Part 1 of 2 of the former insta “star” @atk_fit ,  Austin Thomas. 

    He apparently deleted his insta after nudes of him exposing his monster cock got leaked.  See video and links to more here (18+only!!)  Another non-nude video is here.

    His insta pics are in process of getting cleared out of caches and many only now found at 225x225 , so figured I better immortalize some here.  Ones not sourced below were found in google image search cache.

    Had been a follower but not a fan for a while, but how can you ignore that bulge and six pack?? BUT he wears his speedos like granny panties (probably has to order 1-2 sizes up to fit that gigantic cock at 6:00) and always seemed very douchey.  Too bad he never took a pic with at 2:00 in those, would have been fucking hot. 

    I even bought some HAC (Holmes Athletics Canada) (HACSwim insta here) speedos after seeing them there, but they have really tight leg openings so aren’t comfortable for me.

    They do however still have some crossposts posted, check them out here:

    Gray sweatpants:  Post /  Post 2  /  Post 3 

    Speedos:  Post 1 (pic 1 above) (full res) / Post 2 (pic 2 above) (full res) / Post 3 (pic 3 above) (full res) / Post 4 (pic 2 of part 2) (full res) 

    See all my Austin Thomas pics


    This guy Austin Thomas is young and super hung. What a stud..