Missed fate

    I wrote this several years ago after pondering “What if?” What if I had gotten into that Mercedes that evening? It is a question that has haunted me for many years. I didn’t of course.But I went ahead and wrote this as if I did. It’s long but erotic 

    When I was 18, and in the summer I went to L.A. to visit my grandmother. Not far from the corner that you turn onto my granny’s street on Hollywood Blvd, naive me saw young men hanging around and I didn’t think anything of it. Maybe I did and was curious. Anyway, I walked down the boulevard with my shoulder length blonde hair and tight jeans and my white jacket, nearly 6'3" and a muscular 185 lbs and guess what the not so naive people thought? I was a male prostitute. The working street boys were giving me a hard time and men in Mercedes coupes were pulling to the curve and opening their door and beckoning me in. It hit me then. This is the part I am still confused about. I don’t think I was that naive. But I ignored their pleas and kept walking. In the back of my mind, I really wanted to get picked up I think but I chickened out.

    When I saw those young men earlier in the day, it aroused me and I hadn’t understood the emotion I guess. So I went into the “Devil’s Den” but couldn’t go through with it. I still see those beckoning gestures from the open passenger doors. I also think what would of happened if he was one of the numerous serial killers you read about in southern California? I wanted to see the Chinese Theater and all of the sights. It was night but the place was lit up and the street was crowded. When I was down the road a bit from the hustlers, I stuck out my thumb and it took a while but a Mercedes sedan pulled up. An older man asked me where I was heading and when I told him he said he was going past there on his way home. He was in his 30’s, longish hair and had actor looks but I couldn’t place him. Anyway, he wasn’t an actor I found out later.  He pulls out this huge joint and I just had my first experience a few days earlier at a concert so I took it and puffed. That first joint was mild compared to his and I was feeling damn good. Traffic was slow and we talked. I told him that I wanted to play tourist and check out as much as I could before dawn. I didn’t have a time to be back and was going to hitch my way around town. He started asking me personal questions. Girlfriend? No. Broke up. What do I like to do? Hang out. Going to college? Yah in New Orleans. Yada yada yada.  He then says that he thought the famous Chinese Theater with all of the foot prints was almost closed and asked if I wanted to see LA from the Hollywood hills. Sure I said. So we drove up through Beverly Hills and up the canyon and then he pulls into a driveway. It was his huge house. He was a producer of TV and movies. Can’t remember his name today. He took me through his gorgeous house and out to his patio.   There was L.A. All the lights you see in movies and such. I was dumb struck and quite stoned. He asked if I wanted a drink and thinking cokes or sodas, I said yes. He asked what did I want to drink and I said coke but he said no, I could have a shot of something with it. What the heck. Rum and coke it is. He brought over the drinks and I followed him to this huge cabana couch with a cover that you could sleep an entire NFL team on. I sat down and was still mesmerized by the view. He must of put in two shots of booze but I was thirsty and chugged it down. I was really feeling good now.  He said he would be right back. A few minutes later I got up to walk around and my back was to the pool when I heard a splash. I looked and he was in the pool, naked and coming towards me with a breast stroke. I was thinking I wanted to hit the road and I wasn’t ready for his next idea when he asked me to jump in. Of course, said I didn’t have a suit and of course, you don’t need one was the reply. I don’t know I thought out loud.  He said just for a bit and he promised to take me back to the boulevard after the swim. By now my inhibitions were minimal and I thought heck why not. Stripped to my underwear though and jumped in. Water was great. Inhibitions went away more and I stripped off my tighty whities and started to do some laps. When I got to the edge closest to the best view of the city lights, I pulled myself up halfway and with my body supported by my elbows, I just kicked and scanned the horizon. I can still see that skyline and I think that the views you see on TV and films must of been shot from his patio. He comes up besides me real close and I can feel his skin. How ya feeling? “Fucked up”, I said. “But great.” Then I felt his hand on my butt. Just for a second but it shot electricity through me. I took in a breath and didn’t protest. He then took that as a “go ahead” and even though it wasn’t new to me (I had had a fucking arrangement with a male neighbor friend of mine in high school but it was just getting off) I tensed up. His hand caressed my ass then under my balls and I immediately got a raging hard on. I was confused because here was an older guy I think he was going for something more than just a quickie. “I like girls”, I said or something stupid like that and he said he did too. At that time I thought it was one way or the other. You were “that way” or you got married. He said he was bi-sexual. That term caught my attention. Not something I heard about before but I was intrigued. I can like girls and boys? He is now caressing my cock and balls and his fingers cross over my asshole, and I jump a bit from the electricity. He said let’s get in the shallow end and I followed him. I could see his ass crack as he paddled in front of me and he had no hair on his body except his chest. Very muscular and I must say, handsome. Tight ass. He then stands in the shallows and his cock is now in view and it is huge. Bigger than mine. Standing erect out of the water as if gulping for air. He leads me to the side and says to sit up on the edge. I do and with my hands at my side on the surface and my legs spread, he gets between my legs and proceeds to lick the tip of my cock and slowly engulf it. No one ever sucked my cock before. Not even my fuck buddy or any previous girlfriend. I nearly passed out. He went all the way down to my hairs and back up again. Then repeated. By now I was burning hot and pumped back at him, holding his head in my hands. It wasn’t long before I was shooting in his mouth and he just kept sucking.  Immediately he spun me around and spread my legs and proceeded to lick and suck on my asshole and he drove his tongue deep into it. I was in heaven and my cock responded again. He took notice and brought my cock back between my legs and jerked it while he ate my ass. I could feel myself loosen up and his finger probed my rectum. Tongue then finger. Two fingers. Kept it up until he had three fingers in me and pumping away, slick by his saliva. This was new to me. While with my buddy, after I got off I quickly got dressed and left, loaded down with Catholic guilt. I had no desire to leave this situation at all.  He then said “Let’s get out” and we went over to that cabana and he placed me where I looked out over the city with my ass in the air and me on my stomach. He went back to his sucking my ass and fingering it. I then felt some cool gel and he said to get ready. Now all of the attention has been on me and I hadn’t really seen his cock up close or even touched it. He widened my legs apart more and I felt him on his knees position himself behind me, one hand on the mattress and the other holding his cock. I reached back to guide it and it was huge in my hands. All slippery and hard as a rock. That feeling right before a cock goes in your ass is great and I lifted my ass off of the bed and his cock slipped right in. Sure it hurt but I was so relaxed and loosened up that it really didn’t hurt bad. Then the pain was exchanged for pleasure as he slowly moved in and out of me until his rhythm was picking up and he began to slam it deep. He laid on me and kissed and bit my shoulder. I could hear his grunts and I shoved back to get his cock in me more. I surprised myself and met his thrusts. He was talking now and was telling me how hot I am and he loved my ass and cock. He pushed my legs apart even further and I pooched my ass further up until I could feel his heavy balls bang against mine.  In a flash, he flipped me around and I was under him now but face to face. He pulled my legs back past my shoulders and was now slamming it hard. He lowered himself closer to me until out faces were just a couple of inches apart. He was watching me as he fucked me and now his cock was so slick that he would pull out all the way and slam it back in deeper than before it seemed. He then put his hand behind my head and held it there for a bit. Moving in closer he pushed my face toward his but I wasn’t interested in kissing another guy but he was stronger than me and our lips joined, his tongue immediately opened my tightened lips and soon my resistance waned and I opened my mouth. To me, at that time if you kissed a guy you were a homosexual. Of course my ass getting plowed didn’t factor at the time.  The passion grew and I just let it happen. He was a strong kisser at first but slowly became more intimate and I wasn’t resisting now. I reached behind him and grabbed his ass, my cock was rubbing his belly and I felt another orgasm building, He was hitting my prostate and I was in heaven. Then I just exploded in an orgasm I don’t think I have had since. It was wild as I held his ass in my hands, pulling him deeper in me, kissing him passionately. That is when he came and I could feel his cum shoot in me, lots and lots of it as it turned out. He just kept pumping it in me and I could feel it ooze down my butt. All the while kissing my lips, my neck and face. My cum was between us and it made for a slippery bond. Slowly he pulled out and released my now numb legs and we just rolled over. Catching my breath, I suddenly got those Catholic guilts and was stand offish to his continued attentions. He sensed it and said it was cool. It was just sex and it doesn’t mean anything. You will probably meet a girl and get married and have a ton of kids. He was just divorced with no kids though he said. His wife decided she liked girl on girl and his threesomes became twosomes and soon he wasn’t invited anymore.  He then lit another joint and at first I wasn’t interested but then I did some and I added to my already considerable buzz. His hand went to my ass and his finger slipped into my well lubricated hole and even though I was sore, it felt good. Right then and there I felt well, when in Rome… so I reached down and his cock was already hard. He guided my head down and I saw what was in me. It had to be over 9 inches and somewhat thick, with a smaller head than the shaft. I lowered my head down for my first blow job and all I could do was his helmet. Slowly my throat adapted and he laid back and I leaned over him and grabbed his cock and stroked it. I licked it and my cock grew again as he reached for it. I cupped his balls and got more adventurous as I licked those too. His hips lifted with each suck and I was only going to do it until I felt he was ready to shoot then jerk him off. But he was more ready than I thought and he grabbed my head and shoved it down onto his dick as he shot off in my mouth. I gagged at first but then it was hot and sweet and I got into licking it all up. He softened and he motioned me over and while I knelt over his face in a 69 position, he took my cock into his mouth and sucked me off as I laid on his body, his cock in my mouth. We turned on our sides and just laid there. His cum on my chin and my hands caressing his ass. I was spent. I had his cum in me, on my chin and in my belly and I could feel it dripping down my leg when I eventually got up.  I must of fallen asleep for a bit and I felt his nudging as he was standing over me. He wanted to take a dip and we did, but it was just swimming. We got out and he went in the house and I grabbed my clothes and followed him. While dressing I looked around and saw awards and posters. I still didn’t know his name and he told me but I forgot it by the time I made it back to my granny’s. He dropped me off at the corner of North Alexandria and Hollywood Boulevard and I saw him drive off as the sunrise bathed the hills. The hustlers were all gone by then and the walk back to my granny’s was a bit tougher due to the throbbing in my hole. I know I had to be still carrying his jizz and I felt a warm flush go through me knowing my body gave another man enough pleasure to have him fill me up.  A couple of days later I flew back home, back to a few days of catholic guilt and self loathing. I was beating myself up for actually making love to another man. How stupid!? It was my secret and I was glad that I actually had a chance to do it. But off course I did what any red blooded confused male would do in that situation and I dated girls, girls, girls my first semester in college and screwed as many as I could.  But I was “ruined”. I could never achieve that orgasm again with a woman and I kept thinking about that night, expending gallons of cum in the process. It is now many years later and even though I am married, I have been fully involved in wonderful man to man sex for many of those. I am sorry to say, that I didn’t have my next man cock until a few years later I just wish I would of been more courageous and more accepting back then. I probably missed out on some great college gay orgies. Lol

    Heyyy yall!!

    So my husband got a new camera and he wants to take pics of me wearing slutty clothes and shorts while were out and about in public n outside etc lol. He said everyone loves my ass amd should get to see it lol. And he loves to ‘whore me out’ as he says lol. Soo he wanted me to see if anybody would ne interested in seeing this kinda stuff for a small subscription fee…? We havent decided yet but he was thinking maybe $10 a month and said he’ll post my slutty ass out and about for all our subscribers. I guess kinda like a Premium Snapchat like other girls do except it would be via Direct Messages on here probably and it would be with a theme which is me showing off my ass in public lol. Would any of yall be interested in this or no? If so message for details and one of us will get back to u and please only if your serious. Anybody willing to pay to see my ass hahaha? Were keeping it cheap and not trying to get rich as its more the fun / turn on of guys willing to pay to see it lol. Oh and each subscriber would get a 10 minute phone call each month where me and you can talk about anything u want ;) Well let us know either way and thanks!! Will post a pic soon so u have an idea lol ;) Please share and ReBlog for us for a treat ;)

    My first time truly being a Slut :)

    It had been a fun day but was winding down.  The four of use had spent the day relaxing in the woods.  Some drinks, some food and, well, being the only woman of the four of us, some flirting.  My boyfriend always seem to encourage this behavior but I don’t mind really.  As the night fell upon us we all agreed to call it a night.  My boyfriend and I went in first so I could get ready for bed.  As we entered the tent he put my hand on his shorts and smiled.  Oh boy how would this play out with Matt, Joe and Teddy sharing a tent with us.  I wasn’t too worried but more wondered.

    I had been in a pair of short-shorts and T-shirt and decided to just lay down as I was.  He removed his shorts and shirt to lay down next to me when the others came in to get lay down.  We had our own corner of the large tent but, it was one open space.  My boyfriend pulled a blanket over us and nudged my hip with his growing dick pressing into me.  Matt said something about how he should have brought his girlfriend with him as my boyfriend whispered to me that once they settled  he  wanted a BJ.  Part of me hoped nobody heard and part of me tingled at the thought they did hear.

    Teddy was now laying in his bed, but Matt and Joe still had not settled in.  My boyfriend was being Insistent he couldn’t wait any longer so I reached for his cock and slowly stroked it to decided what I should do next.  I could feel my nipples harden against my bra as I started feeling his cock grow to full length.  Again he said he wanted me to suck his dick.  I slipped under the cover and descended towards his fully erect cock.  As I licked the head I felt the blanket slid off of me.  Joe still had his flashlight on fumbling around his bed and noticed immediately.

    I tried to pull the cover back a bit but no go.  He was going to show his friends how I sucked dick.  Still getting turned on by this I decide to really put on a show if he wants one.  I change positions to between his legs with my ass (still covered in shorts) pointed towards the others.  I look my boyfriend dead in the eyes and lift my shirt over my head.  Now in Bra and shorts only I tell him be careful what you wish for and bend my head towards his cock.  I hear joe tell the other two quietly that I removed my shirt and am gonna give a blowjob right in front of them.  I scoot my knees back so I can give them a good glimpse of my ass as I take the cock into my mouth.  I hear two gasps, one from my boyfriend and one from behind me.  My boyfriend puts a hand on my head and says show them what a good cocksucker you are.  I decided to pull out all my tricks for this one.  I released him from my mouth, swayed  my ass a little as I went for his balls.  “Like this your mean” I ask.  He groans approval as I tongue each ball.  

    Joe seems to like this also as he asks my boyfriend if it feels as good as it looks moving closer to us.  Then he asks him if he could have a turn.  This shocks us both I think momentarily but boyfriend says”I’m not her mother, don’t ask me”.  I put my boyfriends cock back in my mouth to buy a minute to contemplate this.  I know my boyfriend will be okay with it or he wouldn’t have told them to ask me.  Was I prepared for what was about to go down with a simple answer of yes.  Fuck it, I take my mouth off the cock in front of me, swing around and say as long as I get as good as I give let’s do it.  I now realize Joe is already pointing straight out of his sweat pants he had put on.  I tell him as I stand up to remove my shorts that he gives as I finish what I started with my boyfriend.  I don’t wait for him to answer I turn back around wink and go back to work on the boyfriends staring cock.  Ass up on my knees I feel a head go between my legs but hear Joes voice still standing up.  I look back and see it is Teddy.  He quickly says he is the best pussy eater in this tent so he gets the honors.

    Well he wasn’t lying, I was in heaven, thank god my boyfriend was being gentle, I was enjoying Teddy’s tongue to much at the moment to pay attention to his cock, he was slapping my cheek with it occasionally as I just ground my pussy into Teddy’s mouth.  Joe and Matt had now made there way over to us I noticed just as I felt a wave go through me as my orgasm hit.  God bless Teddy, I was the first one to get off.

    I slowly pulled myself off of Teddy and asked my boyfriend to stand up so I could decide what to do next (or who).  I state that no cumming in my pussy but my mouth and body are free to use.  I look around and all i can see for the moment was 4 hard cocks.  No faces, no voices, just cocks.  “Who’s first” was all it took.  Teddy asked me to bend back like I was before, asked if he could fuck me first.  He had earned that I felt as my pussy was still quivering from his handy work with his mouth.  My boyfriend wanted to finish in my mouth so he could watch the rest.  Here it goes, Teddy starts rubbing himself up and down my pussy lips as my boyfriend kneels right in front me and starts rubbing his at my mouth.  The feeling is incredible as Teddy finally enters from behind.  Spit roasted crosses off the bucket list.  After a minute or so they get a rhythm going that was intense.  Teddy would go all the way in as my boyfriend was pulling back. It was intense as Teddy picked up his pace.  My boyfriend just started shooting his cum in my mouth.  It caught me by surprise initially but as I tried to release him from my mouth, Teddy bottomed out from behind and picked up his pace.  I swallowed what I could but some ran out the sides of my mouth as I moaned from the fucking Teddy was administering.  I looked at my boyfriend and he smiled just as he moved away to watch the remaining action.  Teddy continued his thorough fucking of my pussy as two more cocks came into view.  I reminded Teddy to pull out if he was coming soon.  He gave my ass a smack and said he wanted to cum on my tits.  I realized I still had my bra on at that moment lol.  Also I realized my boyfriend was staring mesmerized by the sight of me with his friends.

    I remove my bra.  To this point size of any of the cocks hadn’t entered my mind, then I saw Matt remove his shorts.  OMG, he was very well blessed.  I just kinda stared as he stood up.  It was the largest I had ever saw in person, first thought was ouch.  I reached my hand to touch it as I feel his hands touch me, then 2 more hands run up my back.  My hand will not fit around Matt but it felt so strong and hard I pump my hand up and down a few times and look at him and say take it easy on me with this thing.  I lick the head slowly and try to figure out a way to fit it in my mouth.  Teddy moves closer to my face as joe gets behind me.  I have hands on my head, tits and ass all rubbing.  My head is spinning as joe enters me, ahhhh he moans.  Teddy is rubbing him self as I stroke and lick Matt.  Teddy says he needs to cum bad so I roll over on my back only being left empty for a few seconds a joe pushes back in.  I take Teddy in my mouth as I stroke Matt.  Joe starts a slow rhythm but going deep with each pump.  Teddy is rubbing my tits as He is fucking my face deeply.  Matt is running his hands through my hair whispering in my ear how good I look sucking Teddy.  Teddy pulls himself out of my mouth and takes aim at my tits.  I want to see him shoot but Matt immediately lays his cock on my lips.  Joe picks up his pace a little as Teddy starts shooting on my chest.  I grab Matt’s monster and lift my head to watch Teddy unload on me.  I feel it hit my neck then my tits.  Teddy moans then says I am going to be worn out when we are done with you.  Sitting back Matt says I think it’s time to feel that pussy.  He lays flat back and indicates to mount him.  Joe pulls out of me to watch me try and take this while saying he wants to cum in my mouth.  I straddle Matt and feel the head rub against my opening.  I reach between us and hold him in place as the head spreads me open.  I settle right there with the head just inside and feel more full than ever in my life.  I lean to him and say “let me drive for a few, I’m not sure you will fit”.  I move a little at a time, feeling like it’s in but knowing it’s only the head.  It is the best feeling I have had all night as it slips in a little deeper.  Joe says it’s not even half in yet, I cum hearing this.  Matt is holding my hips as I moan slowing pulling me deeper on to him.  It’s as far as it will go in this position so I ask if he will try from behind.  I lift off of him and see my boyfriend is now on his knees jerking off watching this.  I ask if he is enjoying the view and he states I am his new favorite porn star.  Hearing this gives me a new level of excitement.  Now wanting to show him how good (or bad lol) if can be I tell Matt to fuck me with that porn cock.  Propped up on hands and knees joe lays in front of me.  Matt begins entering me from behind.  Definitely a better position as I feel him slide deeper and deeper, stretching me to limits I didn’t know.  Joe touches my face as I now feel Matt begin to slide in and out with shallow strokes.  My boyfriend is now standing nest to this telling Matt to own my pussy.  Matt is going a little harder with each thrust and it now feels glorious.  Joe is rubbing his cock right in front of me as I regain composure enough to take him in my mouth.  I have a cock fucking me like never before from behind and a cock in my mouth and still notice I have hands everyplace in my body.  It is surreal as I surrender to simply being holes and skin to thee men.  

    Joe is getting close i sense and I want nothing more than him to cum in my mouth.  As best I can I stroke and suck telling him to cum for me.  He starts shaking and I just keep sucking as he starts cumming.  Matt is now thrusting hard, I can feel him hitting deep inside me as joes cum floods my mouth.  Joes finishes cumming and lays his head back.  “If I died now I would be the happiest girl in the world” Comes out of my mouth as joes rolls out of the way.  Matt is getting close I can tell, he quickly pulls out and starts shooting all over my back.  I feel like a slut and love it.  

    Every one has cum but there are still two hard cocks as I look around.  My boyfriend and Teddy are in disbelieve as I say no sleep until all the cocks are soft.  I crawl between my boyfriend and Teddy and begin alternating between them with my mouth.  “Will this work boys?” I ask or do you have other plans.  Both say Matt has ruined my pussy for the night but the mouth is working just fine.  I really want them to cum at the same time so I stroke one and suck the other one.  Back and forth I go as I feel someone come behind me to rich around and rub my tits.  It’s Matt and he is saying when I finish them he is going to fuck me one last time before passing out.  This encourages me to suck faster and harder on the two in front of me.  I take Teddy’s deep in my mouth then right to my boyfriends for the same treatment.  I feel possessed by cock and love it.  Teddy is the first to start cumming as I take him deep in my throat.  “God I love you being a slut”. Says my boyfriend as he starts shooting his cum on my face while Teddy is cumming in my mouth. I have never took so much cumm in one day and was beginning to really emjoy it.

    Exhausted Teddy and my boyfriend step back.  Joe has gone to his bed and laid down.  It’s now Matt, his beautiful cock and me.  I’m getting tired but have to try one last ride with Matt.  I lay back, spread my legs and look right at his cock sticking straight out again.  I tell him I don’t have the energy to fuck him but he can fuck me.  He kneels between my legs and eases into my swollen pussy.  Somehow he goes all the way in and I immediately feel that full feeling all over again.  He starts grinding and my Pusey starts reacting all over again.  I look around the room and notice Teddy and joe are in there beds and my boyfriend is laying about 3 feet away from us.  Realizing it is just him and I this round I focus on him and start riding back at him.  He seems surprised i am this ambitious after all this time.  Honestly I am surprised too.  He starts deep thrusts as he lifts my hips to give himself better access.  My head goes back as I start cumming, surrendering completely now to his assault on my pussy.  I can’t stop cumming as he pounds me hard and deep.  I have know idea how loud I was and didn’t care.  I just kept saying fuck me over and over.  He signaled he was going to cum.  Cover me I said, I want to feel it everywhere.  He pulled out and moved to my face and unloaded on my face, tits as I scrabbled to try and catch some in my mouth.  He finished cumming and rubbed his cock on my face.  You are insatiable is all he said as he gave my face one last smack with his beautiful cock.  I just rolled over towards my boyfriend and laid there exhausted.  He said goodnight my little slut and I drifted off. If you want more PLEASE share and reblog!!!