If I send you my wifes number will you not mention me? I want to see how she reacts to random person texting her and trying to get her for sex

Eh, that may actually be a bit different than what I do!  Generally speaking, sending women unsolicited messages is a bit creepy.  I mean, I suppose if you’re playing the “secret admirer” card, that could work.  But as I don’t know your wife nor have I ever seen your wife that doesn’t apply here.

I’m not sure if you’re trying to catch your wife being unfaithful or not, but I’m not a pawn.  Or perhaps you’re willing to just let anyone text her, in which case I feel it is my duty to remind you that your number one duty is to protect her.  You don’t know anything about me, other than the fact that I run some sleezy blog on the Internet.  

Now while I’m not a bad dude, the truth is you really don’t know that. You might want to take some time to vet the guys you go sending your wife’s phone number to in fan mails and private messages.  Out of respect for your wife (a woman whose name I don’t even know, nor have I ever seen so much as a picture of), I will not be sending her any random text messages.

I may run a NSFW sleezy tumblr account, but I still have scruples.  I’m not the kind of guy to hide in shadows or stalk random women.  I have never spent time in prison, nor do I intend to in the future.  And while I am a bullish and muscular alpha male, who appreciates when a husband allows me to hook up with his wife – I’m really not into it when she doesn’t know that it’s going down.

Call me sexist and “old fashioned,” but I still believe it’s our duty to protect our women.  If I’m being honest, even as a guy who specifically runs a blog known as “Hot Wife Texts” my heart still broke a little when I opened my fan mail and saw your wife’s phone number waiting there for a complete stranger that you know nothing about to do with as he pleases.  Seriously, not cool dude!


It happened again! I got a message from another random dude leaving me his wife’s phone number and asking me to text her and see if I could seduce her. I sent him a link to this post, and now I am reblogging as a reminder for everyone else.

Seriously guys, this is NOT SAFE, and it’s also NOT COOL!


In the overall sense of it, I would agree with these statements. But as the self appointed devil’s advocate, I must say that you have no idea what these men and their wives have discussed, what their boundaries are, what they’re open to, etc. These wives may be 💯 on board with it. I know mine is. She would not have an issue with getting random messages from strange men. Would in fact, very likely turn her on. While I appreciate the old school, protect the women stance and applaud you for not getting involved without some more knowledge than you were given, your judgement of these men doesn’t seem quite fair to me. I don’t see any more inherent danger in a phone number vs. meeting someone say, at a bar. It’s possible to know someone for months or years and not learn they’re crazy. So the length of time someone is known for is actually irrelevant. A phone number and a random text doesn’t automatically equate to risk of life. Online dating. Tinder. Grindr. Tumblr. Formerly craigslist. All I would say could easily be more dangerous than just a phone number. At least with a text/call you have SOME record of who this person may be. Idk just my opinion. Just don’t think it’s cool for you to pass judgement on others’ sexual dynamic and publicly condemn them.


So, let me get the gest of this

“In the overall sense you would agree”

But then,“playing devil’s advocate” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) you don’t offer a question or counter stance, but go on to explain precisely why you don’t actually agree with it.  And you also assign it cool little tags such as “stopstagshaming” and “stopcuckshaming”.

Just in doing so, I can understand why you’re a cuck. You obviously have no balls if you’re playing the “stop shaming” game.

And while I am on my “soapbox” in response to your tagged soapbox, let me also say this so that I am abundantly clear on the situation.

I don’t care if his wife is okay with it.  I don’t care if your wife is okay with it.  IM NOT!  I also don’t care if you fail to see the inherent dangers that are present. They’re there.  You can use a phone number to drag down an address, more often than not.  And no, in spite of falsely held beliefs, it need not be a landline for that to happen.  That specific issue aside, I’ll explain precisely why the wife “being okay with it” doesn’t matter to me.

For starters, anyone reading this who wants to turn it into a patriarchal not respecting women rant, let me save you the breath… That’s not it and FUCK YOU!  I wouldn’t be ok with it if the roles were reversed either.  Now, that disclaimer out of the way…

Caring about someone means that sometimes you have to do what is in their best interest, even if they aren’t asking for it or looking out for themselves.  To believe otherwise continues to foster this old BULLSHIT of, “a true friend has your back no matter what.”  When what they are really saying is that a true friend will support your decisions always.  I say FUCK THAT! 

A TRUE FRIEND will NOT always pat you on the back and pretend that you’re in the right.  A true friend will sometimes confront you and let you know that there’s no way you’re getting away with (fill in the blank) on his/her watch.  A true friend knows that being held accountable or simply letting you know that they disapprove will probably upset you and piss you off.  But they do it anyway, because they realize that YOU (as a person, and your well being) are more important than their own approval rating.  You see, choosing to do something or not do something because it may make others unhappy with you doesn’t demonstrate that you have their best interest at heart.  It actually shows that you’re a selfish prick who is looking out for your own interests… aka how popular or well received you are.

Well, I wouldn’t be alright with my wife putting a needle in her arm, and I damn sure wouldn’t run out to buy the poison for her.  And that’s essentially what we are talking about here!  If my wife wanted to go out and get her own smack, I’d have no problem telling her that I love her, and as a result of that love, I could not and would not approve of her decision making.  Nor would I support it or help her with it.

Now, if she chose to take it upon herself and go out and get it… Well, that’s a different story.  I would still attempt to intervene, even though it would most likely be unwelcome.  But there is only so much I could do with that scenario.  She can obviously make her own decisions (even if they are unwise) and do it whether I approve or not.  She could even hide it from me if she were so inclined.

And see, that’s one of the important differences here…

If these guys (or your own) wives did approach me in a bar (which I don’t frequent, because I don’t drink)… they would have the right to decide whether to entrust me with their number or not.  That same thing holds true on any of those dating platforms you mentioned. That means that they are empowered to decide whether I’m a creep or not.  They get to decide if my muscles and beard make me candy or intimidating. It’s up to them!  And it should be if they are the one who will be spreading their legs.

In this scenario though, they haven’t been exposed to me.  And safety is paramount!

And as to your notion, “You don’t know what agreements they have in place” and blah, blah, blah…

Let me say, I don’t have to fucking know what agreements they have in place to have my own opinion, stance, and conviction.  And all three of those are in agreement for me… I’m against it!

But let’s flip the script since we’re talking about agreements with strangers.  Again… safety is my main priority.  Perhaps a wife is okay allowing her husband to pick her mate.  Perhaps a wife finds that exciting.  Ok. Fair. I can handle that.  But with that “right” she just entrusted him comes RESPONSIBILITY. (You know sort of like driving.)  And in that responsibility, he needs to know that his wife’s well being takes precedent over his fantasy or need to bust a nut.

As such… I don’t think this guy should simply select someone he has never had a conversation or shared a room.  In a perfect world, he would either know her mate pretty well and thus have ample trust in him, OR be present for the encounter just to ensure her safety.  If it isn’t a perfect world, and I understand it isn’t, he would at least do the minimum of due diligence to ensure he isn’t setting his wife up with some freak!

How about asking ME for my number? So you could do your own search if you wanted.  Or perhaps my name, for that same purpose.  Or one of a million other different ways to at least get a GLIMPSE into who the hell it is that you’re asking to seduce and potentially allure the person you have vowed to spend your life protecting.

I could go on and on and am tempted to do so, breaking down every possible branch on this tree (of which there are many), but I think I have said enough to make me comfortable leaving you with my rebuttals ultimate conclusion.  So here goes…

Dear Mr. “Devil’s Advocate,”

If you had a problem with seiferbeuwolf or others who have approached me with the same, that’s fine.  I appreciate your right to your opinion.  Just as I hope that you can appreciate my telling you this: “Fuck you. Fuck you very much!”


Baron Strong

P.S. If you find yourself being offended that I am “shaming” and “judging” you, I don’t really give a damn. Man up, Cookie.