Tag 5 Mutuals You Want to Get to Know Better

Thank you to the lovely @missreverie78 for this tag 💕

1. Favorite color :

- all jewel toned warm colors + black

2. Last Song I listened to:

- Sugar by Maroon 5 ( needed a pick me up)

“I'm right here (right here), 'cause I need ('cause I need)

Little love, a little sympathy

Yeah you show me good loving, make it alright

Need a little sweetness in my life

3. Last Movie I watched :

- The Postcard Killings ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ... I need no other reason)

4. Last TV show I watched :

- Chicago PD

5. Sweet , savory , spicy :

- all 3 combined is ideal

6. Bubble water, coffee, or tea :

- tea or coffee iced and sweet

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