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    I shocked my boy this morning by stepping into the shower with him. Although I’ve been flirting with him over the last few weeks, I don’t think he’s been taking me seriously. Why would he?

    I maneuvered my cock against against the boy’s asshole and pushed him against the shower wall. 

    “How about Daddy and you have some fun?” I suggested.

    I forced my cock into my boy’s hole and he hollered pretty damn loudly. Thank the lord his mother and sisters were all out of the house!

    “Take it boy… yeah… so tight! Move back onto your daddy’s cock!”

    Holy shit, his ass was like a goddamn vise! I’d never fucked anything so tight. My son seemed to be enjoying having his old man stuff his asshole full of thick cock!

    “There you go! Yeah, son! Bear down on that cock!”

    My son steadied himself against the shower wall as I drilled his virgin hole with everything I could muster!

    “Oh… oh fuck… yeah… get ready… for it… F-FFFUUUUUUCCKKK!!!”

    I shot my load inside my boy’s hole as he bobbed back and forth on my meat. I thought I might pass out for a few seconds. 

    “I… I… better get ready for school…” my boy said weakly.

    “Are you kidding?” I laughed. “We’ve got the house to ourselves all day! I already called your school to let them know you’d be out!”

    I spent a year dreaming about this moment. I had just returned from a yearlong trip traveling across Europe, sowing my oats by sleeping with any man or woman with a pulse, and drinking myself deliriously silly every step of the way. While I enjoyed every last minute of my trip, my mind wandered consistently back to my father. He admitted that he was equally as eager to see me.  Dad and I had a wildly passionate sexual relationship that started when I was just… well, I was pretty young. Even after the astonishing number of people I’d fucked and been fucked by in my travels, I still yearned to be with my father. Our sexual chemistry was intense.

    A few weeks before I was to return home, we plotted a way to get rid of my mother so we had time to properly ravage one another upon my arrival. My Uncle Jack, who sometimes joined Dad and me, was only too willing to help us out. As soon as Dad and I were a few miles away from home, Uncle Jack called my mother in a hysterical fit and demanded that she come over to console him. He had recently split with my Aunt Vicki, so Mom wanted to make sure she was always present to support him.

    This gave Dad and I all the privacy we needed. We live in a rural area our closest neighbor was a good mile from us, so we took advantage of the fair weather and didn’t even bother to step indoors. We tore each other’s clothes off and revealed our throbbing boners to each other. 

    “Fuck, I needed this,” Dad said as he got on his knees and began to tease my cock.

    “Oh shit, Daddy… suck my dick!”


    Dad savored every inch of my schlong. Yeah, I could tell he missed me.

    “Suck it, Daddy! Eat my cock!”


    Dad flipped me over to give my cock some more attention as he began to rim me. 

    “Mmmmmmm… yeah… open up for me, boy,” Dad muttered. “Shit you taste so fuckin’ sweet.”


    I began to sob. I wasn’t sure if it was the sheer passion or the fact that I missed this man so much. What I did know, based on the guttural sounds coming from behind me, was that he was preparing to fuck the shit out of me!


    Dad didn’t go easy on me in the slightest. His balls slapped against my ass thunderously as we fucked on the porch.


    “Yeah… take that cock… oh fuck… take your daddy’s cock!”

    His voice was husky and the words coming out of his mouth were as filthy as the act we were committing right there for anyone to see. I could feel the pre-cum leaking from my cock head onto the matt on which my father was so enthusiastically fucking me.


    Dad lifted me onto a small table and fucked me forcefully. I had a better view of him. Fuck his body was in amazing shape. Dad was always fit, but he was even more so now. I massaged his beautiful hairy chest and torso as he plowed me.


    “You like that? You like your Daddy’s cock up in you?”

    “Yeah, Daddy, put me on that fucking dick!”

    “I’m getting close! Oh yeah… squeeze down on my cock!”


    Dad pulled his cock out and shot is thick load across my stomach and up to my face. He’s been holding this in for some time!


    “Sh-shit! Look what you… ungh… do to me!” Dad’s cock continued to erupt gobs of thick goo all over my torso. 


    “Welcome home, Son,” Dad said, planting a passionate kiss on my lips. He swallowed up his jizz. This was everything I hoped it would be. I’m sure Dad thought the same. Our sweaty naked bodies soaked in the blaze of the sun. Unfortunately we didn’t notice that both of our phones were buzzing with texts from Uncle Jack.

    “Mark… honey… where’s my boy?”

    Oh God. Mom had returned and we didn’t hear her. We could hear her stepping towards to door to the porch. We were about to be caught.

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    After scrolling through picture after picture of my nephew Ron sunbathing, hanging out with his buddies with almost no clothes on, and so on and so on, I was getting tired of spanking it to his images. I needed the real thing. He came over every now and again to help me out with projects around the house and I found myself in the middle of a huge project in my basement, so it was as good a time as any to take advantage of the situation. 

    “Hey, Uncle Paul,” Ron said coming into the house. He looked hot as fuck, wearing a tight white tank top any shorts. My cock stirred.

    “Hey, kiddo,” I answered. “You’re a lifesaver. You’re aunt is ready to kill me if I don’t make some headway on that damn basement. Why don’t we go take a look? I’ll be down in a few.”

    My boner felt like it was going to pop right through my pants but I was nervous as hell. I went downstairs to seduce my nephew, but it looked like he wasn’t going to need much seducing at all. His clothes were off and he was laying on the mattress in the middle of the room. He held his thick rod and smiled at me.

    “I can think of something more fun than cleaning up this basement,” Uncle Paul. 

    He was right. We had a fucking great time. This kid was an aggressive bottom and boy did I fuck him aggressively. My nephew let me fuck him in every position imaginable and each time I blew my load, he cleaned my cock off and swallowed all my juices. At one point I heard my wife return, but she didn’t bother us in my man cave so we just continued fucking our hearts out. At one point I pulled my phone out and made a video of our sex games because I knew I was going to want to capture this sordid memory! 

    “You better send that to me!” my nephew laughed. 

    After another hour my wife finally called from upstairs. “Honey, you guys must be starved after working down there all day! Why don’t you come up for a bit.”

    We did. My wife wasn’t surprised to see how sweaty we were when we came into the kitchen. I prayed she wouldn’t go downstairs. She would have known we weren’t worn out from working in the basement.

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    I questioned whether Dad and I should include Tommy in our family fun. Dad said he was ready. I mean the kid was always trying to spy on Dad and I when we were trying to find a place for a quick fuck, whether it was in the garage, Dad’s office, or even in the car. It turns our Tommy didn’t have a clue what we were up to when Dad and I cornered him in bathroom. Well, ready or not, Dad and I were ready to stick our cocks up my brother’s virgin asshole! He had a rough time of it at first, but he eventually was able to relax and enjoy himself. About a week later.

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    The Adventures of Samuel Smith

    Daddy’s been coming home earlier and earlier since we started fooling around. When we starting fooling around a few weeks ago, something I’d wanted to do for some time, I didn’t imagine that he’d want to fuck as often as he did.

    Once he let me suck his cock for the first time, I knew he was hooked. From that point forward things changed between me and my daddy. I would suck him off, eat him out, let him fuck me, eat his cum, or whatever he so desired. He desired a lot. He warned me about getting together with other guys. He was worried they’d take advantage of me.

    Didn’t he realize that I was such a hot piece of ass because I’d been fucking around with other guys? Dad would have a heart attack if he knew just who I was fucking around with!


    The first guy who ever fucked me was my Dad’s brother, Eddie. He knew I was gay before I was ready to admit it to myself. I was at his house to pick up some books he borrowed from my mom and he started interrogating me about girls and crushes and what not.

    “What’s the matter, Sammy,” Uncle Eddie asked, “Don’t you want to have sex.”

    “I dunno,” I answered. “It’s just…”

    “You like guys,” he said matter of factly. I was speechless. “It’s okay. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with partying with other dudes.”

    He squeezed his cock and came close to me. “We’ve alway been close, haven’t we?” I nodded. My uncle grabbed a hold of my dick through my jeans. “I could help you, um, feel more comfortable in your own skin.” I could feel the pre-cum dripping from the head of my dick. Five minutes before I wasn’t even thinking about being with another guy, then out of nowhere my own uncle was propositioning me.

    He was one raunchy dude. I let him fuck me three times that afternoon. I went home in a daze, and a bruised ass, dreaming about my sexual awakening. I couldn’t wait to head back to Uncle Eddie’s for more dirty family fun! He said he wanted to keep things discreet, but he always insisted we fuck while Aunt Ronda was in the house. He said he got off on doing it right under her nose!


    After a couple of months getting fucked by my Uncle Eddie and a handful of guys at school, I set my sights on my mother’s brother Dan. Fuck, Uncle Dan was a musclebound god who couldn’t get enough of my ass. I always knew he was something of a carouser, but I had no idea how turned on he was by guys. It wasn’t much of a seduction at all. I asked him to help me workout one afternoon and we never even made it to the gym. 

    “Come on, kid,” Uncle Dan laughed, “You think I don’t know when someone wants me to fuck ‘em?”

    I wasn’t about to play dumb. I wanted to get fucked by my stacked uncle just as much as he wanted to sink that thick fuck stick inside his nephew’s tight hole. 

    Uncle Dan’s taken me to a dozen sex parties since we first started fucking, but he always made time for one on one sessions with his favorite nephew!


    Uncle Dan suggested that I proposition his brother Will. I’ve always had a crush on Uncle Will, but he always struck me as a straight and narrow guy. He had six kids in as many years and every other word out of his mouth was either God or Jesus. I knew I had my work cut out for me. 

    I was scrolling through Facebook one Saturday morning and saw that my Aunt Kay was taking the kids shopping for school clothes. I texted my uncle to see if he was at home. Pay dirt. He said he doing chores and I told him I’d be happy to give him a hand. Not knowing how long I had, I knew I needed to act quick.

    While Uncle Will was straightening the books in his office I shed my clothes.

    “What in the heck do you think you’re doing, Samuel?!?” Uncle Will practically screamed.

    “Come on, Uncle Will,” I said bravely. “I know you like to fuck. Wouldn’t you like to do it without making another mouth to feed?”

    I was getting pretty fucking good at this. My uncle pulled me close and we started making out while I pulled his clothes off. 

    “You can’t say anything to your mom or aunt, okay?” Uncle Will pleaded as his hands grabbed my ass tight. Of course I agreed.

    I had a great time with Uncle Eddie and Uncle Dan, but Uncle Will ravaged me in a way they didn’t. My uncle wanted me. He needed me. After that first time, we fucked at least a couple of times a week. We had to sneak around quite a bit because Aunt Kay didn’t work. We always found a way, even if it meant being extra quiet in my uncle’s office while my aunt puttered around the house.


    Even though I was regularly going from one uncle’s house to the next by this point, I really got off on hooking up with strangers. I blew guys every once in a while in a public restroom at the local park near my parents’ home. After one guy shot the largest load I’ve ever taken, he asked me if I’d be willing to fuck. Of course I was.

    When the guy came into the stall I was in, it turned out to be Uncle Eddie’s oldest son, Ken. He was shocked and ready to race out of there, but I stopped him before he could get too far.

    “Hey, what we do in private is our business,” I said grabbing a hold of his saliva-covered cock.

    My cousin took me back to his apartment and we fucked for hours. I had acquired a taste for older guys, but Ken was one hot lay. He came so many times inside of me I thought I would burst. He was dirty as fuck, lapping up his own cum from my battered hole. We were interrupted by my cousin’s phone. I cleaned off Ken’s jizz covered dick while he took his call.

    “Hey… oh… shit, I totally forgot… I think I’m coming down with something… yeah, I might just stay in bed. I’d hate to get you sick. Okay. Me too. Bye.”

    I stopping sucking his cock to ask, “Who was that?”

    “My girlfriend,” he smirked. 


    The one uncle I didn’t think I had a chance with was my Uncle Lou. The guy was a bad ass piece of shit. Definitely the black sheep on my mother’s side of the family. He was in and out of jail for a number of drug offenses, but he’d tried to clean up his act over the past year.

    When I got in trouble for “lewd behavior” again at school, Mom asked Uncle Lou to speak with my principal since she and Dad weren’t going to be able to leave work. Uncle Lou looked pissed when he showed up to speak with me and the principal. 

    “His parents are tired of his shit,” Uncle Lou said to Principal Harris. “Pardon my French. Trust me, sir, I’ll be punishing him myself today. This kid isn’t going to pull this sh–crap in your school again.”

    As Uncle Lou walked me off campus, he pulled me into a deserted class.

    “Well, ain’t you the little slut, kid,” he said.

    “I just… I’m sorry…”

    “Don’t be sorry,” Uncle Lou said. I recognized the hungry look in his eyes. Fuck. Yes. 

    Uncle Lou had clearly fucked a lot of guys. I imagined he got a lot of action behind bars because this guy new how to fuck. He bent me over my homeroom teacher’s desk and he dominated me completely. We lost track of time and found ourselves locked inside the school building, so we took advantage of the privacy and fucked until late that evening. I was limping by the time we finished. Uncle Lou drove me home and came in to talk to my parents.

    “Where were you two?” asked Mom.

    “Sammy and I had a long productive talk,” Uncle Lou answered. “Don’t worry, I drilled some sense into your boy.”

    “We appreciate the help this afternoon,” Dad said.

    “Anytime,” my uncle said. “Seriously. I’m always happy to help.”


    So there was a guy that I’ve had a major crush on since for as long as I can remember: my older brother Derek. He was fucking hot and he was always bringing home different girls. Since we shared a common wall in our parents’ house, I was treated to the sounds of my brother fucking one disposable chick after another. The guy never dated. He just liked to fuck, from what I’ve ever observed.

    I was hanging out and watching tv one afternoon when my brother came into the room. My chin almost hit the floor. His shorts were tenting from his huge cock, but he was acting like everything was normal. He sat down in the love seat across from me and he started fondling his rod through the front of his shorts.

    “What’re you watching?” Derek asked, his penis was practically slapping in his palm.

    “Uh… nothing.. just… um… channel surfing… I guess…” I stammered.

    “Cool,” Derek said. The head of his enormous cock peaked out from the top of his shorts. “God, I’m so fucking horny. Oh, I was just talking to Ken. He said you guys hang out every now and then.” Derek pulled his throbbing member out and looked down at it. “Man, he said you guys have a lot of fun when you hang out. He sent me a movie he made.” Movie? What the fuck the fuck did my cousin do?!? “God, I came three times watching it. I couldn’t even finish it.”

    As nervous as I was, I knew this was something I’ve wanted since I was a toddler. My brother came over to the couch and lifted me up like I was nothing. He pressed his thick cock up to my asshole and pushed it in forcefully.

    “Oh fuck… you’re so tight, Sammy,” Derek whispered. “Push back… yeah… further… make that asshole swallow my cock… f-fuck… yeah… just a little more, Sammy… take it all!”

    I did as my brother commanded and he finally got his monster cock inside of me. I gasped. I felt like he was going to split me right open, but he went slow so I could get used to him. 

    “Yes… Derek… fuck me… fuck your little brother’s tight hole!”

    Derek began pounding his cock inside me, his balls slapping against my asshole. I was having a hard time taking him at this pace, but I didn’t want him to stop. I was in ecstasy feeling my brother’s heaving body as he held me close and pumped his fuck tool to the hilt inside of me! Derek dumped his first load in me within ten minutes, but he held out longer the next few times we fucked.

    “I thought you were…”

    “Straight?” Derek interrupted. “I guess. Or whatever. I just like fucking, Sammy. I think we could have a lot of fun together.”

    Little did I know that my brother was going to take me on even more wild sexual explorations! But before that, I was determined to swallow a gallon of my brother’s delicious salty jizz!


    After Derek and I had been fucking for a few weeks, he told me we needed go visit our Uncle Brad at the local community college where he was a teaching assistant. Brad was our mother’s baby brother, but he always seemed like our big brother because he wasn’t much older than Derek. 

    When we arrived, Derek looked like he had grown impatient waiting for us.

    “It’s about time you two showed up!” Uncle Brad said. “I was about to head out!”

    “Sorry,” Derek replied, pulling me close, “This one had to go for an extra spin on my fat rod before we came over. This kid loves to be fucked.”

    “So what are we waiting for,” Uncle Brad said pulling down his slacks.

    The two of them took turns screwing me fiercely, right there in the college classroom. We could hear students walking through the halls as we fucked to our hearts content. At one point, and this shocked me, Derek begged Brad to “plow” him. I never imagined that my brother would be into bottoming, but he gladly took our uncle’s fat cock up his asshole. As Derek fucked me for the fifth time that afternoon, I kept turning around to try to catch a glimpse of my brother being pounded by our uncle.

    We almost got caught by one of the evening instructors, so we took the party back to our uncle’s apartment. After a long night of passion, Derek drove us home.

    “That was pretty amazing, right?” Derek asked.

    “Totally,” I answered.

    “I’ll bet you never thought you’d get fucked in classroom, huh?” Derek laughed.

    “Uh… oh yeah… that was crazy!” I said unconvincingly.

    “Shit, bro, you’re a fucking slut!”


    After almost a year of sleeping with their dads, three of my cousins got together with me and Derek and turned me into their fuck toy. Uncle Dan’s son Brock fucked me so hard I’m pretty sure I blacked out for a minute or two. When I came to, Brock was giving it to me even harder and Derek was fucking my mouth. My cousins Ted and Rich, Uncle Eddie’s boys, cheered on my cousin and brother while they waited patiently for their turns at my bruised hole!

    At this point, I had been fucked by almost every adult male in my family. But the one I wanted after my yearlong sexual exploration was the most important man in my life: my father. While seducing my uncles, cousins, and brother was second nature to me, I was a jumbled bag of nerves when it came to my dad.

    I wanted to test things out with Dad to see where he stood. I flirted with him repeatedly, anytime Mom was out of earshot. A squeeze of his bicep here, a pat on the butt there. One day I squeezed in front of him while he was looking for something in the fridge and pressed my ass against his crotch. I could feel his cock growing in his slacks.

    “What should we do about this?” I whispered.

    “Uh… what?” Dad asked nervously.

    I turned around quickly, smiled, and grabbed his cock. “We’re out of milk! I guess I’ll have to get my protein elsewhere.” I winked and left the kitchen as quickly as I had come in.

    Mom usually worked at her flower shop on Saturdays, leaving me home alone with Dad. I was pretty sure he hooked up with our cousin Brock the night before and never came home. I knew the time was right. I was hard all morning thinking about getting fucked by my father. The minute Mom left, I went into my parent’s bedroom, where Dad was still asleep. I pulled the comforter aside to reveal Dad’s thick musclebound body. His cock was semi-erect. I knelt beside the bed and took a hold of it, not a single regret came over me. I put it on my mouth and began to show my father every cocksucking trick I had picked up in the last year. He started to moan quietly, but it was a few minutes before he came to.

    “Mmmmm… Jenny… shit… did I miss our Anniversary? Wha.. Sammy?!?”

    I continued sucking Dad for a couple more strokes before releasing his cock from my mouth. 

    “Do you like this, Daddy?”

    He did. He placed his hands on the side of my head and pushed me down onto his cock forcefully. Dad moved his hips back and forth frantically, fucking my face hard. 

    “This… ungh… this is what you wanted, eh, boy?” Dad panted. “Well, your Daddy’s gonna give it to you!”

    I was in heaven, going down on Dad’s thick tube steak, feeling him squirm around the bed as I took him to the hilt inside my mouth. I played with his beautiful nuts, my saliva dripping down them. I could tell he was loving the attention. Dad’s body began to clench up and I knew he was going to shoot his spunk down my throat. One, two, three, four. Dad shot so many strong streams of cum inside my mouth, I lost count. Usually I kept my mouth on a guys cock the whole time they were filling me with their juices, but I pulled off of Dad’s cock to cough and got splashed in the face with a few more shots of his gooey seed.

    “Oh… fuck… wow… haha… looks like I made a mess!” Dad laughed, pulling me up to his face. Dad lapped up his own cum, removing any evidence he had ever given me a facial. There were a few droplets of cum in his beard. I sucked them out for a few more samples of his semen.  I could feel his hard cock poking me in the abdomen. He was already hard again!

    Dad flipped me over onto my stomach like a rag doll. Like I have so many times before this morning, I pushed my ass up in the air so he had access to it. He dived for my sphincter like he’d been starving for my ass. As soon as his tongue pressed against my hole, I let out a scream. It was shock and in ecstasy! Dad explored my ass with his tongue, sticking it far inside of me as he spread my asscheeks wide. I would have let him do this to me all day.

    “I hope you’re ready for this, boy,” Dad grumbled. His tone was different. I could tell he was going to be rough with me. 

    I felt my father’s thick cock press against my quivering sphincter. Dad pushed it in all the way on the first thrust and it felt like the wind was taken out of me. He proceeded to push back and forth fast, leaving me to grab a hold of the mattress tightly because I felt like I would have been thrown across the room otherwise. Dad grabbed a hold of my hips to steady me. The bed was creaking so loud, I swear a person walking just outside our house would have heard it.

    “Yeah… take it… take your Daddy’s cock! All the way, boy! Fuck yeah, Sammy! F-fuuuuuckk!!!”


    Dad’s second batch of jizz shot inside of me as Dad continued his furious pace. He pulled me off of him and spun me around so his red cock, glistening with cum, was staring me in the face. I took it in my mouth and cleaned it off, tasting all of my juices as the last remnants of Dad’s cum made their way to my stomach.

    Dad slapped me on the ass hard. “Ready for another go round?” I nodded as my tongue played with the head of his cock.

    Dad lifted me up off of the bed and I wrapped my arms around his neck. Standing there in the middle of my parents’ bedroom, Dad sunk his cock inside me as he held me close. It felt like his cock was going twice as far this time! Dad’s pace was equally as fast as when he fucked me on the bed. The slapping of our bodies filled the room. Despite never once hearing similar sounds coming out of my parents’ bedroom, it was clear that Dad knew how to fuck!

    “Fuck me, Daddy! Ungh… fill my hole!”

    Dad began kissing me passionately before he bit my bottom lip. I was treated to another load seconds later. I could feel Dad’s jizz dripping from my asshole. He set me down on the ground and, once again, I cleaned his thick meat off. 

    “I think I made another mess,” Dad said.

    He moved behind me on the floor and began cleaning my asshole out with his tongue, devouring every ounce of the cum that he just shot inside me. I placed my hand on the back of his head, and he dove into my ass with even greater fervor. 

    “Goddamn you make me hard, son,” Dad lifted me back onto the bed and shot another load all over my face. 


    Dad got onto the bed and slowly began to clean me off with his tongue, alternating between eating his cum and planting long passionate kisses on my lips. This was everything and more than I dreamed. 

    “I haven’t done something like that since I was your age,” Dad said. “What do you say we spend the rest of the day together?”

    “Of course, Daddy” I smiled. He gave me another kiss, feeding me more of the cum he licked off of my face.

    This was the start of our filthy relationship!

    “Just stop struggling and let me play with your body.  Feel my hot breath on your nipple.  Focus on my tongue running over your chest.  Try to ignore my cock pressing against your back door.  Feel how good it feels when I lightly bite your tit, then suck on it.  Your enjoying it aren’t you?.  Focus on the pleasure your feeling and let me in, let my cock bust your cherry.”


    “Go ahead, scream all you want, that’s what the duct tape is for.   It muffles your screams.  I doubt that even your roommate, next door, can hear you scream. It’s OK to scream, I am sure it hurts getting fucked for the first time.  I am cunting you with a thick, nine inch cock.  Most of the pussy’s I fuck, say it’s too big, and they can’t take it, but eventually they stretch out and let me get balls deep.  I am sure you will be the same.  I could see it in your eyes as you checked out my cock at the game today, you need to be fucked long and hard.”


    “Yeah, now you are getting into it.  Your letting out little moans each time I thrust into you.  You like the feeling of my raw nine inches inside you, don’t you?  Now I want you to look into my eyes.  I want to see your reaction as I flood your new cunt with my seed.”


    “Don’t worry dude, of course I will pump my load into you deep. It would be rude not to let you feel my hot, creamy, jizz inside of you after all the work you did to get my cock in you.  Getting close, now.”

    Knock, knock…..”Are you OK, do you need help?”

    “Just finishing up, give us a minute.”


    “I guess the duct tape could not fully muffle your screams, or maybe your roommate is reacting to the sounds of your head bouncing off the wall, each time I thrust into you?  How patient is your roommate? Cause I don’t think I locked your door.”


    ”Another couple of minutes and we should be done, I am almost there.  Look into my eyes and squeeze down on those pussy muscles for me.  Yeah that’s it, clench my cock.  You will be a new “man” after this.”

    Knock, knock

    “Come on in, were almost done.”



    Josh loved to go 4-wheeling with his big brother. He had to hold really tight so he didn’t fall off as his brother forced the big machine between their legs to its limit. Then, when they got to a private spot along the river, his big brother would use his body for whatever he wanted. Josh loved being his big brother’s little slut.