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    ahmaqkiz asked :if you were to advise young girls on what to look out for in guys and or what to not look for in guys, what would some of the things be? asked :


    • look at how he treats hospitality staff (waiters/cleaners) and his family/friends, so you can see how caring he is
    • look at his goals, not his wealth, ambition makes you rich in skills
    • look for someone who’s goals align with yours, don’t try to bend anybody’s path.
    • personally, I look for spirituality/deen but das jos me
    • looks are important but never make it the primary focus (or any physical feature/race)
    • look out for red flags, anything they do that makes you uncomfortable i.e. touching or being patronising 
    • what is he like when he’s angry? when he’s sad? how does he behave when others are angry or sad? 
    • humour: what makes him laugh? can he make you laugh? 
    • opinions: on human rights, climate change, poverty, animal rights, capitalism, general politics.

    it really depends on how old you are and what you want from the guy? just a hook-up or long-term relationship.

    either way my luck with guys isn’t amazing but my best advice would be, set realistic expectations and don’t get caught in the clouds. romance is nice but that type of love isn’t the root to your existence, so don’t lose yourself over it x