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    I Know You Crave Creampie Cleanup

    I know it doesn’t happen very often, honey. I hope that’s okay with you. It’s hard to find a man to trust enough to allow him to cum inside me.

    I know you like fantasizing about it, though. I know it’s one of your favorite fantasies. I know you cherish the times that you’ve gotten to do it.

    I love that you fantasize about it. I’ve come to embrace it. Everything about it is so wonderfully naughty. Maybe the fact that we don’t do it very often makes it that much hotter when it actually happens.

    Until it happens again, don’t stop fantasizing. Let it fill your mind. Let yourself dream of getting to clean someone else’s cum out of me. Think about pushing your tongue inside me and finding a salty treat to swallow. Then share those dirty fantasies with me.

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    Can you her that? That’s your wife sucking her bull’s cock. That’s your wife getting another man hard. 

    Settle in for a thrilling experience as you watch your wife and her bull for the first time. Listen as she teases you before he arrives. Listen as she sucks his cock. Listen as he fucks her. Maybe she’ll even let you watch in close up.

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    Immerse yourself in a world of femdom and cuckold kink as you spend a summer with soon-to-be college sophomore Dylan and Mrs. Jameson, the splendidly sexy blonde milf that lives next door.

    It begins with a simple request for Dylan to come over and help her with a new piece of technology that she can’t quite figure out. It quickly turns into a seduction as Mrs. Jameson decides she wants to play with Dylan.

    Mrs. Jameson wants more than an afternoon quickie with a young man, though. She’s a dominant goddess and she gently lures out Dylan’s inner submissive and shows him a world of pleasure he’d never imagined existed.

    In this nine part femdom cuckold story you get to experience the bliss of submission as Mrs. Jameson dominates Dylan in the most erotic way imaginable and shows him the pleasure of pussy worship, cuckolding, bisexual play, strapon sex, verbal humiliation, and so much more.

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    You’re going to submit. You’re going to eat your cum. You’re going to do it because it’s what I want. You’re going to do it because you’re a good submissive for me.

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    She looked breathtaking when she walked out of the house for her date. Her lips were plump and red. Her legs were long and lovely on those black stockings. That sexy red dress fit her like a glove.

    You knew her night would end with her bull’s cock inside her. You knew she would have unprotected sex with him. You knew he’d fill her pussy with his thick, creamy cum. You knew she’d come home and demand that you clean his load out of her.

    She stares into your eyes and pulls her dress up around her waist. She spreads her legs just a little and you fall to your knees. You crawl closer.

    “Take my panties off, cuckold,” she says.

    You reach up and pull her panties off. You expose her beautiful, messy pussy. You see his cum leaking out of her. You see some of it in the gusset of her panties.

    “Lick them clean,” she says.

    You bring the panties to your mouth and lick his cum out of them. The saltiness coats your taste buds. She smiles.

    “Swallow,” she demands.

    You swallow his cum and she smiles. She spreads her legs a little wider.

    “Clean me,” she says. “Be a good cuckold and clean my messy pussy.”

    You lean forward. You push your tongue between her pussy lips. You taste his cum. You taste the saltiness. It’s thick. It’s creamy. It’s your treat for being a good cuckold.

    She closes her eyes and leans back. A satisfied smile crosses her face. She loves how eager your tongue is. She loves how desperate you are to clean his cum out of her. She loves that you’re a good cum eating cuckold like she trained you to be.

    “Good boy,” she says.

    You are a good boy. You’re a cum-loving good boy.

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    Want to know how to be a good cuckold? Forget about what you want. Put your desires aside. Put all your energy into her desires. Let her naughty side blossom. Let her become the goddess you know she is.

    That likely means doing things you’re not crazy about. It might mean licking another man’s cum out of her pussy or off her body. Who cares if you don’t want to do it. Remember, it’s her pleasure that matters more than anything.

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    His Cum In Your Wife

    This is what you crave more than anything. To see another man’s cum running out of your wife’s pussy is the ultimate cuckold pleasure, and something you’ve fantasized about from the start. You’ve always been turned on by the idea of her sleeping with other people, but it’s the notion of someone cumming inside her that truly makes your cock stiff. Did you ever think it would happen? Did you ever think your beautiful, sensual wife would have unprotected sex with someone else and beg him to cum in her pussy?

    You fantasized about it. You dreamed about it. You never thought it would actually happen though. Then she met the right guy. He was handsome, strong, and most importantly, he was pure alpha male. He oozed confidence and she found him irresistible from the first time they met. He was happy to produce a recent clean test and easily convinced her how good it would feel to have his bare cock pushing into her pussy.

    The night of their first unprotected encounter you had butterflies in your stomach. You’d been invited to watch and you couldn’t wait for the moment when he pushed his big dick into her perfect wet pussy and filled her. It was even better than you expected. As he filled your wife she moaned loudly and wrapped her legs around him. She never wanted his incredible cock to leave her body. She never wanted him to stop fucking her.

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    They kissed, they caressed each other, and they made love in front of you. They made bareback love and with each thrust her wet pussy moved closer to orgasm. You had a perfect view between her legs so you could see her labia opening around him and watch as his balls slapped against her ass every time he pushed inside your wife. She treated you to a great look at her riding his cock too, and to see how much she enjoyed having sex with this man was an absolute thrill for you.

    The creampie came after they moved back to the missionary position. He’d had her every way imaginable and he was ready to cum inside your wife. His thrusts were slow and deep and as he slowly moved towards climax he announced his intention to release his seed into her body. She welcomed it eagerly, and soon another man’s cock was flooding her womb with cum. You watched him empty his balls and now you’re watching the cum leak out of her while they share tender, sensual kisses and the kind of bond that only comes from unprotected sex. Soon you’ll be between her legs cleaning her up. Does that excite you, cuckold?

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    Your girlfriend has finally done it. She’s cuckolded you, and now she’s calling to give you all the details. She wants you to listen with your cock out.

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    Let’s say you’re in college. You’re not exactly a lady’s man, but your roommate has quite a bit of skill when it comes to the fairer sex. Most of the time he kicks you out of the room when he brings a girl back, but on this particular night he thinks you’re asleep so he doesn’t bother. Instead, you get to watch as he and his new girlfriend have sex. You watch her give him a blowjob. You watch them fuck. You listen to her talk dirty to him.

    When they’re done, Bryce gets in the shower and Kelly, your roommate’s girlfriend, comes over to you. You pretend to be asleep, but she knows. She knows you’re awake. She knows you’ve been watching them when Bryce brings her home. She knows you’re a little bit of a pervert that loves to watch his roommate and his girlfriend fuck. That’s where “Serving a Kinky College Girl” really begins.

    Kelly decides that she’s going to have a little fun with you. She’s going to push your boundaries. She’s going to see just how far you’re willing to go in the name of making her happy. You see, she knows that you’re a pervert and that you’ll do just about anything to be close to her. She knows that you’ll venture into uncharted territory and get truly wild. She doesn’t really care about you, in fact. All she cares about is having fun with you. She’s using you. Thankfully, you can’t get enough of it.

    Serving a Kinky College Girl” is a 7-part submissive cuckold story told in second person and filled with imaginative pleasures as Kelly pushes you far beyond what you thought your limits were (seriously, it gets exceptionally dirty). If you’d like to read all 7 parts, just become a supporter today at the Cuckold Stories level.

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    Part 1 – You watch. You hope to masturbate afterwards. You get caught. Kelly feeds you your first creampie. You clean up like a good pervert.
    2 – Kelly wants to see how dedicated you are. She makes you lick her sweaty asshole clean after a long run. Later she makes you clean a creampie out of her in public.
    rt 3 – Kelly challenges you to eat your cum and send her a picture of it in your mouth. Later you watch her and Bryce fuck while you pretend to be asleep and after he falls asleep she makes you wear her cum-filled panties.
    Part 4 – Kelly breaks up with Bryce, but she doesn’t break up with you. Instead, she toys with you. She teases you. She abuses you. She and her roommate then take turns abusing you as they both get off on it.
    Part 5 – Kelly calls you to the library to have a little naughty fun with her and you end up consuming a stranger’s cum. Later, Kelly lets you watch her fuck a professor and she feeds you his cum after theyre done.
    Part 6 – Kelly ups her humiliation as she makes you wear cummy panties, eat her ass, and cum in those panties right outside of a classroom. Later she and her roommate spend a great deal of time humiliating you in their dorm room before making you cum on their floor.
    Part 7 – Kelly gets a stranger to cum on your French fries and makes you eat them while she watches. She verbally berates you. Kelly’s final act as a domme is to make you suck cock for her. She makes you blow a stranger. She humiliates you. She makes you swallow his load. Then she kicks you out of her room and out of her life.

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    What was just a masturbation fantasy turns into a far hotter version of reality for the narrator of How Locktober Led to a Life in Chastity,” a 10-part cuckold chastity story told in first person. You can get started reading right now if you become a Patreon supporter at the Cuckold Stories level.

    It begins with a simple mistake as our narrator forgets to close his browser after a lengthy masturbation session. His wife Lucy discovers his obsession with chastity play and it turns out she’s open to a little experimentation and suggests that he buy a Holy Trainer so they can give it a try. Maybe putting his cock in a cute little chastity device will be fun, she figures.

    Through the first five chapters the narrator explains the journey the couple takes into chastity play and how Lucy quickly discovers that he’s a far better husband when he’s locked up and a little desperate. It isn’t until they attend a Halloween party in the sixth chapter that the notion of cuckolding creeps into their lives. Soon after things heat up and the couple explores an entirely new dimension of pleasure centered around Lucy having sex with another man while the narrator remains locked in his chastity cage.

    This multi-part story will thrill any man that craves the pleasures of being in a chastity device for Locktober, especially if you love the idea of your wife exploring the joy of cuckolding while she takes control of your cock. When you become a Patreon supporter you get access to all my cuckold chastity stories along with hundreds more dealing with the many thrills of being married to a woman that enjoys having sex with other men. Plus, there are lots of blogposts and captions dealing with the joys of being locked in a cage while your wife plays with other men.