LFRP: Lucas Nevin [Balmung]



Boasting a big heart, a keen mind, and a crude tongue, Lucas Nevin is a relative newcomer to Eorzean shores, and is eager to earn his place among her cities. He’s an engineer by trade, a newly devoted follower of Nymeia, and a doggedly curious conversation partner. Redemption, creation, and the sometimes immiscible facets of the self are recurring themes in his story.

Basic Information:

Full Name: Lucas Nevin
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Race: Midlander Hyur
Heritage: Dalmascan, Thavnairian
Current Residence: Ul’dah

General Character Info:

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Monogamously Partnered
Occupation: Engineer, Tinkerer, Mechanic
Hobbies: Goldsmithing, Thaumaturgy

Notable Features: A gold labret stud under his bottom lip; knuckles that are often split, scabbed, or bruised; multiple gold and brass rings inset with rubies and marble eyes; one large ring of technological (magitek?) design; often wearing clothes with golden, black, white, or bright red fabric; often carries a gun; often in the company of small, custom-built machina of his own design.

Physical Appearance: 5′11″ and 170 ponze; warm-toned brown skin; light brown eyes; curly, medium-length, natural black hair; big eyebrows; good posture; dark under-eye bags; lightly muscular.

Personality: Blunt, though easily cowed if he gets the sense that he’s been insensitive. Kind to most people, though quick to anger and quick to fluster. Prone to oversharing but somehow without revealing very much; paradoxically secretive. Pragmatic and ingenious. Tries, though often fails, to be delicate. Curious, attentive, and considerate. Action-oriented; will take the lead if no one else steps forward. Prone to flights of egoistic fancy. Loves firearms of all types. Loves to meet experts in other fields. Probing, sometimes to a fault.



Engineer with Management Experience: Lucas boasts a lifetime of education and experience in engineering, both mechanical and magiteknical. He recently served as the overseer for a team of 14 airship engineers during an artifact-seeking expedition spearheaded by the Order of Nald'thal. Presently, he’s working on decommissioning and repurposing the magitek ruins in Gyr Abania, as a specialist in the Immortal Flames engineering corp. If your character needs assistance or wants to talk shop, his door is open to you.

Tinkering and Restoration: In addition to engineering, Lucas also takes contract work for repairing and restoring treasured items. His specific competency lies in magitek or clockwork gadgets and keepsakes, but he welcomes a challenge in related fields. He’ll give you a 10% discount on the quote if the item has a cool story attached to it.

Novice Thaumaturge and Goldsmith: Unproven but eager to learn, Lucas is looking for guidance and education from the thaumaturge and goldsmithing guilds in Ul'dah for these budding interests. If your character has ties to either organization, there are plenty of opportunities for them to meet.

A Tiny Bit Shady: Lucas may have a familiar face to characters belonging to either the thieves’ guilds in Ishgard or the sky pirates in the Sea of Clouds. A very well-connected character may have heard rumors that he’s been to Azys Lla. His exact association with these elements isn’t readily known, but can be explored.

Proditor: If you were a student at the Imperial Magiteknical Academy in Garlemald or a member of the XIIth Legion in Gyr Abania and you think you recognize him… no, you fucking don’t. (Please speak with me OOC before acting on this hook; I’m very selective about who I do this type of RP with.)



Server: Balmung/Crystal DC
Timezone: EST
Contact: thatsadorbsyo#6895 on Discord, Lucas Nevin@Balmung in game.

Looking for: Lucas is a story-heavy character and performs best in long-term, structured mission-style RP settings with IC debriefs for socializing and character growth, though he’s also good for short arcs involving commission work. He’s a good character for action and adventure, mentor/mentee training, dark/mature themes, plot-driven, puzzle/investigation, problem-solving, combat, and strictly lore-compliant RP.

Not looking for: I will not roleplay with players or characters who are under the age of 18, even if the subject matter is strictly safe for work. I will not roleplay with players who use transphobic terms like “futa” and “trap”. I am not seeking romantic RP or additional shipping partners for this character. I tend to shy away from most Garlean-themed roleplay unless it’s with people whom I trust to do it with nuance and good intent. I am not looking for purely social RP on this character.