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    Otherside Picnic

    Toriko: oh nooo, i dropped this photo of my TWO MOMS

    Sorawo: mm

    Toriko: thank goodness i noticed, i wouldn't want to lose this picture of my TWO MOMS

    Toriko: my TWO MOMS, who are both my parents and without a dad

    Sorawo: huh? oh yeah, right...

    Sorawo's inner monologue: To call Toriko "beautiful" would have been akin to saying there were "a few" stars winking in the night sky above us. The sight of a lock of Toriko's golden hair framing the curve of her cheek alone should have been able to be classified as a work of art. In my youth I had never understood the old myth of Helen of Troy, "the face that launched a thousand ships." But now, knowing Toriko, I understood. I now knew the kind of beauty that started wars. I now knew the kind of beauty more than worth the cost of a nation's spilled blood.

    Sorawo's inner monologue: dunno what the deal is with her two moms tho

    I'm cryign,,,,.

    This is what love is, I think. This picture just evokes some kind of longing in me. I too wanna sit on the grass at a farm with my friends and have lil bunnies in my lap and sing lil songs for them and feel that everything's alright.

    Alan is a bro but above all this is soft and cute as hell and it made my day

    Ok so I binged the light novel omaegotoki for like 3 days straight. Then I noticed that there is no fandom, like there are 2 posts in total under the tag or something. So I made this acc @spaghettiogre which is now pretty much the whole fandom. I'm famous in the omaegotoki side of tumblr, everyone knows me 😌 anw head over there if ya want to see me being a clown and waiting for mutuals