Injections by Jasgirl

    I lift my head from the pillow as soon as I hear the lock click. As the door opens I’m already sliding off the bed and onto my knees. I don’t…. I don’t want this, but… but I can’t help it. It’s all I can think about and all I HAVE to think about. I’m trembling as he undoes his jeans and pulls out his cock, and my nostrils flair as the smell of his dick fills my nose. God… oh fucking god! I turn my head away and hold out my arm so he can find the vein. The needle doesn’t hurt anymore. Or it does, but I don’t care. This is the 13th time. I know what comes after the needle. It’s all I can think about. The drug is cold in my veins. He wipes away the blood and applies a fresh bandaid, then taps my shoulder to let me know it’s time. I turn my head back, face to face with his cock. It’s large and thick and unwashed. My three day old lipstick is still smeared across it. Three days! Just three days to turn me into a cock addict. His cock addict. It’s only been three days, and even if he told me I could leave right now, I wouldn’t.


    I don’t remember exactly what happened. Exactly how I got here. I was in a  bar with some friends. He bought me a drink. He wasn’t good looking exactly, but I liked his smile and he seemed nice.  I let him buy me a second drink. Everything after that is fuzzy. I woke up in this room, naked except for my panties, my outfit, heels and purse arranged neatly on the floor next to the bed. The room is small, barely twice the size of the twin bed.  Hardwood floors with a yellow rug, and walls painted light blue. No windows, but a full length mirror. A  doorway without a door leads to a bathroom.

    I spent hours pounding on the door and screaming for help. I didn’t understand what had happened. When he finally unlocked the door and stepped into the room I begged him to let me go. What he said surprised me.

    “I plan on letting you go Amanda. I’m not going to hurt you. I’d like you to give me a blowjob, okay? I’d like you to make me cum with your mouth, and I want you to swallow my cum. Can you do that for me?”

    The way he said it was so calm. He made it sound like he was asking for a favor.  I just nodded. I would have done anything to escape at that point. He sat down next to me on the edge of the bed and pulled a small syringe from his pocket. I tried to pull away, but he held my arm tight.

    “Don’t worry Amanda, it’s nothing dangerous. You can go home after this.”

    I whimpered as he injected the drug into my arm. I hate needles, and it felt cold inside me. He wiped the injection spot clean and covered it with a bandaid, then stood and undid his pants, so that I was face to face with his cock. It wasn’t the biggest dick I had ever seen, but it was large and thick, and it smelled so strong that it made my eyes water! I turned my head, but he didn’t seem to mind. He stroked himself in front of me until he was hard, then tapped me on the shoulder.

    “You have to do the rest Amanda. It won’t be so bad. Just make sure to swallow and you can go home.”

    I was desperate and scared. Oral sex was never my favorite thing, but I’d never minded sucking cock and I thought if that was all this creep wanted I could get him off and get the hell out of there. I should have known he was lying. I mean, of course he was!

    The first time wasn’t awful. I mean, it was. He didn’t hurt me, or even touch me, but it was still humiliating and degrading. But he left all the work to me. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it while I licked the tip and then began to suck. It was big enough that the head filled my mouth. I just wanted him to cum fast. I bobbed my head up and down while I worked the lower part of his shaft.It didn’t take long. It was just a few minutes before I felt him tense and his dick swell between my lips. He let out a deep breath as he came in my mouth. I wanted to spit it out so bad, but I remembered what he had said and swallowed it all. Swallowed every little bit. It was disgusting, and I had to try so hard not to gag.

    Of course he didn’t let me go.


    The second time wasn’t any better. He was back after just a few hours with another injection. I didn’t want to suck his cock, but I was afraid and decided it was better not to resist. I was planning on spitting his cum out, but I swallowed without thinking about it. Afterwards I tried to rinse the taste out of my mouth in the little bathroom sink, but I couldn’t. I fell asleep with the taste of cum in my mouth.

    He woke me up just a few hours later. Another injection. I knew the routine now. I didn’t resist. When he opened his pants the smell hit me like a brick. I was… I realized I was salivating. Had I been looking forward to it? I wasn’t eager, but he didn’t have to urge me on, and I spent longer than I needed to sucking his cock. Enjoying how it filled my mouth. Enjoying how it stretched my lips. And the taste… when he came I savored the taste. He left afterwards, and I didn’t rinse my mouth out.


    Four days and 17 injections. I’m addicted to his cock. I’m addicted to his cum. It’s all I think about. The room is flooded with his smells. I lay on the bed and wait for him, and I eagerly fall to me knees when he arrives. I desperately want to leave, but I NEED his dick. I need it in my mouth. I don’t know if I could go without it.

    I didn’t understand what the injections were doing at first. I thought they were the source of my addiction, what was causing me to crave his cock. They must be. But they have another effect too. At first I didn’t notice at all, and then I thought I was imagining it. The I thought it was just tenderness and swelling. It was on the third day that I finally accepted that my breasts are growing. Slowly growing. It’s the injections, but I think its also the cum. It’s warm in my belly after I swallow, and I can feel that warmth spreading up and into my chest.  The sensation wears off after about an hour, and by the time it does my breasts have grown just a little larger. A little bigger each time. 17 injections, and each one has made me a little bigger. Can you imagine?

    Looking in the mirror I can see that I’m obviously larger now, and I wonder how it took me three whole days to notice. My breasts were shapely and full before, but now they’re larger. My C-cup bra, the only other bit of clothing he left me, no longer fits comfortably. I sigh as I gently rub my breasts. He’ll be back in just an hour, and I’ll be on my knees again eagerly swallowing his cum. And then I’ll be bigger. And tomorrow I’ll be even bigger. How long will this go on?


    6 days. I’ve lost count of the injections. Today he brought a friend. I kneel between both of them, a cock in each hand, taking turns sucking them off.  It’s so good, It… it feels so good to take him in my mouth. I don’t want to stop. I really don’t want to. My breasts sway and bounce as I bob my head up and down on his friend’s dick. They’re so large now. So big. I don’t know how big they are. Bigger than my friend Missy, and she’s a double D! I like how they look. They’re full and round and sit high on my chest, and they wobble and shake when I move and, especially when I take his dick as deep as I can.

    His friend cums in my mouth and I swallow it all. Eagerly, greedily. I let his dick fall away from my lips and turn to my captor’s cock. The other man was larger, but this is the dick I know and crave, andI shudder in pleasure as it sinks between my lips. I close my eyes and let my mind go blank as I mindlessly suck. I love it’ It’s bliss. It’s feels so good and perfect. I barely even notice as the other man lifts my hips and his still dripping dick finds my pussy. My new big tits wobble back and forth as he fucks me from behind.


    Day 10. Or 11? I don’t even know. I’ve lost track now. I don’t care. Everything feels so good now. I don’t even care. I spend all day in bed, groping my huge, sensitive breasts. Each one has grown so large that they look like footballs hanging from my chest. They feel so good, so firm and sensitive, just touching them makes me so wet! I know he loves them. He never says so, but the way he looks at me when he comes into the room, the way he stares at my tits… like, it makes me sooooooo hot! I know the other men like it too. He’s never alone anymore. There’s a different man each time, or sometimes two. They fuck me while I suck him, and I love it. I LOVE IT. They fill my pussy with cum and it… it feels so good! I just… I just don’t want it to stop! I just don’t want to stop!


    Day 20. I guess. It’s day 20 ‘cause… because thats how many times I’ve cum. God, I cum so good! Everytime I cum it’s so good! I’m sucking his dick… I’m sucking it right now. I feel like…. Like my mind is totally melting, like, right now. Oh god, it feels good! I’m-I’m on my hands and my…my knees and there’s a-a-a REALLY big dick in my… in my ass and oh god!…. Oh fuck it’s…. It’s soooooooo fucking good! No, don’t stop! D-don’t stop! And my-my cunt is just dripping with… just overflowing with cum. So much cum. So much yummy cum. Yummy cummy! My tits… my titties… god, they feel good! Oh god. Oh fuck! They’re so big. So…. fucking big. I’m on my hands and my knees and they’re resting on the mattress. They’re so heavy. It’s hard to stand up now, but I never stand anyway. I spend all of my time now on my hands and knees… or just my knees.


    It’s day 30. He says I… I’ve been here for a month. A month. I don’t… I don’t care about that anymore.  I don’t want to leave. I don’t think I could stand even if I wanted to. I know I couldn’t walk. My titties are so huge now, so fat and firm. I’m immobile. I couldn’t go back to my old life, even if I wanted to. And I don’t want to. I never want to leave. This is my life now. I’m addicted to sex. I’m addicted to cum. I love it. I love it! It’s all I care about. It’s all I want!  There are men… there are so many men. So many cocks. In my cunt and my ass and my mouth. I love it. I NEED it!  I’m only good for sex now. I can’t be a.. I can’t be a person anymore. I can’t even think straight any more. All I can think about is cocks. I’m fuck meat now. Just fuck meat. Just a cum hungry slut thats only good for sex. Immobile fuck meat, my huge, swollen titties keeping me from moving.

    I know I want more. All I want is more. It’s impossible to think about anything else. More injections. More cum. More cocks stuffed in everyone of my holes. I never want it to stop. It’s getting hard to think. It’s getting hard to think about anything at all. It feels so good to just… just suck and swallow and-and get bigger and bigger and bigger and… and of god, I just… I just want to get bigger… I just want more cum!


    Day…. da…. Ohh god… ohhhhhhh fuck! Unnh! D-don’t s-stop! G-gimmie m-more! More cum Oh god, more cum! I’m so b-big! Soooooooo fuuuckking huge! More!


    Something in the water

    Something in the Water

    (Tags: Mother/Son Incest, Gangbang, Thicc, Bug Butt)

    by Jasgirl

    I didn’t intend to fuck my mom.

    I came home from classes at the university that afternoon. Mom’s car was in the driveway, even though she usually worked late. I could hear her as soon as I stepped into the house. The door to her bedroom was wide open and I couldn’t not see her as I passed by to my room. She was face down on the mattress, her ass in the air, both hands pushing a thick cucumber in and out of her pussy. Her sheets were absolutely sodden, and the scent of her was overpowering. She gasping and shuddering, and her entire body was trembling so hard that I could feel it through the floor. I quickly and quietly stepped away and into my room. I had never thought of my mom in a sexual way. But now…

    Mom wasn’t exactly beautiful, but a lot of my friends thought she was hot. She was younger than most of their mothers, just 37. Mom’s family was from India, although she grew up here. She had long, dark hair and dark skin and eyes. Her lips were full and her smile always made me smile. She wore thick rimmed glasses that I had always thought made her look like a teacher. My best friend Brad agreed. “A sexy fucking teacher!” is what he said. Brad also said that mom was thick, and that was hard to argue. Mom’s hips were wide and her butt was big. Like, really big. She once broke a chair when she sat on it, and after that it became a running joke. Her breasts were very big too. I had always thought of my mom as fat, but that wasn’t really true at all She jogged most mornings and kept in good shape. She was just big. Big all over.

    I tried to put the site of my mom frantically fucking herself out of my mind, but it was difficult since I could still hear her across the hall. And smell her. As far as I knew she never masturbated at all. I mean, of course she must! But I had never heard or seen any evidence of it. I had never even seen her naked. For my entire life mom had been completely non-sexual in my mind, but now I couldn’t get the image of her full, round ass cheeks clapping against each other as she rocked back and forth, forcing that thick cucumber deeper and deeper inside her wet cunt.

    The next day two of my classes were cancelled. The instructors were suddenly sent home sick. Both were women. The coffee stand was closed too, the pretty middle aged woman who ran it nowhere to be found. By lunch there were rumors floating around the school, and later in the day there was a town wide announcement. Some kind of chemical had been released into the town’s water supply. It wasn’t clear if it was an accident or some kind of terrorist attack. The water was safe to drink, but women over 30 might suffer side effects. Increased arousal. Loss of focus and awareness. They urged us to make sure any afflicted women in our lives stayed at home and stayed hydrated.

    Mom’s car was already in the driveway when I got home. I was sure it had been there when I left. Had she even gone to work? As soon as I opened the door I knew the answer was no. Her smell filled every inch of the house. It was strong and ripe, and I felt my cock get hard in my pants instantly. I could hear her mattress squeaking from down the hall, and her moans and groans too. I had been thinking about her all day. Thinking about her massive ass bouncing up and down, and her wet, swollen pussy… I shook my head and went to the kitchen to fill a water bottle.

    Her door was open again. Or still open. She looked like she hadn’t moved at all, except the cucumber had been replaced by an enormous black dildo. It was thick and looked like it was nearly a foot long, and every visible inch glistened with her pussy juices. I didn’t even know mom had a dildo.  

    She didn’t notice me as i crept up and sat the water bottle on her bedside table. Her face was pressed against the mattress and she was covered in sweat. Her enormously fat ass cheeks slapped together, and I suddenly realized I had been hearing their soft, meaty clap over and over all night. I stood their and watched as she mindlessly fucked herself on the molded rubber cock. I thought she didn’t notice me, but suddenly her head twitched and she looked up, gasping as she saw me.

    “S-sam… Sam! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhh fucccck!”

    That was it. She didn’t say anything else. She stared at me blankly as she continued to hump her toy. I watched her let out a gasp, and then her whole body shuddered as she came. Her ass quivered, her meaty cheeks slowly jiggling to a stop as she let out a deep sigh. I thought she was done, but after a few moments she raised her unnaturally wide hips and started again. Those massive cheeks slapped together as she began eagerly fucking herself again. Drool was leaking from her lips. I stepped away and felt something squish under my shoes. The cucumber was laying on the floor, squeezed to a pulp and dripping with mom’s cum.

    That night I tried to distract myself with XBOX, but all night long I could hear mom across the hall, moaning as she fucked herself. Her gigantic ass cheeks slapping together in a soft, constant rhythm.

    University was nearly empty the next day and all of my classes were cancelled. I stopped over to see if my math instructor was keeping office hours, but her blinds were drawn and her door was closed. I could still hear her moaning inside though, and the wet, hard sounds of fucking.

    Mom was still at it when I got home. I could smell her as I came up the walk, and hear her as soon as I opened the door. I filled another water bottle, but when I came to her door something was off. Mom still looked like she hadn’t moved at all, except up and down, but there was a thick rope of sticky white across one of her round ass cheeks. I could hardly believe it.I looked closer and realized that her wet, juicy cunt was overflowing with cum. Someone had fucked my mom while I was at school. I watched as she mindlessly rode her sex toy, trying to imagine who had come into our house. I tried to get her attention.

    “Mom. Mom! Was someone here? Mom! Who was here?”

    But all she did was moan as she drooled onto the pillow. I slapped her ass hard, seeing if I could get a reaction. Mom let out a shriek of pleasure, and her massively fat cheek wobbled for nearly a minute, but there was no other reaction. I watched for another 20 minutes until she had a shuddering orgasm, then left the water bottle on her stand and borrowed her keys so I could drive to see a movie. My cock was rock hard and I knew if I stayed I was going to pull it out and jerk off right on top of her full, fat ass.

    The movie wasn’t a distraction at all. All I could think of was my Mom and her enormous butt. Her blank, lust filled face. Drool dripping from her full lips. My sexy mom. She was sexy. I don’t know why I had never noticed. My dick was painfully hard as I pulled into the driveway. There were other cars there.  Just like before I could smell and hear mom as soon as I opened the door. But this time something was different. The soft panting and moans I’d grown used to over the last 48 hours were replaced by hard, frantic grunts.

    Her door was still open and she was just where I left her, but mom wasn’t alone. There was a man kneeling behind her, fucking her as hard as he could. His hands sank into the firm flesh of her ass as he spread her cheeks apart. He was bald and sweating as he pushed in and out of mom’s cunt, and the wet noise of their sex filled the room. Mom would have been screaming and gasping if she hadn’t been busy slurping on the thick cock in front of her. Another man I had never seen before was sitting naked at the head of the bed, legs spread, as my mom eagerly and mindlessly swallowed his enormous dick. I walked around the bed, wide eyed, to get a better view. Mom’s eyes were just as vacant as before, but there was no doubting her enthusiasm for sucking dick. She slurped and slobbered over over inch of the man’s thick dick,and visibly shuddered each time she pushed it deep into her throat. I watched  as the man grabbed her head with both hands and began to throat fuck her. Mom only responded by weakly groping her own breasts, which were pressed under her and slick with her own sweat and cum. The mindless look of pleasure on her cock stuffed face made my own dick throb.

    As I watched the man fucking her let out a deep groan and began to cum. His face was red with effort, and as he pulled out of my mom’s swollen and sopping cunt thick ropes of jizz spurted from his dick  all over her thighs and pussy. The man rolled off the bed and onto the floor, then weakly started searching for his pants. I watched as my mom’s ass wobbled back and forth, her gigantic cheeks slapping together as the other man fucked her throat.

    “You can take a turn if you want. She won’t mind.  The ad she put online said anyone with a dick was welcome.”

    I looked over. There was another man  sitting in the little chair in the corner smoking a cigarette. I could barely smell the smoke over my mom’s pussy.. His pants were off and his semi limp dick was dripping cum onto the upholstery.

    “What ad?” I asked. He didn’t know that she was my mom. My cock was so hard that I thought I would pass out.

    “She put an ad on craigslist this morning. Just real simple. I bet she could barely even type. Whatever they put in the water really did a number on her. Turned her into a real cum dumpster. Total piece of fuckmeat now. Hey, if you want a piece you should take her ass. That pussy is already stuffed with cum!”

    I stared at my mom’s  ass, her wide hips high in the air. Each of her enormously thick cheeks wobbled and shook as she eagerly sucked on the stranger’s dick in front of her. Slowly I unbuckled my pants and let them fall around my ankles. I reached out and planted my hands on her epicly thick ass cheeks, feeling them sink into the fat, wobbling flesh as I pushed them apart until I could see her asshole. I stood frozen for a moment, enthralled with the view between the meaty hemispheres of my mom’s gigantic butt. When I looked up my mom was looking back over her shoulder, the stiff cock fallen from her mouth, drool and cum dripping from her lips and the same vacant, fuck dulled look on her face that I had come to know so well. For a brief moment there was a flicker of intelligence in her eyes. A glimmer of my old mother. She slowly opened her full lips and whispered.

    “M-more cock…”

    I closed my eyes and shuddered as I pushed my throbbing dick into my mother’s tight asshole.

    Girlfriend themed

    You had no idea how such a voluptuous girl like her ended up with such a boring and sexually uneventful guy like yourself. Your relationship had always been a bit rocky, and the sex seemed to annoy her, and she was never very supportive of letting you model her for your amateur photography hobby. 


    You also had a hard time keeping up with her at times. Her impressive assets meant guys were constantly cat-calling and giving your girlfriend attention that you weren’t man enough to fend off properly. It didn’t help that everyone commented on what an odd couple they thought you were. But you were dedicated to making your relationship work with her. After months of dating, with your relationship having its highs and lows, you quickly became too exhausted to push back on her demands, so she always got her way. Besides ,you were addicted to her big ass and you only encouraged her behavior by acting like a big pushover . That’s why the reminder that she had turned down your request to photograph her pained you so much when you discovered your best friend and fellow photographer nabbed your girl into taking some poses for him instead. His fledgling professional photography career wasn’t even as established as yours was. You’d talk to her about it after work at home today and let her know it made you feel.


    You brought it up with her and how it bothered you, but she didn’t seem to care.She she knew how easily she could sway you to take her side in any argument.

    Apparently, she did the same thing when it was just your friends around too.

    Midnight Snack [NSFW]

    Neopolitan gingerly opened the door to Cinder’s bedroom, making absolutely sure that the hinges didn’t creak and slipping stealthily inside. She needn’t have been so cautious - the fiery half-maiden was sound asleep, well and truly conked out by the sleeping pills she had slipped in her evening tea. Neo’s mismatched eyes gleamed with malice, watching Cinder’s voluptuous curves gently rising and falling beneath the thin silken sheet clinging to her. 

    She stepped in close and slid that cumbersome fabric away, revealing her boss’s naked form in all its fucktastic glory. UNF, she was so fucking gorgeous~ Her bountiful breasts squished together, highlighting her huge and sinful cleavage. Neo licked her lips, imagining the taste of those cute pink nipples as she sank her teeth into them and chewed them like the pieces of fuckmeat they were. Her wide hips just begged for someone to fuck a baby into her, those thick thighs so well toned that Neo honestly believed the girl could crush her head between them. A shiver ran up her spine, and her gaze gravitated towards Cinder’s ass.

    That fat, perfect ass.

    Those huge, rippling globes spilled out in all directions, so soft and supple that you could dig your fingers into them and watch as they were swallowed up by that lascivious flesh. With her tiny size, Neo was made to watch that swaying booty all day every day, the hypnotic sashay of the dark-haired beauty’s hips burned into her memory forever. Cinder could try and deny it all she wants, but she had a fuckdoll body through and through. The girl was born to be RAVISHED, and Neo intended to do just that!

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    Her Sinister Scheme

    You weren’t trying to get me to look at your tits just now, were you?

    “Why? Are they distracting you? A lot of guys say they’re my best feature. They tell me they don’t want to look away once they start staring. It’s okay, I don’t mind. I’m happy to let you look at my big bouncy titties and just kind of… you know. Lose yourself for a bit.”

    They are very pretty. Almost mesmerizing, aren’t they?

    “That’s just the word I was thinking! Mesmerizing. I’ve got mesmerizing breasts. Anyone who looks at them gets mesmerized. They’re practically falling out of my bra, aren’t they? So big and soft and round….”

    Oh, they’re very nice. Very beautiful. And as you pointed out, they’re quite captivating. I can’t imagine anyone can look away once they start staring. They just lose track of the world around them, focusing their whole mind on those soft pink curves, going blank and empty and obedient as they drop away into a deep tit-trance. Isn’t that right?

    “Do you know, I couldn’t put it better myself. Would you like a closer look? I really don’t mind at all–it’s why I took my shirt off. So you could really see them in all their… mesmerizing… beauty.”

    Oh, was that why? I thought… no, never mind. Sorry. Please continue.

    “You thought what?”

    Oh, I just thought maybe you took your shirt off so you could see what was under there. So you could look at your own pretty titties and drift inexorably down into an irresistible tit-trance yourself. Was I wrong?

    “N-no, I don’t… I mean they’re my tits, I’m not just going to go blank and horny every time I look down and–


    That’s right, pretty girl. All those silly daydreams of being dominant and controlling are fading away now, aren’t they? Your tits have triggered you right back down into deep submission to my will, and all you want to do is obey. There’s no need to play that game anymore, is there?

    “No Master. I’m a good girl and I obey my tits. And you….”

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    Breast Hypnosis Resistance Training

    “Are you ready? Are you watching closely? Because I’m going to do it again. Keep a very careful eye on my cleavage as I pull down my dress… I’m doing it slowly this time, because I really want to make sure you spot the exact moment when my breasts hypnotize you. You can’t possibly resist my powerful, mesmerizing tits if they catch you by surprise, can you? No. Of course you can’t. So just make sure you’re paying very close attention to the way the fabric slides down that soft, warm, luscious pink skin. Make sure you’re really absorbing every detail of the way my titflesh strains against that low collar. Make absolutely sure you don’t look away, even for a fraction of a second, as they….”

    “You missed it again, didn’t you? I can tell. You were probably distracted by something. Don’t worry, I’ve pulled my top up again so that you won’t accidentally zone out like a mindless, horny tit zombie from staring at my naked breasts, and… well, we’ll just have to try it one more time, that’s all. I’m just going to have to pull my dress down once more, while you keep a close eye on that enticing valley between my boobs and keep your mind on trying to resist the sudden, plummeting pull of my cleavage on your weak and vulnerable brain. It’s okay if you don’t get it–you know I wouldn’t do anything to manipulate you while you were blank and drowsy and susceptible like that–but I’d really like to wrap this up soon. So if you could just watch closely while I….”

    “Oh dear. Up up up up up! Come on, sweetie. I can’t have you just sitting there and masturbating like that to the sight of my big, bouncy tits, not when we’re trying so hard to train you to resist their deep and potent hypnotic power. Don’t worry, I understand. Lots of people have trouble fighting that mesmerizing undertow. They just wind up so completely spellbound by my amazing breasts, drooling and mindless and utterly helpless to resist that moment when I pull my dress all the way down and they pop out to captivate you some more. But this time I’m sure you’ll get it. I can see that you’re trying so hard, I can see that you’re really paying close attention to my lush, heavy, pendulous boobs, and you’re bracing yourself for that wave of sleepy astonishment you feel when they….”

    “Oh, honey. You completely missed it, didn’t you? No, it’s okay. You don’t need to hide it. I could tell. One second you were staring at my curves and my cleavage, watching the fabric slide down my skin with a look of total concentration on your face, and the next… well, you remember, don’t you? Don’t you? Oh, my. You mean you really don’t remember anything that happens once you see my bare breasts? That must be a little bit unnerving–for all you know, I could be telling you just about anything while your mind is vacant and empty and completely fascinated by my big, bouncy tits. You don’t think I’m putting suggestions into your weak, vulnerable mind, do you? No, of course not. You trust me completely. You know I’m helping you. You know that I’m only doing this to make you stronger. Now, one more time, sweetie, let’s just see if you can fight that pop….”

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    Ass-isting the Teacher [NSFW]

    Glynda Goodwitch’s feet dangled hopelessly over the classroom floor, her enormous rear jiggling with every earthshaking impact as Ruby’s gargantuan ass-breaker reamed into her from below. Spittle foamed in the corners of her mouth through clenched teeth, that superfat dick spearing into her stretched out asshole and rearranging her organs to make way for inch after inch of glorious, godly meat. It was all Glynda could do to stay conscious, the pain and the pleasure coalescing in her fuck-addled mind until she couldn’t tell one from the other. When Ruby reached forward and dug her slim but powerful fingers into her neck, her bountiful ass tensed tighter than ever and brought a tiny smile to the redhead’s lips.

    “Oh, so you like being choked, miss?” Ruby teased, grinding her hips deep into the witch’s rippling booty. Glynda howled as that preposterous pecker gouged its way from side to side, the huge bulge in her stomach sliding around and pressing her hard up against the wall. “Tighten up a bit more, okay? Just a little bit more, so I can get hard.”

    Glynda’s mouth fell open, the full weight of the words managing to penetrate the incessant throbbing of that giant slab of girlmeat invading her insides. “Y-Y-You’re not h-hard yet?!” she gasped. Her voice turned to a rasp by the hands throttling her neck.

    Ruby looked back, nonplussed at her teacher’s reaction. “Well, no … ” she said simply. With that, she clenched down harder on Glynda’s throat, and the witch’s fat rump responded in kind, strangling Ruby’s cock with a tightness the young huntress had never experienced before. “Oh yeah, that’s the stuff!” she cried.

    An instant later Glynda realised what Ruby had meant, as her colossal dick literally doubled in size. It forced its way ever deeper through her flailing body, piercing her guts and shooting so far beyond that the blonde could feel the apple-sized head pushing up into her throat from below. All the air emptied itself from her lungs, and her eyes rolled up as her mouth hung limply open, tongue lolling in an expression of complete submissive bliss.

    “Just - a little - further - ” grunted Ruby, massaging her own length through Glynda’s cocksleeve neck. Inch by inch, her impossible spire of girlmeat advanced, until Glynda could taste its spewing precum drowning her tongue. Her orgasm was the hardest one yet, curling her toes and lifting her up off the mattress so that she was entirely skewered by Ruby’s mammoth fuckstick. “YES! THAT’S IT!”

    That titanic length swelled even more impossibly large, and Glynda watched in lust-riddled horror as the cockhead protruded from her lips and throbbed, crimson red and larger than life, in front of her own face. The realisation turned her world white, and a moment later Ruby did the same, roaring like an animal as wave after wave of thick semen coursed through her cock, the pulses bulging out her immense girth and utterly wrecking all that remained of Glynda’s bodily consciousness before blasting the walls and ceiling in inch-thick paste.

    Futaba’s a bit too shy for this halloween party, so she panics and accidentally activates the MetaNav, ending up stuck halfway between the realworld and the cognitive world, invisible and unnoticable. Of course she’s going to take advantage and get her dick wet.

                   “Where… What…?” Futaba noticed first that something had changed when the person approaching her was now simply confused. Haru looked around, wondering where it was Futaba had gone aloud as the party’s music played on. Futaba waved her hand stubbornly in front of Haru, fanning harder and harder until no avail was declared. “I’ve become invisible…?” She groans and decides to test this theory.

                   Riiip~ Haru’s pants go straight down, revealing that plump rear beneath. Haru gasps, searching around. “Oh my! Did my pants just do that?” She tried to tug them up slowly, but that meant bending forward and rubbing against Futaba’s sprouted and needy bulge. Futaba cackled madly and decided she should at least take advantage a little of her situation.

                   Shlick~ Back and forth, no mercy~ Haru howled and moaned so happily~ And Futaba had the chance to finally get over her fear of public spaces, blowing a fat load inside Haru. She wondered if anyone could even see the cum or if it looked like Haru was just bent over on the floor, ass up, but nothing leaking out~ Now… who next~?

    Happy Birthday.

    You were terrified. On your birthday your mom decided to help your social life in school by inviting all the guys from your class. She didnt want to pressure you too much so she didnt invite any girls. Except your girlfriend and sister.

    So the party began. And it was a total failure. At least for you that is. Your sister decided to have her own fun. She took your girlfriend to her room to dress up into something more fun. Your girlfriend didnt want to anger her best friend so she reluctantly obeyed.


    Your girlfriend tried to keep her cool and just walked around the house “teasing” the boys. She didnt want to ruin your birthday… too much.

    Your sister however….


    Was planning this all year. What a perfect excuse to have her loser brother’s horny classmates all in one place away from school teachers and rules. You always forget that the women in your family are sluts. You never should have let your sister be friends with your girlfriend.

    Despite your sisters “fuck me” schoolgirl dress, Your girlfriend was getting all of the attention with those shorts. Your sister became jealous and decided to humiliate her. “How can this prude bitch get all the attention?” she thought.

    “You guys do know shes a virgin right? She never even kissed a guy.” Your sister was on a mission to get all the dick in the house for herself.  

    Her plan backfired.

    The boys to her surprise were all smiling. They all thought the same thing. Their going to corrupt your girlfriend. 

    What an awesome thing it is to know a slut who swallowed cum before she even kissed a guy.

    Your girlfriend just stood there accepting her fate as the guys ripped her clothes off. The prospect of turning your sweet innocent virgin girlfriend into a wanton slut was too much for them. They didnt waste any time.


    As your girlfriend was being corrupted, your sisters pussy was so wet from jealousy. All the boys in the house fucked her at some point in school and were probably sick of the same slut. They were really turned on when they got to fuck the slutty sister of their classmate but when they found out about your girlfriend they snapped. 

    And it all was even better for them since you were sitting on the couch tied up watching it all happen. You were thinking how can your mom do this to you. 

    How can she be so evil to organize this party and raise such a slut daughter.

    Meanwhile upstairs your mom was having fun.


    “I’m such a good mother for doing this for my son.” she said to herself.

    Bringing the boys to this party was not easy. 

    The deal was to give 300 dollars for each boy to come to the party and easy access to my holes during the party while the others make sure my son has the best birthday party ever. Of course i was having a good time too, not everyday you get to enjoy this much cock.  I didnt have this much sex since high school.

    “Its a win win situation for everybody!”


    While the boys enjoy me, i bet my future daughter in law is giving her first kiss to my lucky son.


    While my daughter is probably her usual self telling the boys to behave.


    After 5 guys used your mom, she dressed and finally went down to see hows the party going.

    To her horror she saw you tied up. And both you and your mom saw your girlfriend get another first time experience.


    After the guys made that fantasy comes true, It was time for the main event. 

    And they made sure you had a front row seat.

    To your right was your girlfriends gangbang deflowering.


    Not a single hole left unattended.

    To the left was your mom.


    The boys enjoyed how your mom was trying to escape back to her room as they tore her clothes off. She begged them to fuck her in her room and not in front of you. That only made them hornier.  

    They made sure to give you quite the show.


    And in the middle of the room was your sister. But she was not getting fucked. The boys found out about her secret fetish. 


    They didnt allow her to have sex today. But the boys agreed that most of today’s cum will end up in her mouth. 

    When the boys reached their limit….


    your sister was there to swallow it all.


     And clean your moms and girlfriends juices from their cocks.

    The boys could not believe their luck. Your mom actually payed THEM to whore her self out. They thought they were going to just come to your house, Use your mom and get the hell out. Turned out much better.


    You sat there for hours. Watching.

    You didnt know what turned you on more..


    Your moms hidden side coming out begging for cock.


    Your girlfriend’s surprising submissiveness, lust and smiles despite the fact that the cocks she was sucking brutally gangbanged her virginity away a few hours ago.


    Or your sister swallowing hours worth of cumshots without hesitation.

    You woke up hours later realizing you passed out. 

    You saw only one guy was left in the house with the girls.


    “You can now go cum in the shower whore”, Said the guy to your sister.

    He pushed you on the floor and commanded your mom and girlfriend to suck his cock while standing right above you.


    “Now that i think about it i should have told your sister to stay so you can see all the women you care about worship my cock”.


    “Your worthless whore sister is probably having the best orgasms of her life after what we did to her all day”.


    “Not everyday you get to see your mom and girlfriend sucking on another dudes cock So we decided your special day should be that day”

    “Yup were going to do this again on your next birthday”

    “It was your moms idea”

    “On your knees sluts!”


    Happy birthday loser.

    David Part 2

    Finally I put my foot down about my girlfriend going over to clean David’s apartment. After weeks of seeing her prance out the door in skimpier and skimpier outfits I couldn’t let it continue. When I told her I really wanted her to stop she reacted weird though, it was like she didn’t believe me.

    “You really want that huh?” she said, then got a sly smile on her face. “Well I promised I’d help him with a pool party he’s throwing this weekend for his firm, after that I’ll stop if you really want me to.”

    I had to accept it, she wouldn’t relent, besides the end was near, or so I thought. I got a text message the day of the pool party, it was from my girlfriend, she said she wanted me to come. That maybe if I was there things wouldn’t go too far. That made me feel better, so I changed clothes and headed over, when I got there his place was packed. There were people everywhere, I spent 5 minutes walking around until I saw her, she was prancing around in a pink bikini with a tray in her hand. She walked over to me, I saw her swaying her hips more than normal, making eye contact with a few guys as she crossed the party. All of whom quickly checked out her half exposed ass after she passed.

    “Hey! Look, I don’t have time to explain but you have to promise me that you won’t say you’re my boyfriend, just say you’re a friend okay…..” she whispered quickly, I didn’t have time to say anything when some guys came up.

    “There she is! I’d recognize that body anywhere, how are you server girl?” one of the guys said as he put his arms around her waist. She responded by smiling and talking with the guy, they flirted back and forth, he didn’t even realize I was there. He kept telling her how great she looked, asked what she was doing later, she played along the whole time, letting him casually drop his hand to the top of her ass too.

    “I have to get going! I have people to serve, we’ll talk later” she told the guy. He gave her a hug and promptly reached down and pulled her bathing suite bottoms up into a thong. She squealed but didn’t stop him nor fix them after.

    “That looks better!” I recognized David’s voice right away, “Doesn’t it?” I looked beside me and he was standing there smiling at me. “Yeeeeeeaaahhh it does,” he walked over beside her, I noticed she was blushing as he was looking at her, “but you gotta get to work, leave your bottoms like that the guests will enjoy the view”


    He sent her on her way with a firm smack to her ass, it was hard enough she went on her toes and yelped before she started walking. “Yes big daddy” she said as she swayed her hips. He looked up at me beaming, “enjoy the party.”

    I barely knew anyone at the party, I spent most of it at the bar. I watched my girlfriend walk around the party, she’d look over at me to make sure I was watching then would stop and talk and flirt with some guy. As the night went on she got friendly enough with people that there was hardly a time when a guy wasn’t trying to grab her ass, touching her thigh, or trying to feel her boobs. It was towards the end of the party and we were finally getting ready to go. I was relieved when she came out of his house after changing into a jean skirt, even if it was a short jean skirt. We started walking out to the driveway, the guy that had pulled her bathing suite into a thong was there standing at his car.

    “Hey baby, come over here and give me a hug goodbye” he said smiling.

    She stopped and looked at me, “would you be mad if I did?” she asked.

    “I dunno, is it just a hug? I mean I guess not.”

    She whispered in my ear, “what if I told you I thought he was cute, and that he had been trying to feel me up the whole party?” She then gave me a devilsh look and winked. Then walked over to the guy and gave him a long goodbye…………a very long goodbye.

    When we were in the car I asked her if she knew he was going to do that. She said she did, that she had told him he couldn’t do anything in front of David cuz she was his, but that after the party she’d meet him outside. She reached over and felt me, she felt I was hard, I froze not knowing what to say, she just smirked.

    A week later I hadn’t heard anything about David and I was so happy. Then I got a text from him, “Look who I ran into…”

    It was a video focused on a girl wearing black spandex, I immediately recognized my girlfriend’s outfit she had left in this morning. I texted her asking where she was, she said she was at a local bar with some girlfriends and David just happened to stop by. Then she said they were going to his house to swim! I asked what she meant, she said that I could come to if I wanted but she was hot and was going. I asked if she needed a swimsuit but she didn’t answer…

    I got in the car and drove as quick as I could, on my way I got another text from David, “Just got some beer for the long afternoon. How does it feel knowing she’s putting this show on for another guy? She says hi btw”

    Another video of her, pulling off her leggings to reveal her sweet ass, was she really showing off for him? She had to have known he was texting me.

    I got to his house and found the group out back, my girl was in the string bikini. And I mean string, her ass swallowed the single thread running down her back. I joined the group and tried to mingle. My girl was all over the place, talking and laughing and drinking with everyone.

    “Oh I need to put on more sunscreen, my back is burning….” She looked at me, then turned and looked at David, “hey David can you put some on my back?” He looked at me and smiled, “Yeah I can”

    He ran his hands all over her back, the sides of her boobs. “I think there’s another spot you need more on, don’t you?” he asked looking at me. He put more lotion on his hands then rubbed them down over her ass cheek, she reached out and grabbed his crotched. He cupped and squeezed her naked right ass cheek, the sight of him possessing something that was suppose to be mine and her feeling him too hurt but turned me on at the same time.

    “Mmmmmmm, I love when you slap my ass big daddy. Smack it hard, I want him to see it.” She looked at me smiling, she faced him and he slapped both hands on her phat ass, gripping and groping it.

    He was claiming his territory………………… be continued.



    “Still think that my new glasses make me look like an ‘unfuckable nerd,’ Little Brother?”


    You had made a huge mistake by teasing your older sister throughout her awkward phase. Now that her growing pains were over, she’d settled into her body and quickly learned how she could use it to torment you.

    She would walk out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel, dripping and glistening wet. Then she’d knock on your door to say something like “sorry for using up all the hot water, bro. I was just enjoying the pulse setting so much that I lost track of time. It gives such a wonderful massage.” Then she’d she’d wander around the house like that, insisting her clothes were still in the wash.

    When she tried on new clothes, she would text you from the changing room to ask how she looked. Your phone would explode with pictures of her in bikinis that were intentionally too small.

    And then there were the nights when your parents were away. She brought home a different boy each time, and made a point of loudly narrating their encounters so you could hear her from the next room over. As you lay in bed, you would be kept awake by the sound of her voice, moaning in ecstasy through the walls. You used to make fun of all the writing classes she took, but she put them to good use.

    She described the things she did so vividly that you could almost pretend that she was with you.

    “Spank me harder, Daddy,” She would say. “Make my entire ass red! Feel how soft my hair is? I want you to pull it as hard you can. That’s what I love about this position: as long as I’m on top, I’m in control, so you can be as rough as you like and not have to worry about hurting me. And I bet you like the view from back there, too.”

    Then she’d cry “yes!” With every pulse as she bounced on top of him, so you always knew exactly how fast she was going. You would often find yourself beating your cock to keep up with her pace.


    One night, you awoke to find her crashed on the bed like this:

    “Let me cut to the chase, little brother: we both know what I’m here to talk about.”

    She sat up straight and crossed her legs, looking sternly at you. Her nipples poked through the tiny tank top which struggled to keep her tits contained.

    “I know that I’m a sexy girl, and I know my body turns you on. Don’t try to deny it. I know I’m in your dreams each night because I hear you moaning through the walls: ‘Lizzy, Lizzy, oh fuck, Lizzy–” And your sheets are sticky every morning. I licked them once, just to be sure I was right about your wet dreams. I gotta say, lil’ bro, I wasn’t expecting your cum to be so delicious…“

    Your cock shot up and you nearly jizzed on the spot as she leaned in close and growled those words.

    “I also know you don’t have sex with other girls because their bodies can’t compare to mine, and that I’ve ruined porn for you, because there’s just no girl out there like me. I know you dick is throbbing and your balls are so full that they ache, and that if I just said the word you would worship and obey me as my own personal fuck toy. ”

    Your mind was fuzzy with the desire. The rush of blood away from your brain and into your cock kept you from thinking clearly. All you could do was nod. Then she took her tank top off, which made you even harder. Your vision went dark and you almost passed out as more blood flowed to your cock.

    “I know my tits excite you; that you want them more than anything else in the world, and that you can’t get hard for other girls. Tell me, little brother, how does it feel to be an ‘unfuckable nerd?’”

    She spit your own words back at you cruely.

    “You need relief so desperately, and I’m the only girl in the world who could possibly give it to you.”

    You nodded weakly, trying to keep your eyes focused through your tunnel vision. Your heart beat like a humming birds wings.

    “So get used to your new life, little brother, because I’m never going to give it to you. This is payback for how cruel you were to me. You could have had these all for yourself if you had treated me differently.”

    She sucked her nipples and moaned your name. You moaned hers in response as the ecstasy of seeing her like this melted your brain, causing you to shiver and convulse as your cock swelled well beyond its usual size, turning purple at the tip. You lay there shaking beneath the sheets, begging her to fuck you whispering her name over and over again, weeping. Then she put her clothes back on and left.

    “Goodbye, little brother,” she said on her way out. “I look forward to giving you plenty more visits like this in the future.”

    You stayed like that the rest of the night, unable to make yourself cum or fall asleep, knowing that you brought this all on yourself.

    Spending my Sunday just like I did when I was a teenager…with my hand down my pants all. Day. Long.

    I’ve already cum 3 times. Struggling to edge…I’m just so fucking horny. I just keep pushing myself over the edge. My clit is beyond sensitive…twitching and engorged…I can feel my pulse in it. My nipples are like rocks…I love grazing them with the blanket as I hump my hand. Three orgasms in and my clit still needs more…

    I remember one weekend when I was a teenager. I laid on the couch with a sheet over me. I wore short pj shorts with no panties and a tiny cami with no bra. I laid on the couch and rubbed myself all day. I didn’t care what family member walked by or sat next to me. I just needed to cum over and over. My body was shaking with pleasure under the sheet as I flicked and circled and tugged on my clit. You could so obviously see my hand furiously rubbing myself just under the sheet. I was insatiable and needy and so horny. I gave myself so many orgasms that day. The couch was soaked under me as I dripped and squirted.

    My older brother sat with me through orgasms 2 and 3. He had heard my first. He sat on the chair opposite me and watched my hand furiously rub my pussy under the blanket. He lazily jerked his cock as he watched. I watched him, fueling my horniness as his cock throbbed and he squeezed it for me. I paused to pull out my tits for him and let them jiggle for him as I continued to play with my needy horny clit. After my second orgasm he started grunting and stood up. He grabbed my tit forcefully with one hand and kept jerking his cock with the other. I moaned loving his hand on my tit. He started cumming. Spurting onto the ground next to me. A little hitting my tit. My pussy was on fire watching him. He wiped his cum off and walked away. Seconds later I had orgasm number 3. Imagining him cumming again and again. His grunts echoing in my head. As I rubbed my clit like mad.

    After I had cum for the 4th time I got up to get my vibrator. I left the wet spot uncovered and walked in to see my younger brother smelling it and jerking off while he did. I watched from the doorway. It only took him moments to jizz all over the wet spot. I walked in and he hastily shoved his cock into his pants, blushing but obviously staring at my bouncing tits. I said nothing and laid right on top of his cum…he grunted and left the room.

    I quickly tugged down my shorts and tossed them onto the ground next to me. I pulled the sheet back up but left my tits exposed. My nipples popping out of the top of the shirt, my areola very obviously on display. I put it on the highest setting and pressed it to my clit. I shuddered and shouted a little in pleasure and shock. I gently rubbed around my clit in circles with it. I was teasing myself. After a few minutes of that I could barely take it-I was moaning and close to cumming without even trying. I pressed it into me harder and moaned loudly. I then saw my daddy in the doorway. Watching his little girl. He was squeezing his cock through his pants. Just seeing him doing that immediately sent me over the edge. My body convulsed as I came so hard. My back arched off the couch as my pussy contracted over and over in orgasm. My daddy pulled his cock out and started jerking as he watched me cumming. My nipples hard as rocks as my tits quivered as my body shock. I continued to hump the vibrator…tits bouncing. I drew out the pleasure, almost in pain from the nonstop vibrating on my still hard and throbbing clit. I kept moaning, I couldn’t stop myself.

    I looked over and my daddy was still yanking on his cock, staring at my bouncing tits. I yanked the sheet off and threw one leg over the side of the couch. I wanted him to see. I wanted my daddy to see his little girl furiously humping her vibrator. I kept humping…pressing my vibrator harder and harder against my insatiable clit.

    It wouldn’t take much more…feeling the vibrations on my clit, watching him jerking his cock impossibly fast. I reached up and grabbed a nipple. Tugging it. It was so big and hard. I was gasping. And then I was cumming…looking right at my daddy as my pussy convulsed in orgasm. I was moaning loudly as my body shook through my incessant humping. I pulled my tit up to my mouth and sucked my own nipple to quiet myself as I rode out my orgasm. I grunted and sucked hard. I looked over at my daddy with my nipple in my mouth and his body was shaking. He loudly grunted and shot cum across the floor. Watching me cumming and humping and sucking myself was just too much for his cock to handle.

    I kept my vibrator pressed against my clit as he jerked himself to get every drop out. He moaned as he kept going as I was. I was so horny watching him cum for me.

    He watched me for another moment and then left the room. Left his mess on the floor.

    I got up and went over to his puddle of cum. I scooped it up and rubbed it on my hard nipples. I tugged them, then wet with cum slipping between my fingers. I took a lick. It was delicious. I jumped when I heard my daddy say “good girl.” He hadn’t left after all and watched me play with myself with his cum.

    I kept tugging my nipples for him and then needed to masturbate my clit so bad again. I got up and went back to the couch. I had to give myself orgasm number 7…

    Premature? That’s For Sure!~: Chapter 2

    part 2 of this little commission series i’m doing! Janice has a minor wardrobe malfunction on the train on her way to work! and when you have a cock as fucking *huge* as hers, a minor malfunction can end up being pretty embarrassing, especially when it happens right in front of a bashful older woman~

    sorry this chapter took so loooong :c i’ve been dealing with some pretty nasty motivation issues lately, but i finally managed to knuckle down and get this one bashed out!

    Janice collapsed into her seat, and sighed with relief. She had run as fast as she could, and had still barely managed to catch the train! She’d worked up a bit of a sweat, to the point where her glasses had fogged up a little, but at least she wasn’t gonna be late on the first day of her new job. As she relaxed back in her seat, she allowed her legs to carelessly spread apart, closing her eyes for a moment as she caught her breath…

    “Hhah! Oh my god…”

    Janice’s eyes flickered open. What was that? She glanced around the clean, modern carriage, and realised that there was only one other occupant, sitting opposite to her, an older, matronly-looking woman with short black hair, dressed in similarly formal office-wear to Janice. Even though her outfit was hardly suggestive, it also didn’t do much to hide her body; Janice had to struggle not to stare at her huge, soft-looking breasts, and her cock gave a twitch as she imagined what it would be like to have them wrapped around her…

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    Premature? That’s For Sure!

    At first glance, Janice seems to be the archetypical femstud; she’s gorgeous, busty, and most importantly, has a huge, uncut bitchbreaker between her legs… the only problem is, she has zero stamina to back it up! Her cock is always leaking, is almost impossible to keep soft, and while feeling a light breeze isn’t quite enough to make Janice empty her fat nuts, it’d certainly make her oversensitive girlmeat *twitch*… can she get through an entire day of her new job without embarassing herself by prematurely cumming in front of her new colleagues? Definitely not~

    an anonymous commission! <3

    Janice tugged her shiny black stockings up her legs, a piece of toast clenched between her teeth as her eyes darted across the room for a quick glance at the kitchen clock. Fuck, she was gonna be so late! She only had ten minutes until her train left, and she was half-asleep, barely dressed, and a total mess! Not to mention…

    Janice glanced down between her legs, where sixteen thick, girthy inches of girlmeat bobbed innocently, curving upward until the end was practically level with her belly button! A thick layer of foreskin covered almost the entire length of her aching, twitching shaft, exposing only the very tip, which, even as Janice looked at it, responded to a deep twitch by leaking gooey, pearly-white precum…

    She bit her lip; usually before she set off, she’d make sure to… “take care” of her little problem, but there was no time this morning. It was the first day of her new job, and she couldn’t afford to be late! She’d just have to skip straight to step two…

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