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    Fun fact! Because of how grid measurements work in dnd, this doesn’t actually work! The Pythagorean Theorem in D&D actually ends up equivalent to c = greater(a : b). This also means that a circle in D&D has more than 360 degrees, and pi is a larger number. This also explains why ball-and-chain weapons are more prevalent in D&D settings, as centripetal force is calculated partly based on pi and thus they would have more force when swung.


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    How do the grid measurements in DnD break the Pythagorean theorem? I’m on board with all these other causal effects of that if it’s true but why is it true


    Rules as written, moving diagonally still takes 5 feet. So if I wanted to walk 10 feet north and 10 feet east, that would be 20 feet but I could also just walk diagonally and do it in 10.

    Now let’s apply this to a circle. I’ll mark 8 points 10 feet away from a point and we can guess from there where the circumference is.

    I walk north, south, east, and west 10 feet and mark it just fine. But then it gets weird when I use my movement to go northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest. Because now it’s a square. But I’m still equidistant from the middle so it’s a circle.

    To prove the above that c = greater (a:b) let’s use two different numbers. I want to end up 20 feet north and 10 feet east. To start, I’m going to be efficient and move 5 feet diagonally, and then do that again. Now I’m as far east as I need to be but not north enough so I move north another 10 feet. 10 feet diagonally + 10 due north means this triangle has two 20 foot sides, a 10 foot side, and a right angle.

    Using the variant rule of every other diagonal movement costs 10 feet brings us closer to real life, but it’s not quite right, especially below 15 feet. Then the pythagorean formula becomes c=greater(a:b) + ( lesser(a:b)/2 rounded down).


    Just got home so here’s some diagrams to help visualize these math crimes. Also, I just thought of a really good line to end this on. In DnD, you can literally fit a square peg into a round hole.


    In the Twilight universe, “vegetarian” vampires have golden eyes from drinking animal blood, a more ethical source than human blood, which would give them red eyes. It has also been established that a diet of human blood makes vampires physically stronger. So, if the Cullens wanted to become stronger without jeopardizing their morals, could they consume mosquitoes instead? How many mosquitoes would they have to eat to survive? Since mosquitoes drink from both humans and animals, what color would their eyes be? Orange? In this essay, I will


    on average an adult has about 4.5-5.5 liters of blood circulating in their body. a female mosquito, when completely full, can hold up to 0.001-0.01 milliliters of blood in their abdomen depending on the species. if we take the average of both (5 liters & 0.0055 milliliters), it would take around 909,090 mosquitos to equal the amount of blood in a single human. although there isnt an exact number of the entirety of the mosquito population, we can use fermi estimation. there is about 57 million square miles of total land area on earth, while say 50 million square miles are habitable for mosquitos. with a rough of estimate of 1 mosquito per 50 square feet (overestimate due to area and time of year). after multiplying the numbers and fixing the units, there is a rough estimated 70 quadrillion mosquitos. theoretically, if a vampire lived in a mosquito dense area, such as brazil, indonesia, malaysia, thailand, etc, and could sustainably hunt around a million mosquitos to fill themselves every time they needed to feed, there would be enough mosquitos to survive on due to their large population and fast reproduction.


    This is honestly everything I have ever wanted thank you for your contribution to the cause


    Hey guys I think I figured out why vampires can turn into bats


    Giant sky bats, just feeding on mosquitoes like whales feed on krill.


    List of numbers I hate

    If you use these numbers fuck you


    I’m going to shatter you into a gongulquideus pieces for defending these SludgeNumbers


    i got this new anime plot. basically there’s this high school girl except she’s got huge mussols. i mean some serious bibols. a real set of bibbols. packin some geegols. massive goosextols. big ol’ gongulquideus. what happens next?! transfer student shows up with even bigger double-hyper-godkubikgathors. humongous tethracross-turreted-dustaculated-tethracubors.


    “film majors” mad at me for calling how to train your dragon the pinnacle of cinema how does it feel to know i’m better at your degree than you


    Ah yes, the pinnacle of cinema. What was the moral of that story again? *checks notes* Ah yes, if you severely injure and kidnap an endangered species, Stockholm Syndrome will turn it into a pet you can use to vaporise people


    #listen i know this is a shitpost but im gonna be real for a second#did you even WATCH the movie sdfghjklfghwnkdks??????#like. the whole point is that hiccup screws up#by injuring toothless bc he’s blinded by fear and hatred as a result#of the beliefs of the society he lives in. and when he realizes this#he does everything he can to fix the mistake he made earn the trust of the dragons#he once wanted to kill. unlearn his harmful mistaken beliefs about them. and finally teach#the rest of his community to realize they’ve been mistaken and are#hurting the dragons unfairly#its true that toothless is reliant on hiccup to fly and cant survive in the wild#as a result but its made very clear that this is something#hiccup regrets and understands the seriousness of his actions. despite being a kid’s movie.#and something that i love about it is that although toothless forgives hiccup and#hiccup forgives his father for their poor treatment in the past#there’s no narrative of being expected to forgive your abusers or people who#hurt you. both hiccup and his dad say ‘i did this’ when they realize they screwed up and#both of them take action to do better visibly in the film. hiccup helps toothless fly again#and stoick creates a safe haven for the dragons in the village that once#hunted and killed them. and toothless and hiccup both CHOOSE#to love the people who once hurt them because of this. but they never actually say they#forgive them. the film does an amazing job of making it clear that#1. someone who hurt you should understand what they did wrong and#make that clear to you and they have to show that through both#their words AND their actions and 2. you are not required to forgive them for#hurting you in the past even if your relationship improves#and i think that’s a really good and important thing to have in an all ages fun popular film#like that is THEE point of the movie that is THEE message how did you miss it that hard (tags via)