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    I wonder how common bare-bottom spankings were in those one-room schoolhouses - haven’t seen many historical accounts on the subject.

    I guess that it had to be reserved for really serious or too frequent misdemeanors, and probably used only on boys. But was it private or public? An interesting question.

    Of course, it was humiliating when the schoolmaster ordered an unruly kid to see him after the lessons, and everyone in class understood what was going to happen. But they wouldn’t witness the spanking itself; maybe only close buddies would see the well-reddened rump at the swimming hole. Perhaps this punishment would have even less onlookers than a domestic one, and I’m sure that boys who would earn themselves a harsh spanking at school were no strangers to bare-bottom whippings at home.

    So, to make a threatening example the punishment had to be public. Pulling down the pants, bending over, trying to take painful licks “as a man” - everything would be much more embarrassing in front of mates, girls, younger kids… And more effective as an attitude adjuster: the culprit wouldn’t want to relive this moment, and almost no one in the classroom would like to get themselves into the same position.

    I bet most people back then had no problems with whipping a teenager’s naked butt; but what about its public display? Would it be considered decent, especially with the girls looking? Or were private spankings preferable despite being a little less humiliating?

    Well… who knows. All these questions don’t distract me from enjoying a good school spanking art!


    This summer, I’ve seen two barefoot guys at the supermarket. Didn’t have much time to look - they were already at the cashier counter, packing their stuff and leaving - but no shoes were in sight.

    A few days later, I accompanied my girlfriend to another supermarket, and she was the barefoot one there! Unfortunately, I found floors too cold and decided to walk in flip-flops.

    Overall, bare feet are a rare sight in the shops - so I’d really love to stand in line behind this cute man. Preferably without shoes, too.


    I’ve written about discovering my spanking fetish before, but this picture brought back some more memories.

    I think it was among the images that sparked my interest in school spankings. I remember looking for stories about barefoot students and suddenly finding the amazing Spanked in School blog. This artwork was one of the recent posts there, and it grabbed my attention.

    There was something unusual yet relatable about this big boy, who hardly tried to keep his bare toes on the line, getting his buttocks beaten with a large paddle. I felt the urge to see more…


    I love this picture so much. It’s a rare depiction of an ass-warming that somehow feels heartwarming.

    The schoolmaster doesn’t look mad at the boy or too enthusiastic to punish him. He is visibly concentrated on the paddling - because it is a part of his work, and he’s devoted to it. Overall, this teacher looks like a father figure (his nice facial hair definitely help); perhaps he deeply cares about this kid and the whole class, and for him, caring includes spanking when needed.

    But why is it needed here? I can’t imagine this cute barefoot boy as a huge troublemaker. Looking at the embarrassed blush, I even believe it is his first school spanking. And if the teacher doesn’t grab the paddle without a good reason, something has gone horribly wrong.

    Maybe the boy is more ashamed of what he did than of the punishment itself? I wonder if he is a smart student who let his grades slip, or a quiet kid who got into a fight... When puberty hits, a young man changes, sometimes for the worse - and it takes a caring adult man’s hand to guide him. This hand can hold a paddle - as long as it will help.

    Once again - an amazing, thought-provoking artwork.


    Hey, this is barefootspank. I just wanted you to know that my tumblr blog disappeared today, with a message saying it has been terminated. I had no warning. I've sent a query to customer service, but haven't heard anything back yet. I may start another one, but I'm frustrated by the whole thing.

    Another example of Tumblr stupidity. How can a harmless blog disappear in a second without a warning? Really frustrated.

    Wishing tons of good luck to Barefootspank and hoping he will return his Eclectic Miscellany!