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NSFW (18+) Hungry???? We have all the Ass-Candy You Need!!!!! I am just a person who loves big asses, thick woman, sex, & porn, so I made my own blog!!!! I hope your enjoy it. I love making gifs. So if you have any requests or submission feel free. Please don't ask for pics of me....It gets really annoying.
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    Let me preface this by saying I love sex. I think sex should be kinky, dirty, and fun.

    And I probably have no right to be offended by this, but as a white woman dating a black man, I can’t help but notice all of the white women who fetishize black men and fucking a black man.

    I personally am so...

    If you have a girl that has a phat booty, please proceed to perform the following actions.

    1. Caress the booty - rub your hands all over the booty leaving no area untouched. Then lay your head on it as a term of endearment.

    2. Motorboat the booty - Shove your face in the ass crack and proceed to...

    If she doesn't know about step 6....when she asks "WTF are you doing?" You just say "Oops Sorry baby I got the wrong hole" Either proceed or just make the booty bounce. 


    Well, I made this post a few weeks ago:


    Long story but Maddy is my wife, “the wifey” ok, so I don´t know if the people like to follow my game or people really believe that so:


    Ok, thank you for that, but my answer is that if Maddy was my wife, I won´t be posting here....

    Some of you may have already had a glimpse of Kelsi Monroe’s Evil Angel scene that is coming up through the preview site. I don’t like making GIFs of those because they’re not HD so I have not even seen anything on the scene.

    Just for fun, let’s see if we can predict how the scene will go shall...

    This is every Adriano scene right here...lol 

    Brooklyn Chase has had it with the sub-human treatment of pornstars. The Sex.com Blog is here to pound Brooklyn Chase’s message into your heads.

    Yesterday, the AdultDVDEmpire.com blog Empire Eyes had the pleasure of sharing a guest post penned by none other than the stunning and lovely Brooklyn Chase.

    Due to Brooklyn Chase’s line of work (she’s a pornstar), she’s often faced with criticism and negativity. Though she’s supported by her fans, the negativity has taken centre stage as of late after Christy Mack’s brutal brush with domestic violence.

    Brooklyn Chase writes:

    “…many see us as less human than themselves.  In every article written about that terrible ordeal, each media outlet is sure to highlight that she is an “adult entertainer” or a “porn star”. Such categorization feels like being branded with a warning label, letting others know that we’re damaged or dangerous. Many view us as bad people, because we choose to embrace our bodies, our sexuality, and the freedom that comes with both of those. At what point did embracing things your enjoy about yourself become basis for insults, criticism, threats, and disparaging comments?”

    Fuck. That’s bleak.

    She continues with:

    “We do all the same things in life as those who like to paint us with a brush of shame. We’re broken, bad, damaged, immoral, or unworthy. Before someone comments that people in this line of work deserve misfortune, understand that we are people, too. It also helps to realize that we’re able to do what we do because we’re comfortable in our own skin, and one’s negativity speaks to their insecurity, not ours.”

    Is this not the shittiest thing you’ve ever heard?

    In an effort to eliminate this line of thinking, here now are some helpful reminders about pornstars inspired by Brooklyn Chase:

    <>1. Pornstars are people. 

    Just because they look better in sexy pictures than non-pornstars doesn’t make them any less of a human being.

    <>2. Pornstars aren’t all damaged goods.

    Everyone has a past, but a career in the porn industry is no indication of a sordid past. Some people just like sex enough that they decide to get paid for it. Is that so wrong? If you think it is, then please leave this sex blog immediately.

    <>3. If you can’t say something nice about a pornstar, don’t say anything at all.

    This is just common courtesy. Do you slut-shame everyone you see on the street or the internet? If you do, you’re a dick and you’re going to die alone. Don’t tweet mean message to pornstars. They’re just doing the job (and it’s not an easy job) and trying to make people happy in the process. Plus, you’re just wasting your breath. To be a successful pornstar, you need to be confident. That kind of confidence won’t be eroded in with a mean tweet.

    <>4. Pornstars have other interests besides sex.

    Again, pornstars are people. People tend to have diverse interests and hobbies. They’re not morally depraved sex addicts. They’re just doing their job!

    5. Your job doesn’t define you as a person.

    This is not limited to pornstars. Your job isn’t your identity. It’s just something you do for money so that you can buy things like a roof over your head or food to eat. Who gives a care if you have sex for a living? It doesn’t define you as a person.

    <>6. Pornstars are actors.

    One time, my Mom met Kelsey Grammer on the street. For the rest of the week she wouldn’t stop talking about how cool it was to meet Frasier Crane. Eventually I had to ask her, “Mom, you know Frasier Crane is a fictional character, right? You met Kelsey Grammer.” In reality, I don’t think Kelsey Grammer is anything like Frasier Crane. But people have a tendency to not realize that the fictional thing they’re watching on screen isn’t real. They fully accept it as fact. Porn isn’t real guys. These people are acting. So lay off them, will ya?

    <>7. Pornstars can actually be good role models.

    In her guest post, Brooklyn Chase asks the question: “At what point did embracing things your enjoy about yourself become basis for insults, criticism, threats, and disparaging comments?” Brooklyn Chase, as well as many other pornstars, have embraced their sexuality and their bodies. Though most people might be uncomfortable with the notion of nudity and sex, I think we’d be better off as a society if we could talk about sex openly like porn industry professionals do.

    Brooklyn Chase’s piece on Empire Eyes is seriously great. You should check it out right now: Brooklyn Chase for Empire Eyes!

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    First thing, like always I really appreciate the support you bring to this tumblr, you made this blog. Thank you.

    Ok, so the NFL is back and maybe you like to watch this sport because you like the game, you like the cheerleaders or you like both. I do it for the game (of course) and in...


    As you can see one day like this 2 years ago I made this tumblr. I made it without a lot of expectations because all the time (or maybe a huge percent) this things never work. But nudes work. A little bit.

    I want to say thank you very much for all the support that you give/gave to this...


    Well, this is it, the post number 3000 of this tumblr.

    Thank you so much for watching this tumblr, thank you for sharing with a reblog or giving a like to the post, thank you very much for taking your time to watch this place.

    As you know, tumblr fuck my tumblr (what?) because if you try...


    Hello. Usually I don´t talk about numbers, because I really don´t care (?) but yesterday was epic, TEN FOLLOWERS in 24 hours.

    So, for that reason, I leave you with the best, the ones that are on the:



    Here is the list:




    Ever since the so-called “Duke porn star scandal” hit the headlines, random people have repeatedly asked me if I am “embarrassed” by it as a Duke alumna.

    The short answer is: “No.”

    The somewhat-longer answer is: “No, are you freaking kidding me/what the hell is wrong with you/are you for real?”

    Here’s my story. It was little over a year ago. Met this girl online we talked for a few months before we met. So we made plans for her to come over for the weekend. She comes over we talked for a few hours. I’ve never been with a skinny girl before I was nervous to say the least. We started...

    <>Bet when he felt her tits they felt like a bag of sand too!!! LMAO!!!