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    i started listening to the different nether sounds after reading ur post, and yeah i can def see where ur coming from! (not sure how feasible it rlly is thoe) i ended up listening to ALL the nether sounds and the warped forest/soul sand valleys have such amazing detail like,,,wow just. warped forest really got my attention bc of the ambient additions 4-6 have endermen sounds and thats so COOL but also 1-2 sound a lot like walkie talkies? whih ties into ur theory rlly well 👀


    Yeah i went through them all and all the “Mood” ambient sounds have some weird characteristics to them. I was thinking about it and seeing as how the nether is a different dimension/world, I’m thinking that this was once what the overworld used to be but war ravaged through the world and everything slowly started to get destroyed and warped maybe? that’s why you can find piglin and different animals now. the different effects of war have affected all creatures/biomes differently like wither skeletons, blazes, hoglins, etc. It’s all just theories but the new sounds they added don’t sound anything like minecraft. Mojang is slowly making this game more scarier in a good way.

    Rose Quartz is honestly one of the most interesting characters in Steven Universe, and I personally like her progression arc, and the take on it as it’s played backwards. 

    I was genuinely dissapointed to see that the epilogue series didn’t have Steven finally settle with where his standing is with his mom, or if they did and I just missed it, I was upset to see the series not give Steven peace with his mother. 

    The series just seemed to  continue giving Steven reasons to hate her for her early mistakes in her arc, instead of focusing on how far she’s come, and that she had to deal with the consequences of the war she caused, I.E. the corruption of nearly all the gems on earth that fought by her side and who she fought for, and spending the rest of her lifespan gathering them with the remains of her close friend group and trying and failing to help them. I just personally think this part of Rose Quartz’s story is overlooked.