42yo sweet, sarcastic, very perverted gentleman in Davenport, IA. This is my 5th account, I think lol. Open to chatting/dirty talk with anyone. I am NOT into being a slave, sub, or sissy. if you just want money...keep moving. Call me bro....I like it(roleplay) & it shows you read this. I'm going to start blocking mistresses...lol damn. hangouts: jeromega333@gmail.com wickr: BareJeromega www.xvideos.com/profiles/baresaintsinner

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2021-05-17 03:36:38

    I want to go on a date with an older man. I wanna walk around the streets, dressed like a stripper, holding his hand. I wanna call him daddy in front of the waitresses so they all think I’m his daughter, and I wanna act like a bratty child while we’re checking in to our hotel room. I want him to squeeze my butt and slip a finger inside of me while we wait for the lift, knowing the hotel staff are watching. I want everyone to think I’m heading up to the room to get fucked by my dad, and I want all the nearby rooms to complain about how much noise I’m making while he abuses me. 🥺


    Mmmmmmmm....sounds like a great date.