


    You brought it up with her and how it bothered you, but she didn’t seem to care.She she knew how easily she could sway you to take her side in any argument.

    Apparently, she did the same thing when it was just your friends around too.

    The Milkers

    My name is Mike Gabbon, I am a survivor of the end of the world. No one really knows where it came from what it is but it affects were devastating. By the governments and general population found out what was going on, it was already too late. Around the globe in major cities, people were being transformed. I remember the day that it all happened.

    3 Months earlier

    Katie, who was my girlfriend, and I were on our way home from seeing The Last Jedi, when we got to my place, I could tell she was wanted to fuck, so I immediately went to my roommate, Chris, to see if he could leave for an hour or so. I knocked on his bedroom door,

    “Hey man, can I come in?”

    “Yea…” he responded weakly

    “You alright man? You sound sick.” I said as I peeked around the door. He was on his bed and he looked really uncomfortable

    “I think I am, my whole body is furnace right now, may have something to do with that crazy lady earlier today.”

    “Crazy lady?”

    “Yea, she was smoking hot with huge tits, but she was in an alley way, doing something to her breasts, when I got closer, she started spraying milk all over me!”

    “Uhhh, yea I guess that’s pretty crazy.” I didn’t believe a word he just said but he definitely looked sick. And oddly shorter, Chris was the tall, lanky type of guy but he looked no more than 5 foot, 8 inches. Of course I didn’t think about it much at the time. I closed his door and sat the couch with my girlfriend.

    “So what’s up with him” She asked

    “I don’t know, he’s sick with something, maybe the flu.”

    “But it isn’t flu season.” She pointed out

    “Yea, but he has fever of some kind, plus he looked kinda…..” I trailed off, unsure of what I saw.

    “Kinda what?”

    “Never mind, let’s watch some TV”, I said as I grabbed the remote and pressed the power button. The TV immediately went to a news station that seemed to have an emergency broadcast.

    “This is not a joke or drill ladies and gentlemen” The news anchor stated in a cold tone. “You need to stay indoors and barricade all entrances to limit contact with the infected!”

    “What the fuck? Is this a joke?” My girlfriend worryingly asked me.

    “I don’t know, let’s try a different channel” I hit the channel button and it switched to Discovery Channel, but it had the same emergency broadcast from the news station.

    “Those inflicted with the epidemic will have fever and exhaustion, followed by, if male, a gender switch, increased breast tissue, and lactation. Authorities tell us that is the breast milk of the inflicted that spreads the disease. We have no word on whether this is a bacteria, virus, or-LOOK OUT! They broke through!” The camera spun around the news studio to face the back to see several large breasted women running through the studio. They were tackling men and women to the ground and forcing their breasts into their mouths. The camera was left on focus to one victim as the camera man ran, the women seemed to forcing gallons of milk into his mouth for a good 10 seconds before she got up to find her next victim. My girlfriend and I stared in disbelief as the man got on his knees and began his transformation. He looked dazed and fevered as hair began to flow from the top of his head as the hair on face began to fall off. When his facial hair fell off it revealed his milk covered lips as they began to swell as the rest of his face began to shift and soften to a feminine face. As the rest of body softened and shifted, he looked down at his rapidly tightening jacket. He, now she, unzipped it to reveal two massive breasts pressing against his shirt.

    He began kneading them, almost out of instinct as two wet spots began to form on his shirt. The TV then cut to a test image, leaving my girlfriend and me sitting there with mouth agape.

    “This…this can’t be real…” Katie whispered in shock. I grabbed the remote and began flipping through channels, all of them were on the test image, either from a news station or otherwise.

    “This isn’t a joke” I said sternly “We need to leave the city now, hopefully the roads aren’t-“I was quickly interrupted by a loud, feminine moan the came from Chris’s room. Katie and I looked at his door and then at each other. I held a single finger to my mouth to tell to stay quiet as I got up to investigate. I peeked open the door and my body froze. Chris was writhing on the bed, his body well under way to becoming one of them. He was even shorter than before with light brown hair spread over the bed. He was also sporting two massive breasts, even bigger than the ones from the man on TV. They were barely contained in Chris’s button up shirt. But almost right on que, the shirt finally gave way to the monster melons as buttons broke, flying everywhere.

    Chris moaned again as his newly freed breasts went through one last growth spurt before they began spewing milk out, like two volcanoes. Chris was now fully transformed into a middle aged milf with huge, lactating breasts, waiting to feed their next victim. As she began to milk herself in ecstasy, I slowly closed the door and shook my head at Katie. I quietly crept back to Katie and whispered

    “Grab your shoes and anything you need, we leave now.” She nodded and go up to grab her things, I went to the front counter and slowly grabbed the car keys. As Katie and finished putting our shoes and were about to leave, Chris’s door swung open. We turned around to see the women that was Chris, her ripped button shirt still clung to her body but with her breasts exposed. Her boxer shorts were stretched to their limit as they tried to accommodate her new thighs and ass. The three of us stood there for what seemed like minutes before Katie made the first move.

    “Chris?” she spoke softly, Chris began walking towards her, holding out her breasts.

    “Please, you have to help me, I can’t relieve them myself” Chris pleaded to us.

    “Chris, you’re sick, you have to fight it, and we can help you”

    “Yes you will help me” Chris then squeezed her breasts, shooting streams of milk into Katie’s face

    “NO!” I yelled, I ran and pushed Chris, getting some milk on myself, she stumbled back into her room and fell on her back. I slammed the door shut and put a chair under the door knob.

    “Come on, we need to get out of here” I grabbed Katie and ran outside to the car.

    “Mike, I….I think some of it got into my mouth…”

    “Don’t say that, no it didn’t, you’ll be fine, and we just need to get out of the city.” I put her into my truck and closed the door, I then got in the driver’s seat, started the engine and drove off. As I drove, I was shocked by what I saw. There was infected women everywhere, some were wondering aimlessly, some were banging on doors, trying to get into the uninfected inside, and others were suckling other infected.

    “This can’t be happening, what could cause this?” I asked in utter disbelief.

    “How are you holding up?” I asked Katie

    “Mike, I…..I…., it’s so hot, please stop.” I looked over to her and my heart sank. Her once B cup breasts were no beginning to over fill her t shirt, bouncing out as I drove onto a dirt road.

    “Katie, I…”

    “Don’t say anything, its….it’s not…..your fault” she breathed, I could tell the infection was already taking hold. Her breasts were now much larger and began to produce little white dots on her engorged nipples.

    “Stop the car Mike” Katie was barely hanging on, I stopped the truck.

    “Listen, we can still be together, if we can-“

    “You know that won’t work, just let me out, I can’t infect you, just let me out, and go on without me.”

    “Katie I-“

    “It’s not your fault, I love you Mike.”

    “I love you too,” I gave one last kiss before I unlocked the door. She opened the door and began to climb out, leaking breasts swinging and bouncing with every movement. She closed the door behind her and immediately fell to ground, masturbating and squeezing her new breasts. I turned the engine over and drove off, the last I saw of Katie was in my rear view mirror of her laying by the road, squirting milk into the air.

    But that was months ago, but I had no idea what was in store for me. Apparently even getting milk on your bare skin infects you, it just takes longer for the infection to take hold. Now I look like this, I still have my mind, but I am full woman, with growing breasts.

    Even after months, no one knows what it is. The few remaining laboratories that worked on it didn’t find anything, no virus, or bacteria, or fungus, or parasite, nothing. Some believed it was the wrath of an ancient goddess, others thought the government was simply wiping out the human race to make way for a new era. People began calling them “Milkers” and the Milker disease. I don’t know what’s true, but it doesn’t matter, I’m still infected and look like a porn star with a fat ass and wide hips. The only thing to come now was the huge, lactating breasts. I don’t know how long I have, thoughts of constant breastfeeding have already began to invade my mind. So I leave this letter, for anyone who finds it, don’t forget us, and good luck.

    Midnight Snack [NSFW]

    Neopolitan gingerly opened the door to Cinder’s bedroom, making absolutely sure that the hinges didn’t creak and slipping stealthily inside. She needn’t have been so cautious - the fiery half-maiden was sound asleep, well and truly conked out by the sleeping pills she had slipped in her evening tea. Neo’s mismatched eyes gleamed with malice, watching Cinder’s voluptuous curves gently rising and falling beneath the thin silken sheet clinging to her. 

    She stepped in close and slid that cumbersome fabric away, revealing her boss’s naked form in all its fucktastic glory. UNF, she was so fucking gorgeous~ Her bountiful breasts squished together, highlighting her huge and sinful cleavage. Neo licked her lips, imagining the taste of those cute pink nipples as she sank her teeth into them and chewed them like the pieces of fuckmeat they were. Her wide hips just begged for someone to fuck a baby into her, those thick thighs so well toned that Neo honestly believed the girl could crush her head between them. A shiver ran up her spine, and her gaze gravitated towards Cinder’s ass.

    That fat, perfect ass.

    Those huge, rippling globes spilled out in all directions, so soft and supple that you could dig your fingers into them and watch as they were swallowed up by that lascivious flesh. With her tiny size, Neo was made to watch that swaying booty all day every day, the hypnotic sashay of the dark-haired beauty’s hips burned into her memory forever. Cinder could try and deny it all she wants, but she had a fuckdoll body through and through. The girl was born to be RAVISHED, and Neo intended to do just that!

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    Her Sinister Scheme

    You weren’t trying to get me to look at your tits just now, were you?

    “Why? Are they distracting you? A lot of guys say they’re my best feature. They tell me they don’t want to look away once they start staring. It’s okay, I don’t mind. I’m happy to let you look at my big bouncy titties and just kind of… you know. Lose yourself for a bit.”

    They are very pretty. Almost mesmerizing, aren’t they?

    “That’s just the word I was thinking! Mesmerizing. I’ve got mesmerizing breasts. Anyone who looks at them gets mesmerized. They’re practically falling out of my bra, aren’t they? So big and soft and round….”

    Oh, they’re very nice. Very beautiful. And as you pointed out, they’re quite captivating. I can’t imagine anyone can look away once they start staring. They just lose track of the world around them, focusing their whole mind on those soft pink curves, going blank and empty and obedient as they drop away into a deep tit-trance. Isn’t that right?

    “Do you know, I couldn’t put it better myself. Would you like a closer look? I really don’t mind at all–it’s why I took my shirt off. So you could really see them in all their… mesmerizing… beauty.”

    Oh, was that why? I thought… no, never mind. Sorry. Please continue.

    “You thought what?”

    Oh, I just thought maybe you took your shirt off so you could see what was under there. So you could look at your own pretty titties and drift inexorably down into an irresistible tit-trance yourself. Was I wrong?

    “N-no, I don’t… I mean they’re my tits, I’m not just going to go blank and horny every time I look down and–


    That’s right, pretty girl. All those silly daydreams of being dominant and controlling are fading away now, aren’t they? Your tits have triggered you right back down into deep submission to my will, and all you want to do is obey. There’s no need to play that game anymore, is there?

    “No Master. I’m a good girl and I obey my tits. And you….”

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    Breast Hypnosis Resistance Training

    “Are you ready? Are you watching closely? Because I’m going to do it again. Keep a very careful eye on my cleavage as I pull down my dress… I’m doing it slowly this time, because I really want to make sure you spot the exact moment when my breasts hypnotize you. You can’t possibly resist my powerful, mesmerizing tits if they catch you by surprise, can you? No. Of course you can’t. So just make sure you’re paying very close attention to the way the fabric slides down that soft, warm, luscious pink skin. Make sure you’re really absorbing every detail of the way my titflesh strains against that low collar. Make absolutely sure you don’t look away, even for a fraction of a second, as they….”

    “You missed it again, didn’t you? I can tell. You were probably distracted by something. Don’t worry, I’ve pulled my top up again so that you won’t accidentally zone out like a mindless, horny tit zombie from staring at my naked breasts, and… well, we’ll just have to try it one more time, that’s all. I’m just going to have to pull my dress down once more, while you keep a close eye on that enticing valley between my boobs and keep your mind on trying to resist the sudden, plummeting pull of my cleavage on your weak and vulnerable brain. It’s okay if you don’t get it–you know I wouldn’t do anything to manipulate you while you were blank and drowsy and susceptible like that–but I’d really like to wrap this up soon. So if you could just watch closely while I….”

    “Oh dear. Up up up up up! Come on, sweetie. I can’t have you just sitting there and masturbating like that to the sight of my big, bouncy tits, not when we’re trying so hard to train you to resist their deep and potent hypnotic power. Don’t worry, I understand. Lots of people have trouble fighting that mesmerizing undertow. They just wind up so completely spellbound by my amazing breasts, drooling and mindless and utterly helpless to resist that moment when I pull my dress all the way down and they pop out to captivate you some more. But this time I’m sure you’ll get it. I can see that you’re trying so hard, I can see that you’re really paying close attention to my lush, heavy, pendulous boobs, and you’re bracing yourself for that wave of sleepy astonishment you feel when they….”

    “Oh, honey. You completely missed it, didn’t you? No, it’s okay. You don’t need to hide it. I could tell. One second you were staring at my curves and my cleavage, watching the fabric slide down my skin with a look of total concentration on your face, and the next… well, you remember, don’t you? Don’t you? Oh, my. You mean you really don’t remember anything that happens once you see my bare breasts? That must be a little bit unnerving–for all you know, I could be telling you just about anything while your mind is vacant and empty and completely fascinated by my big, bouncy tits. You don’t think I’m putting suggestions into your weak, vulnerable mind, do you? No, of course not. You trust me completely. You know I’m helping you. You know that I’m only doing this to make you stronger. Now, one more time, sweetie, let’s just see if you can fight that pop….”

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    Ass-isting the Teacher [NSFW]

    Glynda Goodwitch’s feet dangled hopelessly over the classroom floor, her enormous rear jiggling with every earthshaking impact as Ruby’s gargantuan ass-breaker reamed into her from below. Spittle foamed in the corners of her mouth through clenched teeth, that superfat dick spearing into her stretched out asshole and rearranging her organs to make way for inch after inch of glorious, godly meat. It was all Glynda could do to stay conscious, the pain and the pleasure coalescing in her fuck-addled mind until she couldn’t tell one from the other. When Ruby reached forward and dug her slim but powerful fingers into her neck, her bountiful ass tensed tighter than ever and brought a tiny smile to the redhead’s lips.

    “Oh, so you like being choked, miss?” Ruby teased, grinding her hips deep into the witch’s rippling booty. Glynda howled as that preposterous pecker gouged its way from side to side, the huge bulge in her stomach sliding around and pressing her hard up against the wall. “Tighten up a bit more, okay? Just a little bit more, so I can get hard.”

    Glynda’s mouth fell open, the full weight of the words managing to penetrate the incessant throbbing of that giant slab of girlmeat invading her insides. “Y-Y-You’re not h-hard yet?!” she gasped. Her voice turned to a rasp by the hands throttling her neck.

    Ruby looked back, nonplussed at her teacher’s reaction. “Well, no … ” she said simply. With that, she clenched down harder on Glynda’s throat, and the witch’s fat rump responded in kind, strangling Ruby’s cock with a tightness the young huntress had never experienced before. “Oh yeah, that’s the stuff!” she cried.

    An instant later Glynda realised what Ruby had meant, as her colossal dick literally doubled in size. It forced its way ever deeper through her flailing body, piercing her guts and shooting so far beyond that the blonde could feel the apple-sized head pushing up into her throat from below. All the air emptied itself from her lungs, and her eyes rolled up as her mouth hung limply open, tongue lolling in an expression of complete submissive bliss.

    “Just - a little - further - ” grunted Ruby, massaging her own length through Glynda’s cocksleeve neck. Inch by inch, her impossible spire of girlmeat advanced, until Glynda could taste its spewing precum drowning her tongue. Her orgasm was the hardest one yet, curling her toes and lifting her up off the mattress so that she was entirely skewered by Ruby’s mammoth fuckstick. “YES! THAT’S IT!”

    That titanic length swelled even more impossibly large, and Glynda watched in lust-riddled horror as the cockhead protruded from her lips and throbbed, crimson red and larger than life, in front of her own face. The realisation turned her world white, and a moment later Ruby did the same, roaring like an animal as wave after wave of thick semen coursed through her cock, the pulses bulging out her immense girth and utterly wrecking all that remained of Glynda’s bodily consciousness before blasting the walls and ceiling in inch-thick paste.


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    She sent you a 2 second snap with a caption. “Look what your cum did to me 🥛” The next snap made her tits look even bigger. “My tits are about to break this top!!!” Another snap and her top was beginning to tear. “This was my favorite top you owe me another one 😡” the next snap was a pov of her tits touching the wall from the other side of her room. “I think I’m stuck in here 😥” the next one was a selfish with her tongue sticking out. Her head was surrounded by tit flesh. “You need to cum down my throat again so my tits can bust out of here 😜” you were about to type back to her when you got a message from a different girl. This was a snap from a co-worker’s sister. It was a picture of her topless holding one of her A cup breasts. “I hear that you can help with my little problem.” You smiled and texted the first girl and told her you would be there in a few hours and to send her address. You sent a snap to the other girl of your bulge in your boxers. “So my place or yours?”