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    if i could reach for the stars, iโ€™d give them all to you

    <>The Mandalorian x Female Reader

    <>Warnings/Contains: mentions of masturbation, impure thoughts, implied voyeurism, dirty talk, clothed!mando and naked!reader, fingering, finger sucking, handjob, unprotected sex (this is fiction but yours is not, wrap it), coming inside, very light canon-typical violence

    <>Word Count: 6.5k

    <>everyoneโ€™s favourite bounty hunter, in a piece that seemingly came out of the blue! (my apologies if there is any new-zealand-english in this, i started it on my phone) x

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    โ€œPunkโ€ spiked clothing makes it much harder for someone to find a spot to grab onto you. Isnโ€™t that interesting? How some rivets on your jacket and wrists can make it much harder to detain someone? I just thought that was a fun little detail in fashion everyone might want to know :)

    Itโ€™d really be a shame for cops if people started dressing up like THIS. I mean, can you imagine your hand touching one of those? Yowch


    yall I fucking bled for this peice of trash pls like itย 

    oh. I thought it was a photo.

    Damn it took me 5 minutes to figure out why you wanted people to like a picture of soap. You did such a good job people think you are just posting random pics of soap.

    this isnโ€™t the fist time this has happened, I painted lube and everyone was confused that I posted a picture of lubeย 


    Here are some other paintings Iโ€™ve done, if anyoneโ€™s interested ๐Ÿ‘€ ( three of these are based off photos)



    Bro you better be making so much money off of this-

    Actually I have negative $40 dollars to my name, Iโ€™m gonna get fined by my bank soon lmfao

    Did a quick check of the OP and they have prints available on RB, username sofakills

    op doing art so good people think they just postin random pictures smh