Real Pregnancy Risk and Impregnation

46/M, with a huge pregnancy risk/impregnation fetish. Have been practicing unsafe sex since I came of age, and wouldn't have it any other way. Any ladies into the same thing, feel free to message me! I live in BC, Canada so if you're local and want to have some hot sticky fun, message me! Formerly known as ImpregnationFreak and ImpregnationFreak2. kik: RiskSexFreak

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2020-09-28 18:32:48

    girls were made for breeding.


    When you lock your feet behind my back…I want you to understand…to me it sends a very strong message. It lets me know that you don’t want me to pull out. You want to feel every thrust it takes up to the point I’m about to explode and you want to feel my cum jetting up inside you and filling you completely. Feeling your legs wrapped around me just does that to me. And you know it.


    “I’m gonna cum baby!”

    “Do it in me!”

    “Are you safe?”


    His cock immediately went rock hard at the realization that they had been fucking completely unprotected.  He let out a loud groan as it began to throb and spasm inside her, spewing thick ropes of his hot cum deep into her.  A long moan escaped her lips as she pushed down on to his throbbing cock and took his load as deep as she could in her unprotected pussy.


    I felt him swell and pulse. Thick streams of his cum spurted into me, bringing me to the apex of my orgasm. His hot cum splashed against my cervix, flooding my unprotected cunt with his impregnating sperm.

    Why was I letting him do this? What hadn’t I stopped him? Why didn’t I insist on a condom? Why was I enjoying this? Why did I want it so much?


    I wanted him so badly. I couldn’t break the moment when his naked cock rubbed up against my wet slit, nudging against my entrance, asking for entry. I spread my legs and pulled him inside me. Raw and unprotected. I knew this would end poorly, with my fertile cunt soaked in his sperm, but I didn’t care. I wanted this fuck. I wanted him. I wanted his cock. I wanted his cum inside me.

    I got what I wanted.