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Just another Fine Gurl. Not looking for a Daddy. Posts are whatever I find intriguing or stimulating. Love anything with forced or denied O’s. NSFW. All

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    You want this. You need this. You love this wonderful combination of desperation and helplessness. You crave the complete loss of control. You like not knowing how long you’ll be played with, teased, edged, made to suck, made to fuck, when you’ll be allowed to cum, if you’ll be allowed to cum. You like knowing you’ll be used for this pleasure. You love knowing you’ll be whatever your Master wants you to be, a good girl, an obedient slave, an eager cock sucker, a helpless fuck toy. Deep down you only want to please. You only want to be a good girl. You love being a good girl.

    Be a good girl


    This. Verbatim