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Based in the UK/M/23. SW:169bls CW:300bls GW:..... Used to be an athlete but all i want is fat, a highly motivated pig

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2020-09-18 11:38:16

    ***Stuffing Video***

    Watch a pig eat himself so full he can’t take another bite. He just can’t help himself when maccies is involved!!

    Just got a new Onlyfans account! Follow if you want to see pictures and videos of my growing fat body!

    Squishy submissive pig butt for all to play with 🐷


    When I’ve been forced into becoming a massive pig!! I really do suit this lifestyle! Piggy wants more!!


    Wider and wider I become 🐷


    hey can yall link me some well written extreme weight gain stories? (realistic or rapid is fine 👌)


    this is my absolute favorite wg piece. idk if you were looking for fanfic but I’m gonna recommend this fic anyway lol


    Here’s some of the stuff I liked reading that you may enjoy(expect future edits):

    Male WG/XWG

    Maybe coming as a fatass for Halloween was a mistake:



    One man hires a cute assistant and finds himself inexplicably gaining weight(not that he minds)













    Read for male wg that turns into XWG:




    (⬆️⬆️⬆️Writer mordecaisnow is a homoerotic writer but was commissioned to write this one straight version which I enjoy, check out his gallery for great stories involving one guy stuffing another guy to the point of him being a jiggling mass of fat)








    ••My all time faves:



    ••Dark themes:








    ••Suggested writer for inflation lovers:


    good stories from their gallery:




    ••Suggestions of homoeroticism


    •Female rapid body inflation:


    •Female WG/XWG













    Impressive list. Reblogging for later binge-reading

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    Stages of Gaining (From Scratch)

    1) What will people think? 2) This is fun, I can eat whatever I want. 3) This is hard, how do those guys eat so much? 3) OMG, you can see my belly through my shirt. 4) OMG, my clothes don’t fit. 5) Am I gaining weird? Is this too much? 6) Looking kind of beefy, this is awesome. 7) Looking kind of fat, this is awesome. 8) OMG, my clothes don’t fit. 9) I can’t believe I thought 250 was big. 10) Might as well see what 300 is like. 11) 300 doesn’t feel as big as I thought. 12) I’m sure I’ll stop sweating eventually. 13) Is there a better word for moobs? 14) Ahh, the breeze on my underbelly. 15) 400 doesn’t seem THAT big these days…

    Feedee goals

  • Getting a little tiny pot belly
  • Be able to eat more than you usually can.
  • Going up a size or two.
  • Getting two plates at a buffet.
  • Noticing your arms and legs growing nice and thick.
  • Your friends poke fun at your weight gain.
  • You no longer need to wear a belt to hold your pants up.
  • You can't run as far as you usually do.
  • You start to get a little double chin.
  • Your hips are wider.
  • That little pot belly is turning into a double belly.
  • You hit the 200lb mark.
  • You order takeout more often.
  • Going to the gym is no longer a thing.
  • You can clear three plates at a buffet.
  • You've popped buttons off of shirts and pants.
  • Your cute little tummy is turning into a wobbling gut.
  • Your doctor now marks you down as "morbidly obese".
  • Your thighs rub together.
  • Your cheeks are puffy and red.
  • Your arms are starting to have an overhang.
  • You eat almost three times as much as normal.
  • You've hit the 300lb mark.
  • You are winded just by going up one flight of stairs.
  • You worry about your weight affecting certain aspects of life.
  • Your belly now slaps your thighs when you walk.
  • Your knees and feet hurt more often from the added weight.
  • You can eat four plates of food at a buffet.
  • Your ass has broken chairs.
  • You can't see your feet beyond your belly.
  • Your family has shown signs of concern.
  • You aren't as active as you were when you were 135 lbs.
  • Chaffing has become a problem.
  • Fitting in your vehicle is getting difficult.
  • You almost never pass up food. Ever.
  • Your back aches more than usual.
  • You sit and watch tv after work and binge eat while doing so.
  • Your belly takes up your whole lap now.
  • You can sleep your days away.
  • You've hit the 450 lb mark.
  • Standing for a long time is very difficult.
  • You can hardly fit in a seat at the buffet.
  • When you walk every inch of you jiggles.
  • Your belly is stuffed tightly behind the band of your pants and you hope no one notices (they do).
  • You are out of breath even after walking 20 ft.
  • You have food in your mouth almost every minute of the day, constantly chewing.
  • You need a CPAP machine to help you sleep.
  • You've broken your bed and need a reinforced one.
  • Your double chin is almost a triple chin now.
  • You need to upgrade to a bigger vehicle.
  • Being active is your worst enemy.
  • Your belly is starting to go passed your knees.
  • You've hit the 500 lb mark.
  • Congrats, you are eating your way to immobility...




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