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    Put a chair at the foot of the bed. Make your cuckold husband sit in it. Cuff his hands behind his back. Feel free to use a second pair to cuff him to the chair, ensuring he stays in place as you put on a naughty show with your lover.

    Once he’s secured, turn your attention to the man in your bed and put on a show for your cuckold. Remember, he likes to watch. He’d prefer to wank while he did, but you’ve got him cuffed so he won’t be doing that. Instead, all his energy will be concentrated on the filthy fun happening in front of him.

    Take your time with it. Indulge in soft, sensual kisses with your lover. Show off your talents. Try something you wouldn’t normally do with your husband just to drive him crazy. He’ll have a perfect view of your lovemaking from the foot of the bed. He’ll be stiff with desire as you enjoy another man and experience deeply satisfying climaxes with him.

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    Worship Her Ass, Cuckold

    It’s okay if you want to be her ass licking cuckold. It’s okay if you want to pull down her panties, spread her perfect, toned ass cheeks and lick her asshole.

    She likes it too. She likes that you’re so devoted to her that you want to worship her ass. She likes that you’re willing to do it without any promise of pleasure for yourself. She likes that you want to worship her asshole like a good boy.

    So go ahead. Pull down those sexy panties. Spread her cheeks. Put your tongue inside her.

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    Do you remember your first time?

    “Doesn’t it feel good to be on your knees in front of a real man?” your wife asked as she ran her fingers over her bull’s flaccid cock.

    “It does,” you said as you looked up at your wife and the man that would be fucking her that evening.

    “Doesn’t it feel good to know that I get to have the kind of sex that I need? Doesn’t it feel good to know that I’ve found a man that can give me that, that can give me what you can’t?” she asked.

    You nodded and said, “Yes, it does.”

    “Are you going to offer him your mouth?” she asked. “Are you going to fluff him for me?”

    You nodded.

    “Go ahead,” your wife said.

    You looked up at her bull and then at his cock, which had grown a little but was still mostly flaccid. Even in his soft state he was bigger than you were when fully erect. While humiliating, that fact helped you embrace what your wife wanted you to do. It helped you to accept that it was your place to fluff him so he could fuck your wife…

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    I know you want to be a good boy for your cuckoldress. You want to suck cock for her. You want to prepare her pussy. You want to watch. You want to clean up.

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    Sometimes it’s really that simple. He fucks her better, so she prefers him. He fucks her better, so she gives him her pussy whenever he wants it. He fucks her better, so he gets to spend the night in your bed while you’re in the guest room. He fucks her better, so she welcomes his cum in her pussy.

    You like it though, don’t you? You like that he fucks her better. You like that he’s a superior man. You like that your wife is finally having great sex, even if it’s with another man. It’s good to be a cuckld.

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    Can you her that? That’s your wife sucking her bull’s cock. That’s your wife getting another man hard. 

    Settle in for a thrilling experience as you watch your wife and her bull for the first time. Listen as she teases you before he arrives. Listen as she sucks his cock. Listen as he fucks her. Maybe she’ll even let you watch in close up.

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    Denial is part of being a cuckold. Get used to it. Your dick doesn’t deserve her pussy. It’s too good for you. If she decides you don’t get to have it anymore you’ll just have to deal with it.

    At least she’s going to let you jerk off with her bull’s cum as lube. That’s nice of her, isn’t it? You’re thinking about it right now, aren’t you? You’re thinking about stroking your little with his cum as you stare at her freshly-fucked pussy, aren’t you?

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    Relaxation for My Mistress

    A User Submission:

    /// Relaxation for my mistress /// My mistress is an insane sports enthusiast. No matter whether jogging or fitness studio. She trains her body several times a week. Not without reason, of course. on the one hand she knows how she drives me crazy with her body and on the other hand she also wants to be sexy for her lovers. It is then always my job to take care of the well-being of my mistress when her workouts are over. it was exactly that time again this afternoon. The temperatures were warm, the sun was shining and my mistress wanted to run and run even more. 

    Around 2 o'clock in the afternoon I got my command via Whatsapp .... "Hi Cucki ..I'll be home in 5 minutes. Take off your clothes and lie on your back in the bathroom. See you soon ... "I was incredibly excited. Although all of this is actually nothing new. But anyway when I was now naked except for my chastity cage in the bathroom I heard her come into the apartment. I heard her running shoes being thrown into a corner and the zippers of her sportswear opening. at that moment she came in. 

    Her body was shiny and I saw how wet her sports panties were. “Do you see how wet I am all over the place? I can't possibly take a shower that way. Your tongue has to freshen me up a little between my legs first.”

    She took off her sweaty panties and pressed them tightly on my nose

    “Breathe deeply, my little cuckold ... yes that's good.”

    The next moment she was standing over me with her legs apart and immediately crouched down. Her wet pussy and ass surrounded my face. And immediately I got the order to lick ... lick and lick again. Her scent clouded my senses and her taste was indescribable .... After half an hour in which I had spoiled her pussy and asshole countless times with my tongue, 

    She got up and said, “You did well. Now go and clean my running shoes and prepare to give me another two orgasms.”

    That was the little story about the relaxation services .. I hope you like it .

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    You were such a good boy tonight. You watched me fuck my bull like a good boy. You offered your mouth to make me nice and wet before he slid into my pussy. You deserve a reward.

    Do you want a reward, cucky boy? Do you want what I have to give you? Listen, then. Listen and enjoy.

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    There’s always a small risk that your cuckold will freak out when he actually watches someone else fucks you. His ego might flare up and he might feel like he has to prove that he’s actually the man in your life.

    You don’t want that. You want him to be a well-behaved cuckold. You want him to accept that you’ve welcomed a superior man into your bedroom.

    That’s why you make him beg your new bull to fuck you. Make your cuckold beg the other man to satisfy you and make him admit that he’s incapable of doing so. Once he’s done that he’ll be a good boy while you get fucked.

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    No, sweetie, you aren’t the best I’ve ever had. That title goes to another man. Wait, does that turn you on? Are you getting hard? Really?

    Are you sure? Do you really want to hear about it? Will you play with my pussy while I tell you? Is it okay if I get turned on while I tell you about it?

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    His Cum In Your Wife

    This is what you crave more than anything. To see another man’s cum running out of your wife’s pussy is the ultimate cuckold pleasure, and something you’ve fantasized about from the start. You’ve always been turned on by the idea of her sleeping with other people, but it’s the notion of someone cumming inside her that truly makes your cock stiff. Did you ever think it would happen? Did you ever think your beautiful, sensual wife would have unprotected sex with someone else and beg him to cum in her pussy?

    You fantasized about it. You dreamed about it. You never thought it would actually happen though. Then she met the right guy. He was handsome, strong, and most importantly, he was pure alpha male. He oozed confidence and she found him irresistible from the first time they met. He was happy to produce a recent clean test and easily convinced her how good it would feel to have his bare cock pushing into her pussy.

    The night of their first unprotected encounter you had butterflies in your stomach. You’d been invited to watch and you couldn’t wait for the moment when he pushed his big dick into her perfect wet pussy and filled her. It was even better than you expected. As he filled your wife she moaned loudly and wrapped her legs around him. She never wanted his incredible cock to leave her body. She never wanted him to stop fucking her.

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    They kissed, they caressed each other, and they made love in front of you. They made bareback love and with each thrust her wet pussy moved closer to orgasm. You had a perfect view between her legs so you could see her labia opening around him and watch as his balls slapped against her ass every time he pushed inside your wife. She treated you to a great look at her riding his cock too, and to see how much she enjoyed having sex with this man was an absolute thrill for you.

    The creampie came after they moved back to the missionary position. He’d had her every way imaginable and he was ready to cum inside your wife. His thrusts were slow and deep and as he slowly moved towards climax he announced his intention to release his seed into her body. She welcomed it eagerly, and soon another man’s cock was flooding her womb with cum. You watched him empty his balls and now you’re watching the cum leak out of her while they share tender, sensual kisses and the kind of bond that only comes from unprotected sex. Soon you’ll be between her legs cleaning her up. Does that excite you, cuckold?

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    You know what turns me on? The idea of you sucking my bull’s cock. I want to see you wrap your lips around his beautiful dick. I want to see you fluff him for me. I want you to show me that you understand your place as a cuckold by getting him hard as a rock for me. Will you do that for me?

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    Immerse yourself in a world of femdom and cuckold kink as you spend a summer with soon-to-be college sophomore Dylan and Mrs. Jameson, the splendidly sexy blonde milf that lives next door.

    It begins with a simple request for Dylan to come over and help her with a new piece of technology that she can’t quite figure out. It quickly turns into a seduction as Mrs. Jameson decides she wants to play with Dylan.

    Mrs. Jameson wants more than an afternoon quickie with a young man, though. She’s a dominant goddess and she gently lures out Dylan’s inner submissive and shows him a world of pleasure he’d never imagined existed.

    In this nine part femdom cuckold story you get to experience the bliss of submission as Mrs. Jameson dominates Dylan in the most erotic way imaginable and shows him the pleasure of pussy worship, cuckolding, bisexual play, strapon sex, verbal humiliation, and so much more.

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    An Evening Visit with His Mistress

    // Evening visit // Two hours ago we had a nice visit to my mistress' apartment. I was joined by a good friend who has been our guest many times and shares the fetish of my mistress and me. Just that he's the one who fucks my goddess. I am of course strictly locked in the chastity cage and can only watch. My mistress and her lover had sex for almost three quarters of an hour. An incredibly exciting sight. I was allowed to lick the feet of my mistress while she was fucked hard. 

    The only thing he wasn't allowed to do was anal today. My mistress had no desire to do this. Although I had prepared her for it with my tongue too. After really unbelievably persistent sex the lover of my mistress squirted directly on her divine pussy. Some even landed on her breasts. He was under such pressure. Now of course came my task. and as a well-behaved cuckold, of course I was happy to comply. Tenderly and with a lot of feeling, I licked my mistress clean and swallowed everything down. I was also allowed to give my mistress an orgasm...a really nice Saturday evening.

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    It’s all fantasy until he actually watches you cuckold him. That’s when it changes. That’s when it becomes real. That’s when your cuckold truly understands that you’re having better sex with another man. That’s when he really becomes a cuckold.

    That’s why you should let him watch. It doesn’t have to be the first time, but you should do it eventually. He should see another man’s cock slide into you. He should see another man’s hands on your body. Most of all, he should see the pleasure that other man gives you. He should see that you’re having better sex with someone else. That’s when he’ll understand why he’s a cuckold, why you’ve chosen to be a hotwife, and why you’re not wild about fucking your husband anymore.

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    I know you’re a little nervous about cleaning his cum out of me for the first time. That’s okay. It’s kind of cute, actually. I need you to do this for me, though. I need you to clean my bull’s hot, sticky cum from my pussy. I need you to be a good cuckold and lick up every drop.

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    You want to submit, don’t you? You want to submit to your beautiful wife and cuckoldress. You want to know what it’s like to completely devote yourself to someone else.

    I can’t quite make that fantasy your reality, but A Week in the Life of a Submissive Cuckold offers you a chance to experience the thrills of dedicating yourself to your wife’s pleasure in every way.

    This second person cuckold tale (it’s about “you”) begins on Monday and features a story for each day of the week. Immerse yourself in a world of submissive pleasures as you serve your wife’s every need. You’ve already been exceptionally well-trained and now you get to experience the thrills of working hard to make your wife happy.

    Each day features wondrous submissive tasks, from cooking her breakfast to cleaning her body in the shower to worshiping her pussy as a wondrous reward. You’re a cuckold, of course, which means you’ll also get to fluff her bull, watch her have sex with him, clean up afterwards, and so much more (seriously, it gets kinky as hell).

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