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    Zeviagoth the Seven Eyed God of Curses and Ill Fortune. The youngest of the greater gods meant that he lacked many worshipers compared to the other greater gods. The envious type, he ended up forcing non-divines to begin to worship him by ‘gifting’ his seventh eye in the form a cursed mark. Any who received the mark would have to travel to the Winter Abyss, Zeviagoth’s domain on the material plane. Those who refused were often considered bearers of calamity and dark times. Stories of the marked not within the Winter Abyss going mad and becoming like beasts quickly spread across the lands. However, there was never any definite proof the mark and the madness being linked.

    This image displays no nudity, no need to report.

    So are you ready to respect Law and Order. 😁 Model inspired by Chris Meloni from law and order.

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    #albronmuscle #muscle #lawandorder #rough #sexy (à Paris, France)

    Hi Everyone!
    We are the Everec group and this is our Christmas special for you.
    Can you find the Christmas hat (or hats in my case XD) in our creations?!
    - Your Everec group

    This was part of an absolutely wonderful art project I did with some amazing artists! This will sadly be the last non-SFW picture I post on here, so I hope you enjoy! ^^

    Ray got caught under the mistletoe with @greeneyedwolfking’s Sebastian Roivas! Neither seem to be complaining, though! In face, they’re rather enjoying the situation. Perhaps a bit too intimately. XD

    @greeneyedwolfking @jondessins @barascrawls @waghran @dereksfm @jackjackaj @michifreddy35 @rezinn

    Hi everyone,
    we are the Everec group and this is our christmas special for you.
    Can you find the christmas hat in our creations?!
    - Your Everec group

    Happy Holidays! You can find me and my art at Twitter.

    Your Greeny ^w^

    Thank you to the artists of the Everec group for your nice creations.
    @waghran @jondessins @rezinn @barascrawls

    @dereksfm @jackjackaj @mattdrawsmen @michifreddy35