What Are Objects?

Object is a fairly recent addition to all the terms we share in the BDSM world of Dominance and submission.

A boy, a submissive or a slave can all have different expectations of their experience. Some are absolutely property, others not. Some are allowed outside lives, physical contact with others, etc. They are essentially human whether caged, beaten, abused or loved.

An Object is NOT… an Object exists at the lowest end of the BDSM spectrum. An Object is LIVESTOCK, the living example of absolute dehumanization and objectification. All that IT was before is stripped away. IT is NOT anything, IT simply exists for whatever desire and purpose suits the need of ITs handler.

While an Object may have been born human, may even have been a boy, a submissive or even a slave at any point in ITs life… once IT is transitioned to Object status, all that IT was is thrown away.