Black Lives Matter

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    Wanna bet if somebody comes out to paint the line again either back to Black Lives Matter or a black line, police would arrest them?

    They did. People came out after this to paint Black Lives Matter again, and the police harassed them before repainting it blue. The third time people came out to paint it, cops teargassed, shot at, and arrested them.

    This is the end result of allowing a bunch of peaceniks to co-opt your revolution.  These protests are hamstrung by the demand to remain non-violent while the opposition is under no obligation to do the same.  Does nobody remember how quickly shit started changing in Minneapolis after two weeks of rioting and a police precinct being burned to the ground?  That’s because the people in power were getting a good, long look at what happens when the people collectively decide that they’re done with the government’s bullshit.

    But just when people were starting to realize how much power we hold in our hands, this whole “peaceful protest” narrative started circulating and all that energy and momentum drained right out of the movement.  You know why?  Because nobody’s afraid of a bunch of sign-waving hippies that cut and run at the first sign of trouble, that’s why!

    It’s been one defeat after another lately, and it’s going to stay that way until people put their teeth back in and fight back.

    [Image Description: tweet by David Parsons, @ davidlparsons. It says “Police in Florissant, Missouri, protecting people while they paint a blue line over a BLM street mural.” Beneath the tweet is a cop car parked in the middle of the street as four white people paint down the middle of the road. You can just barely see the “MAT” of “Black lives matter” unpainted in the photo.

    PeopleOverProperty, @ Communist_Egirl, replied “You ever feel yourself getting more radicalized?” End ID]

    Knowing that trans women of color started the movement in the united states and were literally immediately erased and excluded from what they started is the most deeply jading knowledge.

    It is the original sin of the so-called queer community and it damns it from the cradle.


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    Without Stonewall, without the efforts of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, the LGBTQ Community wouldn’t be where it is today. Don’t forget the roots, don’t forget the catalyst.


    and then TERFs wanna be like, “hmm well the LGBT community existed before Stonewall!”

    but like…Becky, of course LGBTQ+ people existed before Stonewall. We’ve all existed since the beginning of time. But the movement got a shock to its senses, a jump-start, a rocket-into-space when that glass shattered via Marsha P. Johnson, and when Sylvia Rivera was up on-stage protesting guess who was on the sidelines heckling her?

    The same fuckers who won’t ever reblog or acknowledge this

    My apologies to the original poster as I photo captured this post to add to the thread-I reposted this last year for pride and expect to repost it every year I have left-it’s our history people.


    As much as I’ve heard about pride I’ve never heard of her and that wont stand. THANK YOU MARSHA FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE

    The first pride was a riot led by POC!!

    Valuable information for those unaware. I knew about this, but this is for the unknowing