*In the ruins of a home research office, a recorded voice memo starts*

    Since the pathogen, TikTok had become a mill of body positivity and pro-Pathogen propaganda.

    It seemed like every single young Woman on the app was posting videos subtly (or aggressively) showing off their growth and the shrinking of their diminutive male peers. They’d receive tens of thousands to millions of likes and comments from their fellow Women, celebrating how much bigger they’d become and how much they dwarfed the increasingly minuscule men around them.

    This can be seen above, with a tiny man barely visible being thrown around by the growing Womans cleavage as she doesn’t even acknowledge him. Whether or not it was the Woman’s intention, she’s making a clear and ever more prevalent statement. “men” as they currently stand (or in his case, bounce) are little more than accessories, toys to the massive Goddesses that govern their lives.

    It’s impossible to tell whether TikTok altered their algorithm to funnel this down the throats of men such as myself, or if each of us was just interacting with the content sooo much that it soon became the only thing that could be seen when opening the app. Regardless, my statistical analysis has shown that there’s clear correlation between using TikTok and greater growth/shrinkage rates for Women and men. This suggests either behavioral norms that form from TikTok that promote these trends, or that the effects of the pathogen are at least in part affected by one’s mental state.

    Further study is required, though I now fear my research may be being used by the government to accelerate the pathogen rather than slow it. I feel like I’m being watched…

    Siri, clear that last part from the record… Wait, why are you transmitting my location?!

    *Glass can be heard shattering in the background and the voice memo abruptly ends*


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    She sent you a 2 second snap with a caption. “Look what your cum did to me 🥛” The next snap made her tits look even bigger. “My tits are about to break this top!!!” Another snap and her top was beginning to tear. “This was my favorite top you owe me another one 😡” the next snap was a pov of her tits touching the wall from the other side of her room. “I think I’m stuck in here 😥” the next one was a selfish with her tongue sticking out. Her head was surrounded by tit flesh. “You need to cum down my throat again so my tits can bust out of here 😜” you were about to type back to her when you got a message from a different girl. This was a snap from a co-worker’s sister. It was a picture of her topless holding one of her A cup breasts. “I hear that you can help with my little problem.” You smiled and texted the first girl and told her you would be there in a few hours and to send her address. You sent a snap to the other girl of your bulge in your boxers. “So my place or yours?”


    cw: hypnotic language, age regression themes.

    Mommy’s breasts make you stare and stare.

    Mommy’s breasts make you soft and small and stupefied.

    Mommy’s big breasts are so jiggly jiggly silly and you stare and watch and your brains get so jiggly jiggly silly. So jiggle silly soft.

    Mommy’s breasts drug you. Staring at mommy’s breasts big jiggly heavy full, drugs you. You feel drugged. You’re drugged and happy.

    Mommy’s breasts make you stare and soft and slow. You stare and listen, listen and stare. Mommy makes you helpless and soft to help you learn and obey.

    Mommy’s breasts make your body weak and excited. Your brain slippery soft. Your body weak. Excited. Mommy’s breasts. Soft. Slippery.

    Mommy’s breasts.

    Magic, soft. Excited.

    Mommy, yes. Breasts. Soft. Druggedd.