You got here right in time, nephew. I have a meeting in 5 minutes. Take off your clothes, get that pretty cock of yours hard and get under my desk. I want you to eat my pussy while you rub your cock against my ankle. You still need to be paying attention to what we will be talking about - you’re going to be drafting the minutes afterward. 

    Get right to it, my little pink peach.


    This outfit cost me a fair bit of money, nephew, so it’s going to prove a bit pricey for you too. You’re going to put on a cock ring and I will suck your cock till you are hard. Then you are going to mop my bedroom while I watch. Make sure you give your adoring audience a great show! Shake that booty for me, nephew!

    And when you’re done, I want you to mop every inch of skin you see on your aunt’s body with your tongue and lips. Get to it, my little pink peach!


    Sexy Aunt Part 1

    When I was only 15 my aunt Laura used to visit us and each year she came to our summer cabin. She had a very pretty face and she always had a killer fit body. My parents never seemed to mind if we were alone because they figured as my aunt she would be fine to watch over me. She had always walked around the cabin in just her skimpy bikini on and a couple of times she came out of the shower with just a towel around her. She was obviously comfortable with her body and the more she teased me the hotter for her I got.

    One morning as I got up she was in the kitchen wearing her favorite black bikini. As I walked in and sat down she told me my parents went shopping and then out to eat and they would be gone most of the day. I quietly sat and ate a bowl of cereal but my eyes were glued to her wonderful tits everytime she bent over and her unbelievably tight ass every time she turned around. She told me she was going to lay out and get some sun and I told her I was going to watch some TV. They way the glare hit the sliding glass doors I knew Laura would not be able to see in the house and I could easily stand near the door and watch her tanning.

    After just a few minutes she took off her top and then covered her delicious round tits with suntan oil. She had to know I was watching her but she never turned and looked back in the house. I felt my cock get rock hard and I soon had my cock in my hand stroking hard while fantasizing about putting lotion on her lovely tits.

    I finally worked up my courage and went outside on the porch as she used her hands to cover her tits. She then turned over which hid her naked tits from me yet gave me an excellent view of her ass which was not nearly covered by her bikini bottoms.

    I bravely asked her if I could put lotion on her back and she agreed. Since she was laying on her stomach she could not see how my hard cock was not making a put tent out of my shorts. I warmed the lotion in my hands briefly and then started rubbing the lotion on her shoulders and then her back. As a 15 year old virgin I had never been this close to a sexy naked woman and regardless of whether she was my mother’s 35 year old sister 20 years older than me she was so fuckin sexy. And she knew it. I slowly worked my way down to her ass and she asked me to put the lotion on her legs and feet.

    She had very smooth and sexy feet and as I spread the lotion on her legs my eyes of course were fixated on her pefect curvy ass. To my suprise she slowly spread her legs a little wider for me and I bravely kept working my way up until I was just inches from her ass. I bravely brushed the back of my hand against her bikini covered ass and I couldn’t take the excitement any longer and pulled out my cock. I began stroking my cock with my right hand while spreading the lotion with my left and since she was on her back she could not see me with my hard throbbing cock in my hand.

    As I continued to rub lotion on her with one hand while stroking with my other I suddenly noticed that she was looking toward the glass patio door and she could obviously see me stroking my cock while rubbing the lotion on her legs.

    “Did rubbing on your sexy aunt cause your cock to get that hard?”, she suddenly asked.

    I immediately quit and then sat on the patio bench next to her while apologizing.

    She got off the chaise lounge and then walked over to me while I stared at her lucious round tits. “That’s okay honey. I knew you were a growing boy. But, I didn’t know you were growing that fast”, she said as she reached down and removed my still throbbing cock from my shorts.

    “My, my, my. You shouldn’t be ashamed of a huge throbbing cock like that. You should be proud of it”, she told me while slowing stroking it while I stood up next to her.

    “Are you a virgin?”, she playfully asked as I nodded my head yes. “Have you ever had a blowjob?”, she asked as I nodded my head no. “Have you ever had a girl stroke your cock like this?”, she asked. I again nodded my head no.

    “Well this is your lucky day”, she told me while dropping to her knees in front of me and slowly rubbing my hard cock against her face while softly kissing the head and then the shaft.

    I couldn’t believe my sexy aunt was on her knees worshipping my cock but I was determined not to come to quick.

    I was amazed at how she slowly took one of my low hanging balls in her mouth and then the other while continuing to stroke my shaft with her right hand.

    She then slowly put just the head of my cock in her lips and I was amazed how warm and wet her mouth was as she started bobbing up and down on it.

    I bit my lip to keep from coming too fast and when she looked up at me and we locked eyes while her mouth was full of my hard throbbing cock I wished I could freeze this picture in my mind for days, weeks, months and years to come……………

    Sexy Aunt Part 2

    Laura took her time while continuing to lick up and down on my shaft and every few seconds she would wrap her sexy lips around my shaft and bounce her head up down taking my throbbing cock deeper and deeper in her mouth.

    “I believe you like the way your naughty aunt sucks your cock. You’ve never fantasized about me stroking and sucking your young hard cock before have you?”, she playfully asked.

    “Maybe just once or twice”, I sarcastically replied.

    “I think it’s time I showed you how to return the favor”, she told me while slipping off her sexy bikini bottoms and sitting down. I wasted no time getting on my knees in front of her and I teased her by kissing her lovely feet and ankles before working my way up to her sexy thighs. As I glanced up she was feverishly sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy so I reached up and replaced her fingers with mine.

    She let out a low moan as I started rubbing her sensitive little clit while working my way slowly up to her pussy with my butterfly kisses.

    I first gently brushed my lips over her pussy before flicking my quicksilver tongue over her perfectly shaved pussy lips. I had never seen a shaved pussy before and it didn’t take long for her pussy lips to get fatter and fatter.

    I then began to slowly suck on one set of lips and then the other while still sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy not worrying in the least that someone would see me sucking my sexy aunt’s pussy right out in broad daylight.

    “Oh god! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god”, she moaned as I felt her warm wet pussy tighten around my fingers as she obviously came for the first time. “For a young guy you really know how to turn a woman on”, she told me. “Are you sure this is your first time?”

    “I’ve dreamed about getting the chance to see your perfect little pussy and seeing it clean and shaved was even more exciting”, I told her.

    Laura then smiled at me and stood up while helping me sit down on the bench. She then stood up on the bench and spread her legs with her sloppy wet pussy just right above my cock with her back and her ass to me.

    “I need you to sit still while I fuck that huge cock while you watch”, she told me.

    At first on the swollen purple mushroom head of my cock slipped into her wet warm pussy and then she began to slowly bounce up and down on it until just an inch or two slid inside her.

    As if seeing my sexy aunt’s sweaty back and pefect ass in front of me wasn’t enough to get me to shoot my load seeing my cock disappear in and out, and in and out, and in and out of her warm wet pussy was.

    I bit my lip hard knowing that I couldn’t come too fast and knowing that my sexy aunt was determined to show her shy virgin nephew the fucking I would remember for a long, long time.

    To my suprise she then took my hands and cupped them on her beautifully firm tits and as I squeezed her nipples I could feel her pussy tighten on my shaft as she came again.

    “If I would have known how incredible your hard cock would feel in my pussy I would have been fucking you a year ago”, she told me as she moaned and groaned in approval as I then started thrusting my hips into the air taking control of our fuck session.

    I then gently picked her up and put her back on the chaise lounge on her back while putting one foot on each side of the chair before rubbing my hard cock against her wet pussy.

    “Oh yeah. Oh yeah I want you to take control now. Show me how hard you can fuck your sexy aunt with that huge throbbing cock. I knew you wanted to bury that cock deep in my pussy”, she told me as she spread her legs even wider as I slid my cock into her warm wet pussy balls deep before pulling out and then thrusting all the way in slower and slower.

    Actually spreading my aunt’s swollen pussy lips apart with my hot throbbing cock was a thousand times more intense than I had fantasized about.

    All the dozens of times I had watched her at our lake cabin in her sexy shorts and skimpy bikini and all the times I had seen her show off her sexy body were now running through my mind.

    I leaned down to kiss her neck while still fucking her slowly and she quickly covered my lips with kisses before playfully flicking her tongue in and out of my mouth.

    When she then spread her legs even wider before wrapping them tightly around my back I began to completely pick her body up off the chaise on ever up stroke and them slam her down on every down stroke.

    “Yes! Yes! Fuck me hard! Fuck me deep!”, she screamed as I started to pick up my pace and fucker her faster and faster…………… 

    Sexy Aunt Part 3

    Her wet warm pussy felt so incredible I wasn’t even worried that we were fucking right out in broad daylight on the back porch where other people could see us from their cabins.

    I continued to pick Laura up on every upstroke and slam her down on every downstroke as she wrapped her sexy legs around my waist so I could fuck her even deeper.

    “Fuck yeah! Fuck me with that young hard cock! I LOVE IT!”, she screamed as I was now totally covered in sweat as was she.

    “Pick me up and let’s finish inside”, she told me as I lifted her up and as she wrapped her arms around my neck my pussy was still deep inside her pussy and every step I took toward the sliding door of the cabin my cock went deeper and deeper into her wet pussy.

    She wasted no time bouncing up and down on my cock as I was walking and as she started kissing my neck I hesitated right at the door before opening it.

    Then as we went inside the cabin she told me to lay her down on the couch. I still had my cock buried inside her and I was determined not to pull out. As I put her head gently on the pillows on the end of the couch I moved a little so I could start fucking her faster again and she wasted no time spreading her legs wide for me and then wrapping them around my waist.

    Once again as I was pounding her pussy faster and faster I was picking up her whole body and then bouncing her off the couch on every downstroke.

    “Oh god! You’re going to make me come! Fuck me harder!”, Laura screamed and I then felt a flood of her juices as her pussy squeezed my cock even tighter.

    “Yesssssssssssssss! Oh god yes!”, she moaned as I kept fucking her even harder and deeper trying desperately not to come yet.

    After only a few more minutes my sexy aunt moaned and came two more times and on her 3rd orgasm I couldn’t hold back any longer and I groaned as I shot my white creamy load deep inside her warm wet pussy.

    When I continued to slide my still hard cock in and out of her pussy she reached up and began laughing while kissing my neck.

    “I forgot how fantastic a young hard cock can really be”, she told me. “After you get your strength back I want you to fuck me again before your parents get home. I’ve still got a few tricks I haven’t shown you yet.”

    As I raised up off of her and sat on the couch Laura got up and slowly walked to the kitchen to get a glass of tea. I followed behind her and as we stood together in the kitchen she casually reached down and stroked my cock as we talked. The way she walked around naked was so fucking sexy and she smiled as she noticed I was still hard.

    She then squatted down in front of me and began slowly sucking her wet pussy juices off my cock while playing with my ass.

    “Have you ever considered shaving your pubes?”, she playfully asked. “Every woman loves a shaved cock and I think it is high time you let your favorite aunt shave you.”

    As we walked down the hallway toward the bathroom I could not keep my hands off Laura and as I first cupped her ass with my hands and then playfully massaged her tight boobs as we stood in front of the bathroom mirror.

    She ran some hot water in the sink and then got some shaving lotion out of the cabinet as she playfully stroked my cock.

    “I can’t believe you’re still hard after you pounded my pussy like that. Being young does have it’s advantages”, she told me as she pulled out a razor she used on her legs and then squirted some shaving lotion in her hand.

    I was totally excited and a little bit scared at the same time as Laura spread the white foamy lotion all around my pubes right around my shaft and then on the shaft itself.

    As she slowly began to shave me she smiled at me and seemed very comfortable with our new relationship.

    “I knew you were probably a horny little bastard but I never dreamed your cock would be this big”, she told me as she continued to shave me moving on to my shaft which she gently shaved before moving on to my balls.

    I flinched a little bit and she told me she knew my balls would be sensitive but she would be careful not to cut me.

    Within a few minutes Laura was splashing my cock and balls off with the hot water and then totally admiring her finished work by stroking my cock with her right hand. My cock throbbed and bounced right in front of her face.

    “That feels so smooth and sexy to my touch. Doesn’t it feel wonderful?”, she playfully asked.

    Before I could say yes she enveloped my whole shaft with her warm wet mouth and began slowly bobbing her head up and down on my cock while gently playing with my balls.

    It was a perfect angle to look down at my sexy aunt as she continued to suck, lick and play with my throbbing cock like it was a new toy for her collection.

    “Your cock is incredible. I love how smooth it is now and I love how I can feel that big vein in your shaft throbbing while I have my lips wrapped around it”, she told me.

    “Let’s go to my bedroom and fuck before your parents come home. I want to please you this time since you did such a wonderful job getting me off the first time”, she told me as we then walked into her bedroom…………………..