Guerrilla Gardening

    Guerrilla Gardening is the act of illegally gardening in spaces that are not technically yours to garden, to make subversive statements, protests, or as a form of direct action. The idea goes all the way back to 1973!

    In other words, guerrilla gardeners take unloved or neglected land and assign it a new purpose – to make things pretty or useful. Cities are full of waste land and unused public spaces which people walk past every day without noticing. Spaces which would look a lot better if they were green!

    Some guerrilla gardeners prefer to work at night when they can be more discreet. Others are activists who’ll do so in broad daylight, when everyone can see what they’re doing. Some choose to grow flowers to make places brighter. Others choose to grow fruit or vegetables (though care should be taken not to grow anything edible in places where plants might absorb toxins).

    I don’t know why I haven’t posted any guerrilla gardening things on this blog yet, and I think I should change that. 

    In the meantime, here are some links!

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  • Agdgsgsgsg I’m LIVING for this Reef2Reef thread. This guy was worried about his urchins getting sunburnt so he made them little hats


    In the wild these urchins will in fact carry a small rock or shell exactly on top like this and im so happy there's people taking advantage of that and who care about their urchins as pets.

    i visited an aquarium at some point, and our tour guide told that when the staff had a party, they put a little decorative plastic hat from a booze bottle into the sea urching tank, and just left it there because the sea urchins liked it, and kept taking turns in wearing it.

    Discovering that sea urchins wearing hats is a thing in this world means so much to me rn

    The new thing I do when I procrastinate is look up “school project” on youtube and set it to most recent. Many hidden gems in there

    Like the genius of this. Yet only 9 views. smh

    2 dislikes. the haters don’t understand

    my brother’s senior english project where he analyzed in-depth, for twelve minutes, the garfield strip where jon drinks dog semen is still on youtube and I return to that every so often

    I was thinking about it and I can’t believe I didn’t just link it to begin with