Daddy: You’re going to be a good, patient, quiet girl for daddy while he has his meeting, right?

    Me: *nods sweetly* Mhmmm! 😇

    Daddy: That’s my good girl. Daddy will be done in about an hour *starts his video conference*.

    Me: *suddenly becomes extra needy and manages to wet my pull-up like 4 times in 45 mins, making it leak down my legs and start falling off of me as I try to get daddy’s attention from off camera* Um, daddyyyyyy??? I need heeeelp 🥺 @jay-saun

    Listen guys I’ve been really sick the past few days and haven’t felt up to taking pictures because I’ve felt so horrible. Thanks to a special someone for these pull-ups. I’m starting to feel better but I’m going to sleep in just these tonight and hopefully wake up tomorrow and start exploring all the fun stuff I got in the mail over the past few days to share with all of you. Thanks for all your support! 😚

    I’m attempting to be a very good girl while away from Daddy today and get all of the socks and undies washed & take care of the trash & keep my pants dry 😌 definitely the least I can do after waking him at 5am this morning whining to be taken out of my diaper ( i was too wet to sleep anymore >:C ) when he has a busy day today!

    it’s always the same

    as soon as he leaves I’m ready for him to come back ;-;