"Ok, this is much, much more than a handful. More than an armful at this point. I think I need to find that woman and apologize before I can't walk.

    I mean, I know it wasn't nice to call her huge tits 'disgusting'. And yes, I was a little jealous. But this curse is getting out of hand! My boobs are bigger than my head now! And none of my tops fit. And I can't stop touching them!

    Is this what it feels like for her all the time? They're so sensitive. Especially my nipples. Look how big they've gotten. So fat and suckable. I can't even think straight. All I can think about is my tits. About you sucking my nipples. Wrapping my huge melons around your cock until you cum all over me. About how much my titties are going to bounce around while we fuck. I'm just a big titty slut, baby. Your big titty slut. I'm everything I thought about that gorgeous woman and her giant boobs.


    You opened the video from your girlfriend.

    “Bra shopping might take a bit longer than expected. 3rd store I’ve been too and nothing fits. But the girl helping me here seems to be really into my huge boobs, especially after I told her I’ve been growing a lot lately. Might bring her home once I can find something that fits. Or should I just bring her home and we can let her in on the secret so she and I can go bra shopping together once her tits get as big as mine?”


    The Milkers

    My name is Mike Gabbon, I am a survivor of the end of the world. No one really knows where it came from what it is but it affects were devastating. By the governments and general population found out what was going on, it was already too late. Around the globe in major cities, people were being transformed. I remember the day that it all happened.

    3 Months earlier

    Katie, who was my girlfriend, and I were on our way home from seeing The Last Jedi, when we got to my place, I could tell she was wanted to fuck, so I immediately went to my roommate, Chris, to see if he could leave for an hour or so. I knocked on his bedroom door,

    “Hey man, can I come in?”

    “Yea…” he responded weakly

    “You alright man? You sound sick.” I said as I peeked around the door. He was on his bed and he looked really uncomfortable

    “I think I am, my whole body is furnace right now, may have something to do with that crazy lady earlier today.”

    “Crazy lady?”

    “Yea, she was smoking hot with huge tits, but she was in an alley way, doing something to her breasts, when I got closer, she started spraying milk all over me!”

    “Uhhh, yea I guess that’s pretty crazy.” I didn’t believe a word he just said but he definitely looked sick. And oddly shorter, Chris was the tall, lanky type of guy but he looked no more than 5 foot, 8 inches. Of course I didn’t think about it much at the time. I closed his door and sat the couch with my girlfriend.

    “So what’s up with him” She asked

    “I don’t know, he’s sick with something, maybe the flu.”

    “But it isn’t flu season.” She pointed out

    “Yea, but he has fever of some kind, plus he looked kinda…..” I trailed off, unsure of what I saw.

    “Kinda what?”

    “Never mind, let’s watch some TV”, I said as I grabbed the remote and pressed the power button. The TV immediately went to a news station that seemed to have an emergency broadcast.

    “This is not a joke or drill ladies and gentlemen” The news anchor stated in a cold tone. “You need to stay indoors and barricade all entrances to limit contact with the infected!”

    “What the fuck? Is this a joke?” My girlfriend worryingly asked me.

    “I don’t know, let’s try a different channel” I hit the channel button and it switched to Discovery Channel, but it had the same emergency broadcast from the news station.

    “Those inflicted with the epidemic will have fever and exhaustion, followed by, if male, a gender switch, increased breast tissue, and lactation. Authorities tell us that is the breast milk of the inflicted that spreads the disease. We have no word on whether this is a bacteria, virus, or-LOOK OUT! They broke through!” The camera spun around the news studio to face the back to see several large breasted women running through the studio. They were tackling men and women to the ground and forcing their breasts into their mouths. The camera was left on focus to one victim as the camera man ran, the women seemed to forcing gallons of milk into his mouth for a good 10 seconds before she got up to find her next victim. My girlfriend and I stared in disbelief as the man got on his knees and began his transformation. He looked dazed and fevered as hair began to flow from the top of his head as the hair on face began to fall off. When his facial hair fell off it revealed his milk covered lips as they began to swell as the rest of his face began to shift and soften to a feminine face. As the rest of body softened and shifted, he looked down at his rapidly tightening jacket. He, now she, unzipped it to reveal two massive breasts pressing against his shirt.

    He began kneading them, almost out of instinct as two wet spots began to form on his shirt. The TV then cut to a test image, leaving my girlfriend and me sitting there with mouth agape.

    “This…this can’t be real…” Katie whispered in shock. I grabbed the remote and began flipping through channels, all of them were on the test image, either from a news station or otherwise.

    “This isn’t a joke” I said sternly “We need to leave the city now, hopefully the roads aren’t-“I was quickly interrupted by a loud, feminine moan the came from Chris’s room. Katie and I looked at his door and then at each other. I held a single finger to my mouth to tell to stay quiet as I got up to investigate. I peeked open the door and my body froze. Chris was writhing on the bed, his body well under way to becoming one of them. He was even shorter than before with light brown hair spread over the bed. He was also sporting two massive breasts, even bigger than the ones from the man on TV. They were barely contained in Chris’s button up shirt. But almost right on que, the shirt finally gave way to the monster melons as buttons broke, flying everywhere.

    Chris moaned again as his newly freed breasts went through one last growth spurt before they began spewing milk out, like two volcanoes. Chris was now fully transformed into a middle aged milf with huge, lactating breasts, waiting to feed their next victim. As she began to milk herself in ecstasy, I slowly closed the door and shook my head at Katie. I quietly crept back to Katie and whispered

    “Grab your shoes and anything you need, we leave now.” She nodded and go up to grab her things, I went to the front counter and slowly grabbed the car keys. As Katie and finished putting our shoes and were about to leave, Chris’s door swung open. We turned around to see the women that was Chris, her ripped button shirt still clung to her body but with her breasts exposed. Her boxer shorts were stretched to their limit as they tried to accommodate her new thighs and ass. The three of us stood there for what seemed like minutes before Katie made the first move.

    “Chris?” she spoke softly, Chris began walking towards her, holding out her breasts.

    “Please, you have to help me, I can’t relieve them myself” Chris pleaded to us.

    “Chris, you’re sick, you have to fight it, and we can help you”

    “Yes you will help me” Chris then squeezed her breasts, shooting streams of milk into Katie’s face

    “NO!” I yelled, I ran and pushed Chris, getting some milk on myself, she stumbled back into her room and fell on her back. I slammed the door shut and put a chair under the door knob.

    “Come on, we need to get out of here” I grabbed Katie and ran outside to the car.

    “Mike, I….I think some of it got into my mouth…”

    “Don’t say that, no it didn’t, you’ll be fine, and we just need to get out of the city.” I put her into my truck and closed the door, I then got in the driver’s seat, started the engine and drove off. As I drove, I was shocked by what I saw. There was infected women everywhere, some were wondering aimlessly, some were banging on doors, trying to get into the uninfected inside, and others were suckling other infected.

    “This can’t be happening, what could cause this?” I asked in utter disbelief.

    “How are you holding up?” I asked Katie

    “Mike, I…..I…., it’s so hot, please stop.” I looked over to her and my heart sank. Her once B cup breasts were no beginning to over fill her t shirt, bouncing out as I drove onto a dirt road.

    “Katie, I…”

    “Don’t say anything, its….it’s not…..your fault” she breathed, I could tell the infection was already taking hold. Her breasts were now much larger and began to produce little white dots on her engorged nipples.

    “Stop the car Mike” Katie was barely hanging on, I stopped the truck.

    “Listen, we can still be together, if we can-“

    “You know that won’t work, just let me out, I can’t infect you, just let me out, and go on without me.”

    “Katie I-“

    “It’s not your fault, I love you Mike.”

    “I love you too,” I gave one last kiss before I unlocked the door. She opened the door and began to climb out, leaking breasts swinging and bouncing with every movement. She closed the door behind her and immediately fell to ground, masturbating and squeezing her new breasts. I turned the engine over and drove off, the last I saw of Katie was in my rear view mirror of her laying by the road, squirting milk into the air.

    But that was months ago, but I had no idea what was in store for me. Apparently even getting milk on your bare skin infects you, it just takes longer for the infection to take hold. Now I look like this, I still have my mind, but I am full woman, with growing breasts.

    Even after months, no one knows what it is. The few remaining laboratories that worked on it didn’t find anything, no virus, or bacteria, or fungus, or parasite, nothing. Some believed it was the wrath of an ancient goddess, others thought the government was simply wiping out the human race to make way for a new era. People began calling them “Milkers” and the Milker disease. I don’t know what’s true, but it doesn’t matter, I’m still infected and look like a porn star with a fat ass and wide hips. The only thing to come now was the huge, lactating breasts. I don’t know how long I have, thoughts of constant breastfeeding have already began to invade my mind. So I leave this letter, for anyone who finds it, don’t forget us, and good luck.


     I don’t usually like TG stuff but this one was better than my opinion. Probably because it included BE in the female.



    “You really think you can resist falling for my spell? I can see you struggling already, and all I’m doing is jiggling my titties in my top. Aw don’t worry pet, I’ll make it easy for you. Three, two, one… 

    “N-no wait..!”



    *SPUUUURT* *SPURT* *spurt*

    “Hahaha aw there you go, I knew you couldn’t hold it. Guess your soul belongs to me now. Too bad sweetie…”


    Not like I had anything better to do with it anyway.


    just look at the size of her hand compared to her ass. absolutely enormous 

    these are the best kind of women. you can tell they weren’t always this big but now they’re gigantic and absolutely loving it. 

    they dont even care that it’s impossible to find cute or sexy clothes to fit their gargantuan butt now, they still love it

    they love the control it has over everyone. she’s the center of attention wherever she goes. 

    and if she keeps getting bigger, soon she’ll be the center of the whole universe. we’ll all just be tiny specks bouncing helplessly off her massive, immense colossal, ass

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    My Summer plans are ruined by my big sister's HUGE cock!

    By Jasgirl

    (Part 1. Part 2 coming soon, hopefully!)

    (Tags: Transgirl, Futa, Sister/Sister Incest, Drugs, Breast Growth, Weight Gain, blowjobs

    (Note: I’m mostly posting my stories on Ao3 now. So please follow me ther

    I had a lot to look forward to this summer. I had just graduated from high school and was still getting used to the idea that I was now an adult. I had the whole summer ahead of me, and even though I had some major life choices to make I was excited to really relax after a very stressful senior year. 

    You see, during the last year I decided to come out as trans. At least to myself. So far I’d only told one friend, and he was keeping my secret. Usually I would confide in my big sister, but she had left for her first year at out of state college, and for the first time in my life I was home alone with just our Mom. Of course I loved Mom, and I knew once I figured out how to tell her that I would be living as a girl she’d accept me completely… but… well, I’d been trying to figure out how to tell her for months. I had decided I’d finally come out after my graduation, but after the graduation ceremony Mom announced that she was going on a summer long trip to Greece with her new boyfriend. Honestly, I was pretty relieved knowing that I’d have the whole summer to figure out what to say. Even better, my big sister Melissa would be home, and we could spend the summer together. I knew she’d be able to help!

    Melissa wasn’t due for a day, and with my Mom gone I had the house to myself for the first time in months. I decided this would be my first official day living as a girl! I didn’t have any girl clothes of my own, but my sister’s closet was still full of outfits she hadn’t bothered  to take with her to college. I picked out a few that I liked and went to the bathroom to try them on.

    I quickly stripped of my clothes and admired myself in the mirror. Really, I thought I looked pretty feminine. I was  the same height as my mom, and with the same slender Asian build that she and my sister had. My hips weren’t as wide and of course I had a boy’s chest, but I thought my long legs were sexy, and my slender neck and high cheek bones were very girlish. I’d grown my short black hair out just a bit over the last few months, and with a little styling I thought it would look very cute.

    I knew it wasn’t just my hair that would look cute. A few months ago, just after I decided I was going to be a girl, I decided to try out my new “look” at a costume party thrown by some of my popular friends. Melissa’s old cheerleader uniform was the perfect costume. I found a cheap white Lady Gaga wig that my sister had used for a Halloween costume a few years before, and spent a few hours watching makeup tutorials and shaving my legs. The results were supremely convincing! I looked a LOT like my sister, but with white hair. I didn’t bother padding the sports bra I had borrowed from my sister’s underwear drawer, since Melissa was nearly as flat chested as I was.

    I was at the party for nearly 20 minutes before anyone recognized me. My friend Tessa let out a shriek and pulled off my wig.

    “Jeff! OMG everyone, it’s Jeff! Look! Look! Jeff, you look so cute!”

    It was a little embarrassing, but a few minutes later I was dancing with my friends with a beer in my hand and everything was just fine. Except as the night went on I noticed a bunch of the guys were checking me out. At first I thought I was imagining it, but Tessa confirmed my suspicions when she drunkenly whispered in my ear.

    “You’re so hot, Jeff. Everyone thinks so. Bill Winslow thanks so.”

    A few minutes later I found myself upstairs in a bedroom with Bill. I don’t remember how it happened. He was the same year as me, but looked about 5 years older. We weren’t friends, but we had known each other since freshman year. I was a little tipsy. Bill was drunk, and kept saying that he was and that he’d never, ever do anything with a guy, except I was so pretty and… and then his pants were down and his big, thick dick was in my face, and it was just so much bigger than anything I had ever seen. My own cock was throbbing in my sister’s borrowed panties.

     I stared at Bill’s dick with wide eyes, not sure what to do. I had decided that I was a girl, but I hadn’t ever really thought that I liked boys or had any interest in their dicks at all. But with a big, pulsing dick right in front of me I quickly made up my mind. I leaned forward and opened my mouth, letting Bill’s dick sink between my lips. I closed my eyes and felt a shudder go through my body as his meat pushed deep into my mouth. I was a cocksucker. In that moment I knew it. 

    I wasn’t  sure if I was into boys, but I LOVED their cocks!

    It didn’t take long for Bill to fill my mouth with cum. I loved that too! Not the taste. Oh god, not the taste! But having my mouth filled with hot, thick cum. Having it drip down my chin. I loved it! Bill passed out on the bed and I escaped to the bathroom to spit out a mouthful of spooge, then out the back door and back home, where I spent the rest of the night masturbating in my sister’s cheerleader uniform. If Bill remembered anything that happened he never said a word about it.

    I never got the chance to dress as a girl in public again, and I was never brave enough to seek out any dick, even though I desperately wanted more. Instead I decided to play it cool for the rest of the school year, and transition into my new life starting in the summer.

    I slipped on the outfit I had borrowed from my sister and looked in the mirror again. I looked just as cute as I had hoped. Tight pink short shorts with a white stripe on the side showed off my long legs and cute ass. None of the women in my family had much of a butt, but I had been doing squats and other exercises in my room for months and was beginning to see at least some results. I knew if I kept it up I’d eventually have a nice bubble butt to show off!  A plain white crop tee over one of my sister’s bras gave me the illusion of having at least small breasts. I had chosen a matching pink hoodie to wear if I decided to go out, but around the house the tee would be fine. Pink ankle socks and white trainers completed the outfit. I found a matching pink hair band, and once it was in place and I applied light makeup from my mother’s makeup cabinet I looked perfect. A cute 18 year old Chinese girl, out for a job or picking up a snack! I doubted that anyone would think I was a boy.

    I spent the rest of the day just enjoying being a girl. I watched tv and did some chores, took some selfies and sat up a new instagram, snapchat and tik tok profile. I did decide to walk down to the corner deli for takeout. I had been there hundreds of times, but the owner didn’t recognize me at all, and as  left I could tell he was checking out my ass! I skipped home, excited to know that I was cute enough to attract that kind of attention!

    I woke up the next morning on the couch in the living room. I had fallen asleep watching Netflix and my chin and neck was sticky with drool. My panties were sticky too, and I could tell from my hard cock that I had jizzed myself in my sleep. As I cleaned myself off in the shower I tried to remember the sexy dream that had left me a gooey mess, but my foggy brain couldn’t remember any details. Just as I was climbing out of the shower I heard a noise from down the hall. I froze. Was someone in the house?

    I slipped on my bathrobe and slowly crept down the hall, following the noise until I was outside my sister’s room. The wet, slapping noise was coming from inside. Had she come home this morning while I was still asleep on the couch? I suddenly went cold, realizing that Melissa would have seen me dressed as a girl. Dressed as a girl and passed out on the couch with a sticky boner! I stood perfectly still in front of my sister’s door, desperately hoping that some maniac had broken in and was planning on killing me to save me from embarrassment!

    I worked up my nerve and knocked on the door, expecting to hear my sister’s voice answer.  But there was no response, except that the noise grew louder. It almost sounded like someone was masturbating, but the kind of masturbating you see in porn. I had watched enough porn with big lubed-up cocks pushing their way in and out of tight fleshlights and sex sleeves over the last year to be very familiar with the sound, and the more I listened the more I was sure some guy was jacking off what I imagined must be a huge dick in my sisters room. Had she brought a boyfriend home from college for the summer?

    I took a deep breath and knocked again.

    “Melissa? Are you home? Is that you?” The wet noise stopped suddenly, and I heard the sound of my sister’s bed creaking as someone climbed off it. I stepped back , not sure what to expect, but when the door opened I was more surprised than if there actually had been a murderer behind it waiting to kill me.

    “S-sis?!! Is that you?”

    The bedroom door was barely opened more than a crack, but what I could see of my sister was shocking. Melissa had changed. No, changed isn’t a strong enough word. My sister had transformed!

    You have to understand that Melissa was a very ordinary looking girl. I don’t mean she wasn’t pretty, because she was. I thought that I made a cute girl, and that was because I looked a lot like my sister. But you wouldn’t call Melissa sexy. She was slim and fashionable, and had always been popular. When she came back from college over thanksgiving we had all been surprised that she had cut her long, glossy hair short. I had actually been upset, since I had always been jealous of her hair and had just decided to start growing mine out. But cutting her hair was the most radical thing I had ever expected my sister to do!

    The woman on the other side of the door looked like my sister’s evil pornstar twin! Everything about her had changed. I looked her up and down, not sure where to start. Her black hair was even shorter than before, and shaved on one side in a punk look that was so unlike Melissa that I couldn’t believe she had chosen it willingly. Except that it was the LEAST radical change. My sister looked like she had packed on 30 pounds of muscle in the few months since I’d seen her. Her formerly skinny body had thickened in a distinctly feminine way. Her hips were wider and her thighs were thicker, and the black crop top she was wearing showed off her firm stomach and strong arms.  As far as I knew she had never worked out a day in her life and always dieted like she was terrified of gaining weight, but somehow my sister had transformed into something like a punk fitness model since the last time I saw her. But what was even more shocking was her breasts. My sister’s barely-there-doesn’t-even-need-a-bra A-cup boobs had swollen into enormous fake looking stripper tits! They were the size of footballs and looked absolutely obscene straining against her low cut top. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were enormous!

    Her outrageous new body wasn’t the end of it. Melissa’s formerly perfectly pale skin was an even dark brown, as if she had been tanning for months. Her thin lips had plumped up into soft, fat pillows. She wore heavy eyeshadow, which only partially disguised the fact that she was obviously exhausted. The combination of fatigue, makeup, darker skin and her new lips almost made her look like another person. The pretty Asian girl I had known all my life had been replaced by her sexy, drugged out evil twin.

    “I….wha… what happened to you, Melissa?” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. But my sister just stared back at me, as if she didn’t understand the question and wished I would just leave her alone. “When did you get home?” I asked. I was still afraid she had seen me dressed as a girl. I had planned to come out to her this week, but on my own terms.

    “Few hours ago. Didn’t want to wake you.” She slowly looked me up and down, a strange smile spreading across her face. I was dressed just in my white bathrobe, and my longer-than-strictly-masculine hair was still wet from the shower. “You looked so cute, all sticky in my old clothes.”

    I immediately blushed. “Uhh…. I… I’m actually…. I’m… I’m transitioning….” My voice was shaking, and I felt terrified. “I… I feel like I’ve always… I’ve always been a girl… and so…”

    Melissa cut me off. She reached up and stroked my cheek. Her hand was warm and sticky. “Thats hot. You make a hot girl.” She smiled again. She looked sexy and scary. “Now leave me the fuck alone, little sis!”

    She turned and shut the door, locking it with a loud click. I stood in the hall, stunned, confused, horney and upset. What the fuck had happened?  How the hell had my sweet, pretty big sister changed so much in just a few months?  I reached up to touch my cheek and my fingers came away sticky. I extended my tongue and tasted something familiar.


    I rushed to my room to change. All of my girl clothes were borrowed from my sister, but I didn’t want to dress as a boy. Not now that I had just come out to Melissa. Not ever again! I quickly slipped on a pair of dark grey yoga pants with a pink stripe, a tight black tanktop and the pink hoodie and white trainers I had worn the day before. I tied my hair back in a ponytail and quickly put on light makeup. Studying myself in the mirror, I wondered if I’d look good with heavier makeup like Melissa. Her new look was… intimidating, but…. It was also very sexy.

    I realized what I was thinking as I applied darker, heavier lipstick and eyeliner. My sister looked sexy. I had always been attracted to her. I knew I wanted to look like her, and part of that was because of how pretty she was. But there was a difference between the simple beauty of Melissa of last year and the raw porn star sexuality of Melissa today, and as shocking as she looked, my sister was really, really hot! I made myself a simple breakfast and sat in the kitchen, nervously waiting for Melissa to emerge from her room. I had so many questions! What had happened to her in the last six months? How had she changed so much? Why? I also wondered where the guy was that she had brought home with her. My sister had someone’s cum on her hands, and had left it on my face. The way she looked now I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had brought a guy home to fuck all summer. The old Melissa would never do something like that… but this new Melissa… I nearly jumped as I heard a door slam and Melissa walked into the kitchen. She was wearing a robe, just like mine (our parents had given us matching robes for christmas), but it was tied loose, and underneath I could see that my sister was nearly naked. She wore thigh high black socks with white stripes (a pair I had planned to borrow) and pink panties. Melissa opened the fridge and helped herself to the milk, drinking directly from the jugg. Something forbidden in our house! Our mom would have a fit! My eyes were glued to her exposed breasts as she gulped down nearly half the jugg. They were so big and so round. I had never seen breasts like that in real life. Of course she caught me staring. Melissa leered at me as she walked around the kitchen’s dining island, until she was leaning over me. “What’s your name? Your new name? Have you picked one out?” I looked up at her. She had planted one hand on the island, and was standing so close that when I turned my head it brushed against her breast. “Umm… I… please… please call me Jenny. Or… or Jenn…” I couldn’t believe how nervous I felt. Our family was big on personal space, and I could barely ever remember my sister standing this close to me. Especially not naked! “Jenny is cute. Really cute. It suits you.”

    She ran her finger down the side of my face to my chin, then lifted my chin so I was forced to look at her. I was blushing fiercely. Her big breasts were fully in my field of vision. “You actually look really cute in my outfits. I should have guessed you’d turn out like this. I think I like it. Having a cute little sister will be fun!” The way she said ‘fun’ made my heart skip a beat. There was something aggressively sexual in my sisters voice. “Do you have a boyfriend yet? Or a girlfriend? Mmm… Noako always thought you had a crush on me.” I blushed even deeper and my entire body went tense. Naoko had been my sister’s best friend all through high school, and she once caught me going through Melissa’s panties. Melissa noticed my reaction, and let out a laugh that sent chills through my body. “So you DID have a crush on me! A crush on your big sister! Oh Jenny, how perverted! Well what do you think?” She stepped back, planting one hand on her hip as she leaned on the island. Her enormous breasts were fully displayed.

    “What do you think of your big sister now? Pretty fucking hot, huh?” I nodded my head, but I was too nervous to say anything. I had never seen my sister naked. I had never heard her say ‘fuck’ in my entire life. My cock was rock hard in my borrowed yoga pants. Melissa leaned over me again, wrapping her arms around me, pressing her breasts against my back. Her hand slid down my body and brushed against my crotch. “I can tell you think I’m hot. I can tell how turned on you are, little sis. What if… what if we have some fun this summer?”

    Again, the way she said ‘fun’ made me tremble, and I knew she could feel it. Her hand brushed against my crotch again, lingering a little longer this time. “Mom is away all summer. We have the house to  ourselves. You’re so cute, little sis, and I’m so fucking sexy… why don’t you…” She leaned close, whispering into my ear. “Be my girlfriend.” I pulled away in surprise, my mouth hanging open. “I can’t… I mean, we… we can’t…” Melissa laughed, and reached down to my crotch again, rubbing my cock through my tight yoga pants. Of course we fucking can. We can do anything we want, Jenny. We have the whole summer. So you’re going to be my cute little girlfriend and…” I suddenly remembered my suspicion that Melissa had brought a guy home with her from college. “But… but what about your- your boyfriend?”

    My sister suddenly looked confused. “Jenn, I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t like boys.” I was just as confused. “But,,, but I heard! I heard you in your room. You were… jacking off some… some guy…” I had neve been so embarrassed in my life, and it was even worse when Melissa started to laugh. She cackled and slapped her hand on the kitchen counter. “Jenn… oh my god, Jenny. I don’t have a boyfriend! I didn’t realize you were listening at my fucking door, you little pervert!” “I know what… what I heard!” I was trembling with embarrassment. Melissa laughed again and reached down to undo the belt of her robe. It came apart easily, and for the first time I had a full view of my sister’s body… And her enormous cock. It was barely contained by her pink panties, semi stiff and nearly purple in color. Even semi erect it looked huge. I let out an audible gasp.  I was trembling. My sister had a cock. Melissa had a cock! I knew for certain, I was 100% sure, that she hadn’t been born with one. I looked up at her face and saw she was grinning. “Come on. Come here. I want to show you.” She took my hand and tugged me into the living room and onto the couch, where she sat with her robe open and her legs spread wide. Her enormous dick was still half hard and threatening to burst free from her panties. It twitched and throbbed while I watched. I couldn’t look away, but I also couldn;t stay quiet. “H-how!??” I was exasperated, confused and turned on. Melissa laughed. “How? Drugs. Duh! You’ve heard about them, right? The new sex drugs? That can give you bigger tits or a dick? They’re all over campus. Everyone was using them this year.” I just stared at my sister dumbly. I hadn’t heard about any drugs that could do this. My sister was taking drugs? “But… but drugs are… drugs are bad…?” I felt like an idiot the moment I said it. How lame could I be? “Oh my god, you sound like mom. Drugs are awesome. You’ll see when you get to college. Everyone uses them, and these new sex drugs are the best! Look at this!” She pulled down her panties and her gigantic cock flopped free. I watched with wide eyes as it slowly throbbed to life, stiffening before my eyes until it was swaying in front of me. It was nearly a foot long, and thicker than my wrist! “I didn’t know… that dicks could be so big…” I had never seen such a huge cock in my life, even in porn. My heart was beating so fast and my entire body felt hot. “Do you want to touch it?” I nodded as if in a trance. I was already leaning forward, without even thinking about it. I did want to touch it. So bad. I had spent most of the last year remembering Bill Winslow’s cock. How it throbbed in my hand. How it smelled. How it tasted. I had fantasized about sucking it again. About having it fill my mouth. I had thought about it every day for months, and now…. Now my sister’s enormous cock was right here. Right in front of me. And it smelled… it smelled so good! Pungent and strong. Sweaty. I broke my trance and looked up at Melissa. She just grinned. “Go on. My girlfriend HAS to be a cock sucker, and I can tell you want it!”

    I couldn’t help myself. I leaned forward, one hand on my sister’s naked thigh, the other reaching for her stiffening cock. I actually let out a sigh as my fingers wrapped around it. Melissa laughed and called me a slut, but I didn’t care. I’d been craving cock for months. My mouth found the tip of Melissa’s dick and I gently kissed it, then parted my lips and pushed my head down slowly, letting her cock gently fill my mouth. I had practiced so many times on the rubber dildo I had ‘borrowed’ from our mother, but my sister’s cock was so much thicker. It stretched my lips and filled my entire mouth, and there was still so much more of it! I felt Melissa’s hand on my head, stroking my hair as she encouraged me. “You can do it. I should have known you’d be a natural cock sucker. You look so cute on my dick. Keep going. Keep going. You’re going to take it all. You were born to suck my cock.” I closed my eyes and focused on sucking, bobbing up and down on my sister’s dick, taking as much as I could into my mouth, then pulling back, then pushing down again. Up and down, in and out.Over and over. Filling my mouth with cock felt so good. I wondered why I had waited so long since that party. I could have been sucking dick all year. I could have been on my knees in the school restroom, eagerly swallowing cock. I wanted to cry, I had wasted so much time! Melissa pulled my head back, her cock falling from my lips. I gasped and sputtered, drool and spit dripping from my mouth. “Wha… w-why…. Why did… you stop me? I looked up at her in confusion and saw my sister take a bottle of pills from the pocket of her robe and shake them in front of my face. She twisted the cap off and poured them out on the coffee table. About twenty brightly colored pills. “You’re such a good little cock sucker, but before I give you my cum you need to take your pills!” Melissa pushed me off the couch and toward the coffee table. I hesitantly picked up one of the pills. “You want real titties, don’t you? You don’t want to be a flat chested girl, do you? Take your titty drugs!” I didn’t. I had thought about my transition lot this year. I planned to go on hormones. I planned to get breast implants, since I knew none of the women in my family had very big breasts. I had never considered going large. A B-cup, or maybe a small C. I thought anything bigger would be embarrassing… even though I always liked large breasts. But my sister’s breasts were enormous! They were huge and fake, and she seemed proud of them! I had no idea what size they were, but if melissa could have giant breasts, maybe I could have at least large ones/ I looked up at my sister nervously as I pushed the pill into my mouth and swallowed. It was slightly salty and a little sweet, and had the chalky texture of children’s vitamins. I looked at Melissa for approval. The look on her face was unnerving. “Why don’t you take another?” I did. I reached out and took another pill from the pile, placing it in my mouth and swallowing it. “You should take another, Jenn.” I looked over at the pile of pills, then back at Melissa. Her eyes were wide with excitement. I took another pill, swallowing it quickly. “Now one more. Go on.” I took another. I didn’t want to say no to her. “Just one more, Jenny. Just one more.” I reached over to the pile without even looking and fed another pill into my mouth. They were easy to swallow. I was already used to the taste. I looked up at her, then down to her cock. It was throbbing hard, and glistening with my saliva. I really wanted to go back to it. To wrap my lips around it again. Instead I looked back up at Melissa. “W-was that enough?” I had taken five of the pills. “Do you think it’s enough?  I like busty girls. Big titties, little sis! Do you think that was enough, or do you want to take a few more?” I reached over again and took a handful of pills. 4 or 5, and pushed them into my mouth. Swallowing before I could stop myself. Melissa seemed pleased, and pulled me toward her, pushing her throbbing cock into my face. It only took me a moment to wrap my lips round it again, to fill my mouth with my sister’s thick hot dick again. I closed my eyes and began eagerly sucking, taking as much of my sister’s thick dick into my mouth as I could. But this time Melissa was pressing my head down,and I could feel the head of her dick pressing against the entrance to my throat. I wasn’t sure I was ready to try to take a cock all the way down my throat. This was only the second cock I had ever sucked,and it was so big I could barely get it in my mouth! Melissa didn’t care if I was ready, and I was too eager to have her cock in her mouth to do anything to stop her. Before I knew it her dick pushed into my throat, and my eyes went wide as she forced me to swallow inch after inch of thick hot cock meat. I tried to relax my throat, I tried to swallow. I had practiced with a dildo before, but never anything so huge! I was shaking as Melissa pushed my head down, forcing her cock deep into my throat. Every inch was a struggle, but finally it was all inside me. My face was pressed hard against her,nearly  a foot of thick girl dick deep in my throat. I couldn’t breathe. I could barely think. But Melissa just recessed my head down, refusing to let me up as she ran her fingers through my hair and whispered to me. “Thats it… t-thats it. Just a little longer. Your throat feels good. Its good, Jenn. Oh god, I’m going to l-love training you to take my dick. Ohhhh fuck, Jenn, here I come, here I come!” She exploded down my throat, hot cum gushing into my stomach and back up into my mouth. I pulled back, coughing as her cock slid out of me, followed by a torrent of cum. There was so much of it. I spit out a mouthful, only to cough more up. It was thick and hot, dripped from my lips and chin in gooey strands. I sat on the couch coughing, clutching my belly that felt like it was full of a half gallon of hot cum. Melissa stood and leaned down, wiping a stray strand of cum from my chin. It didn’t help. My face and hoodie were plastered with sticky jizz. “You didn’t expect that, did you? I bet all the little cocks you’ve been sucking at school only came a little. Just a tiny spurt.” I blushed. “A-actually, there was just… just one…” She was right though. Bill Winslow hadn’t cum like that! Melissa took me by the hand and pulled me up, leading me back to the kitchen. “Come on, we have to feed you. You need calories!” I was confused and in a post cock sucking daze. I was only just realizing that my own dick was rock hard in my yoga pants, and I desperately wanted to stroke it. My sister went to the fridge and started pulling out items at random. Leftover chow mein, lunchmeat, pudding, sweet pork, cheese, the rest of the gallon of milk and a half gallon of cream, a gallon of icecream, grapes and more. I sat at the kitchen island and watched in a stupor, gently rubbing my belly. “W-what are you doing? Melissa?” She turned to me as she moved from the fridge to the pantry, a grin on her face. “The drug activates your growth, but you need calories. All that tit fat has to come from somewhere! The more you eat over the next 24 hours the more you’ll grow.” She heaped an armload of food from the pantry on the island. Chips and protein bars. Cans of chili and baked beans. Soda and dried fruit and cookies. It was half the food we had in the house, and enough for a week’s worth of meals. “Cum helps too. I discovered that on my own. Feeding a slut a belly full of hot cum after she takes her pills activates the growth faster.” She came over to stand behind me as I sat on my stool, pressing herself against my back and reaching around to grope my flat chest through my sticky hoodie. “You’re going to grow fucking fast, little sister. And you’re going to be huge!” I was still dazed, but I looked up at her. “How… how big am I going to grow?” I suddenly had visions of myself with breasts like my sister’s, full fake looking tits stretching my hoodie. I had never thought I wanted breasts that big, but suddenly being that huge seemed really appealing. “Will I be as big as you?” Melissa laughed, and squeezed my chest again. “As big as me? You’re going to be way fucking bigger, Jenn! I told you I wanted a girlfriend with big titties. You took like 10 pills!” I counted in my head. It had been about 10. “H-how many did you take?” “Two.” I suddenly felt very cold and went very still. Melissa had only taken two pills, and her body had transformed so much. I had taken… 10. Melissa could sense my fear and shock. She wrapped her arms around me from behind and held me close. It was the first bit of tenderness my sister had shown me since she had reappeared yesterday. She whispered into my ear. “Don’t worry, little sis. I’m going to take care of you now. I mean it. You’re my girlfriend now and I love you. I’ve always loved you, but now you belong to me. We’re going to be really happy together, I promise. You’re going to love your new life. I shook my head and realized I was actually crying a little. Melissa took a dish towel and wiped away my tears and most of the drying cum from my face. She gave me another hug, and then a long, passionate kiss. My cock was still stiff in my yoga pants,and now it began to throb again. “Okay, here’s what you’re going to do! You see all this food?” She motioned to the mountain of cans, boxes, jars and bags she had set out on the kitchen island. “I want you to eat as much as you can. I want you to eat  fucking all of it if you can. Force yourself if you have to. This is ALL you’re going to do today. Eat it all and then take a nap. You’ll need the rest. I’ll be back to see you tonight, and we’re going to have some fun!” “But… but where… where are you going?” I had thought I was going to spend all day with my sister. “I have some fucking stuff to do, little sis! But don’t worry. I’ll be back tonight. And I plan to fuck that ass, so make sure you get plenty of rest!” She slapped my ass and then disappeared toward the hallway. A few minutes later I could hear the shower. I stared at the enormous amount of food set out for me. There was no way I could eat it all. It wasn’t even a meal. Just random stuff! I reached out and opened a bag of chips, and pushed a few into my mouth, absentmindedly chewing and realizing that my mouth still tasted like cock and cum.  I went to the sink and poured myself a big glass of water, first swishing it around in my mouth and then spitting out the collected cum and saliva into the sink, then drinking the rest. I followed it with a tall glass of milk, which I could now actually taste! I suddenly realized I really was hungry. Very hungry! I had just swallowed a huge amount of cum, and before that I had eaten breakfast, but now I felt like I could eat another full meal! I took a big plate from the cupboard and loaded it up with chow mein, meatballs, fried rice and baked beans, and put it in the microwave. While I was waiting for it to heat I opened the tub of pudding and dug into it, eating directly from it with a  spoon. Chocolate pudding was my favorite, but I usually avoided it because of how fattening it was. But by the time the microwave chimed I had eaten half the tub, and brown pudding was smeared across my lips. I put the pudding aside and took the plate from the microwave, sitting it on the island as I opened a bottle of soda and poured myself a glass. As I was eating Melissa stepped back into the kitchen. She was showered and dressed, wearing short black shorts that showed off her toned legs and a low cut black tank top that was very much like the one I was wearing under my hoodie, except for the words “Big Dick Energy” in blue across her breasts. She slipped on a black leather jacket and a black ball cap. I noticed she was wearing the same trainers I wore yesterday. “See, you’re hungrier than you thought, aren’t you? I fucking told you, your body needs the calories. Make sure you eat as much as you can even if you have to force yourself, okay?” She leaned forward and kissed me, then wiped chocolate pudding from her lips. “I’ll be back tonight. I’m going to spend all night fucking you!” Melissa was out the door and I was left with an absolute mountain of food and a growing hunger. I had already cleaned one plate, so I decided to prepare another, loading it up with chicken strips, chow mein, meatloaf, ham and mushrooms. I found a box of corndogs in the freezer and stuck a half dozen of those on my plate too before I set it in the microwave for 5 minutes. While I was waiting I finished off the milk, put a double sized tray of brownies in the oven and stuffed nearly an entire sleeve of oreos in my mouth. I had never eaten so much in my life, and I felt insatiable! My body felt warm and I was sweating a little, and my cock was rock hard and drooling in my tight yoga pants. I heard the microwave ding and I took out my plate, then put the rest of the corndogs in its place. I carried the plate and a 2-liter bottle of Rootbeer over to the couch, then came back to the itchen for another bottle, the bag of chips, 2 packs of cookies and a box of pop tarts. Then came back again for the corndogs when I heard the microwave ding, and grabbed a gallon of rocky road ice cream too. By the time I sat down in front of the tv I felt famished, even though I had eaten more in the last hour than I usually did in a whole weekend! I watched anime as I ate, but I wasn’t really paying attention. My head was still swimming with 

    thoughts over everything that had happened in the last 24 hours. I had lived my first day as a girl, discovered that my sister was some kind of drug addict with a pornstar body and a huge cock, sucked my sisters cock, taken body transforming drugs and was now stuffing my face like I hadn’t eaten in weeks! And I was so horny I felt like I might pass out! The only reason I wasn’t masturbating was because I was so hungry that I couldn’t stop eating!

    I finished the entire tub of ice cream and tossed it aside, reaching for the bottle of rootbeer and gulping down nearly half of it in one long breathless swig. I was panting now, and thirsty as if I had just come back from a run. My forehead was damp with sweat. In fact my entire body was sweating! I stood and stripped off my hoodie, and then my tight yoga pants. I was left in just my tight black tank top and white panties, both borrowed from my sister.  

    I took another long drink, gulping down most of the rest of the bottle. I felt feverish, and so horny! I sat back down, slowly rubbing my cock through my panties as I watched some nameless anime heroine bounce across the screen.She was cute and busty, and I wanted to look like her. I wanted to wear tiny skirts and thigh high socks and have big titties that wobbled and shook as I skipped across the room. And I would! I would, as long as I kept eating!

    I grabbed a handful of chicken strips with my free hand and shoved them into my mouth, barely chewing at all before I swallowed them down. I was so hungry! I pushed a corn dog between my lips, then tossed the stick aside and reached for another. My cock was out now, and I was lazily stroking it while I fed, feeding both my arousal and my hunger. It felt good! So good! My entire body was sweating now, and I felt light headed, but I couldn’t stop! —

    I heard the oven’s timer chime, and I blinked my eyes.My head felt groggy. Had I passed out? I had set the timer for an hour. Had it been that long? The tv displayed a “Would you like to keep watching?” message. My right hand was inside an empty bag of chips, and my left hand was wrapped around my cock, which was still very stiff but sticky. My belly was sticky too. I had cum on myself. A lot! My bare stomach and tank top were covered with cum, and food too. Crumbs and chips and chinese food. I had made a real mess! I stood up on shaky legs, dropped food falling off me as my cock bobbed in front of me, dripping cum onto the floor. My plate had tipped over onto the couch, but it was mostly empty. All that was left of my feast was a few cookies, and I munched on those as I waddled over to the kitchen and the beeping oven. My stomach felt heavy and swollen, and my cock bobbed in front of me as I moved, dripping cum onto the kitchen floor.

    The brownies were completely done. I had used two boxes of mix, a half dozen eggs and an entire jar of peanut butter. They nearly overflowed my mom’s largest baking pan, and probably could have fed an entire party. I knew I was going to eat them all standing right there at the counter. I smeared an entire container of frosting on them, and without waiting for them to cool I began shoving gooey chocolatey squares into my mouth! Even though my stomach felt so full, as soon as the first brownie was in my mouth I realized I was still ravenously hungry. Melissa had said I needed calories, and she hadn’t been kidding. My body craved them! I stood at the counter, leaning over the pan as I fed myself with both hands, barely chewing as I swallowed and swallowed. My belly was distended, and I could hear it groan as I force fed myself, but I didn’t care. My body needed calories to fuel its drug induced transformation,and feeding it was turning me on. I thought about Melissa and how different she looked now. Not just fit, but curvy. Busty. Not just sexy, but hot. Like a pornstar. And now I was going to look like that too! I had always wanted to be pretty, but now I knew I wanted to be fucking hot! I had taken so much more of the drug than Melissa. 5 times more! What was I going to look like when this was all over? Part of me was actually really scared. What would my mom think? My friends? I hadn’t even come out as a girl to anyone but my sister, and now I was turning myself into a pornstar bimbo, and I was going to be my sister’s girlfriend! What kind of life was I going to have? But mostly I was too turned on to care. I was dripping in sweat now, my mouth smeared with fudge and crumbs and my belly so full that I looked pregnant. My cock was absolutely throbbing, and I was so horny that I felt like I was on the verge of cumming again, even though I hadn’t even touched myself! As scary as this all was, it was so exciting to. Like a deep, secret dream that had suddenly come true! I finished the brownie, and desperate for something to wash it down, drank an entire carton of mocha coffee creamer too. Finally full and suddenly very, very tired, I waddled to my room and fell into bed, cradling my building belly with one hand while I slowly rubbed my drooling cock with the other. I quickly drifted off into a deep food induced coma. —

    There was pounding on my door. I slowly opened my eyes. The room was dark, and my brain felt… soft. Warm. Mushy. I tried to blink the sleep from my eyes. What time was it? What day was it? The door shook again. “Time to get up, slut!” My sister was back. I slowly rolled over and sat up in bed. I wasn’t sure how long I had slept, but I was still tired. Exhausted. I felt like I had just come back from a track meet. My entire body ached. And… and I was hungry. So hungry! I stood and stumbled across the dark room for the light switch. But as soon as I took a step I knew something was different. My body felt different! Heavier. Fuller. Unfamiliar mass wobbled with each step. I clicked the switch, then let out a surprised shriek. TITS! I had tits! TITTIES! BIG FAT TITTIES! I stared down in amazement, mouth open. Big, round breasts hung from my chest, stretching my tank top, which clung to them with sweat and dried cum. I suddenly realized I must have cum on myself again in my sleep, but I hardly cared. How could I? TITS!!! I pulled my top up, gasping again as my new breasts bounced free. They were ENORMOUS! Full, fat and round! They wobbled on my chest, gently bouncing as I stared down at them. I cupped them with my hands, lifting them slightly. They were heavy and firm, and were so big and round that they almost looked fake. They didn’t feel fake, but I had never actually felt a breast before, and wasn’t sure what they were actually supposed to feel like. I just knew mine felt good! I let out a soft sigh as I squeezed my new tittes.Very good! I didn’t have a mirror in my room, so I hurried down the hall to the bathroom, cupping my new breasts to keep them from jiggling and anxiously looking back and forth for Melissa. My sister had fed me drugs and cum down my throat, but I was suddenly nervous to have her see my new tits. I at least wanted to check out myself first! The changes to my body were…. a LOT more than I realized!

    I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror, mouth hanging open like a moron, totally shocked. I hadn’t noticed in my bedroom. The darkness and my sleep haze (and my rockin’ new tits) had distracted me.  My entire body had changed. I looked like I had gained 20 pounds while I slept!

    I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t exactly sure what I had expected, but I thought the changes would be similar to Melissa’s. My sister had gone from slim and athletic to a toned pornstar body with enormous fake looking tits. My new breasts were also really big (maybe bigger than my sisters, although it was hard to tell), but where Melissa was fit and toned, I was plump and curvy. Not fat. Not even chubby, exactly. But I had been thin all of my life. All the women in our family were, and most of the men too. So this sudden layer of new fat, this plush padding, was unexpected. But it was also sexy!