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    Steve and I had been together for over nine years, and I loved him, truly… but things had gotten painfully domestic. Nothing changed from night to night. We never went out, we never traveled, and our sex life was basically nonexistent. I don’t know what it was but my libido took a nosedive at 30. Steve definitely still had a lot left in him, but after a full day of teaching literature at the local college, all I really wanted to do after getting home, correcting papers, and cooking dinner was to read a bit or watch some TV and hit the hay.

    We had an open relationship- Steve took advantage of the freedom I gave him quite frequently, and I was thankful for it- but I still wished I could feel some of the passion that I felt when we first got together. I had been 25, I reminded myself frequently, almost a decade younger. Still, with how much Steve was having sex with other men and how little we had sex, I wondered from time to time why we were even still together at all. Habit?

    Recently he had taken to younger, hairless guys, and I guess I could see the appeal from a very base level. But after the fucking was done, did they really have anything to talk about? Teaching had ruined me; I was convinced that everyone under 23 was a complete naïve, borderline idiot. Not that Steve was into me for my brains. He had always been a bit more alternative, a few tattoos, and more physically active. The same qualities that had attracted me to him when I was younger now seemed distant. Wouldn’t I be better off with another bookworm? Maybe another professor…

    It was a Friday, and I had just arrived home, exhausted after a long department meeting. Who schedules department meetings on a Friday evening? I wondered, sloughing off my shoulder bag with a sigh. I hoped Steve didn’t want me to cook tonight. Maybe we could order in?

    “Hello?” I called, hanging up my coat on the rack. I looked at the kitchen table- a plate of food, wrapped in saran wrap sat at my usual spot, along with a note.

    “Jacob- Figured you wouldn’t want to cook,” it read. The plate was full with some kind of rice dish. I could hear the shower running. Maybe Steve was going out tonight and fucking one of his little college boys and felt bad, so he cooked.

    I stopped myself. Here my partner had done something generous for me, and I was being ungrateful and presumptive from the get-go. I frowned at myself. If only I didn’t feel so tired all the time…

    I peeled off the plastic and dug in- it was still warm. The rice had some kind of spice I wasn’t familiar with. Rich, with a bit of a kick at the end. Steve wasn’t one for cooking, and when he did, I usually only ate a small portion, but I found myself polishing off the entire dish. I went to the fridge and poured a big glass of milk and downed the entire thing.

    The shower had stopped. The bathroom door swung open, and Steve walked into the kitchen, wearing only a towel. He was still incredibly handsome, there was no denying it. Tall and muscled with a smattering of body hair, manly jaw, and perma-scruff. It was no wonder he could have his pick of cute twenty-somethings.

    “Hey,” he said. “You eat?”

    “I did- it was great, thank you,” I said. The rice felt warm as it worked its way down to my gut. “New recipe?”

    He grinned. “Yeah, something special.”

    “Well, thank you, again,” I said. “I’m just spent. You going out?”

    “Nah,” he said. “I thought we’d stay in tonight. Maybe go to bed early.”

    Oh god, I thought. I knew what that was code for. So that’s why he cooked.

    “Yeah,” I said half-heartedly. “I think I might need a shower too, though…”

    Maybe a shower will give me a second wind, I thought. Or at least a bit of time to decompress.

    “I’ll be in the bedroom,” he said and strode off.

    The shower felt great. Dinner was still warm in my stomach, and I could feel the stress of my week melt off of me. I rubbed the soap under my arms and then rolled my shoulders. I felt good- like I had just hit the gym. I worked some shampoo into a lather and ran my fingers through my hair. Lately, it had been thinning, but for some reason it felt incredibly thick this evening. I soaped up my dick and felt it start to get a bit thicker. It was super sensitive and I let out a soft moan. After weeks of pretty much forgetting that it was even there, it felt like I was coming out of a coma or something.

    Oh right, I thought as I let out another moan into the steam. THIS is what it feels like to be aroused.

    I turned off the water and toweled off. My skin felt so awake and alive. And smooth! My hand ran over my nipple. It was electric. I let the towel fall to the floor as I tweaked my nipple with one hand and ran my other hand across my chest. I was smooth alright- too smooth. Where was my chest hair? I looked down to see my chest, completely hairless. And where was that beginning of a paunch? I looked downright toned. And were those pecs? What was going on? I felt warm all over.

    I picked up the towel and wiped off the steam-covered mirror (was it really that high up?).

    Staring back at me was a handsome but young face, a complete stranger. Boyish, rose-cheeked, and maybe 21. Beautiful but confused eyes.

    “What the hell?!” I yelled. My new youthful hand flew to my throat. Even my voice was younger!

    I rubbed off more of the mirror and took myself in.

    Gone was the 34 year old professor. Instead, there was a lithe young man who could easily pass for one of my students. Hairless, save for a little pubic hair, strong shoulders, a hint of a 4-pack, and short, toned legs. I turned sideways- what an ass! I had never had an ass like that. I was shorter too- maybe 5'9’’. Jutting out in front of me was a solid 7’’ erection- I felt harder than I had ever felt in my life.

    “Steve!” I yelled, running toward our bedroom.

    “Steve, something’s happened! I-” I threw open the door.

    There on the bed lay my boyfriend, naked and jerking off.

    “Hey there,” he purred.

    “Steve, it’s me, Jacob! Something-” I stopped, my heart pounding in my chest. Why wasn’t he freaking out too? “Steve?”

    “Looking good, Jacob,” he said, still stroking. “Better than you have in years.”

    “I- Steve… I-… what’s going on?” I felt like I was hyperventilating. Why was he just laying there? What had happened to me? And why…. why did he look so damn sexy?

    “I thought you’d like the new recipe,” Steve said, grinning.

    “You- you did this to me?”

    “Well, the rice did, not me. Technically, the magic spice I put on the rice did.”

    “What….?” I started. “How did…? Why-?”

    Steve stared at me like a predator sizing up his prey. He slid off of the bed and walked toward me. I felt frozen to the carpet. We used to be the same height, but now Steve stood a good six inches taller. He was so… powerful and…

    “We’ve been together nine years,” he said. “And yeah, I could go fuck some young college boy. But why throw away all that time invested on you, when all that was needed was a little… makeover?”

    My eyes ran up and down his body. Fuck. How could this be the same man I had woken up to for the past nine years? He was a downright god. Those muscles, the tattoos, the body hair…

    “Why go out looking for some young stud to fuck out there when I could make sure I’ve got one at home?”

    I felt my new, young cock jump. Steve pulled me into his strong, muscular body. I felt myself lean into him, almost collapsing. His mouth met mine.

    Shivers ran up and down my body as he kissed me again, harder, longer. I gripped his arm with my now-smaller fingers.

    “Oh, Steve,” I moaned in my slightly higher voice. He broke our embrace and pulled me toward the bed. I felt our cocks hard between us. I looked down at his throbbing erection. Sweet Jesus. It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen.

    I wanted, no- needed it in my mouth immediately.

    I wrapped my lips around that beautiful dick. It tasted heavenly.

    “Fuck, Jacob,” Steve said. “That feels good.”

    All the worry and confusion I had felt seemed to fade away. All I wanted to do was make love to Steve over and over again.

    “You like it too, don’t you?” he said as I sucked. I half-moaned in agreement. “Yeah, you do, boy.”

    Another shiver down my spine at the word “boy.”

    His hands slid through my hair and came to rest on either side of my head. I looked up at him, lips still on the tip of his perfect cock. His eyes burned into mine.

    “You start classes again on Monday, Jacob.” He said. “But as a sophomore sports therapy major.”

    New memories blossomed in my head. Memories of attending the local university. Of getting a fake ID and sneaking into a gay bar. Of meeting this gorgeous older man, and him fucking me in every position imaginable.

    “You’re my 20 year old fuck boy, Jacob,” Steve said, and I knew it to be true. “And you want nothing more than for me to fuck you silly.”

    Some last image of some other life flickered in my head and went out.

    “Now let’s see how many times I can get you off before the weekend’s over.”

    My cock throbbed at the idea as he pushed me back down onto his dick and I began deep-throating him with glee.


    Managed to salvage some of my old stories from before the Tumblr purge and add some new pics. This one was a request, enjoy. ;)


    Can you turn me into a into a dumb horny alpha football Jock bro, but I do so when I find a suitcase outside and I put on the cums stained outfit inside and transform cumming my old self out

    You thought you’d go to the gym tonight. You’d bought your membership months ago but hadn’t quite plucked up the courage to use it. The gym was busy. A chorus of grunts and weight clanking greeted you as you walked towards the changing rooms. Even then, the walls felt paper thin as the noise outside was just as loud as it had been. Looking around, most of the lockers were already in use. You searched around until you found one locker slightly ajar. Opening it, a smell abused your nose. It was strong. Ripe. Hot even. A mixture of body odour and fresh sweat almost made your body convulse. This locker must have been vacant for a reason. As you opened it you were surprised to find a suitcase jammed inside the cramped space. Curiosity caught the better of you as you pried it out after several moments of wiggling and yanking. You placed the suitcase on a bench and hesitantly released the latches. As you opened the lid, the smell intensified by a ten fold. There, in the centre of the case, laid an old jock. It was stained and the once white fabric was now a piss yellow around the crotch. The elastic was stretched and the stitching looked worn. It should have repulsed you, but instead it drew you in. You had to pick it up. You even brought it up to your face, inhaling the toxic fumes. Even worse you found your tongue licking the pouch as the taste cling to your tastebuds.

    That was it. You had to try it on. Slowly you took off your clothes and decided to place them into the suitcase. To keep them safe of course. Once you were stood in the changing room in nothing but your birthday suit, you decided to slip it over your feet. Up your thighs. And place it firmly on your crotch. It felt so right. So natural. The fabric against your cock almost turned you on. It even felt damp, as though it had just been worn in an intense workout. Your cock started springing to life the second it was on, within moments you had a full blown erection.

    The soft fabric felt as though a mouth was sucking your dick. You even found yourself jerking your hips to thrust it deeper into the fabric. With each thrust, unknowing to you, muscle started to pack itself onto your once thin body. Your core strengthened as well as your arms and legs. Your pecs blew up to a huge size as they bounced. So did your ass as it started to swell and push the straps of the jock to its limits. You started to moan as you were in pure ecstasy. There in the centre of the changing room, getting the most intense blowjob from a dirty jock strap you found. Your face looked slack as all intelligence drained from your eyes down to your cock. Then, you came. Harder than you’d ever cum before. Into your new, disgusting jock.

    Here were several complaints to the staff in the gym that night. Some guy was walking around in just a dirty jock strap dripping cum everywhere. Even when people approached the dumb jock, there wasn’t even a spark of intelligence on his face. He’d just stare at them dimly, slack jawed. He was kicked out of the gym with a life ban for his awful behaviour. Rumour has it that he now plays for the local football team. It’s the only thing he can do now. But he did leave one thing in the gym before they kicked him out, trailing cum and dribble as he left. A suitcase. It was stuffed in a locker. No one could pull it out. Maybe one day another poor unfortunate soul will find it and manage to pull it out.

    The Pecs of Alex

    For my good friend @henrycavbsc


    Someone! Please! It’s me, Alex Crockford! You got to help me! No, not up there, down here, underneath the shirt!

    I don’t know how exactly it happened, but this stranger had been following me and staring at me during my entire workout. I thought he was harmless enough… until I finally got out to the parking lot and started unlocking my car. I suddenly heard some rustling in the bushes before feeling this immense pressure behind me. Turning towards the rear windows, I saw the same man pushing against my back… and actually disappearing into me!

    I felt myself slowly losing control over my own body as more and more of the stranger slipped inside me. Meanwhile, there was also this weird feeling overcoming me as I realized he was trying to push my entire being out. In my horror I saw the stranger’s arms begin emerging in front of me, as if my chest was made out of putty. The most horrifying part though was the fact that I felt every sensation in those unfamiliar emerging arms. That’s when I realized, he was trying to push my consciousness into his own body and eject me!

    “No you dont!” I fought back as I channeled every ounce of my willpower to stay in my own body. If there was anything I had learned as a fitness trainer, it was that you could beat anything with willpower and hard work! Even when someone was trying to steal your body!


    In hindsight thought… I realize now that maybe I should’ve just let him push me out. Then maybe I could’ve asked for help, or even just train myself back up in the stranger’s body. Instead, one second I was fighting against the stranger for all of my worth, the next I sensed as his limp flabby body fell out in front of us… However, something was clearly wrong. Instead of being back in control of my body, I felt myself being heaved up and down and some blue fabric stretched out in front of me. The very same blue color of the shirt I had decided to wear today.

    Not only could I not move or speak, but I felt so constricted and sweaty. “What was going on?!” I thought. The answer was given to me shortly after as the fabric was unfolded in front of me. I saw my own reflection on the car window, holding my own shirt up and grinning viciously. Without me being in control of it!

    I saw myself stroke one hand across my perfect abs, take a peek inside my own shorts, before drawing circles around my nipples. That’s when an orgasmic feeling washed over my entire being and I would surely have moaned if I could. But instead I watched myself stick a drooling tongue out and lustfully say to myself :

    “Oh god… it worked… I’m Alex Crockford now fuuuck…”

    That’s when it hit me! Instead of being pushed out completely or regaining control over my own body, I had landed somewhere right between… Somehow my consciousness was now stuck inside my own pecs!

    Now the worst part isn’t the fact that I can’t call for help, or having to watch as the imposter violates my naked chiseled body in my own car, while spurting my semen all over the fancy car seats.

    No, it’s the fact that… I don’t think the body thief actually knows I’m here…

    I don’t want to be trapped as my own muscular pecs forever… Help!



    Request from @livinston Hi! I'm a 26 italian male who s always been a little nerdy and slim / skinny. I'm 5,5 feet tall and I weight 132 pounds, my cock s a decent 7 inches. I've also always been the smart one in class and among my friends. But I don't want to be thin anymore, I want to become big and muscular and a bit dumber, to worry less about life... can u do something about it?

    Big. Muscular. Dumb! Those are some of my favourite words to hear, and don’t you worry I’ll make sure to put them to great use. I completely understand where you’re coming from not wanting to be thin anymore and always feeling stressed and over stretched. A carefree life is a luxury few of us will experience. Luckily for you, from this point forward, you’ll have a lot less to worry about from now on...

    You have a slim build which is a great starting point for any change but to set your new life into action I’m going to give you this. It’s a leaflet for a local gym. THICC was the name. They’re hiring at the moment and I think you’ll be perfect for what they need. You may not think it now but trust me. As you step foot through the revolving doors the pungent smell of sweat and BO assault your nostrils. God! Did all gyms smell this bad? The gym was uncomfortably hot and even without working out, sweat marks started to form by your armpits and down your back. The sound of metal clanking and the huffing and puffing of bodybuilders was all you could hear. “So, you’re here for the job then?” Asked a man walking out from the staff room. He was a wall of muscle with legs that could pop a coconut and arms that could flip a small car. Intricate tattoos were etched down his impressive arms as well as up his neck and across his pec. He looked like a gym rat, even wearing a tank top to show off his body. This was Frank, the manager of the gym.

    Before you could answer, he pulled you in for a bear hug and gave you a firm pay on the back. Now you were pressed against him you could smell his unwashed tank and feel the sweat seeping from his pores. When he pulled away he left a damp patch across your T-shirt. Frank seemed excited as he led you into the staff area. It was a small kitchen with a table and a few lockers. At the other end of the room was a door with the sign “mascot” written across it. Inside was a small bed, posters of power lifters, a small bundle of clothes and a box with the words “lost property” scrawled across them. You stared at him blankly as he started his speech.

    “So I’m guessing you know what you’re in for bruh? Anyways I’m jealous. You’re gonna be a real eye catcher. Here at THICC we like to promote an image for our clients to strive towards. That image will be you and before you ask, yes, I can see you barely work out. That’s the point. You’ll be a living example of how great this 24 hour gym is. In fact, in your contract you’ll be staying here for the next five years. Don’t worry bro, it’s all signed and I already sent it off so it’s time to hit the weights. I’ve left you your new wardrobe and there’s the lost property if you need anything else. Here’s a small workout shake to have before you get started, should really kick things off for you. Leave the clothes you have on now in the lost property box, you won’t need those much longer. And I mean all of your clothes ahahaha!” With that Frank closed the door and left.

    The room was cramped even with only a bed taking up space. It felt like it should have been a utility closet but this was now your only personal space. Shit! What had you gotten yourself into? The sour smell of piss and feet was seeping up out of the lost property box and you plugged your nose. You looked at the bottle of pre workout in your hand and gave it a sniff. It barely smelt of anything. You sipped it and was immediately repulsed. It might have been chocolate but you weren’t sure. It tasted sickly and was lumpy in your mouth. You downed it trying to get it out the way. Then you decided you’d look at the clothes on the bed first. All you found were two tank tops, two pairs of shorts and a pair of trainers. All had the company logo printed on them. It was small on the shorts with only a small logo on the end of the right leg and a small logo on the sides of the trainers, but the tanks were a lot worse. THICC with a peach emoji was plastered across the front and on the back was a line of words going down the spine reading “Thicc in all the right ways!” You were mortified, this wasn’t just your uniform from now on, this would be your life. You searched the small pile again but couldn’t find any underwear, and you knew Frank wanted you to strip out of everything. So you’d be free balking in the gym? Begrudgingly, you opened the list property box and began sifting through the unwashed items. It ranged from work out gear, to odd shoes, used jock straps, and even a used condom. So it was someone’s lost, dirty underwear or freeballing. Great!

    Once in the weight area, Frank sent you straight to work. He set up a weight bench for you and showed you how to use each piece of machinery. You wouldn’t have to help other gym goers, only set an example they can strive towards. You felt so bare in your tank and shorts. Not to mention you could feel your dick flapping around each time you walked. It was obvious you were free balling and when Frank noticed he only smirked and gave you a slap on the ass.

    The first few hours of working out go very slowly. You find it so mind numbing and dull. It was difficult and you were feeling exhausted. How could you keep this up for 5 years? It was hell! You were dripping in sweat and considered changing into the other set of clothes you had. When walking to your new bedroom, Frank stopped you in the staff room asking what you were doing. “Oh no dude I wouldn’t if I were you, we don’t have a washer here so you’ll be cleaning your clothes in the sink. Plus you’ll only have those until you outgrow them. Plus you definitely have a few days of working out in those before you need to think of washing them. Sure you’ll smell ripe but so does everyone here.” Disheartened, you returned to the weights and kept pumping. You even started to get into a good rhythm. You’d finish your sets and move onto another exercise. You managed to almost switch your brain off and before you knew it Frank came up to you to say he was headed home for the night. “Yo my guy, I’m off out so I’ll see you in the morning. Here’s a key to go into the vending machines if you need a protein bar or a mass gainer. Also the smaller fridge and the small cupboard in the kitchen has all of your food. I’ll stock it every few days and I’ll make your meals if you’re ever too tired. Plus toilets and showers are in the changing rooms downstairs. G’night bro!” With that Frank was off into the world outside the gym, a world you’d be isolated from for the next five years.

    You checked the time on the clock in the staff room and it was already 10pm. How had time flown so fast? You didn’t even feel that sore. Although, you certainly felt... different. Maybe you should go freshen up in the changing rooms? You did need to take a leak after all. The changing rooms were dark and dingy. The floor was damp and the whole room smelt like a used jock. Several of the stalls had tape across them saying they were out of service and the showers were only separated by a paper thin shower curtain. Looking in the mirror you swore you looked different. Maybe a bit more muscular? The tank didn’t hang off you quite as loose as it had before, and your arms seemed bigger. The longer you looked, you started to smile dumbly at your reflection. Maybe this wasn’t so bad. You actually looked like you were in better shape already.

    The next morning you woke up in your new bed. Opening your eyes you expected to see your normal bedroom but was instead greeted to the small cramped room with posters of bodybuilders watching over you. Starting to sit up you noticed how hot the room was as there was no air conditioning. Your sheets and pillows were soaked with sweat. Standing up you noticed how much stronger you felt. It was strange, it was like you had more energy and could feel your muscles flexing and contracting as you moved. Looking down you saw your body looking completely different to before. Where you once had a slim build and body hair, you were now greeted to washboard abs, smooth skin and puffed out pecs. You flexed and moved, watching your abs contort and tense. Running your hand along them they felt hard and lean. How could this happen in only 24 hours! Either way, you loved it.

    Whilst you were checking out your new body, there was a knock at the door followed by Frank bathing his way in. “Hey dude, don’t wanna rush you but it’s already 8am and I need you out there showin’ the guys how it’s done, breakfast is on the table.” He looked down at your physique and smiled. On the table in the kitchen was a large bottle of pre workout as well as protein pancakes with light-syrup, peanut butter and raspberries along with hard-boiled eggs and an apple. Sitting down in yesterday’s workout clothes, you began demolishing your meal. You were ravenous, like you hadn’t eaten in days. “You’ll need that if you wanna beef up bro!” Said Frank who gave you another pat on the back whilst you shovelled down your food.

    That day went by even quicker than the one before, once again you were stepping into the changing room and admiring yourself in the mirror. To your surprise, you looked even bigger! Your arms were bulging with muscle as your flexed them above your head. Your tank was dripping in sweat and clinging tight onto your bulging pecs. You stank of BO and testosterone. Plus the protein fart that slipped out your sweaty asshole didn’t help your stench at all.

    Your changes only escalated from there. Each day you woke up more muscular than before. Beefier. Bigger. Thicker! In fact, thicker is can be used to describe more than just your body. Day after day of the same routine did a number on that small little brain of your. You didn’t realise but soon you could barely string a complex thought together, never mind a sentence. Words like “bro” and “dude” were carved into your vocabulary and when you weren’t bumbling your words like a dumb gym rat you were grunting away at weights. Education and basic common sense disappeared from your mind as you’d pump away relentlessly. Your only thoughts from now we’re working out, eating, pissing, shitting and sleeping.

    It hadn’t even been a week and the old you was long gone, in your place was a dumb, big, muscular, Thicc gym bro. You said you wanted to worry less about life. Well, it’s hard to worry about anything when your life only takes place under the roof of a hot, stinking gym with your meals prepared for you and any clothes you couldn’t squeeze on anymore or had become too disgusting from days of sweat were replaced. I know your happier now, your too dumb to really question anything never mind feel anxious about life. Don’t worry about the end of your five years working for THICC either, your the perfect gym obsessed bodybuilder. I’m sure you’ll be just as permanent a fixture to the gym as the weights. Oh a fixture is something that’s fixed into a building... you still don’t understand. Don’t worry, I’ll let you finish your reps, then I’ll explain what permanent means again.

    Under construction

    Theodore stepped out of the car and adjusted his suit. It was a hot day but the company insisted on proper representation all the time. As he entered the construction site, he greeted the foreman and introduced himself. Theo was send by the company to check up on the progress of the construction. Till now they had sent Vincent, one of his colleagues to this particular site, but apparently that guy had ‘ruffled some feathers’. So they sent Theo instead now. In the company they had nicknamed him ‘the peacekeeper’. Something he had to thank his parents for. Theo was born into a rich family, blessed with good looks and a high intellect. But his parents had always raised him to respect others, a quality that got him rather far in life as next week he is going to be made partner in the company at the age of 24.

    So, his upbringing in mind, he did his very best to talk to the foreman like he would talk to a peer. He actively tried not to talk down on the man, praised the progress so far and admitted up front that he didn’t know much about construction and would therefore trust the foreman’s expertise. Theo had the huge man at ease in no time and soon they were talking amicably. He was quickly reassured that the speed of construction was going the right way. After they finished discussing additional features for the building the foreman was called away, something about finding a guy to cancel some plans or something like that. Since he didn’t need to be back at the office, Theo decided to explore a bit, curious how the building looked so far. As he travelled the stairs to the second floor, he was met at the top by a carpenter looking down on him with a slight smile. The guy did seem still young, muscles clearly visible, girls would probably rate him quite handsome. 

    “So, you must be the suit my pals told me about, the one who thinks we’re all illiterate pigs.” The guy said. It took Theo a moment to realise the guy was talking about Vincent. But before he had even the chance to introduce himself and apologize for Vincent, the guy had grabbed him by his vest and kissed him fully on the lips.

    Theo acted quickly and gently pushed the guy back. “I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but I’m not gay.” He said as politely as he could, withholding the anger and shock he had felt at the other guy’s impudence. His body shivered a bit, shaking off a sudden chilly feeling. The guy just grinned, his pearly white teeth showing. Despite the utmost devious smile, the guy was rather hot, Theo suddenly thought. If he had to be kissed by a guy, better it be a hunk like that. Wow! Where did these thoughts come from? He was getting the most peculiar headache, It felt almost like something was pressing onto his skull, from the outside going in. Aimlessly he wandered into the next rooms, hardly noticing the guy following him.

    As he slowly stumbled forwards, he had to drag his legs forwards. They felt so heavy, inactive, swollen, sluggish… The guy behind him laughed. “Just give up! Stop fighting! It’s too late anyway.” Two harsh hands reached from behind and pulled his tie off. Theo’s vest was next and the guy callously threw it at the floor. Abrasively the hands tore his shirts, buttons flying through the room. Theo was completely befuddled. Why was he still standing here? The guy’s smooth voice was compelling him to stay, to surrender… It felt so good, the callused hands rubbing his chest. Theo threw his head back and yelled loudly in ecstasy and pain. His skin seemed to burst open as hundreds upon hundreds of little hairs pierced through. The hands had let him go and he screamed again as his entire body inflated with muscles and fat. Horrified and amazed he saw his fingers thicken, his hand becoming meatier, his underarms swelling, his biceps billowing with muscles. Even his feet were growing as his toes burst out of his leather dress shoes.  His stomach seemed to boil inside as his body grew. His skinny abs first grew bigger, only to almost disappear in a small layer of fat, thought they stayed clearly outlined. His pants were stretched to their limit by his beefier legs and perk ass. In disbelief he looked down upon his bigger and hairier body. Gone was his slim physique. Suddenly his skin was corrugating everywhere, small waves travelling everywhere like when you threw a stone in water. His perfect skin became a bit withered, small scars appearing on his arms, calluses on the now huge and hairy hands.

    Another wave of piercing pain, this time located to his left shoulder and arm. It was like he was picked with thousand needles. Black blots appeared and waved around his arm as a tattoo of geometrical figures stretched from his shoulder towards half way his underarm. As he marvelled at the tattoo, a dark realisation set into his brain. He let his arms fall, shuddering at the unfamiliar feeling of his bigger biceps sliding against his hairy broader chest. This wasn’t right.

    With his weirdly thick fingers he fumbled his iphone out of his pocket, trying to call the police. As he stared at the black screen he was taken back immediately by his own face. It was still recognizable as his own, but it seemed a bit older, bit withered. Dumbfounded he kept looking at the screen as his hair lightened a bit and lengthened a little bit on top. His small sideburns lightened as well and started to fill out, stretching around his jaws, chin and mouth. A small beard grew in as his whole face slightly changed. His nose became smaller whilst his pronounced cheekbones shifted. As frightened as he was at the changes, he couldn’t help but admire the strange but masculine face staring back at him. Why did he have his phone out? The searing pain in his head grew worse. What was he doing? Oh yeah, wasn’t he going to take a selfie? He smiled and clicked the button on the camera.

    Shivering he slowly moved forward. In his head Theo saw what was happening with him, saw a flash of what kind of person he was becoming and fought it with every strength he had left. But it was so weary, so exhausting. The guy was whispering into his ear to just let go… His smooth voice was so seductive, so hot. The hands guided him to a different room, taking the phone from his hands. “Why don’t you pose some more for me stud, before we start working again.” His former self still screaming in his head as the new horrifying persona in his head started to pose and flex while the guy took pictures.

    The carpenter put the phone back into Theo’s pocket, groping his junk on the way back. Theo could hear himself moan in pleasure. Their mouths met and Theo shoved his tongue into the hot guy’s mouth, savouring the taste. His cock stiffened, his higher libido activating. Theo knew he was losing the battle, his resistance wavering. A cloud seemed to descend upon his thoughts as his intelligence was drained from him head. The last parts of his old self melting away, he tried to hold on to them, but it was too late. The new dumb and sex obsessed self was beckoning. A simpler life, revolving around work, sex, food, parties and sleep. As the guy placed a blue hard hat on his head, Theo recognized the guy as his carer. Adornment and plain lust invaded his mind looking at the guy, knowing he depended on him. His carer drove him to work, to the gym, to the clubs, … since Theo lacked the focus to drive. His carer provided him with food and shelter and took care of his money for him as Theo was too dumb to wisely invest. And he fucked Theo daily or let him fuck or be fucked by the others who were in the carer’s hold. “So my dear Vincent, doesn’t feel a whole lot better? I know you’re going to be so much happier now in your new blue collar job. Though Vincent is a stupid name, not fitting the likes of a dumb bro like you. From now on you are Viggo.” The mere mentioning of the name was like a tidal wave in his brain, forever casting out the last splinters of what had been left of old Theo. Viggo as he now called himself smiled dumbly, putting on the clothes his carer handed him. Time to get back to work! He hardly noticed the foreman standing in the back staring at him with a look filled with horror and regret.

    Ignorance Is Bliss

    “Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to the special edition of Ignorance is Bliss, the critically acclaimed gameshow where reality is not always as it seems!”

    I nervously tap on my contestant podium. The host stands metres away from me, reciting his perfectly practiced speech into the intimidatingly large camera. The studio lights reflect off his teeth and blind me. Behind the camera stands three bleachers, seating large crowds of giddy gawking audiences. Most of them are men. Just a bit older than me, I say. But what really caught my attention was the cube on the other side of the stage. A big one too. It’s like a glass room. A room without a door. What the hell could that be?

    The host smiles and waves his hands openly. He’s charismatic, I’ll give him that. I can see why people like his show. Though me personally, I’ve never seen it. I’ve heard about it though. Specifically through people on Reddit. Apparently, it’s a generic trivia show. Aired after midnight too, so the audience for the show can’t be too big. So, even if I embarrass myself on here, my dignity won’t be completely destroyed. I just have to answer a few pointless questions and then I’ll be rich. Shouldn’t be too hard. At this point, I’m broke, so I’ll take any cash prize I can get. Whether it’s $100 or the full $1,000,000, I’m not leaving here empty handed.

    “I am your host, Jimmy Clark. Let’s get right into it!” The crowd lets out a large cheer.

    “Our first contestant of the day is Atlas Green, an economics student at MIT. He’s a self-proclaimed maths genius, his favourite TV show is Survivor and he has never travelled outside of America!” The crowd lets out a light chuckle.

    I didn’t think they’d use my application as my introduction. We’re not even a minute in and my cheeks are already red.

    “Hi there, Jimmy.” I exaggerate my phoney smile for the camera.

    “So, Atlas, you know how the game works. Get a question right and you’ll be one step closer to our grand prize of $1,000,000.” The crowd goes wild as the figure flashes up on the large screens behind us. “Get a question wrong however…”

    The studio falls silent, anxiously waiting for Jimmy’s reveal.

    “You will leave here, no money, no grand prize. But don’t worry, here on Ignorance is Bliss, no one ever leaves empty handed…”

    I glance nervously at the audience. They had reverted back to their obnoxious cheering and shouting. Although, a part inside me is celebrating too from hearing I won’t be leaving without some sort of prize. But what kind of prize? That’s the real question here. It won’t be a $1,000,000 dollars worth prize, I can tell you that much. Maybe it’ll be a small Ignorance is Bliss trinket or something? I hope not. Though I’m curious about the loser’s prize, I don’t intend on finding out what it is. I’m here for that grand prize. I’m not leaving without it.

    “Let’s get started!” Jimmy beamed, the crowd screaming. “First question.”

    The rounds start off easy. As easy as you’d expect from a stereotypical game show. Current events, pop culture, geographical stuff. Though, none were particularly difficult, I can’t let myself get cocky. It only takes one royal fuckup and that $1,000,000 dollar prize slips right through my fingers. And the questions are definitely getting more difficult. I know that much. Now, the questions are delving into actors I’ve never heard of or countries I know bare minimum about. I just gotta keep calm and I should be able to do it.

    “Last question of the night!” Jimmy applauds me. “Almost no one has gotten this far. In fact, no one has ever won the cash prize, Atlas. Will you be the first?”

    “The final question of today’s show is…. ‘In Hinduism, who is the male God of erotic love, lust and sexual pleasure?’”

    I look towards Jim, then to one of the camera men and smile nervously. Weird final question. And what makes it worse is I have no clue what the answer is. I’m a young white student. Never left the country. Was raised Roman Catholic. There is no way I am getting this. At least not through rational thought or logical reasoning. I’m just gonna have to guess. I have a one in four chance of winning a million dollars. 25%. Fuck. That doesn’t bode well for me. One in four… one in four… okay. No point in delaying it.

    “Your options are:

    A) Vishnu

    B) Krishna

    C) Ganesha

    D) Rama”

    A timer appears on the screens behind us, ticking down quickly. I glance at all four options. It could be any of them. I don’t know. How am I supposed to know? I have to guess.

    “We’re gonna need an answer now, Atlas!” Jimmy warns.

    The timer continues to tick down.

    Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.

    “3 seconds left Atlas!” Jimmy yells frantically.

    “Rama!” I shout. Less than a second left on the timer. But is it right…?

    “You chose option D, Rama.” The charismatic host looks towards the screens, waiting for them to turn green or red. “The correct answer is…”

    Time stops. I look at the screen. Waiting. One million dollars…

    Suddenly, the screen and studio lights turn a deep dark red. The words ‘wrong answer’ flash across the monitor. I feel my heart sink into my stomach. Jimmy emulates a sympathetic wince, letting out a condescending ‘awww’.

    “The correct answer is…”


    What? Kamadeva? That wasn’t one of my options! Was it a mistake? Or was the show rigged? I’m betting the latter. No wonder no one has ever reached the grand prize. They’re being lied too, forced take the stupid loser prize home. I was set up.

    “Hey! That’s bullshit! That wasn’t-“ I scream before Jimmy cuts me off.

    “Don’t worry my boy! As you know, no one goes home empty handed!” He pats me on the back. “Get over here.”

    Jimmy throws his arm around me, tightly holding me in place. He escorts me towards the other side of the stage. Towards the big mysterious glass cube. As I’m forced to approach it, a side of the cube lifts open letting mist seep out of it, like some kind of sci-fi movie. The intimidatingly tight grip of the host eases before he tosses me inside. As I stumble to the ground, the glass door behind me slams shut, leaving me trapped inside the glass cage. I scramble to my feet. The audience gawks at me. I feel like an animal in a zoo. Is this some kind of humiliation technique? Is there actually a loser prize? Or is this the loser prize after all? It’s a sham either way, that’s for sure. I begin looking for a way out but the cage is empty. Although, at the top of each glass corner, there are orange tubes. The tubes connect to the ceiling of the studio. God knows what’s in it. Maybe thats where the mist came from? It can’t be good, that’s all I know.

    “So Atlas! You lost Ignorance is Bliss!” The host announces. I can feel rage filling inside me. “But, no one leaves here empty handed! It’s time to announce your prize!”

    “You clearly don’t know much about Hinduism or Indian culture, Atlas!” The crowd giggles and whispers to each other. “So as your prize, Ignorance is Bliss is granting you a LIFELONG TRIP TO YOUR HOMELAND, INDIA!”

    The crowd goes wild.

    My clueless expression remains unchanged. Lifetime? Homeland? What does he mea- what the fuck? Suddenly, an orange gas is pumped into the glass cage from the tubes above, robbing me of clean air and replacing it with a hot suffocating warmth. I pounce onto the glass and yell for help. My cries are met with the audience gawking at me like I’m some kind of monkey at the Zoo. I try to avoid breathing the gas, but at this point it’s all-encompassing, giving me no choice but to take a gas filled breathe. As I breathe in, a strange feeling travels throughout my body. A strange pleasurable feeling. Erotic almost… I look down to see my 6 inch boner straining against my pants, on full display for the audience. I feel more and more blood rush into my cock. At this point, it feels as if my cock is hard enough to burst through my pants. I grab my boner with my two hands and then realise... never in the 22 years of my life have I fit both hands on my cock… one hand was enough to cover it whole. I slowly look down at my body. My cock… its growing. Inch by inch, I see my cock expand. As if I have a growing boner which never stops increasing in size. It grows and grows, straining my pants, until the tip of my boner presses against the side of my hip. The new cock, which fills my pants, suddenly stops growing in length. Instead, it starts thickening. My cock, which was just thicker than my thumb, begins fattening up, becoming chunkier and thicker. It grows heavier and heavier until my knees feel like giving out. Still adjusting to my new fat manhood, I take a step backwards, tripping. I twist and fall on my new fat package, causing the seams of my pants to burst open. My fat cock flops out, acting as a cushion for my pelvis to lay on. I pick myself up and sit back on my flat ass, my cock now long and heavy enough to still be laying on the ground. I panic, lift myself to my feet and turn around to the audience, displaying my new unnaturally large appendage. It hangs down between my legs, reaching my knee. The heat fills my genitals, more specifically, my balls. My balls, which looked ridiculously small compared to my new massive cock, begin to grow. Almost like a water balloon, my balls fill with hot potent semen, ready to shoot inside some fuckable ass. My new balls begin to appear proportionate to my unnaturally thick penis, forcing my legs apart to accommodate it.

    “Look how flustered he is, folks! That new big appendage of his looks like it could cum everywhere at any moment!” The host laughs, inspiring cheers from audience members.

    God… I’m so hard. The audience is staring at me… but that turns me on even more. They’re in awe of my Godly cock. My Godly Indian cock…. wait… no. Why am I thinking this? I’m not Indian. I’m not… gonna stuff my Godly Hindu cock into some pathetic white boy and impregnate his hole. Oh fuck! I need to stop. What’s wrong with me?! My average dick turning into a massive monster cock is one thing, but this is even more overwhelming. Not only have I lost control of my body, but now… I’m losing control of my mind. It’s as if the gas is seeping into every crevice of my brain, making my thoughts more lustful… more primal. Images of my fat cock breeding men assault my mind. Vivid fantasies which involve my thick sperm shooting into a big fat jiggling ass. I begin hitting my head. This is too much. It’s all too much. As I smack my head, attempting to knock some sense into myself, I notice something strange.

    I look down at my body. It seems to be… growing. My chest… its inflating like a balloon. The two muscles press against my tight shirt. They look soft. The kind of soft that would make for the most comfortable and fuckable pillows. I decide to feel it. I press my hand on it. It sinks into it, fat flowing through the crevices between my fingers. My pecs look like the most beautiful pair of perky fuckable tits. Is that what they’re making me into? Some big titted, massive cocked hybrid? Maximising femininity and masculinity on the body of one person… I panic that this will be my final form. A bisexual’s wet dream.

    This worry is soon subsided as I feel the growth shoot down my arms. My biceps triple in size, looking like the arms of a professional NFL player. My hands begin fattening up too. My fingers turning into sausage sized monsters. Each finger is as fat as my old penis used to be… I’m thankful that they’re still useable… mostly. I might struggle to use a keyboard or accurately press the numbers on my phone now. The fingers are fat enough to press multiple buttons at once, like some big brute. My stomach begins to develop abs. They form into six perfectly shaped mountains. I run my thick brute hands over them, feeling the calluses from my fingers glide over each crevice. The growth finally reaches my lower half. Thankfully, my massive cock and balls are unaffected. I don’t think I could handle them growing any larger. I wouldn’t be able to walk… The growth mainly affects my legs, feet and unfortunately… my ass. My two cheeks begin to inflate but not in the way you’d expect. Instead of an unnaturally large increase in muscle mass like the rest of me, my ass seemed to only fill up with fat. Like two water balloons, my cheeks grow and jiggle, bouncing and shaking around with every slight movement. The audience watches as my insanely fuckable feminine ass sways from side to side, preventing me from walking normally. I waddle. It’s humiliating. This will be on TV. My friends will see this. My coworkers will see this. My classmates. My family…

    Jiggle. Jiggle. Jiggle.

    My fuckable ass reaches its limit. It looks like two huge beachballs attached to me. The growth spreads to my legs. My thighs and calves grow, though not to an unnatural size like my bouncy cheeks. Their size is still nothing to scoff at. My legs look like two heavy tree trunks. They make it even more difficult to walk, or should I say, waddle.

    I look down at my new self… I feel weird even saying its me. My pecs… my ass… my muscles.. I don’t resemble the skinny economics student who entered this studio an hour ago. I don’t look like me. I look like some dumb fuckable brute. It’s humiliating. I watch the crowd laugh and cheer at me. The new me. Mocking my waddling. Flexing their biceps, which were nothing compared to mine. Bouncing their pecs, which looked nothing like my big fuckable tits. I even glance at one guy in the second row who is fingering his hairy straight ass, letting out a jokingly high feminine moan.

    “Do you feel like an Indian God, Atlas?!” The host laughs, his voice booming through the entire studio. “No? Let us help with that!”

    The host clicks his fingers causing the gas to become noticeably more intense. It pumps the orange transformation gas into the glass cage at a higher rate than before, forcing me to inhale even more than before. I look down at my huge body, anticipating what could happen next. What is there left to change? The gas already inflated every part of my once skinny body. It elongated my cock, inflated my ass. What more could this smelly gas possibly do? How much more humiliating could this become?

    I glance down at my thick forearm to realise something… it seems hairier than before. The hair seemed different too. Well, at least it looked different. Instead of my normal weak arm hairs, this new hair is noticeably thicker, like a wolf’s pelt. I never remember my arm hair being so dark. I assume it must be the gas again. I look at my body, realising my arms aren’t the only part of my body sprouting in thick hair. My chest has too. My once hairless chest now sprouts a thick sweaty pelt of hair. My legs seem to have adopted the wet pelt too. My armpit hair also seems more thick, although that’s the least of my worries right now. My face begins to itch. I reach up with my hairy paws and scratch it. My face feels fully bearded. My eyebrows are significantly more bushy too. Untrimmed. As if they had never seen a tweezers in their life.

    I glance beside me to see a man standing on the other side of the glass. He stares at me, watching my transformation. He has dark skin. Beautiful dark skin. It glistens with sweat. I could almost smell his stench from here. He continues to stare at me. He looks confused. Confused and dumb. Very dumb. His jaw hangs agape, breathing strictly through his mouth. His forehead is very pronounced. His eyes are vacant. As if he had no brain. Couldn’t form a single thought of his own. Drool dribbles out the side of his mouth. It gathers in his beard as he dumbly chuckles at me. He looks like he’s only good for one thing: fucking. He continues to stare at me. Dumbly. Vacantly. Confusedly. I reach up and scratch my beard… he does the same. I tilt my head to the side… he does the same. I grab my juicy fuckable big pecs… he does the same. I stumble back in shock. It hit me. All at once… the smelly stench… the big pecs… the huge muscles… juicy pecs… fat cock and fuckable ass… it’s… me.

    The man… the one staring back at me… my reflection… his… his skin. His deep dark beautiful brown skin. It’s mine. Gone was my caucasian skin. Gone were my caucasian features. The show completely changed me. It changed me into some big, dumb, fuckable, Indian brute…

    “There we have it ladies and gentleman! Our sex God, Kamadeva!” The crowd screams in awe. I gaze into the crowd, displaying my new Godly form. I see men jerking each others cocks while looking at me. Even some fingering their holes chanting my name. I am… a sex God.

    “That’s it for today’s show, folks. Tune in next time to see what happens to our next contestant!” The crowd screams and cheers. “This has been Ignorance is Bliss. Goodnight!”

    The lights and camera shut off. Members of the crowd pull up their pants and make their way out of the studio. The host walks over to my glass cage and chuckles. I adjust to my new weight. He stares at the Indian God in front of him.

    “Don’t worry, Kamadeva. We’ll have you shipped off to India in no time.” He smirks. “Soon, all of this will be just a distant memory…”

    “प्लीज मेरा सुराख भर दो। मैं बहुत हॉर्नी हूं” I mutter.


    And so, Atlas will live out the rest of his life in Mumbai as the Indian sex God, Kamadeva.

    Reviews conclude he definitely lives up to his name. He puts both his massive cock and fuckable ass to good use, providing pleasure to men all over India. He lets men cum up his big juicy wobbling ass and he also breeds every man with a bubble butt that he sees, making the most out of his Godly body.

    The man has no memory of his life in the US. To Kamadeva, he was always Indian. He was always a sex God. He was always a dumb fuckable brute with a low IQ. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

    As Ignorance is Bliss promised, he definitely didn’t go home empty handed…


    Heyy can you makes a story about a rebellious- streetwear straight boy who has no choice but to find a job, so then he neds up in a very rich preppy company, where at first he tries to fight his boss (who is the vivid image of the company) but ends up being dominated, undergoing a transformation becoming his good bottom preppy suited boy? Hope you like the idea even if you don’t end up writing it and ty ;)

    [TW: Coercion/domination]

    Levi would have preferred to be anywhere but the office waiting room, but he only had pennies to his name and this was the only interview the defiant twenty-one-year-old had been offered. As workers walked past they made double-takes at the inappropriately-dressed young man. After all, he stood out amongst the suits and ties in his puffer jacket and Nikes. The street was his stomping ground, not some corporate HQ.

    He stared at the floor, attempting to ignore the bustle around him, only looking up when a pair of large, shiny, black shoes entered his field of view. “Levi, am I correct?” a deep voice asked. A very tall, broad, and handsome man stood over him with an eyebrow raised.


    “If you’d like to come with me,” the man continued. He towered over Levi, who wasn’t exactly short himself at five-foot-ten. The man was the very model of an attractive businessman. Thirty-something, broad, handsome, lantern-jawed, and well-groomed. “I’m Mark, the CEO,” the man continued.

    Levi felt his heart skip a beat, he wasn't usually nervous, but he couldn't help but dread interviewing with the head of the company.

    Mark offered Levi a seat at a large, expensive-looking desk. “So you’re here to interview to be my assistant?” he asked, surprising Levi. He didn’t realize the job would be for the assistant to the CEO, the advertisement never made that clear. He wondered how he’d even made it to the interview for such a job.

    “Uh, so I thought this was an entry-level thing...” Levi grumbled in his signature mumble.

    “It is,” Mark stated affirmatively, “And by the looks of you I'm guessing you need the work. Is that correct?”

    “Yeah,” Levi muttered, angry with the businessman's judgment of him.

    “Well then, the job’s yours,” Mark continued with a smirk. “As long you can guarantee that you do everything, and I mean everything, that I ask of you. Do you think you can do that?” he asked, leaning back into his chair.

    Levi didn’t want this job. Or any job, really. But, he needed money, and quick. “Y-yeah I can do that,” he mumbled, unenthused.

    “Sign there and we’ll… get you dressed up… so you can start immediately,” Mark said, pushing a contract and pen across the desk as he scanned Levi’s ratty streetwear with a look of disgust.

    The young man groaned internally, he wanted to tell Mark to fuck off for his sneering, but that wasn’t going to pay the rent. Reluctantly, Levi signed the paper and pushed it back over the tabletop while Mark reached under the desk and pulled out a large black box. The words “New You Formalwear” embossed the top in gold print.

    Levi lifted the lid, revealing a neatly stacked suit jacket, shirt, tie, and shoes. The thought of having to wear clothes so formal made him sick. Besides, they were clearly clothes for a man slightly taller and slimmer than himself. "I don't think these are going to fit," Levi mumbled, "I don't think I even gave anyone my sizes." He turned back up toward Mark, expecting a congratulatory handshake or a reply to his comment but instead watched as the man laughed and snapped his fingers.

    On Mark's command, the shirt sprung out from the box and wrapped itself around Levi, as if the man were magnetic. “What the fuck?!” he yelped, powerless to stop the shirt attempting to slide over his shoulders and up his arms. The sleeves struggled for a moment until his jacket and t-shirt began to dissolve away, making way for the possessed shirt. Levi stopped struggling, astounded by his clothing rapidly disintegrating into the air. The shirt took advantage of this moment, slinging its sleeves up both his arms.

    The moment the shirt settled the young man stumbled, unable to stand up as he glared at the cocky CEO in front of him. He felt dizzy, his mind blurred. He couldn’t help but notice Mark’s features as he blinked slowly. That face, those eyes, those muscles… Levi shook his head with a groan, “What t-the hell, you fucking… you… y…”

    “You, what? Levi?” Mark said mockingly.

    Levi struggled to speak, his whole upper body felt like it was pushed and pulled from the inside and out. He growled as his back began to slide up the back of the seat and his arms stretched longer to fit the sleeves. “What have you done to me… urgh!” Levi clutched at his chest, the tattoos that adorned his neckline faded from his paler skin. 

    “I prefer my assistants to look a certain way,” Mark responded, “I’m sure you’ll understand.”

    Levi’s shoulders and chest pulled inward, narrowing his body while taut striations of muscle rippled down his arms. Two small, lean pecs formed in his chest, followed by a tight six-pack pressing out of his stomach. This was the upper body of someone who worked out explicitly to stay thin and lean.

    The young man panted and looked up at Mark, fury in his eyes. “Now, now. You can’t be too mad, it looks to me like you’re enjoying yourself,” Mark said derisively, referring to the full erection tenting in Levi’s tracksuit pants. Levi gritted his teeth, ready to snarl at Mark only to feel his hands that were clenching the armrests cramp up. He thrashed his head back into the seat with a moan feeling his fingers curl longer around the arms of the chair, slimming down as they grew. He could feel them reshape; going from dirty, unkempt, and stubby to clean, manicured, and long.

    Mark clicked his fingers again. The pants in the box heeded the order, rocketing along the floor and forcing their way over Levi’s legs. His own clothing turned to dust underneath, destroyed by the slacks. “No, no… ah! Augh!” Levi roared as the slacks forced his legs to stretch longer, allowing him to reach the six-foot height the clothes were designed for. The legs were slimmer, having been pulled longer, but quickly began to rumble. Levi wailed feeling his stretched legs pack on lean bulk, not a shred of fat remaining. The partially-dressed man let out a sound he’d never made before feeling his ass swell into the back of the pants. A terrifying urge consumed him as his prostate burned with ecstasy; it needed to be stroked, touched, pounded. “No… I’m not…” Levi mumbled, looking up to Mark. The suited stud looked overwhelmingly enticing to him now. He could feel the desire for this man to ravish him. “I-I’m not fucking gay!” Levi yelled at Mark. The CEO could see the rage on his face, the anger mixed in with the searing pleasure of his changes. The young man’s cock was practically crying out for release, but none would come, not yet.

    “If you ask nicely I might be inclined to let you release a bit of that tension,” Mark whispered, leaning down into Levi’s ear.

    Levi could feel himself wishing Mark got just a little closer. His overexcited cock twinged at Mark’s hot breath and deep voice hitting his ear. “Mmph… f… fuck you,” Levi groaned with the last remnants of resistance.

    “Have it your way, it’ll make for better fireworks at the end,” Mark said, snapping his fingers again.

    The shoes in the box slapped to the ground while Levi felt his pants manipulate his legs like a puppet, forcing him to kick his Nikes off his feet. He could see the number eleven printed on the insoles of the polished leather shoes just before his feet pushed themselves into them, struggling against the narrow width. A loud groan billowed out of him as he felt his feet reshape. His soles slimmed down as they pushed outward into the longer shoes. He could feel his toes remolding thinner and longer, sliding along the insole and stretching his socks before they regenerated into longer, classier sheers.

    It was all too much by this stage. “P-Please…” Levi murmured.

    “Please?” Mark replied, “Please more?” The studly CEO snapped his fingers again with a sneer. The tie that sat in the box flung outward and coiled itself around Levi’s collar. His neck tensed as the tie sent the transformation roaring up towards his head. His wide jaw pulled inward, slimmer and narrower while a small cleft formed on his chin. The scruff that adorned his face shrank away, leaving him smooth and clean-cut. His short, dark hair swept out longer while his features shrank softer and cuter.

    Distracted by his changing face, Levi failed to notice the belt encircling his waist, completing the set of clothing. As the buckle closed, Levi’s cock surged with sensation, forcing him to hunch forward and yell with a smoother, slightly higher-pitched voice.

    Mark looked at the handsome, lean twink and the desperate eyes he was giving him. He strutted toward the groaning man, seeing the cock pressed hard against his pants. He smirked as he began to undo his fly. A huge, hard, and beautiful eight inches unfurled from his pants. Levi fell to his knees from the chair and took the CEO's cock into his mouth. He moaned onto Mark's rod, feeling his own member crying out for release. His body was still swirling with sensations, his changes still incomplete.

    Mark grunted, impressed with Levi's newfound skills. He pulled the young man to his feet and turned him around, bent him over his desk, and pulled the slim slacks down. He rubbed his hands into the transformed twink's firm, round ass and pressed his cock against the cheeks and hole. Levi whispered, begging for Mark to pound him before the CEO granted his wish and pushed into him.

    Levi screamed in pleasure as Mark thrust into him fast, hard, and repeatedly. The gorgeous, manly CEO growled as his orgasm approached, his thrusts becoming hard and slow. Mark reached around and gripped his massive hand around Levi's throbbing cock.

    The tall, muscular stud breathed into Levi's ear, "Cum for me." Levi screamed as the floodgates on the unbearable sexual tension were opened. Ropes began to shoot across the desk. "Did I mention I like a hung bottom?" Mark growled before unloading into Levi with a deep moan. Levi howled in pleasure as his cock obeyed Mark’s command, stretching forward in length to seven inches as it sprayed cum.

    "Augh! T-thank you, sir..." Levi moaned desperately, his orgasms slowing along with Mark’s thrusts. He pushed himself off the desk and turned to look at his boss. He felt nothing but lust and reverence for the muscular businessman.

    Mark placed his hand on the back of Levi's head, feeling the neater, softer hair, running them across the skinny abs and narrow waist. He gripped the slender twink's large, perfect ass and pulled him forward, whispering, "I think you're going to like working for me."

    Levi couldn't have agreed more...


    'Look into the camera Andy.'

    Andy turned.


    'hey!' Andy said. 'What was that for?'

    'nothing.' the man said. ' come on, let's take another. Pose this time.'

    'Wait..' Andy said, but his body obeyed the man without question, ignoring Andy's mind entirely.

    'There we go.' the man bend down, and took a picture of Andy.


    Andy recoiled. The flash was so bright. He took a few moments to blink the spots out of his eyes. He felt his memories stagger. He forgot what he was doing. He blinked a few more times till it came back.

    'Let's take a few more pics.' the man said, his gleaming smile enticing Andy to agree.

    'Sure. Why not.' Andy replied. He stuck a pose.


    'Gah!' Andy yelled. His memories shook again.

    'Just a few more.'


    Andy fell to the floor



    'Here, take one your self.' the man said. Andy took the camera and took a selfie.

    Andy had changed. He was a dumb man, sitting in his flat on his jack-off chair. He was very hairy. He stunk of sweat. He wore no trousers, only pants, but that suited him. He loved rubbing his cock. He tried to remember life before, but he couldn't. He pulled out his cock.

    'Huhm.' the man interrupt. Andy stared at him, his cock out, his mouth open. 'If you start to feel smart, take a photo. Oh, and I'll pop over sometimes to check on you, and big Johnson down there.' he smiled at his cock then at Andy. 'Bye.'

    The man left as Andy rubbed his cock, moaning in delight.

    The Jock Car

    And the second story this month written for this Patron! If you want your own personalized and private stories, then consider becoming my Patron!

    Clark feared the worst. Kyler was walking towards him, and their eyes were locked. The only reason the nerdy Clark ever interacted with the alpha jock Kyler was because their parking spots were right next to each other. Once Kyler was close enough, he spoke directly to Clark. “Yo, nerd, I need ya to do something for me. I need my fuckin’ car moved or they’re gonna fuckin’ tow it because I haven’t paid my fuckin’ parking tickets or some dumb shit like that. I would do it myself, nerd, but I need to get to practice and Coach is already fuckin’ up my ass about missing practice. Here are the keys, and if I see a fuckin’ scratch on my baby, nerd, your life is gonna be even more of a fuckin’ living hell.”

    Kyler tossed Clark the keys and then trotted off to football practice. Clark certainly wasn’t going to say no to someone like Kyler. He barely got bullied by him, although that couldn’t be said for most of the other jocks at school. Clark walked over to where he and Kyler usually parked and admired Kyler’s car for the first time. He had only seen it in passing before, always rushing inside in the morning for a club or a tutoring session and staying late after school to do the same. Of fuckin’ course a jock like him would have a douchey muscle car. The license plate even read ALPHAFKR, and Clark didn’t even want to fuckin’ know who had approved that.

    He rolled his eyes at Kyler’s cockiness and opened the door to get this over with. It was one of the cars with doors that opened up instead of out, and after he closed it, Clark put the key in the ignition. The car turned on, and at the same time, both doors locked. Clark wouldn’t find that odd, only that there seemed to be no way to unlock the doors. There were no buttons on the inside of the car door itself, and the dashboard was filled with a number of different unmarked buttons. “Fuck,” Clark said to himself, wondering literally how he was going to get out of this shit. After finding out this muscle car also had no glove compartment, Clark just started pushing random buttons to see what they would do.

    “Why does this always have to be so fuckin’ complicated?” he asked himself as he decided to finally just call up the jock and leave him a message about his predicament. He could at least move the car to somewhere safe, but as he went to grab his phone, the seatbelt zipped across his body and locked itself into its socket, also tightening itself a bit more than Clark would have liked. “What the fuck is going on here!?” Clark screamed, not thinking it was a smart car and also knowing that even the top-of-the-line smart cars didn’t have tech this advanced! Unfortunately, the poor nerd was so startled by the sudden seatbelt locking that he dropped his phone, and it landed in between his seat and the center console. The seatbelt itself limited his movement enough so that he couldn’t try to dig it out.

    As Clark continued to freak out, the seat began reclining backwards until Clark was now horizontal inside of Kyler’s muscle car. “Help, help!” Clark screamed out, hoping someone would hear him. No one did come, though, and once he was prone, a robotic voice came out of the car’s speakers. “Welcome to the J.O.C.K. process. J.O.C.K. stands for Car-Induced Jockification Process. Our sensors indicate that you have not undergone the process yet or do not fit our specifications for an alpha jock.”

    “What the fuck!?” Clark screamed, but his horror at the voice was soon replaced by horror at the claws tearing off all of his clothes. Two claws seemed to appear out of nowhere and ripped all of his clothes apart, leaving him completely naked in the car in just a few seconds’ time. “I just wanted to move Kyler’s fuckin’ car! What the fuck is happening right now!?”

    “Our sensors indicate that your decibel levels are a bit too high for optimal jockification. As a result, we will need to gag you so that the J.O.C.K. process can proceed without any problems.” Another seatbelt shot out of the car’s frame and quickly fashioned itself as a gag over Clark’s mouth. His screams were now muffled and whatever he was saying was incomprehensible, even if someone was in the passenger seat at the same time. “Pre-jockification scan commencing,” said the voice coming from the speaker as a red light scanned Clark from head to toe. Even though he was now effectively mute, he could still see and hear all the horrors he was going through.

    The red scan line went up and down his body a few times before disappearing. “Pre-jockification scan complete. Results show that extreme muscle growth is needed to achieve jock status. Solution emitting now.” Clark watched as fumes came out of the vents in the car, colorful fumes that could not be good. They also didn’t smell good, somehow reeking of the Axe that Kyler and his fellow jock bros loved to wear. Clark, being tightly bound, was eventually forced to breathe it in. However, it didn’t just enter his body through his nostrils; his skin was somehow absorbing it! Thankfully, the voice came back and explained what was happening.

    “Our patented jockification formula combines liquid and gas to achieve optimal jockification effects. Our sensors indicate you have received the most concentrated mixture of liquid and gas jockification solution we have.” Clark noticed his body seemed to be bubbling and pulsating as he was gaining muscle rapidly. He would have been impressed with the science behind this if he wasn’t trapped and this wasn’t happening to him! A couple minutes later, the muscle growth stopped and the fumes disappeared.

    The sensor came back, though, and the red line went up and down Clark’s body a couple more times. “Muscle mass still not optimal for a jock. Commencing extreme oral steroid solution.” The gag across Clark’s mouth naturally had to recede, and he screamed for a few seconds, not anything in particular, just a loud noise hoping to get people’s attention. However, no one heard him as a tube soon replaced the gag that was pushed down his throat just enough that he would be forced to swallow the oral steroids being pumped inside of him.

    As Clark could feel and see himself getting bigger and bigger by the second, he noticed a compartment under the wheel open itself up. That had no equivalent on a regular car whatsoever, and that was because it hid a masturbatory aid of some kind. It looked almost like a fleshlight, except that the ends were spiky. It was slid over his cock and it started jerking Clark off. He would have moaned in pleasure if he could; it was that good of a sensation.

    However, the pleasure was quickly replaced with pain as the spiky parts turned out to actually contain needles, and injected something directly into Clark’s balls. The ever-helpful voice came back to tell Clark what was happening. “Sperm injection complete. We harvest the sperm from jocks who have used this car prior. Our system shows that _one_  jock has used our system.” Clark then connected the dots and realized Kyler’s cum had just been injected in his balls. He wondered what the side effects of that would be.

    He didn’t need to wait long as the fleshlight made him cum just a few seconds later. His massive load spewed all over the floor of Kyler’s car as the fleshlight retreated back into its compartment. Clark was a weird mixture of shocked, mad, and scared as he looked at himself, especially his cock. His cock had gotten bigger now, presumably thanks to the injections, and was now uncut! The science behind the foreskin growth would have been amazing if he wasn’t leaking pre-cum at the moment, even though he had just ejaculated a minute ago. Clark had yet another problem that came about from all of these changes.

    Even if he were to escape, it would be fuckin’ hard to walk now! His massive cock would dangle between his legs, and his thighs were now humongous, the muscles literally touching and most likely going to cause a lot of chafing. He tried to beg the car to stop by using his words, but the tube just kept pumping the oral steroids down his throat. Puppy-dog eyes weren’t effective on a machine either. As the tube continued to force-feed him, he heard the static of the radio changing.

    The voice had sometimes told Clark what was happening to him before, but this new voice was quite different. It was melodic and almost hypnotic in a way. “You want to be a straight dumb jock. You love to be a straight dumb jock. You love fucking women. You love throwing the pigskin around. You love being the alpha male on campus.” The nerdy gay Clark immediately knew what was happening to him, and knew that he had to resist the hypnosis. Surprisingly, Clark was doing a very good job as the hypnosis progressed! He couldn’t stop the bodily changes that were still happening, but they were not going to break his mind.

    That is, until the fleshlight came out of its compartment and started jerking Clark off again. The pleasure from the machine conflicted with his mental fortitude, but Clark still hadn’t succumbed to the hypnosis, until he was forced to blow his load yet again. This one was somehow even bigger than the one he had just had, the cumshot intense enough to knock him out! The hypnotic voice continued playing on the speakers as the newly-minted jock laid there unconscious. Clark remained like that for some time until Kyler trotted over to his car during a break in practice.

    Well, he had actually hoped to see his car not there and Clark standing there or something, but he noticed his car’s lights were on and someone was inside still. He peeked inside the window, knowing that Clark was going to be in there. He was not actually expecting to see Clark totally naked and jockified, though. “Fuuuck,” he moaned, at how hot it would be to have another jock like him around campus. “Bet he was messing around with the dashboard buttons,” Kyler noted to himself as he unlocked the door.

    Thankfully, all it took was some vigorous shaking for Clark to wake up. Once Clark was up, his transformation into a jock was complete, having the body and the mind of one now. “Where the fuck am I?” he asked, a bit disoriented.

    “Bro, you fell asleep in my fuckin’ car and missed half of practice. Coach is so fuckin’ pissed at you right now! And is that fuckin’ cum on the floor?”

    “Yeah, sorry, bro, I musta dozed off after blowing my load in your sweet ride. Let’s get back to practice, brah!” Although Coach certainly didn’t recognize Clark, he was pleased to have another linebacker on his team, even if he was cut from the same mold as Kyler and all of his alpha jock bros.

    Becoming the Roommate

    Alex opened the door of his apartment and threw his keys onto the counter, his eyes darting around. He’d been expecting a delivery today, the delivery notification came in just minutes ago.

    “God damn Bryce, couldn’t even accept the delivery, the one favor I’ve asked,” Alex thought to himself.

    Bryce was Alex’s roommate. A large, handsome jock of a man; quite the opposite of Alex. If Bryce wasn’t home he’d be at the beach, the gym, or out hitting on everything that had a pulse. Alex had always had a love/hate relationship with the jock, but he was also jealous that he wasn’t and couldn’t ever be muscular and manly in the same way that Bryce was.

    “Hey, Bryce, you here? I had a delivery?” Alex asked loudly.

    A few days ago Alex had seen an oddly specific ad in his Instagram feed for a special kind of spray-on supplement that claimed to be able to “bring out the jock in you!”. The twenty-four-year-old had been trying desperately to pack some weight onto his thin body, and in that desperation, anything that claimed it might help was an option.

    Alex walked toward Bryce’s room, the door half shut but the light still on.

    “Oh yeah man, got it here!”, Bryce’s unmistakable, deep voice echoed out from behind the door.

    He opened the door to see the small box open on the floor, the shipping label torn through the middle with the words “From: New You Inc.” still partially legible.

    The six-foot-two Bryce was standing at his desk, shirtless, with his strong, hairy chest on full display. Alex spied a small spray canister with the label “Jock Formula” written across it in Bryce’s meaty hand.

    “No!“ Before Alex could stop him the dimwitted stud pressed down on the cap and sprayed it under his arm.

    “Huh… it’s already empty?” the jock said, confused because he hadn’t bothered to read any of the included writing.

    “Yeah, it’s a single dose, Bryce! That shit was expensive,” Alex bemoaned, barely containing his anger.

    “Oh shit, sorry man,” Bryce turned to face Alex, a regretful grimace crossing his handsome face.

    “What’s the deal anyway, it smells like… sweat? Aren’t these sorts of things meant to smell good?” Bryce said, sniffing his hairy underarm.

    “That’s probably just you. It’s not a fragrance anyway, it’s was meant to be some kind of supplement, to help me you know, bulk up a bit,” Alex replied bashfully.

    He snatched the empty canister from Bryce’s hand and examined the bottle, reading the fine print on the side: “Single-dose only. Warning: Strictly for use only by men who do not match the description of a jock. Effects are unknown outside of this group.”

    “Weird warning… Whatever, it was probably just a scam like all the rest anyway,” Alex thought in defeat as he turned to leave Bryce’s sweaty room only to be startled by a heaving groan from behind him.


    The loud, lurching moan made Alex jump. He turned to see Bryce bracing against the desk with his mouth hanging open and breathing heavily.

    “Ugh, fuck!”, Bryce lightly thrust his hips forward and slumped into the desk chair sitting next to him.

    “Bryce? Are you okay?” Alex spoke slowly with genuine concern.

    The jock now had an enormous, raging boner visible through his loose gym shorts. Alex blushed staring at the outline of his hunky roommate’s long, thick cock.

    “I… I think I’m having a reaction or something man…,” Bryce moaned, having difficulty moving off the chair. He tried repeatedly to stand only to moan and fall back down.

    Alex thought back to the odd warning label on the bottle and began to panic. Whatwould happen if a jock tried to use the spray? Bryce’s rolled his eyes back as he thrust slowly and deeply upward. A large, damp patch appeared on the front of the shorts, followed by large loads of cum seeping through the fabric. Alex watched in astonishment as the stained shorts began to disintegrate, revealing the throbbing eight-inch cock that was contained within. Bryce heaved and moaned as ropes of cum shot up his thick abs.

    Something about Bryce’s body looked unusual at this stage. Alex could have sworn the tall man looked a bit shorter. Indeed, Bryce was shrinking, and at a rapidly accelerating pace. His chest appeared to flatten and his muscular limbs deflated and retracted. His entire body was taking on a fabric-like texture as it rapidly receded inwards. Soon, all that was left of Alex’s roommate was a jockstrap sitting in the chair.

    Alex stumbled backward in shock and sat on the side of Bryce’s bed. His mind was swirling with panic as he clasped his hands over his face, certain his situation was a bad dream and that he’d wake up any second. A light thud followed by brushing across his ankle caused him to lower his hands and see that the jockstrap had moved itself to the floor and attempted to push itself under his feet.

    Alex screamed and recoiled his legs from the floor, jumping upright and unwittingly giving the jockstrap the perfect opportunity as it flew up his legs.

    “Fuck! Get off!” Alex yelped as he hopped across the floor, slamming into the desk and drawers trying to pull the material away from his shorts. His horror only deepened when his shorts sizzled and frayed in contact with the jockstrap, melting into the air within seconds. His briefs met the same fate only moments later. There was no contest to be had. The jockstrap easily forced its way up his now bare legs and wrapped itself around his ass and cock.

    “What the fuck?! Get off! G- get… augh!” Alex hunched over, stabilizing himself on Bryce’s desk. The sensation of the jockstrap hugging his soft cock was mind-blowing. Between gasps of pleasure, Alex heard a quiet cracking, whimpering in response as his legs began to creak, stretching longer. He thrashed backward from his hunched position allowing his back to soar taller. Alex’s arms felt heavier as they too stretched longer. Groans escaped his lips as the lengthening stopped. The formerly five-foot-nine man was now a lanky six-foot-two. However, he wouldn’t be lanky for long.

    Alex’s thighs ached and pulsed. He placed his hands on them, groaning as the muscles swelled and expanded. He pushed harder into the throbbing muscles as if pushing back might stop what was happening. But the thighs just continued to bulge with muscle. 

    The straps around Alex’s rear tightened harder and harder as his ass swelled into them, round and firm. He grunted, shooting a massive load into the jockstrap while his cheeks expanded. Brown hair began to swirl out of the perfect globes and across his massive legs. It spread across his shins while his calves bubbled and bulged with strength. 

    Something about Alex’s new legs looked vaguely familiar to him, but his train of thought was interrupted by the upward spread of the changes.

    “Please… no,” the groans bubbled from Alex’s throat as his stomach began to tighten. Looking downward he could see the soft outline of abs appear. The bulges of muscle only deepened as the abs thickened further. He delicately and fearfully brushed his hands against his new abs. Those legs, those abs… Alex recognized them now. They were unmistakably Bryce’s. His mind was gripped by fear, “No… no… I can’t be…”

    He lurched and gasped feeling his nipples become erect, begging to be touched as muscle began to form below them. Alex blew another load feeling the thick, meaty pecs surge forth from his chest, coated in a dusting of dark, manly hair. Whatever doubt he had was washed away, this was his roommate’s chest. Alex couldn’t help but think ahead, that he’d gain Bryce’s muscular arms, his looks, his massive cock. Fear quickly gave way to desire. He couldn’t resist, he was turning into his hot roommate and the thought turned him on immensely. 

    “Oh fuck yeah,” a smirk crossed his face as the pressure rose in his shoulders, groaning as they pushed outwards, growing and broadening. He gripped one of the biceps with his hand tightly feeling his skinny arms begin to inflate. His biceps and triceps gradually swelled and packed on strong muscle, his grip being forced more and more open, unable to come close to holding the beautifully thick arms. Alex’s cock pulsed hard at the realization these dominant, muscular arms were truly his. His thin forearms writhed and twitched as muscle blossomed and grew within them. Veins snaked across them, running down his hands, and followed by a trail of new hairs. Alex held his trembling digits in front of his face, watching and feeling his palms creak and expand. The fingers twitched as they soared outward into the air, growing unbelievably long and proportionately meaty. Alex moaned in delight at the feeling of the weight and size of his new digits.

    The same erotic stretching sensation that plagued Alex’s hands next infected his feet. Knowing that Bryce wore a size twelve, Alex knew what he was in for as the toes on his size eight feet began to stretch longer. His toes raged against his no-show socks, stretching the cotton beyond belief. Beneath the thin, strained material he could them stretching longer and thicker before they tore through. The hairy digits twitched and throbbed as his soles spread longer and wider across the floor. Alex gawked at the big feet, recognizing them as Bryce’s, but now his own.

    Alex growled in anticipation as the changes rippled up his neck, causing it to widen and thicken. His sensual grunts lowered in pitch as his vocal cords morphed. His nostrils flared outward and inhaled deeply as the small button nose grew longer and thicker. A sharper, broader, more attractive jawline emerged from his face while his cheekbones shifted. His cock drooled with the knowledge that he was transforming into his handsome, jock roommate. The short hair on his head thickened and grew out, gaining waves and curls while darkening a shade. His teeth glimmered as his smile becoming a cocky smirk no one could resist. Reaching to his face, he could feel the short stubbly beard that Bryce usually had forcing its way out.

    Alex turned to the mirrored wardrobe at his right, drenched in sweat, and immediately released a massive wad of cum at the sight of the manly face, Bryce’s face, looking back at him. 

    Alex felt his balls surge and rumble as they inflated. Emptied of cum from repeated orgasms prior, he felt them weighed down heavier, filling with new, hot, jock cum. He smiled with a dumb, devilish grin as his cock began to quiver and throb, signaling what was next to come.

    An inhuman roar spilled from Alex’s mouth as his cock began to swell in size. The head bulged against the jockstrap, bloating outward and spewing more cum into the soaked jockstrap. The lengthening cock shoved against the material, pushing it further and further away from his waist and offering a view of the thickening, veiny shaft within.

    Alex muttered under his breath, enthralled by the sensation of his cock morphing into a carbon copy of his roommate’s. He rubbed his hands across his beefy pecs and abs, taking in his new form and embracing the big, manly jock he now was.

    His cock bounced upward as it slipped out the top of the jockstrap, having grown too large. The front of the jockstrap snapped back elastically against the top of Alex’s hairy legs. He gazed downward, panting at the massive, pulsating cock. Cum oozed out of the mushroom head, running down his eight-inch shaft. It quivered, longing to be stroked, and Alex was all too happy to oblige. He gripped the monster in his hand and throttled it.

    The jock couldn’t last long, given he’d been teetering on the brink since the very beginning. Alex bellowed as the most intense orgasm of his life rocked his entire body. His large balls tensed as cum repeatedly rocketed out of the hard python, spraying up his hard, muscular chest and across the room; his shy, nerdy personality traits being pumped away with it.

    Blinded from the pleasure, his mind blurred, the gaps that had formed being filled with new traits: sports, the gym, and sex were all that mattered to him now. Once the post-orgasmic glow passed the new and improved Alex made a stupid grin, impressed with the mess he’d made.

    He stuffed his large, soft cock back into the jockstrap, smearing it with sweat and cum. He shuddered, feeling something strange across his body as if a moan were echoing out from the jockstrap. 

    He looked down at the piece of fabric, “Hey Bryce, hope you’re liking it down there, bro,” Alex snickered as he adjusted his package.

    "What's up with all the shit about meeting me man to man, twerp? You think you can stand your ground against me now?" said Patrick as he looked down at the much smaller yet still muscular Lou

    "I have enough with your disrespect, Pat. I'm not gonna let you do shit to me and just keep myself quiet,"

    "Oh yeah? And what you gonna do, little man? Because last time I clearly remember who got his ass whooped and that's clearly not me," said Pat as he stepped forward and cornered Lou to the lockers behind him, he is glaring with anger as his body presses against Lou's

    Much to Pat's surprise, Lou murmured something and suddenly burst out with energy and single-handedly choke him with ease. Pat tried to break free from the choking, which should've been easy, but somehow he just cannot get Lou's hand off his neck or even get a footing to the ground as the 155 lbs Lou lifted the 210 lbs Pat with only one arm

    Before he knows it, Lou already brought him to the shower and stall area. Then, something weird happens as Lou murmured yet another thing under his breath. As soon as the murmuring ended, Lou let Pat's neck off from his grip and then he proceeded to yank Pat's chain and then put that on his own neck while muttering something else once again under his breath. After that, Pat can tell something is totally wrong because somehow Lou is taller than him now, and seemingly gained some definition too. Lou's eyes is filled with a mixture of emotion Pat cannot describe and all in a sudden, Lou put on his now glove-sized meaty hand right at Pat's face. Not even 10 seconds later, a more defined-looking Lou stared back at him, with several facial features (ans even hairstyle!) reminded Pat of something that once belong to him.

    "There's only one way to go, brother,"

    As the now-bigger Lou finished saying that, Pat once again feels some sort of sensory losses, but this time more extreme.

    He realized that he significantly decreased in height and there's seemingly no reverse for this condition. During what is possibly his last moment of consciousness, he heard Lou saying,

    "You'll be a good fit for my feet,"


    "Call me later, I got a surprise for you," said Lou to his girlfriend as he sent her a video of his newly-transformed physique

    She would be in for another ride of a lifetime the moment she heard his very deep voice as he plowed her ass all night long with this newfound stamina too. The night's gonna be even better for her if she manages to notice his new shoes, she wanted to buy him one for his upcoming birthday but to be honest, this one, courtesy of Patrick Millman, already snug him fit and he has no interest to change that in the meantime.

    The Conservationist

    Note: This is a re-interpretation of one the first tf stories I read called door mat 

    (which you can find here: https://dumbhypnojockboi.wordpress.com/2018/05/11/door-mat/)


    Jacob was sitting on his bed skimming through Grindr, looking for a hot time. But he was finding it difficult in his home town. Many of the people here he had already hooked up with, had a suspicious profile or were closeted dude-bros. He was hoping for at least one hook up as he was so very bored, and after this week he would have to go back to college to resume his intensive studies. Jacob was currently doing social studies, which helped with his social advocacy and activism. This shouldn’t usually take long for Jacob to find someone he was the perfect twink. He had a small frame with a little toning his face was small and had many cute features to it. His hair was gelled up in a long black quiff, but he made sure not a hair was on his face. He had golden skin from his Latino-Mexican heritage. The only thing odd about this normal Latino twink was that he had been blessed, with a pretty big dick. So why wasn’t he getting any messages from anyone? “Buzz” His phone vibrated, it was a message. “Patriot2954” was the user. Jacob tapped to check him out, but nearly puked at what he saw. It was one of those damn closeted republicans messaging him. “Hey man, wanna come over?” wrote Patriot, before sending a hot selfie.


    Damn, he was hot, thought Jacob, unable to contain his boner. But how could he bring himself to touch one of those bigots? Jacob decided to type out a snarky reply to him about him being bigoted, but instead…

    “Sure hotty, where are we meeting?” He replied uncontrollably. What? Where did that come from?

    “92 Mainstreet and be here ASAP! Names Shawn too btw, ” he replied. Jacob didn’t want to go, but some force compelled him to get dressed and rush out the door.

    Jacob came up to Shawn’s place, which looked like a pretty average house. Clearly, he was quite well off, doing some well-paying trade. He had a large ford truck parked in his driveway, and his lawn was well-cut. As he walked up the path to the door. A weird sense of unease came over him as if he was in auto mode. Jacob came up to the door before he knocked though, he took a look through the window to see inside. The inside looked well decorated and had furniture, but when he saw the republican flags and guns laying about, he began to puke inside again. Jacob was a die-hard liberal, and he couldn’t see himself banging a bigot like this guy, even if he was attractive. Jacob wanted to desperately run away, and forget all about him. Instead, he found his hand uncontrollably knock on the door four times. The door opened, and Shawn was there, topless like in his photo and wearing some black shorts. He grinned devilishly at him before ushering him in. Jacob found himself on autopilot as he walked in.

    “Do you want a drink of anything?” Shawn asked as he guided Jacob to sit down on his couch. Jacob didn’t want anything, he was far too distrustful to take anything. He opened his mouth and prepared to say no, but instead…

    “Yeah, sure I’ll have whatever,” he replied, Jacob pinched himself to make sure he was ok, but also to punish himself for his error. Why did he say that?, Why had he even walked in? And why, had he come here?

    Shawn walked off to his kitchen to get a glass out and opened a bottle of what looked like a southern brewed beer, mainly due to the rebel flag on the bottle. As Jacob sat on the couch, he looked around the room at all republican decoration hung off the walls. Jacobs’s stomach twisted itself harder with each new sight, thinking it couldn’t get worse and then being disappointed each time. Shawn had a giant US flag planted on the main wall opposite him next to that hung vertically was a smaller rebel flag, with a load of assault rifles leaned against the wall. Jacob hated guns, they were a blight on the country and fed toxic men that extra bit of masculinity. On the floor by his feet, Jacob could see a couple of magazines, both had pictures of girls on them. One was clearly a lite-porno, but the other was a Christian magazine, and it was titled, “how to find the righteous girl”. Jacob could see Shawn as a religious type, with plenty of crucifixes around the place, Shawn didn’t hide it. But it always troubled Jacob that they could be religious, and yet do hookups like these.  

    Shawn returned with a beer in his hand and gave it to him.

    “Drink this all down,” He said with a grin. Jacob took it and gave it a sniff. The beer smelled incredibly bitter and vile, it was opposite to the normal sugary beverages and cocktails he was used to. He looked at Shawn like he wanted to refuse, but something in Shawn’s eye compelled him to drink it down. Jacob put his lips to the bottle and then chugged down the vile drink. It was worse than it smelled, the bitterness flooded his mouth but settled in every spot. Jacob downed the drink in a few seconds, but once it was gone his head felt heavy and he began to slow down. His eyes grew tired and he couldn’t bring himself to talk. He slowly looked to Shawn again who was giving him that same devilish grin that he gave when he arrived, but this time he felt something more sinister to it. Jacob was about to speak up, but Shawn snapped his fingers and Jacob passed out.


    ‘Click’ Shawn’s fingers snapped again, and it was the first and only thing Jacob heard. He opened his eyes and raised his head, he wasn’t as tired or slow anymore, but he seemed to be stuck. By stuck, he was lying on his back and all four of his limbs were tied to the bed. He also noticed he was almost naked, except for some underwear which certainly wasn’t his.

    “You liberal fucks are so easy, I don’t know if it’s this power or your own weakness. Either way, I’m gonna enjoy myself,” Shawn spoke in a demeaning manner.

    “Fucking let me go now!” Jacob yelled as he struggled in the restraints.

    “You fucking drugged me and now you’ve tied me up, I didn’t consent to this!” He continued.

    “As I said, you guys are way too easy for me,”

    Jacob was about to yell at Shawn and demand he releases him from his restraints, but Shawn quickly jumped on top of him, shoving Jacob into his pits and forcing him to inhale a combination of B.O. and axe body spray. Jacob tried to stop breathing, but it was no use, he gasped for air, breathing plenty of the smell in and letting it fill him. The smell filled Jacob up, but mostly his mind, which turned into cotton candy, his thoughts becoming slow, the other went down to his dick which immediately shot to full mast.

    “This will be the last time you ever be this close with another man while being hard,” Shawn said, getting up and sitting on the side of the bed. He went to the bedside table and lit a scented candle. The candle’s scent began to fill the room, but it smelled quite odd, like some sort of food.

    “Ah, extra bbq flavour, don’t worry, this is just to make sure you aren’t a vegan as well afterwards,” Shawn said, inhaling the scent with satisfaction.

    Shawn had tough bro hands which, were covered in oil. Slowly he began to work them all over Jacob’s body, making sure the oils seeped into his skin. As his hands moved over Jacob’s pecs they began to inflate like balloons, stray hairs also began appearing on them too before becoming dark and dense forests that covered most of them. Shawn’s hands then moved down towards Jacob’s flat stomach, pushing in deep, bloating it out into a powerful core with a heavy treasure trail that linked up with the forests on his pecs. Jacob’s body began to grow as a whole now, his height increasing inch by inch until he reached 6'5. Jacob’s once well-groomed body itched as his pits exploded with hairs. Shawn quickly went over Jacob’s arms and hands, which twitched and spasmed as his tri’s and bi’s erupted from his arms, his hands grew fat and hard just like Shawn’s. Shawn then took hands and dragged them down Jacob’s legs right to his toes. Jacob could feel as his muscles bubbled forth under his thighs as they grew into thick logs. His tiny innocent feet then grew out into monstrous titanic size 13s.    

    Shawn smiled as he looked down at his work-in-progress, but there was more to change. Shawn went straight in for a kiss. Jacob was taken aback by the action. Shawn’s mouth stuck to his, his tongue invading and pushing its way into Jacob’s mouth. Jacob could taste the aftershock of chewing tobacco, bitter beer, and emptiness. A chill flowed across Jacob’s skin. He couldn’t see it, but he could feel as his natural golden colour was being sucked dry from him and replaced with a cold, pale white skin like Shawn’s. He would never be able to achieve such a colourful look again, only get a fraction of it even from hours in the sun. Jacob’s light and twinkish face began to harden and grow into a more rugged and country look. His long maintained quiff shrunk down into a short style while a dark chinstrap coloured itself onto his face.

    Shawn took his tongue out and got back up off of Jacob. He went back to his old devilish grin that he had first greeted Jacob with.

    “What do you think bro?” He asked rhetorically. Jacob looked down in horror at his new body and skin.

    “What the fuck have you done to me!?” He yelled.

    “You liberals are always so impolite, and that voice won’t do,” Shawn replied, snapping his fingers.

    “MMMMPPPPHHHHH” Jacob’s voice became muffled, and he could talk. His vocal cords began rearranging themselves until a silky smooth, but a masculine voice like Shawn’s. Shawn smiled as Jacob started coughing slightly.

    “Good, now call me ‘bro’,” Shawn asked innocently. Jacob hesitated, he didn’t want to go on with Shawn’s plan and end up becoming a dumb bro like him.

    “Do it,” Shawn snapped impatiently.

    “Sorry, bro,” Jacob replied in a new deeper and masculine tone.

    “That’s perfect bro, now we can get onto the next part,” said Shawn, as he shifted back towards the end of the bed. He pulled down Jacob’s briefs, which were, in fact, his own, but just applied it for the ritual. Jacob’s giant 10" dick flopped out, covered by a thick bush and two tennis ball-sized balls.

    Shawn got down and began to suck it hard, going right to the base. Jacob could feel as Shawn sucked his dick for over ten minutes, as his monster shrank down to an average 6" dick, and once Shawn was done, he didn’t let Jacob cum.

    “Ah, that’s better. Gotta compensate with something for this newly built body don’t we,” Shawn smiled before getting up.

    “What the fuck are you doing to me?” cried Jacob as Shawn threw his clothes.

    “I was like you once, all liberal and queer. Then some dude came turned me into a conservative bro. Ever since that, I’ve been straight as an arrow, but sometimes I get these urges. I see liberals and fag’s like you, and I get this desire to convert you into conservative studs like me,” explained Shawn as he let his monster flop out from his briefs.

    “I don’t find you attractive bro, and I don’t enjoy being so close, not one bit. But the idea of making you like me is just so powerful. But I like women most of the time, gotta make a new generation of republicans don’t we,” He went on, now lubing up his dick. Shawn came back over and undid Jacob’s restraints, before flipping Jacob over.

    “My favourite bit, filling you up with red, white and blue,” He said before pushing deep into Jacob.

    Jacob was expecting this to hurt, and it did, as a painful ecstasy shot through him, as Shawn began to pump his cock into him.

    The world began to spin around Jacob, his thoughts and memories becoming surreal. His college course, advocacy work and liberal idea’s twisted and spun around, becoming more distant and unrealistic. Now, Jacob’s mind was, assaulted with different memories and thoughts. Why would he go to college? Liberal? Only in a million years. Guns, barbells, money and women began assaulting their way into his mind and planting themselves firmly. All these new thoughts made him dizzy, and the dizziness quickly turned into a headache. Shawn began pumping harder and faster, Jacob’s memories began being dragged out of his head. Everything about Jacob’s old life and personality was getting harder to remember, as the idea of being on a college campus unreal, the thought’s of him learning a trade that he was going to use after, that he was a hot-blooded conservative, voting red no matter who was on the ticket, dating and banging girls, shooting off guns and going to church and the gym became more realistic to him. Any thoughts or attraction to men Jacob once had dissipated. His mind was assaulted with images of women and building the perfect republican family. It was his duty to his nation and god to seed a new generation of republican’s who would keep the nation from turning blue. The thought of America falling into the hands of the liberals made Jacob angry and also disgusted. Illegals living off the state, fag marriage, weak beta males and attacking the sacred 2nd amendment was their motto to Jacob. On top of this though, Jacob’s old liberal advocacy and social activism turned into a new form activism. It wasn’t activism, but felt just as powerful as his desire to shoot guns, seed chicks and vote red. He could feel a power grow within him, coming from Shawn. The power to turn fags and liberals into conservative studs just like him, and it felt irresistible, he could save the country with it. 

    Shawn could see as Jacob valiantly fought to try and hold onto any precious memories and thoughts, to resist what he was doing. But it was no use as Shawn pumped even harder.

    “That’s it, bro, just give in and become like me,” said Shawn.

    'No, I can’t let go… must hold on to…’ Jacob thought as he tried to keep his cock from erupting.

    Shawn blew his load inside of Jacob filling him up, but also capturing any stray essence of the gay, Latino, college student. Even though he could feel the warm rush spread throughout him, Jacob held out, which only made Shawn continue to pump inside.

    “Just give in bro,” Shawn panted.

    Jacob tried to hold on frantically, but it was too late. He felt the rush of Shawn’s cum and his old life flowing into his ballsack, before exploding suddenly out unto his stomach.

    Shawn sat back putting on his briefs and shorts, while panting a little bit. He was filled with pride at taking in the sight of his new conservative bro. Jacob, however, sat for a couple of seconds, his new life quickly settling into his conscience.

    “How do you feel bro?” asked Shawn

    “Fucking great bro, gonna go get me some guns, beer and pussy!” Jacob yelled excitedly.

    “Great now wipe off that useless shit and get dressed,” Shawn ordered

    Jacob went over to a pile of dirty shirts and trousers. He picked up a cap and put it on.

    “Ok bro, now you got to make a profile on that gay app too, need to convert more of them queers,” Shawn instructed.

    “Fuck, I don’t want to be with no queers,” He whined.

    “Don’t argue bro, or I’m gonna fuck you again, and you won’t be pretty afterwards. Anyway, your mind should set in the same feeling I have about converting liberals too,” Shawn snapped. 

    An idea popped into Jacob’s head, he quickly picked up his phone and snapped a selfie of him in some briefs. Damn fags are like chick’s, they won’t be able to resist this beef.


    Don’t Snoop On The Warlock Jocks


    Hey there everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for getting this account to over 1,000 followers. It’s crazy that I’ve gotten this much support in just over 4 months, but I appreciate all of the support nonetheless. Despite my anxieties with writing for such a rapidly growing audience, I’m still very much excited about making interesting stories that we both can enjoy! 

    This new story was a request story by @wannabetwink


    You knew you shouldn’t do it, but you just couldn’t help yourself. Despite your flabby body and complete lack of workout knowledge, you loved your job at the college gym. You couldn’t care less about the measly salary when you got such a prime view of all of the sexy college jocks that would enter to workout. Although most people would be offended by the fact that your supervisor didn’t want your non-athletic appearance greeting the clients, you didn’t mind it. This was especially due to the fact that your new job involved sanitizing the gym equipment and cleaning up the filthy locker rooms. Most people would be disgusted by having to clean up the mess after the endless jerk-off sessions that occur in the sauna and showers, but you didn’t mind it at all. This was as close as you’ve been to any action in years. 

    Another positive from doing these duties is the fact that it allowed you to snoop in the locker room and stare at the naked men after their workouts. Something about just the sight of their sweat-covered torsos was enough to get you rock hard and leaking into your work khakis. You had made it quite a habit now, with each shift leading you to snoop and stare for longer and longer periods of time at the various men. After months of doing it, it got to the point where you had your favorite jocks’ schedules memorized so you knew who to expect each day you worked. It was a bit alarming to see yourself falling into such a lustful obsession, but you didn’t stop yourself from leaning into your peeping tom tendencies.

    One day, you were going through your normal snooping schedule while hiding in the corner of the locker room. You pretended to mop the floor, but you ignored the tasks at hand and continuously peered past the lockers and stared at the large group of men joking around and parading around fully nude. 

    As you lean further into the lockers, you become completely enamoured by one man’s dick. Usually you were quite the ass man, but just watching the way it bounced with each thunderous step had left you essentially foaming at the mouth. With your mind solely focused on the firm member in your field of vision, you didn’t notice your grip on the mop quickly slipping. The only thing that broke you from your state of thirst was the clanging and clattering of the mop against the tiled floor. By the time you realized what was going on, you looked up once more to see all of the men staring at you. Trying to play off being caught in the act, you quickly begin whistling and start rapidly mopping the floor to make it appear as if you’ve been working this whole time.

    However, after a few seconds of hearing some weird mumbling that seemed like a foreign language, the men call out to you. “Hey creep, get your ass out here!” one voice cried out, its hoarseness echoing throughout the otherwise empty locker room and making you tense up out of fear. Out of nowhere, you look down in shock as your feet begin to move at their own volition towards the group. You gasp and try to stop yourself, but it’s no use. It’s as if you have no control over where your feet take you anymore. 

    After a few more steps, you walk right into the group of men, who now are clad into towels after the discovery of your peeping. They quickly surround you and their eyes narrow as they attentively stare at you. While they stare, you couldn’t help but grow a bit self-conscious as they size you up. Given your bigger size, it was quite humiliating to watch all of these buff men judging your appearance. Before your mind can wander further into shame, your attention is directly back to the men as they slowly begin to chant in a synchronized low tone. Despite your best attempts at trying to understand what they’re saying, all you can make out is some sort of strange gibberish in an unrecognizable language. You look around in confusion as the men slowly allow their emotionless faces to change into a devilish grin. At this point, you begin to sweat profusely as their piercing glares make it appear as if they have some sort of evil plan to punish you.

    Soon after, one of the men steps forward, who you immediately recognize as being named Blake. Blake was the man you were caught staring at, the prime subject of your twisted tendencies. Despite never once talking to the man, you had completely memorized so much about his life. Your snooping both in the gym and online informed you of his life as a star football player and valedictorian at his high school. It was incredibly alluring to see someone who broke the age-old stereotype of a jocks having no intelligence. Plus, with his slicked back blonde hair, hulking frame, and husky voice, it was no shock that you found him completely irresistible. “So, what were you doing over there huh? Were you staring at us to get off?” he said in an inquisitive tone. You tried to shake your head no and remain calm, but you gasp as your mouth began on its own. “Yes, I snoop on the guys here all the time. Everyone’s too hot, it’s hard to resist honestly” You said, causing you to grab your throat in shock. You couldn’t deny it was true, but you were absolutely shocked by just how blatant your phrasing had been. “Yeah, that’s what I thought…” Blake said. “Well, if you’re getting off on us, we might as well get off on you as well… right boys?” he continued, turning his head side to side and watching as all of the jocks shake their heads in approval. “Glad we agree then boys, so who wants to go first?” Blake asks. 

    One man steps forward and deeply looks you up and down. As he stares, you couldn’t help but stare back and admire his sculpted features. With beautiful caramel skin that even glistened under the unflattering gym lighting, you couldn’t deny that you even felt an attraction to this man as well. However, your daydreaming quickly is broken as the man begins to speak. His silky smooth voice begins and says “I think he needs a new hairstyle. This long hair look isn’t a good one. How about his hair grows a bit darker and changes to something shorter?”. 

    As he finished his statement, you suddenly began to feel a weird tug come from your scalp. You couldn’t tell, but in one quick swoop, your hair was completely reformed. The long dirty blond hair that rested around your shoulders was no more. The hair quickly vanished from existence as a shorter hairstyle quickly reformed in its place. As the new hairs pushed out of your scalp, you were completely unaware of the fact that your hair was now a darker shade of brown.

    Another man with green eyes and ginger-colored hair shook his head and did a swiping hand motion to his side. In your stationary state, you could only watch as the clothing on your body immediately evaporated off of your chunky frame. Now completely nude, you felt even more self-conscious as the sexy men continued to stare you down. “I think he should be almost completely hairless though. I don’t think he has the body to pull off such a thick pelt of body hair…” He said, which your body soon agreed with. Out of nowhere, the body hair that completely covered your body ripped off in a thick tug like it was taken off with a wax strip. You groaned in pain, but you couldn’t do anything else about it as almost every inch of your body had its hair removed. The only places that remained safe from this trimming was the hair on your scalp and your armpits.

    “Yeah, that’s good. Let’s give him some pierced ears too!” a man chimed in from the back. Immediately, a twinge of pain occurs and you suddenly feel the heft of two stud earrings tugging downwards on the lobes of your ears.. 

    “Well, that just looks strange now… We need to get rid of that flab too. If you want us to even touch you, you’re gonna need to lose some weight. You know what, I’m feeling like we could use a twink in our ranks. Let’s make that happen, shall we boys?” another man with brown eyes says to you. Immediately, your body complies to the order as it rapidly heats up and you groan in discomfort. That discomfort soon turns to searing pain as the fat quickly melts off his body. Your flabby chest melts away until you’re now completely flat chested. These changes continue down your torso as your gut fades from existence and a taut torso is revealed to the entire group. The changes continue downward as your thick thighs lose pounds of heft until your legs are completely slim. Due to this, you find yourself adjusting your body in response. 

    Given that you no longer need a wider stance to compensate for your thick thighs, you move your legs closer together and can only peer down in shock at the thin body you now have. Despite the fact that you didn’t want to be a chunky man, you certainly didn’t want to be a skinny twink either. All you ever wanted was to be a buff jock like those guys and now they’ve seemingly forced you to become this skinny and hairless twink. You wanted to cry, but you found yourself unable to as another man randomly begins to chime in with his own suggestions.

    “You’re looking great man. But ooh, let’s change his personality too. I’d hate to have that peeping tom personality still bouncing around in that dumb noggin of his….” a man chuckles, his hearty laugh echoing through the room. “Given that he wants to snoop so badly, let’s give him an incredibly high libedo while making him completely dick-crazy. From now on, the only thing he’ll be able to think about is dick…” Immediately, an intense pain shoots through your head, rivaling the worst migraines you’ve ever experienced. From nerve ending to nerve ending, you can feel your brain painfully rewiring. Your years of computer programming intelligence slowly fades away until your mind informs you of your new major of journalism. Upon this new memory, several other smaller memories unlock informing you about your position at the school paper. You remember late nights where you’d write juicy gossip columns about the various scandals on campus.

    The intensity of pain deepens and you snap out of your trip down memory lane as your mind goes blank as the changes slowly finalize. Upon the pain finally subsiding, you gingerly open your eyes and look around the room. Upon staring at the sea of shirtless jocks, your dick immediately begins to harden in response. However, despite their buff musculatures, you find that your eyes are only focusing intently on their towel-covered crotches. Despite its concealed nature, your mind can’t focus on anything else other than sucking it and hearing the deep moans of the various men.

    In response to your fantasies, your dick reaches peak hardness and thus making its appearances blatantly obvious to the group. When Blake slowly steps forward, your eyes immediately narrow in an act of pure lust. “Oh wow, you’re better endowed than I expected…” Blake says as he peers at you and your throbbing dick. He then begins to taunt you as he wraps his thick hand around your shaft and playfully slides it up and down. “How about we remedy that a bit huh? I don’t think you’ll need it anymore given that you’re such a hungry bottom now…” He continued, adding in a sinister chuckle as you feel more changes occur. With your eyes breaking from their lustful glares and looking downwards, you can only watch in sadness as your surprisingly impressive dick begins to quickly shrink. Inch-by-inch, it loses its prestige until you’re left with a dick that now only looks to be a good 4” while firm.

    “Wait you guys…” someone else says, causing you to forget about the disappointing package you now possess. “He’s too lanky now with all of that fat gone, let’s shrink him down a bit” the man states. An intense pressure begins to manifest on both your legs and your head as the changes start. Your 5’11” height quickly yet painfully changes until you’re now a petit 5’4”.

    In response, the jocks all turn to look at each other while doing various head movements at each other. Despite your confusion, you grow more afraid as they slowly nod in agreement and begin to move towards you. You cringe and tense up as you prepare for more changes, but out of nowhere, you suddenly find yourself freed from your invisible shackles. You aimlessly walk around the tightened circle and stare at the various men that have wide grins across their faces. By this point, your mind is begging to accept your new life. They have given you a new lease on life and the ability to be around them constantly. It’s no surprise that you eventually gave in as each jock chuckle and drop their towels in unison… 

    In response, your new personality takes hold and gives a light chuckle as you slowly get onto your knees. With each man’s package revealed and slowly hardening, you take a deep breath and prepare for a long night of pleasuring each and every jock you had spent so much time admiring…

    After hours of nonstop sucking and the occasional fucking, your post-coital high has your body lead the way until you suddenly find yourself at the doorstep of the fraternity that the jocks are a part of. You walk in and allow your body to navigation under cruise control until it leads you into a bedroom that you soon remember as your room. Despite your petit frame not fitting in with the rest of the jocks, they had accepted you into the fraternity as their personal boy toy. Of course, the jocks kept up appearances by being publicly sighted with various cheerleaders and other attractive women. But as you laid in bed and took a look at yourself with your phone camera, you couldn’t help but chuckle knowing that secretly you were the biggest catch on campus. Despite the jocks seemingly punishing you for your indiscretions, your lack of memory of the incident despite the sexual aspects left you as happy as could be. While you laid in bed, you were eager to get the attention of the jocks once more despite being completely worn out. As you snapped some photos and looked at your twink body, you couldn’t help but grow firm thinking about the next time they’ll all want you to service them once more… 

    New Lives

    Hey, as promised here is the story for reaching 1000 followers, thank you all again for getting me this far. Took me a little longer than I wanted to to get this written (it kept making itself longer it's not my fault) but it's done now. First original piece so feedback/sharing is greatly appreciated. Anyway, enough from me, hope you enjoy!


    Oliver and Jay were happy enough. They'd been together for two years, ever since they met at their local gym and hit it off right away. But recently they'd been looking for something to spice things up; there's only so many times you can workout on the beach half naked before you need a change.

    Oliver was walking into work one morning when a potential answer to his and Jay's troubles presented itself in the form of his colleague, Richard.

    "You've got to try these pills out, I swear you've never felt anything like it," Richard was saying on the way into the lift.

    "I dunno man, you know me and Jay aren't into drugs and stuff."

    "Oh, no you've got it all wrong, these aren't anything like that. They change you, like literally change you. Look, this was me this time yesterday." Richard pulled out his phone from his suit jacket, frowning for a second whilst he searched for the right photo.

    Oliver had to admit he looked fantastic, especially considering Richard was a balding man in his 50's. And that was definitely his house; Oliver had been there a few times since he'd started working with Richard, most recently to help move furniture around.

    Oliver relented as the lift came to a stop, "Okay fine, you've got me curious. I still don't know if I believe you, but damn if it's as hot as you say it is I've got to fucking try this. If I die though you bet I'm coming back to haunt your ass."

    Richard chuckled but said nothing as they left the lift, a hand on Oliver's arm turned him down a corridor to the right of the lift.

    "Are you going to tell me where we’re going?"

    "My office." Richard stated. The only response he received in return was a puzzled look, Oliver clearly unsure what relevance that had to their previous conversation, so he continued, "Do you want some of these pills or not?"

    "You keep them at work?"

    "What can I say," he turned and shrugged as they stopped outside the office door, "doing work here late into the night is certainly more fun when you have a fit young body like yours." Oliver’s biceps bulged against his shirt as he subtly flexed in response to his friend's comment, he couldn’t help but show off a little when he knew people would appreciate his hard work.

    The pair entered the office where Oliver hovered just inside the door, unsure what to do with himself whilst he waited for the pills. Meanwhile, Richard moved over to his desk and crouched down behind it so he could retrieve his stash of pills from where it was hidden in the back of one of his desk drawers. After a few moments of rummaging through them he emerged from his crouched position, a small clear bag in hand that contained four pills: two white, one light blue, and one dark blue.

    "What do they do?" Oliver questioned.

    "The white ones will change you back to your regular form. As for the blue ones, one makes you older and bigger, the other does the opposite."

    Oliver raised an eyebrow at him, "Are you going to tell me which is which?"

    "Now where's the fun in that?" Richard smirked. When the man across from him showed no sign of laughter he rolled his eyes, "You’re no fun. Fine, you should take the light blue one, I think you’ll enjoy it quite a bit."

    "So that’ll make me bigger and older or whatever?"

    "Sure yeah, let’s go with that," Oliver missed the mischievous smile on Richard's face as he left the office, the pills safely rested in a jacket pocket to show Jay later that evening.


    It was after dinner later that day when Oliver found the right time to show Jay the pills. They were curled up on the sofa, the jacket that contained the pills thrown casually over the back of it.

    "You know how we talked about making things more interesting babe?" Oliver said as he shifted to face Jay instead of the TV.

    Jay raised an eyebrow, "Oh yeah, what've you got in mind?"

    Oliver reached over to his jacket and pulled out the small clear bag he’d stashed away earlier that day. He wasn’t sure if Jay would believe the story about the pills, he still wasn’t sure he quite believed it himself, but it was worth trying. Besides, he’d known Richard for years, and he’d have no reason to lie about something this strange.

    "Okay hear me out, because this is gonna sound insane." Oliver held the pills out where Jay could see them as he explained the encounter with Richard at work, with a careful exclusion of which blue pill did what. The skeptic look on Jay's face only grew as the story neared the longer the story went on.

    "And you believed him?"

    "Not at first, but dude this is Richard we're talking about. It's not like he wants to drug us or some shit."

    "Eh I guess." He sighed then was quiet for a few moments, then said, "Fine, but if I die, I'm coming back to haunt your ass."

    Oliver grinned as he got to his feet, "Ha! I said the exact same. Come on then, let’s do this now, I want to try out my new body."

    "Should we, um, be taking our clothes off for this? You know, if we don't know what we're gonna end up like I don't want to ruin these." Jay gestured to the jeans and t-shirt he was wearing, he'd spent way too much money on them a few weeks ago, and didn't want them to be ruined so soon.

    "You'll take any excuse to get me naked won't you." Oliver winked as he threw his clothes off as fast as he was able. This elicited an eye roll from Jay who was also part way through stripping, although far more carefully than his boyfriend was. "Oh, don't forget the light blue one is mine!"

    It was time for the pills.

    They had discarded the small bag on the sofa, only the two white pills left inside now. Both stood silent for a few moments, their respective pills in hand, when Jay said, "Well, it’s now or never."

    An uneasy apprehension passed between the two jocks once they’d both swallowed their pills. After a few minutes had passed with no changes for either man Jay said, "You feel anything yet?"

    "No—ooOHH," Oliver moaned, a sudden wave of pleasure erupted from somewhere inside of him.

    It was when Oliver doubled over with his hands wrapped around his stomach that Jay rushed to his side. His hands rubbed circles on his back in an attempt to ease whatever discomfort his lover was feeling. "What’s up? Tell me where it hurts babe."

    "Doesn’t… hurt…" Oliver said between deep breaths. "Feels… so good."

    White hot pleasure pulsed its way through Oliver’s muscular as his body rippled as if his entire form was shifting under his skin. Jay stepped away, amazed as the pills worked their magic on his boyfriend. He smiled as a similar pleasure to the one that currently coursed its way through Oliver began to move through his body in waves, though it wasn’t as intense as he’d been led to believe.

    Whilst Jay was getting lost in the start of his transformation, Oliver’s changes had sped up and begun to take shape. Hard earned muscles across his body seemed to pull in on themselves as they dwindled away to almost nothing. In seconds years of hard work in the gym were gone, the countless hours spent building the perfect body for guys to lust after meant nothing now; all that was left was a skinny body in their place. His most prominent feature was no longer bulging pecs or sculpted biceps, instead his ass was now a tight little bubble butt, one any normal twink would be proud of.

    With his buff body now gone, all that was left for the pills to do was make the rest of him match his new frame. Facial features became less masculine, still distinctly male, but they lacked the hard edge that’d been there before. His cock shrunk too, smaller and smaller until an impressive nine inches had become a below average four, not that it would get much use whilst he was like this.

    Oliver’s wasn’t the only cock in the room that was changing, though Jay’s was moving in the opposite direction. It was already a healthy seven inches, but Jay marveled as it kept hardening beyond that to a beastly twelve, something that would make almost any man weak at the knees. As with his dick, the rest of the changes were along the same track, like night and day with the man across from him. Jay was already well built, but now prominent veins snaked their way down his arms as they grew into a new impressive size.

    Previously hairless pecs were suddenly covered with a forest of dark hair as they too swelled with even more muscle. Jay ran his hands through the new hair, he never had much chest hair until now so this was a new, alien sensation for him. His hands slid further down as they followed the trail of hair as it continued down his body over hard cut abs as they slowly melted into a softer, but no less strong core.

    He welcomed the scratch against his face as a well-kept beard spouted across his chin; as with his body he’d never really been able to grow a proper beard despite best efforts, so this was something he would thoroughly enjoy. The beard wasn’t the only change to his face, his features lost their pristine youthfulness in favour of an older, more rugged visage.

    Jay decided to order a pizza whilst he watched in amusement as a shocked look crept over his smaller lover’s face. The waves of pleasure had clearly subsided enough for him to properly take in his new unexpected body. And what a body it was. Small and cute with the most fuckable butt Jay had seen in a long while.

    Oliver however was horrified at what he saw when he looked down at his body. This wasn’t the plan! He was supposed to be big and buff and hot, not some skinny twink. "This isn't what I—" a stunned silence cut him off when he noticed the unfamiliar man who towered over him. His now 5’6" frame, just over half a foot shorter than he’d been before the pill, was nothing compared to the god of a man his boyfriend had become. His eyes swept up the hunk’s body as he took in everything from the hair to how much older he looked; he was easily twice the 19 years Oliver had regressed to during his transformation.

    "Like what you see?" Jacob said as he flexed a bicep that was probably bigger than the younger man’s head.

    "Fuck me," Oliver said to himself, still unable to believe the man before him was real, let alone had been his boyfriend moments earlier.

    Jay grinned, the phone he’d been using to order pizza after his transformation quickly discarded, "If you insist."

    In an instant Oliver was hauled off his feet, an easy task with his new smaller body, and found himself on his back on the sofa, his boyfriend’s new larger body above him. Oliver let out a surprised moan, the unfamiliarity of a significantly more muscular frame on top of him coupled with the shock of how good it felt left him feeling small and weak; and more turned on than he’d ever been in his life.

    "Enjoying yourself?" The grin still plastered across Jay's face.

    "No, I—" another barely contained moan spilled from Oliver's lips, the roughness from Jay's beard against his neck as he kissed and nibbled his way down being yet another shock to Oliver's system.

    "I think you are. I think you’re enjoying being a horny little twink more than you ever did before." Jay lifted his head from where it'd been attached to Oliver's neck so he could look him in the eye when he said, "Go on, just admit you like it baby and you'll have so much more fun."

    An unsure look swept over Oliver's face. What he was feeling was better than he ever could've dreamed, but if he gave in what would that mean for him?

    "Baby?" Jay's question pulled Oliver out of his confused haze, "Ollie baby, you okay?"

    "Yeah, I'm good." he blushed, "Really good actually. Did you just call me Ollie?"

    "Feels like it fits this tight little ass of yours a bit better than Oliver does at the moment."

    An unsure look worked its way onto Oliver’s face, "I don’t know Jay."

    "It suits you! Besides, I was thinking Jacob is a more fitting name for me whilst I’m in this body, so why not try a slightly different name yourself?" Jay, or Jacob now, paused as he considered something for a moment then said, "Although I have a feeling I know what you really want to call me."

    "What’s that?" Oliver asked, the nervousness clear in his voice despite best attempts to hide it.

    Jacob leaned in close, lips barely grazed the shell of his lover's ear when he whispered, "Daddy."

    That was the last straw for Oliver. All the new feelings and pleasure that’d built up inside of him since he’d first taken the pill was almost too much to keep contained. The constant denial of this new self, of Ollie, had worn down his resolve and when Jacob told him to call him ‘Daddy’ his last resistance shattered. So what if it didn’t align with the masculine gym bro he saw himself as? Right now being ravished by the hot daddy above him felt too good for it to possibly be wrong; he could deal with what that meant later.

    He turned his head and captured the other man’s lips in a heated kiss, filled with a new enthusiasm that caught his daddy by surprise.

    "Finally seeing things my way, huh?" Jacob said after they reluctantly broke the kiss.

    "Why keep resetting when your beard on my neck and your hands on my ass feel so good?" This earned a smirk from the now older man. Ollie’s cheeks went flush and eyes shifted away from the smirk above him when he said, "So, you going to fuck me Daddy?"

    The smirk on Jacob’s face grew into a triumphant grin in seconds, "You know just what to say to make your Daddy happy, don’t you baby?"

    The dam that’d held back most of their lust until then broke in an instant when Jacob flipped them over so Ollie was on top of him. "Better access to that juicy ass like this." Jacob said in a moment between kisses.

    They continued to make out there on the sofa for what felt like forever. Both cocks grew steadily harder as they ground into each other over and over, and the large hands that groped and kneaded at Ollie’s bubble butt sent his arousal through the roof. Loud moans echoed throughout the apartment, neither man really cared if any of the neighbours heard them at that point, they could listen and enjoy the show if they really wanted to.

    Ollie yelped as they separated and he was spun around without being warned, his body pulled up the length of the sofa so he was sitting directly on top of Jacob’s face.

    "It’s okay baby, Daddy’s going to try something, make you feel so good."

    If Ollie thought the beard against his neck felt good he had another thing coming when the very same beard rubbed against his ass as he got his hole eaten out for the time.

    "Oh Daddy!" Ollie cried. "Why didn’t you tell me how good this would feel sooner?"

    "I did," Jacob’s face pulled away for as long as he could stand so he could reply, "But Mr. ‘I don’t bottom for anyone’ wouldn’t let me. Bet you regret not listening to me now, don’t you baby?" With that said he dove back into the ass on top of him, which elicited yet another cry of pleasure from the twink’s mouth.

    "I’m sorry Daddy! I’m sorry I didn’t let you eat my slutty hole sooner!"

    "Good." Ollie felt the mouth reluctantly pull away before he was once again flipped, this time so he could see his daddy’s face, "Now, what do you say we take this to the bedroom so I can give you the pounding you deserve?"

    Ollie gulped.

    "Okay Daddy."


    "That’s it, take Daddy’s cock, it’s all yours baby."

    Ollie had never felt anything like the twelve inch monster that was pushing its way inside him, he moaned louder and louder as his lover came closer and closer to being fully sheathed inside him.

    "You’ve done so well baby, it’s all in now." Jacob leaned down to whisper in his ear, "Who’s Daddy’s good boy?"

    An affectionate hand rubbed its way over the smooth skin of Ollie bubble butt then gave it a firm squeeze, Jacob was determined to prove to his lover how good his new body really was. He reached up, ran a hand into the twinks hair and gave it a sharp pull when he began to piston in and out of the hole below him.

    "What are you?" he roared as he started to lose himself in the moment.

    "A twink!" Ollie moaned, "A horny slutty twink!"

    Jacob grinned above him, "And what am I?"

    "My Daddy."


    It'd been six months since Oliver and Jay had become Ollie and Jacob, and their relationship had been better than it ever used to be. They'd kept delaying the change back to their 'normal' selves, they would constantly say they wanted to spend just one more day like they were, then they'd take the white pills. That dance went on for almost a month before Ollie admitted he didn't want to go back to how things used to be, he enjoyed being a cute little twink and being looked after by his muscular daddy. Jacob was quick to agree. The white pills were flushed away, the pair left forever in their new bodies. Gone were the two gym-obsessed jocks, in their place a twink and his new daddy.

    They were going to thoroughly enjoy their new lives.

    Sex Dolled

    Sorry for the lack of posting, but to make it up to you, here’s a story written for my patron, Yuan99, whose stories you all seem to love! If you want to read stories he’s written, search him over on DeviantArt. And if you want your own personalized and private stories, then consider becoming my Patron!

    “Models Inc.” flashed in bright neon lights above the door of the building. Dante knew that he was in the right place. He wasn’t a model, though; the company had called him in for his final interview to be the company’s “tech guy”. He would have liked a more specific role and title, but the pay was nice, and being around hot babes everyday was another perk! He rode up the elevator to their offices, and ended up on an open-space floor. There was an obvious modeling shoot set-up in the middle of the room, but no offices.

    “Ah, Dante, thank you so much for coming! As we discussed on the phone, this interview is just a formality; you already have the job. We do need you to take a picture for your photo ID today, though,” said a man who seemed to be waiting for Dante to arrive.

    “Oh, yeah, that’s fine with me,” Dante said, as he and the man went over some paperwork and Dante signed some stuff. As he glanced at the papers, signing and initialing here and there, it didn’t look like the other contracts he had signed for other companies. But he noticed that his substantial hourly rate was included, and as he was signing the last page, one of the photographers took a picture of him. “Hey, what was that for!?”

    “Oh, don’t worry, Dante, we like to have candids of our employees on our website as well. Now if you would please stand in front of the curtain so that we can take your official picture.”

    “Sure thing,” Dante said, still a bit hesitant but not wanting to burn any bridges yet. He stood tall as the camera flashed away, the cameraman making sure that he would get the perfect one. The man, and the other employees, then spoke up and explained to Dante exactly what they were looking for in an employee.

    “He needs to be punctual, of course, and well put-together. He needs to have a background in tech, but you already have that, Dante!”

    “He also needs to be respectful, dutiful in his job, and he needs to make sure he doesn’t tell anyone what we do,” added another employee. This wasn’t too strange to Dante, as he had noticed he had signed an NDA in his paperwork. What was strange was what another employee said next.

    “And of course he needs strong arms and legs to carry all of that heavy tech equipment.” As the employee was saying that, the camera flashed again, somehow even brighter then before and blinding Dante for a couple seconds. When he could see again, he realized that his clothes were now quite tight, as he had apparently gained a fair amount of muscle in just seconds!

    “Wait, what’s going on here!?” Dante asked, getting a bit freaked out by the changes.

    “A good worker has a specific dress code too, Dante. That means no hoodies.” FLASH! “No shirts of any kind. Employees have to wear harnesses.” FLASH! “And no pants either.” FLASH! “And they need to wear slutty underwear as well. Nothing more than a jockstrap.” FLASH! With every flash of the camera, Dante’s clothes changed, and he now looked like Popeye wearing BDSM gear.

    “Can someone tell me what the fuck is going on here!?” Dante screamed. No one reacted to him, and he also found that he seemed to be stuck in place for the time being. That was the least of his worries, as the changes continued to take effect.

    “Oh, his pecs need to be round and juicy, but not shelf-life.” FLASH! Dante watched as his pecs got bigger in size within seconds, like someone had pressed a button to inflate them.

    “And a good employee should have an eight-pack, but we’ll settle for a six-pack and some chiseled obliques,” added another employee, followed by another FLASH! Dante noticed his body change yet again, as he was made into the images of what these employees wanted. He wasn’t sure if this was an actual company and these were actual employees now.

    “Fuck, I have rights you now!” Dante screamed. “I want out of this shit! Please, someone, do something!” he begged, but it was no use. The employees kept saying what “a good employee” would look like, and Dante was becoming it.

    “He should have a tattoo on his lower arm, but not a gaudy one.” FLASH!

    “A good employee always has to have blonde hair.” FLASH!

    “And he needs to have a bubble butt too, a nice big fuckable ass.” FLASH!

    “Don’t forget about the big cock that needs to go with it! Good employees are versatile.” FLASH!

    “He needs some good cock-sucking lips too.” FLASH!

    “Those balls of his need to be churning with cum constantly if he wants to be a good employee.” FLASH! Dante was forced to endure a number of bodily changes as he was molded into the perverted image of the “employees” at this “modeling agency” wanted him to look like. He was still stuck in place, and his constant cries for help were going nowhere. By now, Dante was panicking more so than wanting it to stop. They had to have a plan for him, especially since they changed him so drastically. As he was going to yell out yet again and demand to know what they were going to do to him, the man he met first stepped forward.

    “And of course, all good employees are just dumb slutty gay himbos and do whatever other people tell them to.” FLASH!

    “NO!” Dante was able to scream before the changes took effect. These were the first mental changes, and the results weren’t instantaneous, but it was less than half a minute later that Dante had a goofy grin and was eye-fucking one of the hot male “employees” there. The same man from before spoke up again.

    “Get him ready to be shipped and start dealing with his paperwork. I think the next shipment leaves tomorrow?”

    “That’s right, boss!” Dante was led out of the building by the hunky male employee and two other female handlers, and brought to a warehouse by the bay. There, he was placed in a box, one with air holes in it, though. Dante was much too dumb to realize that it was a doll box, and his name was hastily written down in the corner. He did notice the other male dolls in the warehouse, though, about twenty other men presumably all molded into their current state by the whims of the employees at the so-called modeling agency.

    Dante and the others were loaded onto a ship the next day, and the company was able to get another guy on it just under the wire. They were then shipped to the Middle East, where they were transferred to an auction house after being taken off the ship and sold to the highest builder. These slave auctions were a bit special, as all of these men were created specifically for one lucky man, or women if she paid enough money. They sometimes could be outbid by someone who really wanted their slave, but overall, someone who wanted Dante, for example, was going to get him.

    That was the case with Dante, and he was actually bought by an American, going back to the States, this time to California. Like the rest of the “dolls,” Dante was used however his owner pleased. Thanks to his programming, he was an insatiable slut for the man’s cock and did whatever he asked without question. Buying Dante was the best purchase the man had ever made in his life, and it wasn’t until decades later that the scam the “modeling agency” was running was exposed. By that time, there were thousands, maybe even millions, of sex dolls scattered around the world, created to their owner’s specifications.


    My brother is this dumb jock and he’s really getting on my nerves. He stinks all the time, he’s dirty, and he’s always farting because of all the protein shakes he chugs. He’s such a pig, can you make living with him more bearable?

    He sounds fun. I love to meet him in person. But yo make him more bearable to live with would be easy. Your know why they say. Twos a charm. And your parents always did want twins. So instead of changing him let’s change you. Instantly you’ll feel the changes taking effect.

    Drool pooling out of your mouth as I literally had to take a sledgehammer to that iq. And now that I e made you just as smart as your brother. Or rather just as dumb. And damn is he dumb it’s time to work on the rest of you. You say he farts from all the protein so get ready because your going to have a deadly concoction coming out of you now because just like him you drink nothing but protein drinks. You’re going to lose basic hygiene concepts. Wearing deodorant and daily showers are now fleeing to that dumb brain your have now. You and your brother can sometimes me seen wearing each other dirty clothes. Mainly socks and underwear bevause you two are just so dumb and forgetful. Plus being twins you have the same smell. You sniff your socks and underwear thinking that they are alright to wear because it’s just a little dirty. And they smell like tours when in fact their his. And hen does the same. People sometimes get you two confused bevause your so much alike. Both stinking and sweaty just the dumb alpha males you now are. You both lift hard and fuck harder. Doing whatever you can to make yourself grow. It’s a shame though. If you two were such filthy animals you would probably have more sexual encounters. Until then you’ll have to settle for sucking each other off. Which I must say. Is probably one of the reasons you both have such nasty protein farts. But hey. At least he’s more bearable to live with since you’re exactly like him in everyone now.

    You Only Said...

    “Wow!” I said softly in disbelief, looking at my massive new body in the mirror of my fancy penthouse bathroom, “I can’t believe what I’m seeing, but this, this is absolutely amazing!”

    “But of course, young mortal,” the genie said to me, peering over my expansively broad shoulder, “I delivered exactly as you wished. Wealth, fame, and a powerful youthful body.”

    “That you certainly did!” I said, flexing my huge new biceps. I can’t believe how much muscle was packed on to this younger body. Back when I was this age before, I could only dream of being half as big as this! “I’m rich, popular, and,” I said smiling to my reflection as I ran my hands down my new ripped abdomen, “powerfully muscular! Thank you, genie!”

    I could feel my cock starting to harden, not surprising since I was a walking wet dream now, of course. I gave myself a sexy smirk as I inserted one rough calloused hand into my waistband and groped my hard…

    two inch cock?!?!

    “Whoa… What the heck is going on here? Genie?!” I said, undoing my belt buckle and dropping my shorts and underwear to see a painfully hard cock, smaller than my thumb on my new hands, sticking up at a 45 degree angle.

    I audibly gasped at the sight of this tiny cock. “Genie, fix this, please! Give me back my old cock at least!” I grumbled, enclosing the cock head completely with just my thumb and forefinger, “Shit, I had a bigger cock when I was in grade school!”

    The genie just smirked and started to laugh, as he dissolved into a smoky mist, “Ha ha ha! No can do mortal, you only get three wishes, and you only said you wanted to be massively muscular with a huge young powerful body… You never mentioned a single thing about your sexual equipment or prowess…”

    “Genie!” I cursed after him, but he was gone, and once more I was alone in my fancy penthouse bathroom with my hard tiny cock dribbling out a little dabble of precum before it finally shot a few weak spurts onto the expensive Italian marble floor.

    “Fuck me…” I muttered, slumping over the sink with my huge muscular ass on full display, exposed to the open air.

    “Was that an invitation?” came a gruff deep voice from the hallway, and around the corner of the door appeared a taller brunette and bearded man, slightly older than I am now, but equally muscular with a hard foot long cock, which he began to rub up and down my exposed crack…  


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    Its program is incredibly easy to follow: simply inject the patented filler into the soft Dartos layer underneath the scrotal skin with our provided materials and you’ll see results in under 24 hours

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    The bigger the sac, the better the pack!

    — —

    “C’mon, it could be fun!”

    “Yeah,” Jerry retorted. “It could be extremely dangerous too.”

    Jerry and I had been a pretty steady couple for almost two years now. An interconnected friend had introduced the two of us and we’d hit it off like some cheap rom-com. Seriously, it was insane how fast we had fallen for each other. Usually blind dates turn out to be trash, but Jerry was a treasure. A gymnast at 5’8, he was practically the perfect bottom for any man, which was why I originally found it funny that he wanted to invest his time in a vers like me. To be fair, I am fairly attractive with my 6’0 twunky build and blond locks, but I wasn’t as lovely as him. 

    Now, just because he was lovely did not mean he was perfect. Certainly after all this time I’d discovered a few of his faults. We’d grown as tight as two peas in a pod, relishing in each other’s company and exchanging basically every secret over our time spent together, including our kinks. Mine ranged from tight spandex to watersports, while it would be generous to say he had a range. Jerry was 100% vanilla, and it wasn’t until I forced him to take a few BDSM tests that he realized truly how sexually safe he was. His ideas of original ideas of sex were as Christian as they came, as least if one ignores that pesky gay factor. TO put it all simply, I was Christian Grey, and he was my very own Anastasia Steele.

    I hope I’ve made my use of the past tense fairly obvious up to this point. When we had originally revealed our sexual interests, both of us were content with our different standards, but apparently my kink flexibility had bothered Jerry. A month after our original conversation, I was leading Jerry into our shared room when he uttered that he wanted to try something new. He delicately paced over to a cabinet and opened a drawer, revealing a pair of handcuffs inside it. My eyes immediately lit up, but I took a few breaths to calm myself down. I was extremely elated and aroused, but if Jerry wanted to experiment, I’d have to go slow.

    Jerry’s made it a long way since his vanilla-self a few months ago. Since that first encounter, we’ve tried out other forms of bondage, leather, and even diapers. We’d been getting pretty close to some of the much grittier elements, so I decided that it might be a good idea to go big or go home with our next experimentation. Body modifications had always been a fascination of mine, but never a serious thought for Jerry. I didn’t want to push him into anything, but I was planning on enticing him with a deal. If he was willing to get some form of body modification, I would take him on a trip for our 2-year anniversary. One may say it was kind of a douche move and yes, I would agree with you, but I was desperate. So that’s where we were now, Jerry trying to figure out if I was incredibly crafty or pushing my luck.

    “I’m really not sure about this,” he mumbled.

    “I know,” I replied. “That’s why I added the vacation as a thank you. But if you decline, I’ll still make our anniversary special.”

    Jerry played with a spoon in his hands while looking at his açaí bowl emotionlessly. I could tell he was lost inside his head. I thought he was going to reject my proposal until the unexpected happened.

    “Where would you intend to go for this trip?”

    “Panama Beach.” I tried to hide my eager grin as I felt the mood in the room flip.

    “And how long would it be?”

    “Four nights.”

    “And on what level would I be spoiled?”


    He stirred his bowl once more before continuing the interrogation.

    “You have a procedure in mind, don’t you.”

    “You know me so well,” I coyly responded as I turned my laptop towards him. 

    “ScrotamPlus?!” Jerry exclaimed a little too loudly. After sending an acknowledgement of apology to nearby strangers, he shot me a fierce look. “Out of everything, I thought you would have wanted a bigger butt.”

    “I thought about it, but I was curious,” I countered. “Plus, this is much easier to remove if something ends poorly.”

    “Ah, thanks for mentioning that possibility,” he snarked glumly. “The last thing I would need is a botched scrotox.”

    I choked a little on my smoothie, laughing internally at the thought. Jerry continued searching through the website, scrolling his way through different FAQs and procedural tips.

    “Is this something you really want?” he finally asked after a few more minutes had passed.

    “Only if you want to,” I answered. “I know you want to expand your horizons, and I think this would be a good next step.”

    “Silicone injections into my balls?”

    “Only if you want to,” I repeated. “I’m not forcing anything.”

    Jerry grabbed a fork and started poking at his bowl once more, only this time after a few minutes he raised his head to give me a look of surrender. I’m not gonna lie, it may have been one of the cutest faces he’s ever made for me.


    “Fine,” he sighed. “I’ll do it.”

    “Yes!” I grinned, leaning over for a kiss in excitement. This was going to be awesome! “We leave on Thursday.”

    “That soon?”

    “I said this was an anniversary trip didn’t I?”

    “And you already have all the reservations made?”

    “Yes sir.”

    Jerry gave me a comprehending look. “You knew I was going to cave, didn’t you?”

    “I know how to get my man what he wants,” I replied, getting up from the table to throw out my trash. Before I left, I quickly added, “to get what I want.”

    I heard a string of cuss words follow behind me as I cockily strolled away.

    — —

    “Alright, are you sure about this?” I asked, the needle in hand.

    We had gotten to our hotel about an hour before, landing in the airport around 10 o’clock. It was already pretty dark everywhere, making it hard for us to see any of the sandy beaches and palm trees I had promised. Once we’d made it to our room, we’d ordered pizza and vegged out on our king-sized bed. It had been a pretty relaxing hour for me, but I think it was a little nerve-racking for Jerry. We had originally planned to use ScrotamPlus on our last day, but Jerry asked if we could do the procedure tonight just to get it over with.

    The kit didn’t have too many materials–the simplicity of it all actually shocked me. Inside the box laid a pretty short needle, two cartridges filled with the silicone, and a single vial of white liquid. The procedure only required a few short steps. First, I had to prepare the area, sanitizing and removing any hair within the targeted patch. Secondly, I had to pierce the skin and inject one of the two silicone bases. Once that was finished, it was my job to delicately keep the needle in place while I switched out the empty silicone container with the vial. Finally, the whitish fluid would be injected to activate the silicone and the process would be over. Currently, Jerry and I were at the second step.

    “Yes,” Jerry said confidently. “I can do this.”

    “But do you want to?” I pushed, making sure this was his decision and not mine. He thought it over quickly and nodded an affirmative. With that, I pushed the needle into his skin.

    “Oh!” he yelped in surprise. The puncture should have been much more painful, but the ScrotamPlus package had stated its sanitation materials had quite a lot of numbing chemicals. It took me a few moments to get the silicone injected, causing Jerry to laugh.

    “Ugh, my balls feel so full,” he grumbled loosely.

    Once I had finished with that, I quickly switched out the container with the vial. Just looking at Jerry’s testicles now I could tell there was a difference. They were already a little plumper and (by Jerry’s testimony) heavier. Even some of the usual wrinkles had disappeared due to the bloated mass. 

    I slowly pumped the white fluid in, not really understanding why it was needed. According to the package, it was an activation agent, but I didn’t think silicone would need activation. Not only that, but I didn’t really understand the point of the second silicone base. My questions didn’t matter however because as fast as the process had started, the vial was empty and I was removing the needle. I smoothly put the provided bandage in place and brought an eager smile to Jerry.

    “Is it over?” he inquired.

    “Sure is, baby,” I responded, kissing him before moving under the sheets beside him. “Now, we wait ‘till the morning.”

    Jerry, feeling content with how fluidly the procedure had carried out, snuggled up beside me and fell asleep almost instantly. All that pent-up stress must have really worn him out. I soon followed, cupping his heated, hefty sac delightedly before also drifting away.

    — —

    Waking up, the last thing I expected to feel was alone. I only now realized how massive the bed was with only my body inside of it. After a little tossing and turning, I finally managed to wrangle myself free from the sheets and comforter. Grabbing a stray shirt to cover myself at least partially, I noticed the clock read that it was pretty close to eight in the morning. Looking out the nearby window, I could tell the sun had already started its daily duties. The dining hall wouldn’t open for another hour, so I decided that I would clean up before trying to find Jerry.

    After a warm shower and putting on a fresh set of clothes, I wandered out of the bathroom to notice a note taped to the bedside table. It seemed pretty large, which made it surprising that I didn’t see it before. The note itself read:

    Morning dude! Woke up kinda early so headed to beach. I be back around 8, but if wake up–come find me

    Overall, the note didn’t seem like Jerry’s work. The handwriting was a sharp downgrade from Jerry’s usual style, giving a more carefree and symbolic take to the English language. The noticeable grammatical issues were also fairly strange, but I rationalized that all of the quirks were due to Jerry being in a rush. Checking myself one last time in the mirror at the door, I snatched my room key and headed out to find Jerry.

    My entire descent through the hotel and out towards the beach was uncharacteristically easy. One would expect to see a resort bustling and lively at almost any hour, but apparently I had hit a barren timeframe. Even in an empty wasteland however, I struggled to find Jerry. Out of the entire empty hotel and beach, I didn’t see my cute little gymnast, let alone another human being. It wasn’t until I went out to the water that I actually found someone.

    “Hey!” I shouted, noticing the man from afar. Sitting on a flight of wooden steps that led down to the beach, he seemed like a powerful alpha male. He was wearing a teal tee and a pair of tight, red khaki shorts that were stretched against both of his mighty thighs. His jaw was fairly carved, and I could see two gargantuan feet from still yards away. All in all, he seemed pretty intimidating. Noticing I was calling to him, he quickly responded. 

    “Hey, you found me!”


    His smile of recognition did not match my look of bewilderment. After a few moments of awkward silence, I finally figured out who I was talking to.


    “Who else would it be?” His deep baritone voice replied, an incredibly different tone than the Jerry I knew. There were plenty of other differences as well: the much-extended height, the more muscular figure, the hair. Jerry barely had to shave before, but this man was clearly hirsute. Even the hair on his head had grown out a little, along with bushier eyebrows and a full-out beard. His entire stature had shifted too, making him appear much more bulkier with thicker legs and a wider jaw.

    Looking a little closer, I realized the clothes Jerry was wearing were my own. The shirt that held so tightly to his upper arms never looked that good on my own, and until now I hadn’t been able to see the front of the shorts.

    “Jerry,” I cautiously began. “Your balls.”

    They were huge. Literally, there was a gigantic sac cupped inside of the shorts. They were definitely going to be stretched to the extent I wouldn’t be able to wear them again.

    “Arre they not incrredible?” I was too busy admiring the hefty pouch that I missed the fact he had rolled his r’s.

    “So…” I mumbled, trying to wrap my head around the situation. “Do you…do you think this is all a side effect of the ScrotamPlus?”

    “I assume so?” he replied honestly. “I guess biggerr balls means morre testosterrone prroduction, rright?”

    “And an accent too?” I noted, finally picking up and acknowledging it.

    “What do you mean?” Jerry gave me a quizzical look. I thought about pushing further, but I decided to ignore it. All of these changes were insane but maybe Jerry was right. The website seemed totally legit, and the company was approved by a lot of organizations. Jerry’s nonchalant attitude towards the situation must have made me feel a lot more comfortable than I should have. 

    Not only that, but I was beginning to think less with my head. Unsurprisingly, my cock was slowly gaining control of the situation. The completely new man in front of me was blocking out all rational thought. I should have been much, much more concerned over Jerry, but instead I wanted to try the new him out.

    “What do you say we head back to our room?” I asked, extending my palm forward and not-so-subtly fondling his pouch. The new weight was surely impressive.

    “I don’t think so,” he replied nervously before pushing my hand away. I was caught off guard by the look of distress that had plastered itself across his face. I was also shocked by the amount of force that came out of his hand. It seemed a little more powerful than “get out of my no-no square”, as if there was a deeper meaning behind it.

    “Is something wrong?”

    “No…no I just…” he stammered, which came off as incredibly odd in his new macho form.

    “It’s ok.” I sat down next to him and side-hugged him, trying to soothe him. His new form had an interesting musk that I couldn’t smell until now, almost woodsy. My attempt to console him was rejected however, as I get pushed away and was once again greeted with a disgusted look.

    “I’m just not feeling good,” he stated firmly. “I think I want to go out today. Away from the hotel.”

    “Alright,” I quickly replied. “We can do whatever you want. There’s a nice mall down by-”

    “I want to go alone.”

    His words were so strong I felt almost like I had been slapped in the face.


    “Yes, uh…” he tried to rebound, noticing I had taken offense. “You have given me such a great anniverrsarry gift, I feel like mine doesn’t comparre. I want to make it up to you and get you something morre.”

    “Oh, honey.” I didn’t try to touch him this time, but yet he still grimaced. “That’s so sweet of you, but you don’t have to do that. You already did something great for me.” I guided my eyes down to his swollen pouch.

    “No, I do.” His firm proclamation was emphasized as he stood up, displaying his new height for all to see. He was definitely taller than me now. “I’ll see you laterr tonight with the prresent.”

    “Tonight?” I called as he started to walk off. “Are you sure? What will you be doing all day?”

    “You’ll see!” he shouted back. Although Jerry was now a much larger presence, he disappeared much faster than I could have expected. It almost felt like he was trying to get away from me.

    — —

    Honestly, the rest of the day went by hastily. I felt bad that I didn’t reach out to Jerry once in the morning, afternoon, or evening, but I thought it might be best to leave him alone. He was practically given an entirely new body from the ScrotamPlus, so it made sense that he’d want some time to be with himself. I assumed the new gift story was just to be nice to me, but his uncharacteristic behavior had definitely puzzled me. It wasn’t until around 10 that he texted me to come to our room for a surprise. I had been moping on a barstool for the last hour, so I think the bartender must have been exceptionally delighted to see me leave, especially because I hadn’t ordered a single drink.

    Walking into our room, I was greeted by some dimmed lights and closed curtains. Taking my shoes off, I noticed Jerry had left out a what I presumed was a little pregame gift for me in the kitchen. On the dining table sat a tall glass of champagne and a note. Picking up the glass first and taking a few sips, I grabbed the note and read it over.

    Funtime now. Drik up than sex.

    Once again, the handwriting was completely off, more than last time. This morning’s masterpiece looked like elementary work, but now it was just straight caveman. Not only was Jerry’s writing awful, but his grammar too. I even tried to ignore the spelling, but it was just too funny. It was too insane to be real, so I just chuckled as I drank some more of the champagne. Noticing the door was closed to the bedroom, I was delighted to see a strip of light shining from underneath it. Strutting forward, I gracefully chugged the last of the champagne and swung open the gateway. Before I could catch myself, the empty champagne glass fell to the floor and shattered.

    “J-J-Jerry?” The words barely escaped my mouth.


    “Geetesh,” the man in front of me corrected. The man who was most definitely not Jerry. The man who was currently sitting on the king-sized bed imprisoning one of my pillows and wearing nothing but a pair of black Calvin Kleins–my Calvin Kleins. The only reason I could tell it was him was because he was wearing the smart watch I had gotten him for our first anniversary, but that argument was assuredly not solid.

    “What…what…” I was mentally falling apart, unable to understand the scene in front of me. “How did this happen?”

    “How deed vat happen?”

    “This!” I blurted out, carefully stepping over the glass and climbing next to him in the bed. Getting closer to him caused me to once again encountered his musk, only this time it was much more potent and had a curryish flavor to it.

    “You are…you look…”

    “Zo much bedderr,” Geetesh finished. “Dankz do diz.” He brought one of his palms down to cup his inflated sac graciously. And by palms, I mean one of his two meaty, hairy paws. And by his inflated sac, I mean the massive moose knuckle that was being formed by the too-small boxer-briefs–another item of clothing I probably wouldn’t be able to wear again.

    “But Jerry-”


    “Geetesh,” I decided to play along. “You look totally different! I mean…” I stumbled off as I truly looked over all the changes myself. First off, he was no longer white. Assuming based off of the accent and his new name the body had to have origins in India. Because of this, his body’s features had matched accordingly. Darker and thicker hair, lusciously tanned skin, bulkier body proportions. His monstrous thighs from this morning had somehow grown even larger, and his pecs had also pushed out slightly. I hadn’t seen his torso before but now there was a proudly blooming muscle gut. His biceps and triceps had expanded, his calves and further developed, and even his feet had extended out to what must have been Size 15 at least. I had yet to even mention the further-structured jaw and deeper voice.

    “But dey arre good chayngez, हां?”

    “हां?” I mimicked back. Not only had his body changed, but it must have affected his mind and personality too. This morning he was just rolling his r’s, but now Jerry had a full on accent–and he could even speak what I assumed was Hindi now too?

    “Geetesh,” I started slowly. “You understand that something has gone terribly wrong here, right?” Although the man sitting beside me looked and acted completely different from my boyfriend, I still felt a strong connection and responsibility for him.

    “Vat iz vrrong?” he countered innocently. “मुझे अच्छा लगता है.”

    “But this isn’t you.”

    “Diz iz not Jerrree” he corrected, butchering his former name in the process. “I am Geetesh.”

    “But you’re not supposed to be Geetesh.”

    “Vy not?”

    “Because Geetesh isn’t Jerry! He’s not my boyfriend! He’s not the man I loved.”

    “Dat iz rright, men zouldn’t love ohder men.” Geetesh smirked and continued, “And Geetesh iz betterr.”

    Ignoring the first part of his argument, I continued with my original complaint.

    “Geetesh is not better.”

    “Yez he iz,” Geetesh stated firmly. “I’m biggerr, brrownerr, and I have diz huge hairee सैक.”

    “What?” I was confused by both his logic and the fact he had slipped out of English once again. As if he was proving a point, he pulled down his underwear to show me his package. The now pure-brown balls hung low, and his dark and hairy cock must have been at least 7 inches long soft. He even had an out-of-control bush that shrouded the entire assortment like a shrine. Before I could examine any further however, Geetesh quickly pulled his underwear back up, looking rather embarrassed to have another man staring at his parts.

    “I still don’t understand,” I tried to initiate the conversation once again. “Jerry is my boyfriend! I don’t get why you feel like you can just let him go?”

    “Id’z juzt abouht rrace: brrown iz zuperriorr.”

    “I…I don’t-”

    “Geetesh iz a brreederr,” he resumed. “a brrown brreederr.”

    “What kind of answer is that?”

    “Brrown brreederrs make darrk babieez.”

    Shocked, I decided to pursue the question that had been lingering in the back of my head.

    “Are you straight now or something?”

    “Alvayz have,” Geetesh puffed up his chest. “And हमेशा रहेगा.”

    Sitting on the bed, I felt like I had been hit by a train going at at least 50 miles per hour. I mean, this guy couldn’t have been serious, right? Was Jerry pulling some kind of prank on me to get back at the silicone injection? Jerry would never do something like that, but maybe I had finally pushed his experimentation limits too far. 

    Thinking I had lost not only my boyfriend but also my mind, a sudden thought darted to the front of my brain. In a moment of desperation, I hopped off the bed and ran over to the trash can. My running was a little staggered, but I blamed that due to the champagne earlier. Ruffling through the garbage, I snatched what I was looking for and read the details on the back of the empty ScrotamPlus package.

    “Made in India!” I shouted aloud, having a eureka moment. “Those stupid injections did this to you…”

    I turned to face Geetesh with an excited glee, but I was surprised to find only my pillow on the bed. Before I could even process the question, I felt a pair of thick, rough hands land on my shoulders. They steadied me out carefully; I hadn’t realized I had been swaying.

    “Doze grread injectionz imprroved me, and dey vill imprrove you doo.”

    It took a few moments for his sentence to translate itself into my head. Suddenly feeling vulnerable, I turned the ScrotamPlus package around in my hands. I unfortunately realized it hadn’t been empty before when I had thrown it out.

    “Did youuuu…” my words came out slurred as my eyelids began to droop.

    “Drrug you?” Geetesh asked as he delicately guided me forward. 

    I cursed the delicious champagne in my head as I was placed carefully onto the bed. With my body now horizontal, I felt Geetesh strip me of all my clothes. Even with my eyes barely open, I could still make out his looks of revulsion as he stripped a male body.

    Lying there, I became nervous as to what my future had for me. Was I going to become a mindless slave just like him? A “brown breeder”? I now understood the point of the second silicone base, as I was coming to figure out this had been the company’s plan all along. They must have thought they were so smart with their “2 for 1” plan. Yet, thinking over the procedure one last time, I realized there remained a forgotten element.

    “Youu… you can’t go throughh withh thissss.”

    Geetesh looked up from his task, a small patch on my balls aching from their recent shave.

    “Youu don’t have…” my voice wabbled. “another vial.”

    Geetesh gave a cocky grin as he showcased to me the original vial, except now it was full of the same white fluid as before.

    “Vat did you dink I vas doing ah day?”

    The final pieces finally clicked together in my head. Yes, Geetesh had been avoiding having sex with another man, but that was just a benefit of his main plan: trying to accumulate his resources for the largest deposit possible. 

    I felt Geetesh shove the needle into my testicles harshly, but the numbing agents and the drugs he given me in the champagne neutered the majority of the pain. The silicone filled me up quickly, giving my balls the exact same heavy feeling Jerry had described just 24 hours before. The needle pulled out swiftly, but my eyelids shut before I could watch Geetesh inject his own semen into my sac.

    A New Perspective

    Similar stories and bonus material on my Patreon.

    I’ve had my eyes on Sean for years, but it wasn’t until we got into the same class and shared PE I realized his… physical attributes. But he was shy and bookish and probably would have changed school at first hint of anything remotely sexual, let alone homosexual. So I turned to my hobby of hypnosis. A spent months preparing, working on what techniques could work and what script I would use. I did a bit of shopping that was needed and finally I manage to group up with him for a project.

    I left one of the hypnosis books out and steered the conversation in such a way that he would ask about it. Manipulating people in everyday settings is after all my biggest takeaway from hypnosis. Who said it was just about swinging watches? I told him I dabbled a bit, but he would probably be too strong to resist my influence. “Try me!” he said, as planned. I told him he had to want it for it to work, and all the other pre-induction influencers I had planned out, so by the time I started the induction the outcome was already given.

    I took my time, checking back often, asking non-leading questions to check I was steering him somewhere he was comfortable with, yet within my plan. That way it would last longer, possibly permanent. I gave him reasons to be confident. Made him understand he didn’t need everyone’s approval or permission. Told him he had always been a bit of a rebel, both at school and at home.

    Then I gave him an arrogant haircut and some scally clothes to match, so every time he looks in the mirror it just reinforces who he really is now. Sure the hair will grow out and he can put on any clothes, but by then he’s hopefully stuck and will want to look like this. As a last touch I told him that the only thing my hypnosis did was to give him a large cock, though in reality that was the only thing I didn’t change. I figured that would unconsciously want him to stay in the new reality I built for him. Then I woke him up.

    We didn’t do any school work after that, but messing him up was the real group project after all. He was just fixated on how large he thought his cock had become, and straight-up demanded we masturbate together. He kept snickering over my “tiny dicklet”. I may have gone overboard on the arrogance a bit, but at least he isn’t shy anymore. He did send me a nice photo once he got home.