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    Friendly advice: don’t put money into Cumblr until they’ve shown design sketches or better: a working proof of concept.

    The pitch is very light on details regarding implementation. The people running the campaign are anonymous. Their GoFundMe page has flexible funding, meaning they get all the money people donate, regardless of whether or not they make their goal. To me, that feels like a scam.

    Their current site is barebones.(read: off-the-shelf site template) If there were people with project management, design or programming talent on board for this project, you could do a lot better than “it’s going to be like Tumblr for adult content” - either they have no plan at all, or will only start explaining it once they make the goal; which seems kind of sketchy, seeing as they set it to flexible funding. 

    And yet, 73 people have dumped $1,479 into that project.

    Someone is putting the cart before the horse. As far as we can tell, there is no plan. There is an idea. There is a name. There is a domain name. There’s a logo that’s literally the name of the site in one of the default Windows fonts. (Cambria) People should be super fucking skeptic about this.

    But I get it. Now that everyone is panicking and scrambling to get away from Tumblr, people are willing to try anything because none of the alternatives fit for them. But that’s no reason to dump money into a crowdfunding project that is, as of right now, nothing more than a name.

    Please ask whoever is running this Cumblr project to either share their plans, or give up this scam.

    Anonymous asked :do you have a newgrounds or twitter we can follow, since tumblr is banning NSFW content on December 17? asked :

    Wait, Tumblr is shutting down adult content??!?!?!

    I do not have a Newsground account, but I do have a twitter that we will be switching over to officially. You can follow us there from now on at 

    The account is still fairly new and we are getting into the swing of things, but we’ll have it all set up by then. Of course you can still find us at, and you can support us at Patrons have the Discord as well where we announce previews on a weekly basis, as well as discussing remasters, new animations people would like to see converted, and what models you would like to see used.

    Please get the word out and reblog, as once this is gone, I’ll be dropping Tumblr altogether.



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    You are an Overwatch operative, Tracer’s (Lena’s) boyfriend, and you fool around with her and Emily on the regular. But tonight it is just you and Lena, and she wants to thank you for all the hard work you have put in to Overwatch!
    How do you feel about a domestic romantic dinner, followed by plenty of kissing, cuddling and wild sex?

    [CONTAINS] Domestic life, straight sex, female moans, anal, blowjob, vaginal, rimjob, cunnilingus, inappropriate use of a chronal accelerator


    Finally I got the chance to make a Tracer audio that I am personally quite happy with. I think I did her voice a lot better than my last one all those years ago

    Tracer, SFX, Script: Oolay-Tiger (me)
    Commissioned by: Anonymous

    Please consider supporting me on Patreon! I release all of my work there at least one day early!



    So, it seems the worst happened today. EU parliament approved Censorship Law, which will require sites to monitor copyrighted material. In a worst case scenario, this means EU countries will be cut off from sites, which host copyrighted material, like Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram - and possibly, Patreon and Webtoons.

    I will keep my eyes open and if cutting happens, I’ll be using VPN/Tunnelbear as much as possible to see if I can avoid this. Everything is still a hassle and no one knows what happens.

    In the very, very, very worst case scenario, Demon Sanctuary stops running in 2019, because I lose access to pages where I can host Demon Sanctuary. If that would happen, so that Tunnelbear can’t help either, I hope to make a mailing list where I can share the comic.

    Thank you for your support! I’m sad things went this way in EU.

    I will keep each and everyone of you updated!

    - Niu

    EDIT: Got more info:  The last voting / accepting regarding Article 13 will happen in January 2019 so until then we still have time to fight and demand internet to stay free! Here’s some little parts what I picked from online about Article 13:

    “Before existing copyright laws can be updated, however, the approved copyright law bill will now pass for approval to the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, and the leaders of the EU’s 28-member states.”

    “What’s clear is that if the Copyright Directive receives final approval by the European Parliament in January, it will have a huge, disruptive impact on the internet, both in the European Union and around the world.”

    “Today’s vote is not the end of the story, though: every amendment approved today will have to undergo another round of behind-closed-doors negotiations between EU politicos and EU member states, before going again through a vote in January 2019. The meme war is far from over.”

    Petition: Everyone can sign it;


    Why is nobody talking about this?
    Yet, again.
    We still got a chance.


    You may have heard about the efforts in Europe to reform copyright law. The debate has been ongoing in the European Parliament for months. If approved next week, these new regulations would require us to automatically filter and block content that you upload without meaningful consideration of your right to free expression. 

    We respect the copyrights and trademarks of others, and we take all reports seriously to ensure that your creative expression is protected. We make this clear in our Community Guidelines. There’s already a legal framework that works and is fair: Today we take down posts and media that contain allegedly infringing content when we receive a valid DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown request. We also provide clear-cut ways for people to fight back if they believe their removed content was not a true violation. These instances are monitored and reported and live in our biannual transparency report

    The suggestion to use automated filters for issues of copyright is short-sighted at best and harmful at worst. Automated filters are unable to determine whether a use should be considered “fair use” under the law and are unable to determine whether a use is authorized by a license agreement. They are unable to distinguish legitimate parody, satire, or even your own personal pictures that could be matched with similar photographs that have been protected by someone else. We don’t believe that technology should replace human judgment.

    Tumblr is and always has been a place for creative expression, and these new regulations would only make it harder for you to express yourself with the freedom and clarity you do so now. 

    If you access Tumblr from Europe and want to act, you can find more information on


    Alright, I think we had enough drama and it’s time to wrap it up. Thanks to folks who provided their suggestions, they helped us to better determine next course of action.

    I have three announcements to make.

    1) The models will remain free and public

    2) Patrons will decide the next nsfw model we make. Currently there’s vote on Patreon for $5+ tier supporters

    3) In the case model with large amount of outfits wins (like f.e. any Injustice character) we’ll use a different release model. There will be an initial release containing only the main nude mesh and a few outfits. It will have all functionality expected from our releases (flexes, bones, high res textures etc) and be fully ready for posing/animation. The main difference there will be relatively few bodygroups/skingroups. If the model is received well more stuff will be added till eventual release of complete final version.

    That’s all I have for now. Thanks for reading.