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Male 30s UK. Back after an extended hiatus. Into risky breeding fucking and impregnation. I am a heavy cummer and love the risk. I am 5'10 athletic build abs of Indian racial heritage. I enjoy fucking cheating women, especially those in committed relationships. Also always looking for a young slut also who enjoys fucking older men. I have had sexual relationships with a few cock curous lesbians also and would definitely love to do so again. Would love to chat and connect/reconnect where possible. I have met several followers and had plenty of fun and would love to do so again. Here to confess my sins and feel free to confess yours. Feel free to send me a DM/mail/question I will do my best to message asap. This is a NSFW blog, minors please leave

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2021-05-12 15:49:43

    Humiliate me like this🤤


    This is how you’re allowed to get off tonight


    This is the ONLY way you’re allowed to get off tonight. Pathetic.


    @littlesubmarie I want you so needy and desperate for me that you’re grinding your achy cunt on my leg just like this.


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