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    Moving again...  to Bdsmlr.com!!!

    I’m happy to announce that bdsmlr has finally developed into something that best resembles Tumblr (prior to the nudity ban).

    This blog has moved to:


    All the old tumblr content is there, and easily accessible, including all the tags and of course - THE ARCHIVE!!!

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    Baby_tb’s captions - Where to go next?

    With Tumblr’s upcoming ban on all adult content, my page has to find a new home. Unfortuately, there aren’t many options. I noticed that tumblr’s offers an option to backup your blog, but I don’t know how to quickly and efficintly upload it elsewhere.

    Is there an auto-export tool? Or any other place you recommend?

    If you wish the diaper fairy hard enough, Sissy, it won't be a dream…

    It could be YOU sitting in that stroller, with your thick diapers in full display under the cute babyish dress your girlfriend dressed you in. She's the one pushing the stroller out of the facility in which the two of you just switched heights, strength, and muscle mass. She's also much more perverted now than you've ever been, and now with her being much stronger than you, there's no way you can deny her of bouncing your diapered bum up and down on her strong knee, wincing as it causes the pluggy to stretch your poor poopy-hole… Or trying to hide your shame and infantile attire when she parades you around town strapped in your stroller for her friends to see. And she will cutely but sternly pull your hands away from hiding your face when she breastfeeds you or changes your diapers in public.

    She's no longer your girlfriend, Sissy…

    She's your new Mommy.

    “Arch your back while you drink your ba ba, sissy!”

    “That’s right! Whimper like a whore while you suck down that cum!”

    “Try to push the plug out of your asshole! There you go! Act like your pooping your diaper!”

    “You won’t get it all the way out, the diaper will push it right back in, but at least you’ll feel like a baby that’s messing his diaper!”

    “And a slut that’s taking it from both ends!! Hahaha!!”

    Awww, don't cry Sweety! It's just a little wet… Did you go wee-wee in your diapy like a good girl?

    That's okay… Mommy and Daddy don't mind when you wet your diapies. In fact, we think that's hot. You look adorable as you toddle or crawl around in a soaking wet diapy, sniffling behind your thumb or pacifier as you cling to our legs to get our attention and earn a diaper change. Don't be shy! I thought we cured you out of that shyness by having you crawl around everywhere undressed save for your diapies for all of our viewers' amusement, but I'll talk to Shelia, er… Daddy… later today about you becoming our exhibitionist baby slut once more. Anyway, you shouldn't be embarrassed about wetting your diaper. That's what your diapies are for, after all… Well, that and messies, and catching the dribbles from your locked little sissy clitty.

    That's right, no more cummies for you… Well, other than all the cum in your hormone laced milky ba-bas you. Make sure to thank Daddy and her lovely shemale cock for that when she gets back home from work, before kissing and sucking it hello before getting another yummy cum deposit in your belly, this time from the source.

    So let's get your shirt off before she gets here… She's due in two hours so there's plenty of time for you to completely soak your diapy by them. Oh, and make sure to grind your soaked diapy against her high heeled sandals... You know how it turns her on. If you're lucky you'll get some more of her cum in your sissy pussy later.

    This little sissy was bad, so her Mommy decided to punish her by putting her to bed early for the night. "Early" is a bit of an understatement of course. It is only 1:00 PM, and sissy has already spent the last two hours squirming around in her locking top crib, the thick pluggy lodged deep inside her well-spanked hiney buzzing merrily and vibrating non-stop, causing her to wince and whine behind her paci, as she tries desperately to grind her thick, soaking diapy against the crib's mattress, hoping in vain to get some relief – but to no avail. The locking pink chastity device will see to that.

    She's going to be a horny, hungry, wet, sorry little baby princess slut in the morning, and would DEFINITELY suck her new Daddy's cock this time.

    And then beg for more!

    The very first time a 'little one' opens his or her eyes in the Planet of Giants, is always a wonderful sight. At first, it used to be a moment cherished forever in the adoptive parents' memory but with the growth of social networks and growing demand for televised reality shows, the very moment that a 'little' opens his or her eyes is now usually captured on film and uploaded to the internet for all the planet's giants amusement and forever to enjoy.

    While most giants still prefer watching the usual process of littles waking up in the hands of his new parent still clad in whatever they used to wear in their old world ("Earth", as they insist calling it), only to have their old clothes ripped apart, their tushies spanked for resisting, and as in most cases being dragged to the pediatrician clinic for partial or complete gene reassessment treatment or any other tweak or improvement to their bodies their new parents deem fit – Others prefer watching the little awake AFTER all those changes are done, and watch them cry in shock as their little brains try to process it all.

    Right now you get to watch one of those latter cases, as the hidden camera focuses on Jenna's body (formerly Jonathan), having just been rudely awaken by the sharp shock delivered by the special pluggy in her butt as she jumps and watches her new body in shock. The feminine body, smooth legs, long hair, and her cute titties and outfit, along with the thick diaper under her locking pink transparent plastic panties of course, leave no doubt to what her role in the world now is. She wets her diaper uncontrollably not realizing in a few short seconds her new giant Mommy is going to barge in the room and spank her naughty butt for wetting her diaper on the 'gown up bed', even though SHE'S the one who put Jenna on it to begin with!

    You flinched in your high chair as you watched your wife pleasuring herself with one of her pacifiers. She moaned and you could tell she was approaching yet another orgasm, as she took great pleasure in both of your predicament.

    Having been abducted to the Planet of Giants, and forced to become cute twin baby girls to a giant couple of a loving huge breasted Mommy and a sexy dominant woman with big breast and a large she-cock (Whom you both had to call "Daddy"), both of your life changed dramatically. A quick trip to the pediatrician upon your arrival for a much needed gene reassessment procedure for you, made sure that both of you looked like twin baby girls as well. And while your wife still had free access to her now permanently hairless pussy, YOU had absolutely no access to your little peeshy, which was now significantly shrunk in size, and permanently locked in a pink chastity device.

    The large dildo which was attached to the seat of the highchair buzzed and swirled inside your ass while drool kept dripping from your mouth onto your large breasts. Mommy and Daddy wanted you to learn how to sissygasm like the girl you've now become. So far there was no success, but they said with enough practice you'll get there… Yet so far it has been six long months in constant chastity, teasing, and almost constant anal play… And still nothing. Only edging over and over again, and becoming frustrated every time – which of course led to multiple tantrums and spanking sessions which followed immediately. You could only hope you'll get there soon – Or you'll completely lose your sanity in this new world…

    “Okay, so these two girls are schedualed for gene reasessment procedure later today. They used to be a husband and wife back in their home planet, and as you can see the former "male” had already been taken to the hairdresser earlier today. Their new Mommy wants a few changes though, namely giving him a fuller butt, smaller waist, softer face, and F-cup tits. ‘Her’ little peeshy will remain in permanent chastity, but the Mommy asked is to change it the a much more cute pink device, which we’ll gladly do. She also asked to increase her sensitivity to pain… She probably wants him a real girly girl…

    The other one is to remain pretty much the same, but we were asked to give her a fully functional massive dock instead of her pus-pus. Her Mommy wants her as a tomboy in short sailor outfits with very tight pants over his training pants. The constant rubbing will probably make her extremely horny throughout the day, which will probably make her put her new 'sister’s’ ass to good use when they’re put to bed every night in the same locking crib!“

    Do you feel that your little needs more anal or vaginal stimulation during the day? Does your little keeps losing control and make wetties whenever you're fucking them? Or do you just want them to feel you inside them throughout the day or night? Have more than one little, and can't fuck all of them at the same time?

    Introducing the new TimeOut Do-it-yourself Pluggy maker!

    Now the process of making anew plug for your little has never been easier! All you have to do is download our smartphone app, take a short 10 second video of your dick from all angles, click the "Make that Pluggy!" button, and voila! The information is sent to the nearest 3D printer, and in less than 30 seconds your little's new plug is ready, and it's an exact replica of your dick!

    You can print as many pluggies as you want, from everywhere! Fill your little's crib and nursery with them? No problem! Make pluggies that can be attached to all of your little's dollies and teddies? You got it! Your littles are being whiney in their stroller while you're ot in the street? Just enter the nearest shop and print them a nice pluggy treat just then and there!

    But the fun doesn't stop there! You can use the TimeOut Do-it-yourself Pluggy maker app not just for your dick, but others' as well! Are you a Mommy who generally fucks her littles with a strappy? Use our app to make a new pluggy shaped as your favorite strap-on! Want your little to find out what it's like to feel the dick of the Daddy or Dickgirl Mommy of the other little they've just befriended at the playground? Have them share the app information with you at just one click, and you can print as many different dicks as you want! You can even connect to our online library and choose from there! Wow!!! So many to choose from!

    But wait! There's more! The TimeOut Do-it-yourself Pluggy maker app works on pretty much everything! Want your little to feel your fingers inside them? No problem! What about your fist? You've got it! What a wonderful way to keep your littles' buttholes stretched for you until you pick them up from nursery school!

    And we saved the best for last… Use the "Edit" button before printing your new little's pluggy to enter an entire world of possible changes! Other than the obvious "resize" button, you can also change outer texture, or the material altogether! Want it softer or harder? No problem! Want to add ridges or spikes at any size for additional stimulation or punishment? No problem! Chang the pluggy base to any shape to make it more (or less!) comfortable to sit down onto! You can even change its base to the outside shape of a pacifier to keep your little's mouth and tongue occupied! You can add straps on the rim and lock it around your little's mouth! No more whining!

    With the "Edit" button you can change how the TimeOut Do-it-yourself Pluggy MOVES inside your little holes as well! Wait, did you thought it would be just a standalone non-animous device? Think again! You can make it move in ANY method or way you want! Thrusting, Swirling, turning, whizzing, rubbing… How about all of the above? And at ANY speed you want! You can set it at any speed, OR change and control it even after it's safely inside in one of your little's holes! All with our smart app! Just think about your fingers swirling, shaking, fucking your little's poopy-hole all day long! And your dick tearing them apart with massive thrusts for as long as you like! And don't forget our temperature changing options! Your little will be goo-goo-gaa-gaa-ing in pleasure (or discomfort), and wouldn't be able to form a single coherent thought!

    And remember the material change option? How about using it as a clever way to reward or punish your little? How about making them a nice pacifier pluggy dick lollipop? You can make it sugary sweet, or a soapy one for punishment! It will slowly melt in their mouths throughout the day! They'd better learn to suck it nice and good, and if they've had enough practice you can always make it more difficult for them by shaping it like your fingers (with long fingernails!) that would keep fingerfucking their poor throats until they've all melted away! What a yummy treat!

    Yes, our TimeOut Do-it-yourself Pluggy is definitely one of the best methods you can use to train, reward or punish your naughty little. The punishment options are practically endless, but did you know you can use it for humiliating your little as well? And no, we're not just talking about using it in public… Do you have a little sissy little at home? Have you considered taking her to the pediatrician for a full or partial gene reassessment procedure? Well it doesn't matter if your new little princess got her little peeshy replaced with a new pus-pus or got it shrunken and safely caged in a cute pink chastity device forever, you can use our app to scan your LITTLE's dick before the procedure, and that way you can always make sure she gets to feel HER OLD DICK every time YOU choose – but this time she get to feel it inside her ass-pussy or real pus-pus, if you've decided that's more right for her! How humiliating it would be for her to feel the same dick she used to have as a naughty boy fucking her holes better than she could ever fuck herself? And if she got to keep her own now shrunken clitty in a permanent pink chastity device, it would be even better!

    There's nothing better to help her realize her new position in life as a girl! Just ask our little sissy princess model here! Look at how she bounces her diapered bum-bum up and down on it even though it works at full speed… She probably leaked so much cummies through her locked clitty, it's good she's so thickly diapered, the naughty little baby-slut! But this is just for starters, she's soon going to have it replaced by the one shaped after her Mommy's giant dick… That would surely make her mind go all blank, pink, and girly!

    Is your baby giving you some hard time lately? Does she keep complaining that she used to be a grown up back in her home planet? Does she have a hard time adjusting to her new role in life and keep throwing tantrums? Or did she used to be your boy before, and has a hard time adjusting to frills, dresses, and her new pus-pus?

    When spankings don't seem to be enough, looks like it's time for TimeOut punishment bouncers! Your little doll will be so cute and quiet as she bounces up and down helplessly with absolutely NO WAY of getting out herself.

    As with all TimeOut products, are new innovative smart sensors can connect wirelessly to other punishment or pleasure dildos in her pussy or ass to provide additional punishment or stimulation if you choose. Electrical shocks, nice buzzy feeling, or uncomfortable temperature changes – All fully automated or manually at your fingertips by out special smartphone app. Diaper wetting sensors are also available to punish for any additional wetness (or dryness, if your little princess is being diapered trained!)

    Is your doll a little Sissy locked in a chastity cage? We then recommend purchasing TimeOut Sissies smart chastity device for all these additional features for her widdle peeshy as well!

    TimeOut products available at all major retail stores, supermarkets, and at "Littles R' Us" chain. Get your Little's one today!

    (Image credit goes to bobbyvenice)

    In the Planet of Giants, babyfied girls compete with each other all the time. It doesn’t matter if the babyfied girl is a genuine girl, or a former boy who went through gene reasessment therapy, and whether or not she has a little peeshy or not, whether it’s caged or not... It also doesn’t matter if the person they seek his or her attention is a Daddy, Dick-girl Mommy, Mommy with a strapon, or even other babyfied babygirls with peeshies or boys (who are fortunate enough to be kept unlocked of course).

    As long as that person has a dick, or everything that resembles it, your bound to see baby girls shaking their cute diapered tushies in his or hers direction!

    It’s always a lovely sight to watch a former boy who just underwent gene reasessment therapy wets her diaper for the first time as a girl... Such a lovely sight, that her proud parents usually capture it on film and play it over and over throughout the years, and proudly shows it to everyone they meet.

    Other than the humiliation and the weird feeling of a still unfamiliar moist and smooth pussy becoming even wetter, the treatment also causes the new girls to experience an amazing orgasm, stronger than everything they experienced as males and extremely addictive, every time they wet. The latter part means they would want to wet more and more, thus helping them associate weting their diapers with intense pleasure and helping them getting adjusted to their new bodies and roles in life. Within a few months, the feeling subsides though... Making them more and more horny and desperate to try all kinds of naughty games such as grinding their diapered pussies on the furnitures and swinging horses, playing with their educational vibrating dildos, and “playing” nicely with their other babyfied siblings, or friends if they have any.

    And that’s how slutty baby girls are usually made in the Planet of Giants!

    It’s okay Sweety, if you insist on whining all day to be reunited with your husband instead of becoming a cute little lesbain baby girl like the rest of your new sisters here at the Planet of Giants and still insist on not getting turned on by a loaded diapy, your new Mommy has many clever ways to take those ideas off of your naughty head.

    You won’t recognize that “husband” of yours even if you saw him by now, by the way. I’ve heard from his Mommy that his gene reasessment therapy went very well, and that his new sister teaches him all there is to know about becoming a good peeshie-locked slutty baby girl with that giant dick of hers!

    Public playgrounds in the Planet of Giants are always busy. One might wonder why littles who claim so persistently they were adults in their home planet enjoy playing so childishly in them. Surely it’s because they’re adjusting so nicely to their rightful place, and nothing to do with the fact that most parents are recommended to insert large butt plugs up their littles’ diapered poopie-holes before letting them play at the swings, and forbidding them to cum any other way.