Ass Candy

NSFW (18+) Hungry???? We have all the Ass-Candy You Need!!!!! I am just a person who loves big asses, thick woman, sex, & porn, so I made my own blog!!!! I hope your enjoy it. I love making gifs. So if you have any requests or submission feel free. Please don't ask for pics of me....It gets really annoying.
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2018-11-22 06:30:21

    Dear Tumblr Bros

    I advise you all scroll through your recent followers and put all anons on block as well as spam sites,hell assholes in general…..This is the only way we will put an end to idiots who reblog our gifs and creations in disrespectful ways. I don’t understand why people just don’t learn how to make their own shit…how can you be a legit blogger when you can’t even make ANYTHING original,so your telling me you don’t have 1 original idea or thought smdh. I have a lot of surprises coming in the near future,I’m elevating what I do to new heights.Tumblr won’t allow XXX material forever people✌️ (via splurgeking)