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    Hey man, can you point out other artists like you? Someone you like or think is good.

    uhh i can make a list of artists that come to my mind i like a lot but it’s hard to compare anyone here..

    so here’s a random list of artists i admire that come to my mind:absolumterror/redgartdarkgemrumlockerarttohdarylmentaikonull-ghostkihumeeshtakeshi matsuxafeelgoodluxurisdizdoodznainsoounafkennymazjojopenguinfrontiergai mizukiguppobraitophobsoskar vegapity yindeechirenboshuhanfightbeastkiashirocketmentakemotokurokawareapersunthewildywolfnesskainhumbugedd_raw_twopaexihotaruarcnokomentospookeedooziggyzagsokay it’s a long list and there still so many to name but i’ll just stop here, sorry @@

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    The red digits glared in front of him, demanding his attention. His friends needed him. But he sat there frozen, his mind reeling. It couldn’t be. It’s not even remotely possible, but it’s right there, piling up in the hands of his friends and flashing in his screen.

    How could his words strike hearts as if drawn from Cupid’s bow.

    All those confessions addressed to him…He shook his head, and closed the window.

    “Walang forever,” he mumbled, a familiar pang tightening in his chest. They’re mistaken. I don’t deserve their admiration’

    I have sinned.

    They don’t know.

    They don’t know what I have done or what I’m capable of…to become a poor sinner.