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    Kamen rider saber - episode 29

    Somethings are just better with sound 😉 im still shocked how saber actually has injuries with blood most of the past kamen riders series when hurt you there was little to no blood ( besides like small cuts and bruises )

    There are many scenes of good whump in saber ;; I’ll make more video when I get the chance

    Zettai Reido Season 4

    After Izawa tried to kill the former police commissioner for ordering the death of his family; due to some confidential stuff his wife knows about. Izawa is viewed as a risk and Yamauchi is ordered to keep a close eye on him , even being issued a gun to kill Izawa if he crosses the line. But Yamauchi remains loyal to Izawa, using the gun to protect Izawa when he freezes up and stepping in to stop Izawa when he loses it. So when Izawa realises he almost killed Yamauchi in a fits of rage,he breaks down.

    Red Eyes: Kanshi Sousa-han Whumplist

    Fushimi Kyousuke played by Kamenashi Kazuya

    Ep 01: Emotional whump; grieving over Fiance’s death

    Ep 02: Caught in a bomb blast and thrown to the floor

    Ep 05: Beaten up during a fight and knocked out

    Ep 06: tied to chair, struggling when threatened with hot metal rod. Punched in the ribs, winded and in pain.

    Ep 07: Shot with a traquaziller and knocked out. Wakes up in a cold room. Repeatedly zapped by Cattle prod. Splashed with a bucket of water, shivering and slowly losing consciousness from the cold.

    Ep 10: Tased by Mayumi and unconsious. Tossed down the stairs during a fight with Mayumi.

    Emotional whump; Confronting his fiance’s killer and finding what why she was killed

    Minatogawa Yumiko played by Shishido Kavka

    Ep 2: tased and knocked out

    Ep 3: Abducted. Flashback: slapped by abusive husband (but she kills him to protect her son).  Hang from neck and forced to balance on unsteady table.

    Ep 6: choked by Mayumi kneeing on her throat,unconscious for a while.

    Ep 9: Shot in the arm

    Ep 10: Tased by Mayumi and unconscious. Almost killed by Sensei

    Komaki Kaname played by Matsumura Hokuto

    Ep 6: Grabbed from behind, tased and abducted.  Legs shackled to prevent him from escaping. Threatened by gun and knife multiple times.

    Mentions of parent abandonment(not sure if they abandon him after he was arrested or when he was younger.)

    Ep 9: Shot at by Sensei’s men. Eventually captured by them. Emotion whump; framed and forced to confess to a crime he did not commit.                             Shot in the abdomen

    Ep 10: Abducted from the hospital. In constant pain throughout the episode due to gunshot wound.

    [Ranboo had redeemed $6000 of Tubbo's Amazon vouchers from the Mr. Beast challenge and Tubbo wanted repayment]

    Ranboo, taking off his armor and turning around: Tubbo here's your payment okay. Here's your payment, here's your payment

    [Starts shifting up and down in front of Tubbo]

    Phil: Chat I'm so sorry I can't show you what we're looking at right now. That is not payment, no no no

    [Tubbo stares in stunned silence with his mouth open]

    Phil: This, I can't show this i - y'know what. Imma show this. This is what "payment" is

    Ranboo, continuing to shift: I'm giving Tubbo payment.

    Tubbo: Uh. It's.

    Ranboo, putting his armour back on: Please don't kill me, please don't kill me. I have so much money on me.

    Tubbo, stammering: Uh. Uh. Uh.

    Ranboo, laughing: Your face is so red.